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By BeckyK
Way better price than the vet
July 17, 2016
The enzadent at entirely pets is almost half the price I ve been paying at the vets office. However, I like the dentahex better than the enzadent. Basically the same product but the dentahex chews are bigger and more consistent in size.
By harley
Monte Rio California
June 12, 2016
I have a what you would call a small dog, however I bought some of the ones for the large dog and It worked out great and they taste real good (just kiddin) so I came back for more. harley
Review for Vetoquinol Enzadent Dental Chews for Large Dogs (30 count)
March 19, 2016
Give your dog one a day when you get him/her and you won't need to have your dog's teeth scaled. It helps to remove old stains, prevents new stains from forming, and keeps your dog's teeth white.
Excellent Chews
January 25, 2016
My yellow lab has been chewing on these for years. These are much better than any other chew used in the past.
By Pucci
Colorado Springs,Co
Best Buy for my dogs
November 20, 2015
I can't tell you how good this product is but my dogs really love them. I can tell the difference in their teeth.
By Deb
Best raw hides
May 25, 2015
Easily digested. Aids in keeping teeth clean. Vet recommended.
Used to be weight, now by piece
March 10, 2015
I've been using this product (Large) for about 5 years, and it used to be sold by weight. Over last year or two, they switched to by the piece. This leaves me shortchanged, and why these types of products are supposed to be sold by weight (my butcher sells me steak by the pound, not by the piece). Currently looking for alternative.
By Linda
Fountain Hills, AZ
Enzadent Oral Care Chews
September 16, 2014
Our vet recommended these for our dog. Murray loves them.
By dog l.
Wappingers Falls, NY
oral care solutions
June 21, 2014
My dogs absolutely love them and they work well at entertaining them and keeping their teeth clean.
By jake
jacksonville, florida
Enzadent chews
February 6, 2014
Dogs like it; BUT there is no consistency in size, shape or thickness. One or Two may be of quality size but the rest are thin curvy irregularly shaped and size. It appears to help the dogs teeth -- whiten and clean. I wish they could be more consistent in shape and size.
By Monique L.
Qu├ębec, Canada
Good purchase but.....
October 12, 2013
I will appreciate all large tips. not smaller ones or medium ones when I buy large ones.
By Snow
Favorite Treat
October 8, 2013
My dog loves these chews and they keeps her teeth clean.
By karenss
5 Large Dogs!
August 2, 2013
I have two pit bulls and a catahoula hound. My daughter has moved back home with her pit bull and cathoula. Lots of bad breath! These dental chews help with the bad breath and helps keep their teeth a little cleaner.
By Nancy
Enzadent Chews
July 15, 2013
These are a great product and have kept our dogs' teeth shiny white for years. They love them and we love the price at Entirely Pets!
By moneymiser
Vet Recommended
May 27, 2013
Trying to avoid another costly cleaning, these are what the Vet said to avoid tartar. Both dogs love them!
By Sadie's F.
Best Service
April 16, 2013
Really appreciated the prompt delivery and low shipping cost of the product purchased.
Columbia, KY
VET enzadent Chews for dogs
January 9, 2013
Thia is my third review of this product. I use it on a consistant basis, because it does have good teeth cleaning properties. Biggest complaint is the lack of quality control on the size and shape of the chews. I buy and pay extra for the "LARGE" because I have two large dogs and a few of the chews are indeed large and thick. Unfortunately, the balance of every bag I have purchased over the past year is made up of much smaller and thinner chews. Some are so small that they are almost a choking hazard to my larger dogs. These chews are a good product and they are cheaper online than buying from a vet, but I would really like to receive a bag full of large - as ordered.
By Bernard
Dogs love them!
January 8, 2013
The dogs chew them like crazy. Can't seem to get enough. And no farting!
By micky
Carleton Place, ON
Good value
December 30, 2012
Our 3 dogs really enjoy these and they are very good for their teeth.
By Lola
clean teeth
December 17, 2012
these chews do help clean my lab's teeth fairly well if they get them on a regular basis.
By Gary
Great product. best price!
December 6, 2012
An excellent product, really works on getting my German Shepards teeth clean and they stay clean. Best price for sure and you have the excellent service of Entirely Pets too!
By walkingfool
November 6, 2012
The highlight of his day is when he is given his enzadent oral chew. He runs around the room, flipping it in the air & then settles down on his sheet to devour it. We have tried many different chewy's but this one is his favorite.
By jenk
My Lab loves these chews
October 25, 2012
I first bought these from my holistic vet and he has nothing but good products at his place. My dog loves them.
By Jo
Good price for a bulk purchase
August 8, 2012
We have two big dogs, a Lab and a Dalmatian, who love these chews. And it's great that they can chew while keeping their teeth clean. I buy bags of these treats in bulk and usually get the best price with shipping from this site.
By Hudsonho
Review for Vetoquinol Enzadent Dental Chews for Large Dogs (30 count)
July 15, 2012
Great dog loves them while all the while....they are great for keeping his teeth clean!!!
By JesToots
FarNorthEast, IL
Oral Chews
June 21, 2012
My Vet has been rated the #1 Vet in the Chicagoland area. He is a Holistic Vet and he recommends any of the products made from Vet Solutions.
Overall A Good Product
June 5, 2012
The Enzadent Chews have helped keep my larger dogs' teeth fairly clean and free of built up tarter. My small dog cannot seem to digest even the petite size, so I started giving him another product. My biggest complaint is that there doesn't seem to be much in the way of quality control. I buy the large and some chews are thick and long, the way they should be; yet in the same bag(s) other chews are so thin and small, they are almost transparent. They all do a good job on their teeth/gums, but I pay extra for the large and would appreciate it if there was more consistent quality on the size.
By Rifkin's m.
Great price & he loves them
February 29, 2012
We previously got these from the vet at twice the price. They were recommended for dental health & my dog absolutely loves them. We tried a different brand & he didn't really like them. He whines & begs for his chew treat daily. They are a bit messy (not quite as bad as rawhide) & we do sometimes need to wash his face off afterward to keep his chin fur from getting crunchy. BUT HE LOVES THEM! We prefer the large ones even though he isn't a larger dog because they keep him occupied a lot longer.
By Bev
Enzadent Oral Care Chews are AWESOME!
February 24, 2012
Usually my Golden Retriever doesn't like chews that are 'good' for her, but she LOVES these and they clean her teeth too! I'll be back for more! :o)
By Money M.
Great Chews!
January 23, 2012
Both dogs have been using these for a couple of years. Last two vet trips... the Doctor said teeth look great , so I'll keep using them. A bit more expensive than brushing their teeth, but a heck of a lot easier. Plus, they both love them.
By Kate
Great Dental Chews
December 13, 2011
I have tried many brands of dental chews for my 70 pound dog, and this is by far my favorite. In general, a good percentage of the bag contains thick chews that take her some time to get through. The longer she spends chewing, the more she is working to clean her teeth. My little girl gets one of these chews every day after getting her teeth brushed. They are a great reward!

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