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By Jeannie
Bryn Mawr, PA
Virbac CET Cat Chews
January 28, 2019
I have been giving these 2 my cats 4 yrs. Proof is in the pudding. I use these along w Vetzlife oral gel. My vet is impressed w the good condition my 4 cats teeth r in.
By squeekers1
Volcano HI
Cats love them!
November 19, 2018
My cats love these. They go nuts when they see them. Their teeth are perfect. My cats ages are 11 and 13 and the vets says there teeth are like much younger cats.
My cat loves these!
October 1, 2018
I started buying these after our vet told me my cat may need to have a tooth pulled. She gets one a day and loves them. After a follow up appointment a few weeks later, the vet decided that she would not need to have any teeth pulled! This is a wonderful product!
By maryeNC
Cats love
July 17, 2017
I got the product because one of my cats needed extensive teeth cleaning. The vet recommended this product to help keep his teeth clean. It is too early for me to say it is working, that's is the reason I'm giving it a good rating. I give it an excellent rating for taste, they love it!
By Kitty M.
South Caroline
Great Product
July 14, 2017
My cats go crazy for these! They absolutely love them - both the chicken and fish flavors.
By lostfrog
Austin, TX
My cat loves these!
July 11, 2017
These are great dental treats! The freeze dried dental treats are hard to come by these days and the only ones my cat will eat. I've given them to him since he was a kitten. He is now 7 and has very healthy teeth and gums. This big package should last right over 3 months. I checked the expiration date before ordering the larger size since it was the only one available. Unfortunately, I was told 7/2018 but received a package due to expire in a month. This should have been checked at the warehouse level since I had to wait until the warehouse was open to find out only to be sent a soon to expire package.
By Lire
New York
Great product
July 11, 2017
My 3 cats all love these. They beg for them every night. Wonderful flavor s.
By Ftn G.
Front Range, Colorado
Worth the money for tooth health
June 30, 2017
We have a big boy kitty who does not like Greenies dental treats which is what we give his brothers. He's already had several cleanings but this year he was able to go another 4 months past his annual cleaning date. It may be due to these chews. They are the only treats he will eat (besides Cheerios). If we can prevent even 1 tooth extraction, these are worth the money - better dental health, fewer extractions, less trauma for him and worry for us. Our vet sells these and the cat dentist recommends them.
By Chris
Fantastic Product
June 17, 2017
Both of my cats love these treats! They were very confused by the size of the treat at first, but it didn't take long to get over that.
By Ally
They really work!
March 28, 2017
Besides the fact that my cat loves these chews, they really do help keep his teeth clean. When I stopped giving them to him, his teeth were not at as clean and his breath didn't smell as fresh, even while continuing to brush his teeth. Once I realized this, I went back to giving him them. He gets 1 chew a day as reward for allowing me to brush his teeth.
By Meezer M.
Tasty way to keep teeth clean
October 25, 2016
My Siamese has a chronic problem with tooth decay that entails frequent dental cleanings and extractions. The CET chews help keep his teeth clean and gums healthy in between dental visits.
By G-Ma
Dearborn, Michigan
great smiles
October 21, 2016
My two felines are respectfully 17 and 18 years old. I have been giving them this product daily for many years. The 18 year old has never needed her teeth cleaned by the vet. They are purrfect. The 17 year old also has very good teeth, although she has had two appts with vet cleaning (turned out great). Thank you Entirely Pets
By catmaven
Prospect Heights, IL
Nice To Have A Choice
October 21, 2016
Our new kitty was diagnosed with mild dental tartar and we hadn't started brushing his teeth yet. We had just taken in our older one for dental cleaning. I bought my first package of CET at the vet--pricey for a 30-count bag. I saw That EP had a 90-pack size for a better price. Unfortunately, only the new kitty will eat it, not the one with the dental surgery.
By diana
Review for CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (96 chews) Fish Flavor
August 10, 2016
I've always been afraid to have my pets teeth professionally cleaned. Using your product works wonders! It keeps the tartar at bay & my vet approves!
By Becca512
Salem, OR
Dental chews for better dental health
August 3, 2016
Have used these dental chews for many years and my cats just LOVE them. They know where we keep them in the cupboard and beg us for a dental chew every day.
By Catlover
CET Chews
April 18, 2016
One cat loves these, the other will eat them when cut in half. I wish there were more complete nutrition information, e.g. calories per chew.
By Brenda
Jacksonville, Fl
Cat loves them
September 29, 2015
My cat is an older cat. I found that the CET chews help keep his teeth clean. He loves the taste and eats them up.
By Kay
My cat loves it!!!
September 2, 2015
CET fish flavored cat chews have helped to improve my cat's gingivitis. But best of all he looks forward to them every day. He doesn't know they are good for him , he just likes them.
By Thumper
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Best Dental Treats. Ever.
July 23, 2015
A 14-yr old cat knows what they like & I love these dental treats. I've had 1 a day for the last 8 years & my dental check-ups confirm it, they are awesome. Purrs!
July 16, 2015
By CatPerson
Review for CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (96 chews) Fish Flavor
July 15, 2015
My cat LOVES these treats, and they are great for his teeth! They help a lot with gingivitis. They are kind of pricey, but worth it for good oral health!!
By Arlene
Several of my cats love it - A LOT
July 2, 2015
Two of the five will sniff it and walk away. The other three will climb the walls to get their CET treat. One turns into a crazy guy and grabs and growls. So, I'd say 60% of my cats are NUTS about the treats. Totally love the stuff.
By San 3.
San Diego
Cleans teeth well
May 2, 2015
When I first tried these, my cat turned her nose up at them. I persisted and continued to give them to her. Now, she scarfs them down, and I can't keep enough stocked. It's really hard to brush small cat teeth (and the cat isn't always willing to let me brush) and these dental chews seem to do a decent job cleaning the teeth. The cat's breath is also better. I would recommend the fish flavor over chicken, but some cats may prefer one over the other.
By Schmoop
Calgary, Alberta Canada
May 1, 2015
My boys (cats) love these chews. The fish flavour is their favorite.
By Mrsleepy
Cats go insane when they see the bag
April 29, 2015
My two cats love these, they both cry when they see the bag and try to pull them out of my hand, definitely their favorite. Teeth are good so far, they are only 3 1/2 years old.
By BeezusQ
San Francisco CA
CET Chews or Kitty CRACK?!
April 6, 2015
My cats loooooooooooooooove this product. Go crazy when I pull it out. It truly is kitty crack. Spendy but they think it is worth it.
By 4cats
Westminster MD
My cat loves them
April 5, 2015
My Siamese loves these. She comes around every day at the same time to get her treat! And they have done a great job keeping her teeth clean also.
By NW B.
cat chews a big hit
March 14, 2015
I got the fish-flavored chews for my cat. He loves them, won't let us forget the daily treat. There was a period of time not long ago when the chews were darker in color, and clearly not as desirable to the cat, but this period, fortunately, appears to have passed, and they are back to their lighter color, and superior flavor (as per the cat's opinion).
By seester
cet cat chews disappoint
March 8, 2015
I have been purchasing CET chews for my cats for years and my vet has noticed the improve oral health. However the latest purchase is not consistent with previous purchases. The chews are soft and crumble easily not firm like they used to be. They do not offer the resistence to scrub the teeth. I am planning to return them.
By abbie
Review for CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (96 chews) Fish Flavor
February 2, 2015
the CET Chews were always a favorite of my two cats. We were very disappointed when they stopped supplying them. When we were able to re order them, my younger cat was not so much interested in them as before. My older cat abbie, still loves them.
By Oz
Product Perfect...
January 23, 2015
Love this product. Does what it says. Fast delivery...great price. One hitch...arrives in an envelope. Product is easly flattened and mine were flat. I will ask for a box next shipment.
By CatMom
upstate New York
My Cats Love These
May 7, 2014
I have a cat who has gum disease and really needs dental treats. I'm very sorry that this product is so hard to find . . . always backordered etc. My experience with Entirely Pets was fine except that I can't get more CET Chews!
Review for CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (96 chews) Fish Flavor
March 27, 2014
Have not been able to purchase for about 6 months. every time we order they are out of stock
By consumer
great but frequently unavailable
March 8, 2014
My cats LOVE these dental chews. both flavors. But it is often backordered and i have to buy a different brand. Otherwise i would give it 5 stars.
By tg
Can't get product after 4 months of waiting
February 27, 2014
Great Product but has been out of stock so long I had to go to local vet
By Karen
Great deal
January 8, 2014
My cat loves these treats! He waits every morning for me to give him his treat. He will not eat any of his breakfast until he has his treat.
By Nancy
My cat LOVES these
July 18, 2013
My vet recommended these for my young adult cat to help keep his teeth clean. He goes bonkers for these things! These have now become his "treats." He gets 2 a day.
By Susan J.
CET Cat Chews - Awesome!
July 11, 2013
My super finicky cats go nuts for these treats, and I feel good knowing they are getting a boost in their dental health.
By cat
CET chews
July 2, 2013
GREAT PRODUCT! When you cannot brush, anything helps.
By Mary K.
Indianapolis, IN
Even My Shy Kitty Begs For These
April 9, 2013
My kitties absolutely LOVE these chews... even my shy kitty comes into the kitchen to get his CET Chew. They all like the Fish Flavor and the Chicken Flavor. They're still a little expensive for me because I have 7 cats, but you can't find these anywhere for less than at!!!
By Jude
Bend, Oregon
Cats love them
April 6, 2013
My cats absolutely love these chews. Each cat gets one chew every evening "before bed". I do feel that during the years I've used CET chews the duration has been extended between the cats' dental cleanings.
By terry
Review for CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (96 chews) Fish Flavor
February 28, 2013
if you give these to your cat, not only will it clean their teeth, but it will create a pest that will not leave you alone, they like them so much. It will definetely make a healther and friendlier cat.
By Karin
Seattle, WA
Very good price
February 19, 2013
I purchased both the poultry and fish flavors of this product. My cat previously only had access to the poultry flavor (my vet only offers that product), so she had been very happy with her daily "treat". Unfortunately, when I received my shipment, I gave her a fish flavor chew first. She LOVED it ... too much. She then showed little interest in the poultry flavor, so I limited her daily chew to the poultry flavor until she forgot about the fish flavor. It took about a week. In future, I will purchase only the fish flavor. I thank you in advance for her.
By OwdMac
Savage, MN
Virbac CET cat chews
January 5, 2013
Our 2 siamese cats love these dental treats. One of them begs for his treat each night. His gums are very tender, but his teeth would be worse without his nightly treat. The other cat's teeth are in super shape. Both are 8 years old. I have tried the special water additive, but saw no difference. One of them has a very tender tummy and many treats I have tried do not stay down. There are no problems with these in that respect either. I gave these treats as Christmas presents to friends for their dog & cat. EntirelyPets does a great job. Both in terms of pricing and shipping. A++++
By MamaTam
WA state
My cat will kill for these!! She Loves them
December 29, 2012
I have 2 abbys, the female is normally a laid back girl where as the male is dominant, but she will literally take him on the get both her treat and his. I do believe they like the CHICKEN flavor better but they love these also. Abbys are known for their dental hygiene needing human aid and these definitely help. My husband does not know how they help make their breath fresh as he thinks the treats stink! I get to be " the good one" and give treats to our cats!!! =) And the prices $$$ from EntirelyPets is the BEST I can find online or in a store. GREAT VALUE IN MY (and my cat's) OPINION! I have these on auto-ship so i know they will never run out!
By Beckie A.
San Antonio Texas
Better then brushing
December 22, 2012
Both cats love this chew. Dental check-ups are great. No need for cleaning by vet.
By Robert D.
Charlotte, NC
My cat loves these !!
December 14, 2012
ever since my cat Apollo tried one of these at my vets office i've been buying them .. Apollo loves this product and runs towards where i keep his treats excited in anticipation
By JeriS
My cat loves these!
December 7, 2012
My kitty has some tartar buildup on her teeth and the vet suggested these might help. I bought a bag at the clinic but I couldn't believe how expensive they were! I was so happy to see the great prices here at Entirely Pets because Katie just adores these treats. She gets one every day and I have to hide the bag so she doesn't try to sneak a few extras when I'm not looking.
WA state
YUMMY for their teeth & tummy
November 23, 2012
These cats treats stink to a human but to my cat's, they smell like heaven. I literally have to put these treats in a container with a lid that they cannot chew through, as they WOULD eat the whole bag at one time if left unguarded....EntirelyPets is the most cost effective place to buy. I have 4 bags of 96 chews auto shipped every 6 months. That way, I am always the good guy with the good treats!! Thank you EntirelyPets
By Carson
Hillsboro, Or
Cat likes it
November 7, 2012
My cat has a tartar problem and likes treats. He looks forward to his CET chew everyday and it helps control his tartar build up. He won't eat the chicken flavor -- prefers fish.

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