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By Christina
Manahawkin, New Jersey
August 6, 2019
Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs- ORANGE, 3 MONTH
we have been using frontline plus for years always have a postive experience with the product.
By Jugi
January 4, 2019
Customer service
I enjoy the speed and ease of ordering online and quick shipping. Excellent customer service
By Snickers M.
October 15, 2018
Fast delivery
I ordered Frontline a month or so ago - just couldn't keep the fleas at bay and off my little dog. Poor boy was scratching like crazy. After one application, the fleas ran for the hills and he is pretty much completely flea free!
ProsGood flea control
ConsGetting my dog to sit still!
Southern California
October 21, 2016
Does the job
Fortunately the fleas in my part of the country (or town?) have not become resistant to Frontline Plus so it still works on my dogs. I recommend this, especially at the prices from Entirely Pets.
By janamal
north bend wa
October 7, 2015
Works great
I have been using this product for years. Its the only flea medicine that doesn't make my dogs act like their skin is burning, and it works.
By Ladybug
Kent, Washington
August 18, 2015
fast and reliable
Easily trackable delivery. I've ordered before from this company and never a problem with the product or anything else.
By Snugghawaii
July 22, 2015
Review for Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs- ORANGE, 3 MONTH
It is less expensive that your local pet stores or vet office
By donnadee
ear, DE
June 2, 2015
Great purchase
Received item and have used his before Got a lower price due to a discount
By Charlotte
April 30, 2015
This last purchase didn't work at all.
I've used Frontline for years but this latest purchase hasn't worked at all. Both cat, dog and I have been bitten beyond words. I've had to call my pest control specialist to rid the fleas from my house. I've been told and I've seen online that the product isn't the same. Absolutely worthless.
By Barbara
April 22, 2015
Review for Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs- ORANGE, 3 MONTH
Am very pleased with the Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs. It is a great product and the price from EntirelyPets is a great deal. Would recommend to a friend for sure.
sunrise, fl
March 15, 2015
Review for Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs- ORANGE, 3 MONTH
a nice product been using for a year plus
By Wendora
March 13, 2015
I have been using this product for about 2-3 years. It works great and my pets have never experienced any adverse side affects.
By marianne
Texas, near Houston
March 4, 2015
product ok
The product is ok. However it took at least ten days to arrive to Texas from California. When I finally got the box and found the pkg of Frontline inside, it had been opened. I didn't complain but should have probably, but I didn't want to wait for flea protection another 10 days. I had a new rescue dog and needed the product pronto. I think this is the last time I'll order from Entirely Pets.
By camrose
February 25, 2015
The price was right and the delivery timely.
By tmp
Wayne, PA
January 21, 2015
Use if faithfully; consistency is the key.
By Lula B.
Boynton Beach, FL
January 17, 2015
Awesome product
This works great for my dog, Lula Belle. She has never had a problem with fleas, ticks or anything else since starting this. I am very happy that it works so good.
By Marilyn
San Juan, P.R.
September 26, 2014
Excellent item
Frontline is just excellent. I have a dog that most of the time is outside, in the patio. I have never had any trouble with ticks or anything.
By JimmyDee
San Diego, CA
August 1, 2014
It Keeps On Working
With California suffering it's worse drought ever, the flea population is also at it's worst. Frontline has protected my dog from infestation.
By Tuffy's m.
July 4, 2014
This works!
My dog Tuffy has long white hair and gets a summer haircut. Frontline plus works all year long and keeps him flea and tick free.This product works for us. I suggest you never miss a 30 day application. I have tried other brands of preventive applications, those were too strong and caused him to vomit and made him lethargic.He got a tick and had Lyme disease while on the "other" product. . Follow the instructions and drop only in one spot on the skin between the shoulder blades don't rub in and don't spread around! Happy summer to all the pups.
By Vicky
April 23, 2014
The Only Brand I Use
My dog's been on Frontline for nearly 14 years now, and even when the vet ask if I'd like to try the new oral meds, I stuck with Frontline (why mess with something that works?). The applicator is very easy to use & she's free of fleas & ticks. Also, EntirelyPets has a great price on these, and their shipping rate isn't too bad, that I've switched and started buying here.
By Linny
Bakersfield, CA
April 23, 2014
Good Product without Harmful Effects
I have a small dog and I heard complaints about serious issues with other products like Vectra and Advantage because that product goes into the dogs nervous system unlike Frontline which does not. I am into the 2nd month of usage and have to admit that I was still finding fleas during the first month. I believe most coming from my yard and I did treat my house with non-chemical products and treated my yard also. Much improved now. Fighting fleas is an ongoing issue and cannot always be resolved within days. I believe Frontline product is safer than other alternatives. I've used many times in the past and will continue to use. I also treated my three cats.
By dishes
April 18, 2014
proven effective
never any trouble with Frontline with my cat or dog. Other products affected the cat and dog (burned or itched) and they absolutely didn't like the others I tried. No problems with Frontline Plus, put it on and the pet acts as if nothing is there, no fleas or ticks seen since I started using.
By Tilly's G.
miami, fl.
September 22, 2013
Frontline Plus, Plus ,Plus
She loves it, it's just what the Doctor ordered
By Little A.
Long Island New York
September 12, 2013
Only product for my dog
Frontline Plus is the best flee & tick med on the market. Have been using it for ever and would never switch
By Stinkey
September 11, 2013
I'm Pleased--- No Ticks or Flees....
Sounds like a title of a song:) I am very satisfied with Frontlione orange for my Miniature Poodle-- Remy. The products I used in the past--from the vet, seemed to irritate him so much that I just could'nt use them. I'd rather chance Fleas and Ticks than to see him so uncomfortable. Since Frontline...no erractic behavior after application, ie running around in circles, rubbing his nose on the carpet or bed... I am thrilled. So is he. Thanks Frontline
By Shadow
Miami, FL
August 6, 2013
The best
Frontline has proven to be the only flea/tick control that keeps the dog park insects at bay. My friends (other dog owners) have used other brands and their dogs got ticks and even fleas. I've had my dog on this for 4 years now and we go to the dog park everyday where he rolls around in the grass and never have i had a problem.
By Roger
August 2, 2013
Review for Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs- ORANGE, 3 MONTH
Product does its job but is almost impossible to open
By Sammy
Portland, OR
July 3, 2013
Good product, does not expire
I like this better than the Advantage because it's waterproof and does not expire. I wash my dog every week, so the waterproofing is a big deal. Works great, my dog hasn't had a flea on his body since I applied it! Thanks for the excellent service from Mark at Entirely Pets!
By Rick
Metro Detroit
June 25, 2013
As long as we've used Frontline, no fleas!
We have used Frontline for several years with two dogs and have never had any fles or other insect probblems. Good product, simple to use.
By hclevin101
June 4, 2013
Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs- ORANGE, 3 MONTH
It's been effective. Entirely Pets got it to me quickly.
By Songbird
Nathrop, CO
May 22, 2013
Just returned to CO from a tick haven in OK. Not one tick on either of my two dogs! Terrific product!
By jane
May 7, 2013
tick and flea protection
My dog spends a lot of time on hikes in areas with an abundance of ticks. The little bugs crawl out of his coat and I don't have to worry about him being bit. Also, other products bother him, seeming to burn when they're applied. Frontline doesn't bother him. When he sees the applicator he sits, knowing the routine.
By Ellie
May 7, 2013
Only thing that worked
I have a very sensitive Boston Terrier. She is a bit of a diva and HATES flea and tick topical products. We have tried several different options and every time I apply it she has an allergic reaction. K9 Advantix was the worst. I actually had to wash it off because 24 hours after applying it she was hunched over, refusing to move and seemed in pain. I was nervous about shelling out the money for yet another one that would cause problems. The vet suggested giving the topical one last try because we need tick protection and a collar is not an option. I applied the Frontline and aside from her initial reaction, she was acting fine within the hour. This is a drastic improvement and I feel comfortable continuing to use it.
By BarkingBandits
April 3, 2013
I think Entirely Pets has the best prices around for Frontline. Frontline works great on all three of my dogs. I never have a problem with ticks or fleas and I live in a wooded area.
By teddi
March 12, 2013
Very Reasonably Priced
The vet's cost is so much higher that Entirely Pets. I checked at various pet supply stores and big box sites and found Entirely Pets price is still the best. As a retiree on a fixed budget, I'm happy to find a place that I can afford, to keep my dog flea free.
By *Aunt*Sharon*
March 6, 2013
Back to looking for a different brand
Wish I could say this eliminated or even helped reduce the flea problem I have but not the case. It seems my cat and dog have become immune to flea treatments!
By kiki
West Palm Beach
March 3, 2013
Frontline 0-22 lbs
This product did not kill the fleas on my pet i had to buy another Frontline for dogs 23-44 lbs killed the fleas in a second
By Sammy's m.
Kingsburg, CA
February 27, 2013
Frontline Plus was recommended by my Vet and you have the best price that I could find. I have compared prices and yours is the best.
By Barb
Greensboro NC
January 25, 2013
Frontline Plus
Easy to order and very pleased with delivery
By Mitzi
January 7, 2013
It Works
Carrie, my sweet little rescue, is a flea magnet. The vet said to use Frontline once every three weeks. I still must check her but find very few which may have been ride alongs from her walks. I've used other brands. This one works the best.
By nana
December 8, 2012
Review for Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs- ORANGE, 3 MONTH
much confusion with internal communication but a good end result
By Jean
November 7, 2012
I trust Frontline
Although I don't like the smell or the way my dog feels after applying, this product has prevented him from getting fleas. (He had them once when I didn't use any topical treatment). I trust this over some other over-the-counter products which reportedly have had some adverse effects on dogs. I watch for it to be on sale here, but have also found it at Menard's for a lower price than pet stores.
By dutyla
Pittsburgh Pa
November 6, 2012
It did not do very well on my dog. My daughter who is a Vet tech applied it (so I am sure it was applied properly) My dog did still struggle with a few fleas! so ...never again. I bought something else.
By country g.
November 4, 2012
It works.
I have been using frontline on my dog for over 5 years. He has never had fleas even after being around dogs with fleas. Follow the directions and it works. Wait 24 hours after washing dog to apply and do not wash pet again until 48 hrs. or more after applying.
By tp
Randolph Ma.
October 27, 2012
Review for Frontline Plus for Dogs 0-22 lbs- ORANGE, 3 MONTH
It's the best I have tried others but this is the best thing to keep pest off your pet .
By mtpkt
October 26, 2012
Effective works very well
This product works well and seems to be very effective, I would purchase it again. Price also was reasonable.
By goldiesmomma916
Sacramento, CA
October 23, 2012
Superior product
This is the only flea/tick protection I'll use. I've tried others and my doggie has had all kinds of reactions. Some minor and some that could have been life-threatening! (Note to dog owners: Make sure to search online by product and negative feedback PRIOR to using on your loved animals.) Frontline is a superior product! And I got my supplies as ordered quickly. Thanks!
By Atnemra
October 22, 2012
Life saver from fleas
We had bought several flea products from discount stores and it seemed to make the fleas stronger. In trying to save a few dollars we ended up spending much more to rid our house of fleas than we would have if we had purchased Frontline at the first sign of the fleas. We learned our lesson, next spring we will treat with Frontline.
By sweetpea107
Parlin, NJ
August 8, 2012
Love it
I first bought the Frontline for my cats and recommended it to my Dad for his dog. He has a mini Doxie and beng close to the ground she can pick up fleas and ticks. And his area is big tick area. So I bought it for his dog. Since he put the Frontline on his dog, she hasn't picked up any ticks!! Very happy!!
By carol30
West Palm Beach
July 15, 2012
I bought Frontline to kill some fleas on my dog and it did not work, i had to bring my pet to the vet for medication, so this product is useless

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