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By Tammie
Great product at a lower cost
December 18, 2020
These are the same thing I can buy from my vet only the cost is a lot less. The website is easy to navigate & I like the quick shipping and discount codes.
ProsGreat products Lower cost Quick shipping
By lunasmommy99
Lincoln, Ne
Great product!!
April 9, 2018
I purchased these chews for our female Basset Hound that has slightly deformed front legs, that as she is 10 years old she needs some help. I have been giving her the hard tablets but thought I would try these, and she loves them!! This brand of joint supplements was recommended by our vet when Luna started to show signs of leg issues, I believe they keep her more comfortable and will prolong her ability to go for walks for hopefully many more years.
By Dog M.
Good price for products.
July 24, 2017
The products are reasonably priced and shipment was quick. My only issue is alot of the chews are broken up into smallergies pieces , which makes it difficult to distribute the required o chew twice a day.
By Caren
Huntington Beach CA
Amazing stuff !
May 5, 2017
I have a 10 yr old Golden Retriever that tore his ACL . He's been on Glyco Flex 3 for a year and a half and you'd never know
By Paulette
April 21, 2017
Excellent product with excellent price. I have been using this for about 2 years with my 125 lb. lab that had 2 ACL surgeries. Has helped tremendously.
By Mimi
Rogers AR
Best Joint Supplement
April 19, 2017
My Labrador has had joint issues for years and we have tried many supplements to ease his pain and stiffness. Glycoflex was a miracle worker and he has been so much better from the very first week of using this product. That was four years ago and I will continue using Glycoflex with all my dogs. Excellent!!!
By Grizzly
Ventura CA
April 4, 2017
our dog is 12 and having trouble getting around. Glycoflex helps him move better. Great product and company.
By nattie
dayton nv
great stuff
March 8, 2017
this is great stuff and a great company buy it here cheap and great product
By tuckerfolk
12 is the new 2!
March 8, 2017
our dog is acting young again! We put it in her food and she eats like her normal kibble.
By Scott
Vet recommended, dog approved.
March 3, 2017
My vet recommended GlycoFlex III for my 11 and 13 year old Goldens several years ago. They love them and they seem to be keeping the pups happy and their joints a little less painful. Both still active dogs.
By PRJWest
Huntington Beach, CA
Large Dog Friend
January 6, 2017
This is particularly good for large dogs that like to run.
By Eddy
Olahte, KS
GlycoFlex review
January 5, 2017
I have been using Glycoflex III for about 8 years now and have a Labrador that had both rear knees rebuilt via surgery at 6 months and 1.5 years old. She had blown out her Cranial & Caudal Crucial Ligaments which is the same thing us humans call our ACL & PCL ligaments. At age 9 years old now, she has NO signs of joint issues or pain or lack of comfort. I don't know if this product is responsible for the positive results after surgery this many years later, but I am going to continue until she passes to heaven. Maybe I should begin using this product
By Micgus
Nacogdoches, Texas
Glyco Flex 3
July 31, 2016
This product seems to be helping our mature Australian Shepards with joint issues.
By doglover
Somers, CT
Highly recommend
May 6, 2016
Our Labs compete in agility and Field Trials. They are high drive dogs that give 1000%. Glycoflex 3 has kept them in top condition with no injuries. They are 8 and 9 years old and run hard every day.
Southwest Florida
Glyco Flex 3 Soft Chews
May 2, 2016
Since changing the packaging of this item the product does not seem as fresh as it once was.
By Sandy
Keeps the kids jumping
April 16, 2016
I use this product for my agility performance dogs. My 9.5 year old golden is still jumping like a puppy.
By Pete
Good Purchase
March 27, 2016
Good Purchase, timely shipping and receipt.
By Arita
Just what my loving Dog needed
March 25, 2016
It is helping my dog tremendously, I like it!! And the big plus is that my Dog's Vet not only approved it but strongly recommended
By Susie
Temple, Tx
Very good product
December 31, 2015
This is a very good product that has helped our older Australian Shepard have greater mobility.
By Dollfin99
Huntington Beach, CA.
Glypro-Flex Stage 3
November 12, 2015
This supplement in 1 word,, AMAZING !! My 9 year old Golden Retriever tore his ligament. Started him on the supplements and saw results in 5 days . He'll never be 100% but he doesn't look or act like he tore it. He's looks happy and you can tell he feels great. Sometimes he feels too good and takes off running for a ball !!
By Sophiebones
Alberta Canada
Review for 3-PACK GlycoFlex 3 Canine (360 Soft Chews)
November 12, 2015
Helps our 9 year chocolate lab Sam with his walking etc. He has had both back knee's done.
By Gigi
Venice, FL
Great Product & Good Value
October 27, 2015
My dog suffers from arthritis and this product greatly relieves her discomfort. I was buying this product from the vet's office, but found that Entirely Pets was offering it at a cost savings of about 50%.
West Bend WI
Terrific product
September 22, 2015
This product was recommended by a friend. This is the second 3 pack purchase. I have seen great improvement in my dogs mobility. The chews make it very easy to give him on a daily bases.
By Toons
Menasha, WI
Glyco Flex III
September 17, 2015
This is absolutely the BEST stuff ever. We have an older dog that gets a little gimpy after running around. We notice such an improvement in her after starting her on this product about 3 to 4 years ago. She gets 2 a day because of her size. We also have a puppy now (20 months) and are proactive with her and she gets 1 per day. They love the flavor and are ready for their gluc the first thing every morning. Really great stuff. Try it for your dogs!!
By Cliff
Dogs think its a treat
August 25, 2015
Dogs think its a treat and who am I to tell them otherwise. I am a big believer in these and the Joint treats. We have had several dogs live pasted 15 years and I believe these are a big part on how they have maintained mobility and not had to fight bad hips, back, or arthritis. Before these came out we had the dogs taking the same Move Free we took and this is so mush easier.
Schuylkill County, PA
My dog loves these
August 12, 2015
Glyco Flex III was recommended by my veterinarian for Jo-Jo our Rottweiler when he was 9 years old, for hip dysplasia. Jo-Jo loved this from the very beginning, he thinks they are treats. We noticed a big improvement after taking Glyco Flex.
By Kathy C.
Great Product
July 29, 2015
I use this on all my boys as they are tough on joints. It also has the added benefit of green lipped muscles that help with fertility for any breeding dogs. I have used it on my old 13yr old with great success.
By Kiran
Good product
June 17, 2015
Used product for years. Helped dog with joint pains
By Mike
Great stuff!
May 26, 2015
Glyco Flex III was recommended to me by my vet because of its high bioavailability. I started with the chewable tablets, but although my dogs took them at first, they grew to dislike them and eventually I had a hard time getting them to eat them even when crushed up in their food. So I tried the soft chews and they are awesome! Dogs love them, they even smell fairly appetizing to me (for a dog treat!)! I'm happy with the joint support they provide & now my dogs are happy too!
By Pat
May 18, 2015
very expensive and my dog doesn't like them. We have to cut them into tiny pieces and mix with food in order to get her to eat them. Not to sure what to do now. She really does well when we get her to eat them, but you would think that they could make them with a flavor that the dogs would like.
By Daniela
very good
May 15, 2015
i have received the goods through the customs , everything is ok , including the gift offered for the purchase of the pack ; time of delivery was actually very good considering the long distance ; anyway our oldy german sheppard is very happy with this soft chews , i hope will see the impovement on his behaviour very soon ( he took them couple of months ago with visibile very good results indeed ) . Thanks Entirely Pets !
By tappy
helps the hip!
May 11, 2015
We have an older black lab who uses glycoflex 3. We love it when she's feeling good.
By Suz
Glyco Flex 111
May 10, 2015
Keeps my girl with Hip Dysplasia moving freely!
By Angelsmom
LHC, Arizona
Happy Blonde
May 9, 2015
We call her our "big blonde girl". She has torn both ACL's in the last 6 months, she had surgery on the first one. After she tore the second one, we were very worried about her ability to recuperate due to her age so elected to treat her with anti-inflammatory medication and rest. Up until the last 2 weeks she hadn't been able to get in the pool or really enjoy what she used to. Call it coincidence, call it what you will, but since she has been taking these chews she is now swimming, "running" and seems to be enjoying her new lease on life. Highly and strongly recommend this product!!
By Maggie
May 6, 2015
My 4yr old Springer Spaniel has hip dysplasia. Had been using Glyco Flex III for months and was very pleased with the results. I called to order more and was talked into purchasing another product because it was cheaper. What a mistake! My dog wouldn't use her leg at all! After a month back on Glyco Max III, she's using all 4 legs again!
Easy way to administer joint supplements
April 25, 2015
Since all of our dogs love the flavor of these joint supplements I just drop them in the bowl with their meal and they gobble them up. We swear by the effectiveness of Glycoflex III as well.
By Lucky
Indianapolis IN
Help for Senior Dog
April 19, 2015
Lucky has been on these for 5 weeks. His improvement is unbelievable. He can again take short walks and walk the perimeter of the yard. He could do neither before taking glycol Flex.
By samsondog
Pittsburgh, PA
Great product
April 14, 2015
I started feeding my dogs these chewable treats a few months ago. They love them and I see an improvement in my 12 year old Great Pyrenees. He is walking better. I highly recommend this product.
By AZraven
Tucson, AZ
old sam..bad hips
March 30, 2015
using glycoflex 3 for years to allow her a life with reduced pain. excellent product
By kfulton
Great joint med
March 2, 2015
My dog loves them! After a couple of weeks, she is quicker to get up and move, and loves the meds. She waits and waits to get them each morning and evening. A great deal too!
Glyco Flex III
February 28, 2015
Great product for my senior citizens and efficient, easy ordering from Entirely Pets...Thank you!
By diamondlil071
Very reasonable
February 12, 2015
I've ordered these from other sellers and they were about $35.00 a bag. I got 3 for $80.00. They seem to work very well. I have two dogs with joint problems along with arthritis and this seems to make their movement a lot easier.
By GoldenBear49
the best
February 12, 2015
my dogs love these soft chews, plus they seem to work. no more limping, boost in spirit. well worth the money. My 12 year old Golden Retriever had two ACL surgeries and A 10 year old Chow with severe hip displacia--recommended by the vet to take this type of product. Tried others but this is the one they LOVE to eat.
By hinshar
good product
February 9, 2015
i have been giving my 2 samoyeds this product for years since having ACL repairs. it seems to help with their stiffness
By Klaburner
Chattanooga, TN
Great Product
January 31, 2015
We have two 11 yr old German Shepherd's Max and Charlie who have arthritis. Our veterinarian recommended we try this product and it appears to have helped a bit. Service with Entirely Pets was fast and very courteous.
By Kelspen
Glyco Flex III
January 26, 2015
Our vet had our dogs on Glyco Flex pucks and I had to crush them and sprinkle them over their food because they wouldn't eat them. This product has made my life so much easier as they think they are getting a chewy treat! Highly recommended.
By curleylocks
Glyco Flex III 350 soft chews are great!
January 16, 2015
When our Labradoodle (95lbs) tore his ACL..we thought that surgery was eminent, but we choose passive therapy and dietary changes...and 10 weeks later, he is gingerly using the leg again. We are very pleased with this product that was the very same as the vet originally prescribed..Thank You!~
By joan
My babies love it.
January 16, 2015
One dog has hip problems and my Dr. recommended this product. But, both dogs love this treat.
By Daisy's M.
Washington State
Wonderful product
January 16, 2015
This was suggested by my vet. Daisy is a 20 pound Boston Terrier who is 14 years old. This product has allowed her to live the last two years pain free and happy. She is busy each day protecting her property and family from all possible strange intruders. Thanks.
By SandySandy57
Cleves OH
Great Bargain
January 16, 2015
I have used the Glyco III product for some time and it's great for my older dogs. This chewable product makes it easier to give them to my dogs. They love the taste and now I don't have to use so much peanut butter or cream cheese to coat the pills. And if I don't keep my eyes open, my cat Willie will grab one, he loves the taste.

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