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By david
fremont, ca
easy to use
November 2, 2012
have 4 cats. recommended by vet for problem with 1 cat. in short time, seams to be helping.hoping it will work to keep from using meds
By Peggy
Worth a Try-
October 30, 2012
My cat is still soiling despite both the diffuser and Feliway spray. May work with more time. Worth a shot. Great price. Does not have any odor which I like.
By Motherof2
Windsor Junction, NS Canada
So worth it!
October 29, 2012
My vet said that my cat was stressed due to a move and renovations. She recommended the Feliway Electric Diffuser to help with behavioural problems. She was peeing on furniture and in the bathtub. Since introducing this product I am pleased to say that she hasn't had an accident in 3 weeks.
By Joan
Salem, Missouri
Love Fellway Electric Diffuser
October 28, 2012
The Fellway Electric Diffuser is an excellent product. Calms my kitties and makes them happy.
By Tea
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Starter Kit for Cats (Diffuser and 48 ml vial)
October 27, 2012
Makes my cats soooo much calmer! I would recommend this to anyone with felines.
By CanadianShopaholic
BC, Canada
Great product
October 26, 2012
This product is great at keeping cats calm in multi-cat households. It keeps behaviour issues down.
By burnham
Newcastle, Me.
great product
October 26, 2012
this product is the best, I would definitely order this for family and friends as gifts.
By Precious
Great product
October 25, 2012
My girlfriend and myself love this product. It works fabulously.
By kataj
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Starter Kit for Cats (Diffuser and 48 ml vial)
October 23, 2012
This was a fantastic product for calming my older cat when we got a kitten.
By snb
didn't work
October 23, 2012
It was like it wasn't there! The cat peed within a foot of the diffuser!!!
August 17, 2012
By Waffles' M.
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Starter Kit for Cats (Diffuser and 48 ml vial)
August 10, 2012
My vet recommended I try Feliway since my neutered male cat (Waffles) had started marking all over the house after we took in another stray cat. The stray was an older spayed female cat but she did not want to play. She just wanted to be left alone. I was very surprised when the Feliway did actually work. Not only did the Feliway stop Waffles from marking, but it seems to have calmed my other 2 cats and everyone gets along much better now. I have to admit that the price is a bit prohibitive since I need 5 diffusers for the size of my home, but I am happy with the results and will continue to purchase the Feliway diffuser refills.
By Dina
Feliway Electric Diffusser
August 6, 2012
I do not recommend this product.It did not make a bit of difference in my home.Waste of money as far as I an concerned.Will never purchase them again.
By Bill
Marietta, GA
Allergic reactions
August 3, 2012
Both my wife and mother in law had allergic (coughing) reactions to the diffuser and we cannot use it when we are in the house, so I don't know how the cats like it. We may use it when we go away on trips, and just hope it calms the cats down.
By siberian321
worth it
August 2, 2012
My three cats, two dogs and I had to move in with my brother and his family, in another state, along with his three dogs and cat. This product was a real rescue. It created harmony in a difficult situation. I think I've told everyone I know about this amazing stuff!
Can be smart investment
July 25, 2012
I'm almost to my 4rth refill and it does seem to help. I have 3 cats and originally bought them for a possible urine issue, which did stop. I also use them to help with the overall behavior of everyone since one cat doesnt get along well with the other 2. They're not cheap, but can certainly help in certain situations if willing to spend the money and have some patience
By patchymoma
it works
July 24, 2012
I have replaced my diffusers periodically over the past 2 years. You have to keep an eye on the plastic, tends to melt away after long term use. This is much better value on the website than buying at the vet. This product has helped with my 2 cats and their bad temperment.
By michalann
Only lasted 2 weeks
July 11, 2012
I was very disappoionted with this electric diffuser. It ran out after only 2 weeks (did not last 4 weeks like expected). No change noticed, but probably because it did not last long enough.
By Warren
July 4, 2012
We have one cat that has anxiety issues. We always know it is empty since her behavior changes. This has worked for us.
By katrinka2060
Nokomis, FL
Feliway Diffuser
July 4, 2012
My male cat has been over grooming for a couple of years. I've tried allergy shots and food changes. My last resort, short of a phsycologist, was the Feliway Diffuser. So far, I don't think it's working, but I will buy a refill and give it one more chance.
By Lori
From Virginia to Indiana
July 2, 2012
God sent product! Used adapter in car and drove 15 hours with 3 cats in car! Using it in new environment now and they adjusted excellent! Two of cats hardly needed adjustment time! Third one is now 100% secure. In car, we also used "composure" a tad bit of it, as calming aid, but it has been Feliway that saved all of us! Highly recommend! Help your kitties and save yourself! I'll use it to go to Vet now. My cats are fully indoor pampered cats and they adjusted beautifully!
By momoko
San Gabriel, CA
It works!
June 27, 2012
I don't really know the ingredient inside this thing, and I don't know if it is bad for the cat or not. But it works! at least my cat had calmed down and stopped bad behaving after plug-in.
By Amikaa
Best Purchase Ever
June 22, 2012
I have a 2 cat household. My oldest is now 17 and is a VERY nervous cat, probably since she was abandoned before her eyes were open, plus she is a Torttie. My new addition is an orange tabby who adopted us about two years ago. Don't know age since she is also a stray. My old girl was having a hard time and had started urinating outside her box. A friend had suggested getting the Feliway Diffuser. It is quite expensive in Canada, but I finally broke down and got it. WOW What a difference!!! Both cats are much calmer and I can finally pet my Torttie without fear of being badly scratched. Wish I had gotten this product years ago.
By skeeterdog
Feliway works!
June 19, 2012
I bought the diffuser for my cats and it worked great. They were rolling around on the floor and playing in front of where it was plugged in the first day. It kept working for a long time. The collar also worked well on our cranky older male cat. He is neutered, but still territorial and Feliway helped mellow him out!
By K K.
Seattle, WA
Feliway Great Price/Fast Shipping
May 31, 2012
I purchased this product to help a kitty I just recently moved into my home. I already had several cats and this is a big change for her. I think this product is helping somewhat but too early for me to draw conclusions. Will order again. Fast shipping. Ordered product on a Saturday morning and received it on my porch two days later. . Fair pricing for shipping and very good price on the product. I will be ordering more from this seller.
By DesignQueen
Atlanta, GA
Peace is Restored!
March 30, 2012
This product has saved my 2 kitty boys and me. I went through a terrible drawn out divorce, went from a 3000 sq. ft house to under a 1200 sq. ft apt. I'm unemployed and been looking for 2 years. Well, I never thought all this turmoil I was going through would upset the kitties. So, over time they were spraying in the litter box. I had plexi glass surrounding & under the boxes but it was wearing me out cleaning constantly. Got the diffuser & also the spray. And as stated peace is restored!
By Katrinkamay
Lewistown, PA
Wonderful !!
March 29, 2012
This is the best product ever. It was recommended by a veterinarian for a problem I was having with my cats. They had been exposed to an outsider cat, which made my female cat growl, hiss and spit at her brother. They had never done this before and it became an awful situation trying to keep them separated. After a week of using Feliway, they were calmer and able to be back together again. The cats love Feliway and they will stand by the plug in and let it blow over them. I recommend this to anyone having a problem with their cats behavior.
By The R.
Behind the Redwood Curtain
Feliway Seems To Work
March 27, 2012
Very skeptical by nature, so was extremely skeptical that Feliway would restore harmony among our 5 kitties. But it really does seem to help. Hard to evaluate scientifically (as if that matters), but speaking experientially, there seems to be less stress and strife since we stared using both the vaporizer and the spray. We have one female cat, in particular, who seems to feel she outranks all the others (especially our one other female, who joined us later than the "queen"), and she seems to be noticeably less territorial and aggressive than before we tried the Feliway. Think it might be worth a try, if your kitties aren't getting along all that well.
By nat
qu├ębec canada
Its work after 4 days
March 24, 2012
I will buy an other one, my cat dos'nt urinate on my plant and my wall
By dude
Great product
February 29, 2012
Have been using for years. Deceided to get a couple new ones just because I have been using for so many years.
By debbiedebs
vandergrift pa
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Starter Kit for Cats (Diffuser and 48 ml vial)
February 26, 2012
love it calms my cats down buy it now love it love it love it also price is great
By Melracey
So Far, So Good!
January 25, 2012
It seems to have helped with our cat peeing in a spot he shouldn't when we're out of town.
By Jenn 0.
Homer Glen, IL
A huge help
January 12, 2012
We have two cats: one timid and one bully. The Feliway seems to produce a calming, secure atmosphere which began happening only two weeks into use. The timid one seems more secure and the bully only went on the attack one time over the entire period as opposed to two to three times a week. Fortunately niether makes messes outside the litterboxes so I can't attest to that effect. I would strongly recommend this product.
By Claudia
Feliway Diffuser
January 5, 2012
Recieved product extremely fast! Great product-looking forward to trying the collars too. I have 4 indoor cats and 3 feral cats. Needed the Feliway for the indoor ones of course. Sometimes they get cranky with each other! Seems to help. Using the Feliway in a small room helps it work better, but had results in larger room also.
By snarky07
San Pedro, CA
January 3, 2012
So far the Feliway seems to be working per our vet's information and recomendation, but it's just a little too soon to tell yet. Hope our feral cat Star takes to the product. Very fast shipping and a great price!!!! Thanks.
By Becky
Excellant Product
January 1, 2012
Great products. Works w/in days of install.
South Sioux City, NE
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Starter Kit for Cats (Diffuser and 48 ml vial)
December 16, 2011
cat stopped pulling her hair out within a few hours of plugging this product in.
By question
Houston, Tx.
So easy & it works!
December 14, 2011
Want to calm those felines from being pesky to each other? Buy this diffuser & plug it in; I saw immediate results. It's a lot cheaper buying from Entirely Pets than the retail store that is a fact. I love the fact that my cats seem to have that sense of well being with this product; it's so easy to plug in & not worry about it until time to replace it. Your cats will thank you for it!
By debra
whatever works
December 13, 2011
When I use these, my one baby seems less confrontational, so I'd say whatever works, go with it. So I do.
By Willy
Seems To Work
December 1, 2011
My cat's vet suggested that we get the feliway for her since we have recently moved to a new state and Annabel has developed some medical problems. It seems to be helping and I will be ordering the refills. We only use the best of everything for Annabel.
By kathy
answer to a nightmare!
November 7, 2011
We have three cats. After moving to a new house, two of the cats began marking the new house. Then, one of the cats developed cystitis! I tried many, many options. The Feliway diffuser is amazing. My cats are calm and happy once again. I am trying the spray to get rid of the marking for good. We will see what happens, but at least now I am hopeful!
By Bob
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Starter Kit for Cats (Diffuser and 48 ml vial)
October 30, 2011
I purchased this product from you in the past and was happy with it; however, it was very expensive and I stopped using it. Slowly but surely, my male cat's old habits returned so I re-ordered a new supply of Feliway. My female cat doesn't seem to have bad habits with or without Feliway.
By mommypuss
Better than I ever expected
October 27, 2011
I recently adopted a 5 year old female cat who was severly beaten to the point where her eye was poked out. She is terrified of everyone. She would hide under the bed and was in a constant state of panic. Well out of despiration I tried the Feliway Electric diffuser. About 10 days after I plugged it in she was actually sleeping on top of the bed! I have been using this product for about 5 weeks and the cat is no longer terrified. She actually greets me in the hallway as I come upstairs to the bedrooms. Her tail is up and she meows at me. Sara has also started to play with her toys. She is no longer afraid of me and I am quite certain that within a few months she will allow me to pick her up. I am so grateful for this product and so is my cat. I know that a cat with this background has little or no chance at a normal happy life, but now I know that my cat is very happy and continues to improve. Thank you so much.
By robbie
great product
October 24, 2011
I have 5 cats. 1 cat started urinating in places other than the litter box. Started when I took a small vacation and the house flooded while away.Had to have renovation work in home. Vet said the urinating is stress related and recommened the feliway spray and defusers. Happy to report problem went away almost over night. Also noticed all my cats seem to be more relaxed.:)
By Snowbow
Tacoma, WA
Seems to work fine
October 21, 2011
During the past year, we have added a second cat to the household, redecorated and have done other changes to our lives. All I know is that when we had feline tempers flare last week, I checked the diffuser, and it was empty. I popped in the refill, and things seem to have settled down again. We really didn't seem to have major issues before, but I have to admit this has taken the edge off, and no one is hiding behind the new tv stand.
By LilBearBoo
Feliway Harmony!
October 14, 2011
I recommend Feliway for any multi-cat household. It keeps down stress from inside triggers AND outside tirggers (stray animals inthe yard). Helps with behavioral issues adn by keepign stress levels low, avoids bladder adn kidney infections as well!
By tbt
Chicago, IL
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Starter Kit for Cats (Diffuser and 48 ml vial)
October 4, 2011
I ordered Comfort Zone, but got Feliway, again - are they trying to get rid of old stock or something? I also waited over 2 weeks to get the product without any explanation. It works ok, and I mean just ok, but not as good as I had hoped. I ended up having to put the cat temporarily on Prozac to calm him down.
By Beach B.
Decatur, Tennessee
Not worth the money
May 22, 2011
This product did nothing for my cats! I basically blew $53 for 2 diffusers and nothing changed. I added a new kitty to my household of 2 and needed a calming agent for them. In short, this product was a waste of money and I would bear in mind that not all these products work as they proclaim. Buyer beware! I was very dissatisfied!
By ktylvr
San Jose, CA
Life Saver
February 22, 2011
My two indoor adult cats were tormented by the neighborhood cats depositing and spraying in our yard. I read a vet interview about the product and decided to give it a problems are gone. My cats are not agitated, howling, or spraying in the house any longer. Don't hesitate, this stuff is the real deal!
By Jack
Feliway diffuser
August 30, 2010
My neutered male cate started spraying everywhere. Since we have plugged these in, no issues. We have two--one upstairs (1800 sq feet) and one downstairs (1200 sq feet). They do only last about 4 weeks so I just always keep extras handy. No scent that humans can detect.

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