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By buddy
joint max triplestrength soft chews (240)
February 2, 2015
My dog as always eaten these and likes them
By Patti
Indianapolis, IN
Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
January 28, 2015
Great Product; Great Price; Great Delivery
By Kat
Edmundston, NB
Started seeing a difference in less than a week!
January 28, 2015
Got this for our bulldog. This breed is very prone to CCL injuries as well as hip displasia - when our young girl slipped on ice running at full speed and seeing how she hesitated to get back up, we were worried she'd seriously injured herself. The days following her fall, she was obviously very sore, even with doggie aspirin. She had some difficulties getting up after a long nap beforehand (seemed like her back legs were numb) but she was much worse. This happened on a friday evening and our vet was closed, so it was not possible for me to get her there for a consult. After doing much research, I decided I wanted to supplement her diet and 1) help her feel better, and 2) try to prevent any additional damage from occuring to her joints and hips. I spent most of the night reading reviews for various products before deciding on trying Joint MAX Triple Strength - and I do not regret my decision at all. Our girl weighs about 55lbs but she's still just a pup at 7 months of age, so I didn't double the dosage for her. Yet after only a couple of days taking this (about 5 days after her injury with no sign of improvement), she seemed in less pain, would walk around more. Less than a week and she was back to normal, and even better - she'd get up after a long nap without struggling like she was before. She'd pop up and come running to us immediately (could take almost a minute prior by the time she could get up and stagger to us). Our girl LOVES the taste so it's easy to give. We do have it separated into smaller ziploc bags though so it doesn't dry out (suggested by another reviewer). We couldn't be happier with this supplement, and our girl couldn't either I think :)
By sterlingirl
Imlay City, MI
All good!!
January 21, 2015
My older German Shepard eats them right down. I've been using this product for a couple years now and it really makes a difference. Once I didn't reorder as my husband doubted their effectiveness. He soon asked me to put the love of his life(the dog) back on them.
By puppy1
Long Island, NY
January 21, 2015
I have been purchasing these for years since my pup has been 3 he is now 7. He is part boarder collie and part malamute and has LOTS of energy and loves to run. These have kept him in tip top shape with no problems with his legs or joints.
By Cat
Rockport, TX
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
January 16, 2015
I have 8 dogs on this product. They all think its a treat & look for it every day.
By Kello
January 16, 2015
My dogs consider this agreat treat. Seem to be getting good results
By Shelby
Joint Max Really helped.
January 16, 2015
I purchased this for my black lab when she was about months old. Her hip was very bad and it was easy to see that she struggled at times. She grew so quickly and is presently about 75 lbs. We saw a replacement in her future. She is now almost 3 years old and this product as helped tremendously. It may not keep her going forever, but it has extended the time to when she may need that surgery. We also give her a quality dog food and try to keep her weight down as much as we can to relieve the stress on the hip. We give her 4 tablets a day, two in the morning and two at night. She looks forward to getting them and eats them like a treat. Before using this product, she was rather docile and had trouble in the winter. Now she is very active and runs and plays. This winter hasn't affected her at all. I would suggest this for anyone with a pet with similar issues. I would use one tablet for every 20 lbs.
By Small d.
Great product
January 16, 2015
Our dog( a Jack Russell Terrier) is 11 years old. She hasn't been that active lately, until I purchased the Joint Max. She is back jumping and playing with our 2 year old Min Chu - who wants to act just like her. I saw a big difference from the start.
By Buelita
Reston, VA
Without these my dog won't make it up the stairs
October 5, 2014
With 2 chews a day my 11 year old dog thinks he is still 2 years old. When he doesn't take them, he cannot make it up the 28 steps to our main floor.
By The G.
Spring Hill, Fl.
besst choice
September 26, 2014
recommended by old vet several years ago, have a new vet that comes to the house, because loading and unloading a large dog with hip problem is out of the question in these later years. New vet checked out the joint max ingredients and was pleased that we were giving it, 2 chews, twice daily that he had been told are cookies. the big guy is a 12 year greyhound and still running and playing happily.
By Jay
North Carolina
Excellent Product
September 15, 2014
My dog loves these soft chews! They certainly do what they are supposed to do!
By Mtn M.
Tarryall mtns, CO
Long time user
September 5, 2014
My Bouvier (2) regard them as daily treats.
By Stella's m.
Great product
August 25, 2014
I was using Synovi and decided to try Joint Max Triple for my 14 year old pit, she loves them. I ordered on Monday and I received them on Wednesday.
Lafayette, CO
Great supplement for active older dogs...
August 21, 2014
We started giving this to our 10 yr old cattle dog as he was started to get a tad gimpy after a lot of running after the balls, etc thrown for him. He loves to eat them and we give him one morning and night. We didn't really notice anything until about 6 months after we started giving this to him (and after we also added Happy Hips Canned Food to his food)...but now he is hardly ever gimpy and is able to enjoy chasing after his frisbees and balls without pain...this is really good because we almost thought we would have to start him on Rimadyl, which we want to giving him a more natural supplement has been great! Have stocked up when they are on sale so he can stay strong and healthy as long as possible!
Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews
August 18, 2014
Been using this product for quite awhile. Our dog loves them and it has done wonders to aid him with his problem with his hip. We no longer have to worry about him when he runs and he does a lot of that!
By poomom
Ocala, FL
Dogs like
August 18, 2014
I give one to each of my dogs daily and they seem to enjoy them. I don't know if it helps them but my 11-yr old standard poodle is having no problem with his joints.
By Dominoe K.
Hutto TX
good stuff
August 8, 2014
My Shepherd is very cautious when comes to eating something new, my surprise when she took Joint Max Triple with no hesitation. Its very difficult to tell how much it has helped but she is moving better.
By Pointer M.
NE Ohio
New Favorite "Treat"
July 30, 2014
My 2 German Shorthaired Pointers can't wait until they get their Joint Max every day. It is a new favorite for them. It all started when the box arrived, they were going nuts for me to open it! They are 11 1/2, so a joint supplement is a part of their lives. With this, they're playing, running and finding critters to track down without any discomfort!
By DogOwner
Very good product!
July 28, 2014
I have a geriatric dog with pain in knees and hips. He has been on other forms of Glucosamine for two years but it seemed he was slowing down again. I tried this new brand which has higher levels of active ingredients and he is much better now. I am glad we tried it! He also loves the chewy "stinky treat" form that it comes in and thinks he is being treated like a king.
By bevbird
Santa Fe, NM
keeps my dog walking
July 27, 2014
I've been using this product for a few years now. When I started, my older dog had great difficulty even making it to the end of the block. This product makes it possible for her to actually take a walk and enjoy it.
By keel
Denver, CO
Dogs love these
July 21, 2014
I have bee using the joint triple max with my dogs for about 7 years. The dogs love them. I think it helps my older dogs' joints healthy.
By lawyerdoug
Memphis, TN
My boys love them
July 19, 2014
These are what I was looking for. I've been giving my two boys these type of treats for two years now and the quality of the name brand they were getting got really bad recently. That led to an all out search for a similar product and this is the best thing I found. Its actually probably better than the old product we used. Both of my boys love their "stinky treats" and wont eat their breakfast or dinner until they've had them. They both are older dogs and seem to respond very well to the ingredients. These keep them young at heart, even if they arent actually young!
By Finian F.
Little Rock, AR
Soft Chews are great!
July 18, 2014
Our vet said that it is a great idea to give these to our wonderful Cardigan Corgi Finian [whose name means "handsome"]. Fin is 13 now and seems to be benefitting from our adding the chews to his daily diet. He really does like them, and I use them instead of some type of pill pockets for medications since he gobbles them down, no matter what is tucked inside. This is my second order of the Soft Chews.
By KPhx
great chews
July 18, 2014
My older dog has some knee and hip problems so I bought these to help her and she does seem more active.....she also loves the taste.
By Sue
Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews
July 14, 2014
My brother was giving his senior black lab these for years to help with her joints. When he started fostering my senior dog he started giving her these too, but not every day. Since she is going to be 9 in a couple of weeks, we started giving her one a day. She loves them!
By Sadie's M.
Dallas, Texas
Helped our older dogs
July 12, 2014
We could see the differencein the way our older dogs moved when they were on Joint Max as compared to when we started them. As a result, we are giving Joint Max to our new dog from the start, and not waiting until she gets old.
By garymac
Good Product
July 11, 2014
Of all the pet glucosamine on the market this one is the only one that has visible results in my pet.
By Jamie
Houston TX
Joint Max Chews
July 8, 2014
My dogs love the chews and I notice a difference in their agility and movement.
By Glory
Ringwood ,N.J.
Great purchase
June 26, 2014
My charger ( flat - coated retriever ) love these and it is helping his large hips with a lot of movement ..easier for him to get up and down since we started using these treats .. Thank you ... Dawn V.
By Boo's M.
Smithfield, VA
Great Product
June 25, 2014
Have used before with good results. My current dog does not like the taste, but managed to disguise in his food.. Will purchase again.
By dogmobile
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
June 20, 2014
easy to give, the dogs love the taste. And it works!
By Carl
Joint Max triple
June 18, 2014
This has been a great product for my Rott. She just passed away at 13 1/2 due to a lung going bad. She was still getting along great with the legs and hips, can't go wrong and it was worth every dollar I spent.
By Dave
good stuff
June 16, 2014
My 11 1/2 year old Toller likes the chews very much. It seems to help her to move around better.She has some joint problems.If I run out of them before a new order comes in, I can see the difference in the way she moves.
By t t.
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
June 12, 2014
our doggie babies love this. they wait for it every morning!
By Sharon
Great Product
June 3, 2014
I have used Joint Max III for several years. I believe my dogs are better for it. Mine (6) are all rescues and healthy. The oldest is 13 and the youngest 2. It is tasty, since they all eat it as if it is a treat. I will continue to use it.
By Darby
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
June 3, 2014
Just started giving these to Tag so I haven't seen any difference so far. I imagine it takes a while to be effective.
By 3 o.
Good product.
May 30, 2014
I can really tell a difference with my dog if we forget to give her the joint max.
By get g.
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
May 29, 2014
Joint Max soft chews are like a treat with all the help a big dog needs for their joints. I have a 12.1/2 & a 10 1/2,both over 90 lbs. This soft chew keeps them going strong every day. Would recommend this product.
By Brian
Kaneohe, HI
Poor customer service from manufacturer
May 27, 2014
Product didnt state full ingredient list. Just meat from a "Non-Bovine" origin. My dog cannot have poultry and experienced an allergic reaction from the product. The company did not respond to my inquiries. Very poor customer service practices.
By Richard
Leander, TX
My Dogs think its a treat
May 21, 2014
I give this to my dogs every morning. As soon as they hear me get up out of bet, they run to the counter and wait for me to give them their "treat" One of my dogs was showing signs of hip problems, and this seemed to help a lot.
By Lodie
bellevue wa
My Collie is up and moving again!
May 12, 2014
My Collie was in so much pain, he was barely getting up to go outside to go to the bathroom. After about three weeks on the Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews, he is moving around more and seems to be in much less pain. He also really likes the way they taste and considers them a treat.I will definitely continue to give them to him, they really seem to help!
By FrugalAnnie
Mount Plymouth, FL
Excellent Value
May 5, 2014
Years ago I checked Cosaquin ingredients against all the competitors,and this came up to be an acceptable alternative. AND it is the cheapest!!!
By Brad
Joint max triple
May 4, 2014
We love this product and so do our two yellow labs at 110 pounds each. I would recommend this product to everyone
Review for Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
May 4, 2014
I've purchased these in the past and they were great. This order was awful. The chews were so tough I couldn't even cut them with a knife. The order was replaced by EntirelyPets, but the replacement was barely better. Something's wrong. Either a change in formula or too much inventory going bad.
By gijang
April 22, 2014
Still salaries effective initial place you can not build a good tidy. But quite fond of my canine companion. Care for this meokim ansseuge by the joint just as good as already think this effect.
By Mandy L.
Mesa, AZ
Causes Diarrhea
April 21, 2014
Product seemed to improve my dogs' mobility but caused never ending diarrhea in all 3 of them.
By Bo G.
Joint Max - Entirely Pets
April 21, 2014
Product is great. Shipping that you pay $5.95 for should be a lot faster!
good product
April 18, 2014
my dog loves them and they work ,been using these for about a year. Give them some time, its not like you give it to them one day and the next you see the difference but they really do help.My dog weights 120 pounds bad hip joints only three years old joint max has helped him greatly.
Almont, Mi
April 17, 2014
My 1 dog who seems to be rather picky when I had him treats really likes these so I would recommend them to anyone who has an older dog to help with there joints. My other dog she will eat anything but both of them like these treats. They are soft and chewy my dogs eat them so I will buy them again..

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