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By Silverdragon
Santa Maria California
did not work
June 9, 2018
Big waste of money. My dog was same behavior. NO difference at all. Never buy this again
Consdoes not work
By Jank121
Seems to work
August 4, 2017
My dog is very anxious . I rescued her from the pound, she was afraid of everything. This collar seems to help her anxiety. I am glad this product came out!
By Whiskey's M.
Review for 3 Pack ADAPTIL On-The-Go Collar for Dogs (Large)
February 5, 2017
The Adaptil collar is easy to use and works in tandem with the Adaptil diffuser. My goldendoodle is an anxious dog. Not sure why. We're doing what we can to build his self-esteem. The collar can be quite pricey locally. To find online at a great cost point was fantastic! Thank you for stocking the product and getting it to us quickly. Product, Service, and Shipping rocks!
By redeemed
St. Charles, MO
Enormous help with our rescue
January 5, 2017
We adopted our rescue and she has separation anxiety. This collar has really been helpful and we will continue to use them as long as she is part of our family....she is a happy, playful dog when using these....when we tried not using them, she reverted back to her shy, anxious self. Very grateful these exist.
By Paulie's m.
Review for 3 Pack ADAPTIL On-The-Go Collar for Dogs (Large)
December 7, 2015
I like the diffuser but I like the collars even better. Paulie's stress behavior changes for the worse toward the end of the collar's "life". I recommended the collar to a friend who rescued a dog from the same horrible place from which Paulie came. Her dog had suddenly begun escaping from her very well fenced back yard. As soon as she started using the Adaptil collar, her dog's escaping behavior stopped!
By old d.
Culleoka, TN
Adaptil collar
September 9, 2015
I believe that this collar has eased my almost 2 year old husky mix out of her e-collar and into the unframed world again. She had created a sore spot on her front leg and was paying too much attention to it. I used an e-collar until the spot healed and then went to the Adaptil collar immediately afterward. It is so hard to tell what might be natural maturity and what might be influenced by the phermones, however I do think it has an effect. She quit tearing up her bed too!
By Dog-Friendly
Adaptil DAP collar - worked wonders for us
August 10, 2015
This is a non-drug product that is meant for dogs who suffer from raised levels of anxiety. We purchased the DAP collar which are made of plastic impregnated with the pheromone that a female dog releases when she is lactating and needs to calm down her puppies. The same pheromone also calms down other dogs in the vicinity of a lactating female. We noticed a marked difference in our dog's stress indicators within a day of using the collar. The collars are not cheap (running from $25 to $50 per collar) but if your dogs are always on edge and you don't want to use drugs to calm them down, this collar is worth a try. My suggestion would be to get the first collar from your vet, along with instructions about how to best use it and what to look for to notice a difference in behavior. If you are happy with the first collar, then I suggest buying any further collars on-line (they only last for a month). EntirelyPets shipped promptly and the product we received was exactly as ordered. We are very pleased.
By Mak
Works Well
August 3, 2015
Collars seem to work fine for thunderstorms that are not right on top of you. Really close strikes still make the dog a bit jumpy. However still worth the money for what it does.
By diesel
rome ny
sorry to say this did not work at all on my golden
June 15, 2015
He still shook from fear like crazy during thunderstorms and fireworks both.
No difference
April 13, 2015
The adaptil made no difference in my dogs behavior. She is still frightened of everything.
March 15, 2015
This collar is totally useless. I got it for my hyper Lab - it did nothing but make him itch! I shortened it and tried it on my equally hyper mixed breed female - Nada, Zip, Nothing. I am VERY disappointed in this product.
By LindaLu
Florissant, MO
Takes the edge off
March 9, 2015
This product was recommended by my dog's behavioral specialist (doggy shrink) to help her calm down and be more satisfied (in addition to Prozac). It does seem to take the edge off and I can tell when the collar has passed its expiration of a month. I'll use anything that works to make our living arrangement better and be able to keep both of my dogs.
By Jamin
Murphy, Texas
Good Value
January 22, 2015
Comparable to a local purchase made at a vet clinic, but less expensive. Been using the product for almost three months. Since we noticed a marked improvement in our Doberman's behavior in the first 24 hours of her wearing it, we were sold. Next, I'm going to try replacing sooner than four weeks. I see a decline in its effectiveness after a week based on how she behaves in weekly dog training, so it could be other factors, of course. We'll tweak the replacement schedule until we find what works best.
By DogOwner
Not so good
July 28, 2014
The clasp on the collar was cheap and broke almost immediately. I drilled a couple holes through it and tied it back together but it stretched to the point that it was no longer snug enough. I am not sure if the formula works or not, perhaps the sprays might work, I just don't know.
By 2 M.
Consistent calming assistance
June 4, 2014
My 10 yo Lab is afraid of anything that remotely sounds like thunder or gun shots. I use a number of methods for reducing anxiety, but he has been wearing these collars for a few years now and they are the BEST for consistent calming and taking the "edge" off. He was refusing to leave the house for walks or rides due to anxiety. The collars are on him, helping at all times. They do take a few days to have a full effect, but consistent wearing definitely helps.
By Kate
Central Pennsylvania
Adaptil Works For My Dog
May 27, 2014
My collie mix has some general anxiety and is sensitive to engine noises and thunder. He has been wearing an Adaptil collar for two months and appears to be more calm. It has helped with engine noises and thunder but not totally taken away his anxiety about these two things. But I feel that the collar has lessened his general anxiety and I will continue to use it.
By Bailey's d.
sold on this product
February 25, 2014
without going to drugs etc our pet has less stress since we began using the ADAPTIL collar. Thanks to our vet for his recommendation
By barb a.
ADAPTIL(dap) collar
January 15, 2014
By BandD
Houston, TX
Extremely Helpful
November 12, 2013
Recommended by our Vet to help calm our pet follow heart worm treatment.
By onewomanink
Work well ?
November 8, 2013
The collars seem to work well, but my Smooth-Coated Collie, who is my Service Dog of 7.5 years and who is now 9 yrs. old, has only recently become afraid of the noises in our apartment building, and I don't see too much improvement. He has always been the most chill dog, but even with the collar, he jumps up each time someone opens their mailbox, or a door opens and closes. It upsets me because he is so unhappy now. But I might try the wall unit spray in conjunction with the collars.
By GoldenLuvr
Fairfield CT
Worth every penny!
October 1, 2013
My vet recommended the Adaptil products when my Lab had some real issues with a Golden puppy that we adopted. Since I have 3 dogs, it was recommended each have a collar. I can honestly say, the Lab, while still somewhat jealous, is much calmer, the Golden puppy much less upset when crated, and my older Golden with the chronic anxiety has definately become calmer. Used in combination with the spray, it has made life much easier and less stressful in our house.
Calabasas, CA
The way to a calm dog
September 17, 2013
These were recommended by a dog behaviorist and are 100% worth the purchase. They turn an otherwise frequently agitated dog into a content pet.
By Clubk9
Great product
July 10, 2013
It does work for many dogs. Worth trying. We have used many dap products at our doggy daycare and have seen great results!
By Re R.
Stevenson Ranch, California
Did not work at all
June 18, 2013
Although I tried the collar on my dog, Maggie May, for two weeks, I saw absolutely no improvement in her behavior. For that reason I mailed the collars back today. Oh well, it was worth a try!
By bornmaven
Worth it-
May 30, 2013
I have been using these collars on my Aussie who has had obsessive licking issues. Since the collar she has stopped. And she's also a much happier dog. It took about a week for me to notice the changes, but they are awesome, and have worked for my dog.
By Lisa
Review for 3 Pack ADAPTIL On-The-Go Collar for Dogs (Large)
March 21, 2013
It really helps our dog with aggression issues.
By christine57
Melbourne Australia
Great for Stresshead dogs
March 20, 2013
I use adaptil on my poodle who suffers from separation anxiety. I believe it definately works
By marjie
Houston, Tx
March 15, 2013
The calming collars worked like magic on my 2 dogs. There were no more fights that had happened out of thin air. These collars saved me from having to give one dog back to the spca! Miracles do happen, Marjorie
By G-Ma
Rhode island
Really good purchase
March 12, 2013
This purchase was for Murphy who is a very lovable boxer but does need help with his anxiety. This seems to work best for him.
By Fuzzy B.
Melbourne Australia
Extremely Happy
February 28, 2013
I found the adaptil collar made a dramatic difference to my dogs anxiety. She is a lot calmer and settled and now only barks to alert us to people passing by instead of any little noise.
By pat
Review for 3 Pack ADAPTIL On-The-Go Collar for Dogs (Large)
November 29, 2012
collar(DAP) is not as effectivr as I hoped.
By Shea
Vancouver, British Columbia
Helps me with Fireworks
November 12, 2012
Very afraid of seasonal fireworks.....Has helped to relax my dog and put her at ease.
By robbie
sydney Australia
these really work
November 6, 2012
we have an alpha cocker spaniel girl and she was bossing the other 2 ladies around something terrible the collars settled her brilliantly
By LuvCockers
Sugar Land, TX
Brings peace back to the household!
November 5, 2012
Initially skeptical about the effectiveness of these collars, I decided to try them. With 7 dogs at the house, feeding time can get a little 'ramped up'! One dog in particular, Lucky, is especially fond of his food and impatient while we prepare all the different bowls. Oftentimes he would charge the other dogs while waiting, be very vocal, and create 'drama' twice daily at this time. We purchased the collars, and within a few days, noticed a 'calmness' about him, and about the household in general. We can definitely tell when he's nearing the end of the month, and choose to replace the collar at the 3 week mark. Since we've done this, for the past 6 months, 'scuffles' have been kept to a minimum and the household is much more calm and manageable overall. THANK YOU for making a difference for all 7 of my beloved dogs (through ONE of them wearing the collar), and for keeping the energy of the house at an acceptable level!
By Liz
ADA[TIL collar for medium and large dogs
August 10, 2012
I have a nine year old standard poodle with an attitude. Have I ever been surprised at how calm this collar has helped her become. I will continue to use it.
By Donna
Didn't notice any difference
June 22, 2012
I used the collar on a "broken" dog. I did not notice any difference in his level of anxiety. Might work on a less broken dog though.
By tailsfromgreece
Ontario, Canada
D.A.P. Collar
June 22, 2012
Have found this product to be effective for our rescued dogs. And received prompt and efficient service from EntirelyPets.
By peterg
Great deal.
June 12, 2012
We're still figuring out if this collar works. I think that it has helped calm my dog a bit. Buying a 3-pack at this great deal is a bonus.
By Robbie
Sydney Australia
It worked better than we were told it would
June 6, 2012
We have an alpa cocker spaniel who tends to attack our other two cockers if they invade her "space" as she decides it to be. Since we have used the collars she is much more settled & leaves the other girls alone much more
By Laura
Not as good...
June 5, 2012
The new DAP collar is simply not as effective as the original. My dog's behavior is spotty. She is calm one moment and stressed out the next. If I could find the original, I would buy them up! These just do not work as well.
By Rescue's M.
I'm a believer
May 2, 2012
I'm a born sceptic,but I believe in this product. My hyper rescue girl starts to get edgy on day 31 of wearing her collar. Change it and she calms down. I can see her getting wound up, look at the calendar, and realize it's been a month in the old collar. Don't know if it works for all dogs, but give it a try if having trouble with fear aggression or other behavior issues.
By Mac
April 4, 2012
I'm happy with the way this product performed. What I am not happy about is how difficult it is to get off once you put it on. The instructions say it shouldn't get wet. My dogs swim almost everyday in the summer, and like to play in the hose when the pool isn't available. The part that holds the collar to the clasp is pretty flimsy. It breaks when I applied enough force to remove the collar. I would like to recommend to the manufacturer they consider making the collar easier to take on and off. The other reason the collar needed to be removed is my dog is involved in agility. Collars must be removed to run. Besides for the difficulty with the off/on part, I liked how it worked.
By SandyO
Livonia, MI
Wonderful product
March 27, 2012
The DAP collar has been a life saver for our dog --literally! She has many social anxiety issues and was just not a happy dog--dogs should be happy!!--and the DAP collar has helped her be more calm and relaxed. Great price--MUCH cheaper than buying from the vet --especially in multi pack.
By laura
very good product
January 21, 2012
my vet recommended d.a.p. collar for my dog's noise sensitivity and, while this isn't a miracle cure, it definitely makes a difference. it started working gradually but when it stopped working after 4 or 5 weeks (as it is supposed to), i noticed the difference immediately, so i got her a new one. now i keep a constant supply. i'm combining this with counter-conditioning and desensitization, so i hope she'll get to a point at which she won't need it anymore. in the meantime, though, this is definitely worth the money and i absolutely recommend it!
D.A.P. Collar
January 19, 2012
Good Purchase. Our Suzy is a Shepherd/Chow and high strung. In addition, she will not settle down when there is a storm. She has a tendency to follow us from room to room. With the D.A.P. collar, she is able to relax more-still doesn't like storms but will lie still next to someone till it is over. It doesn't make her slow or lethargic, but just helps to relieve her tension. She is still very active. I recommend the collar to relax your four legged friend.
By munismom
Review for 3 Pack ADAPTIL On-The-Go Collar for Dogs (Large)
January 18, 2012
Just started this product as recommended by our vet.
By Biscuit
Calgary, Canada
Product great, shipping ridiculous
January 9, 2012
The D.A.P. collars have made a tremendous difference when traveling with my dog. I have tried EVERYTHING else and these are the only things that make traveling tolerable. The only concern I have is paying $25 - $35 for shipping to Canada when it costs Entirely Pets $4.56.
By pcdt
great product
November 23, 2011
See my review for the same product but in the smaller size. I think this product is brilliant and should be made more readily available to all dogs with behavioural issues as well as puppies.
By Emma's m.
great price
November 15, 2011
Emma sees a canine behavior specialist, who recommended this product. THIS IS THE BEST PRICE and the product really works!!!
By swanny
Mercer, PA
it works!
October 31, 2011
We have a mixed breed dog we found as a puppy along the roadside. He has a true Jekyll and Hyde personality but the D.A. P. collars have helped immensely. Your prices are very competitive and we received the collars in two days. Thank you!

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