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By Clare
Wash. State
July 28, 2014
I have been using this for my GREAT DANES - works great if they tend to have loose or soft stools or diarrhea. I strongly recommend it, helps to settle stomachs, and if you have to change food or water!
By Stevie B.
Seattle, WA
Forta Flora for dogs is great!!
July 28, 2014
We've been using this product for our 6 yr old boxer for almost 3 years now and it's been great for him. It has practically eliminated his gas, and his bowel movements are normal and firm. I'd tell anyone who deals with a dog who has soft/runny stools to try it.
By Lisa
Toms River, NJ
Good probiotic
July 26, 2014
Forti Flora has helped my chocolate lab and his litter mate regulate their bowels. We have had problems with loose bowel movements despite trying different foods. Forti Flora keeps them more regular.
By chm
bethany beach de
love the item
July 25, 2014
Love the item but not happy that I was unable to use a $5 credit I had. I tried several times online to use it and it wouldn't let me. Now of course it is expired. PLEASE don't send coupons if you will not honor them.
By Marty
Great for stomach problems
July 25, 2014
One of my labs has leukemia and with all the meds he has been on, he has had a great deal of stomach problems. FotriFlora has been the answer for him. He gets one a day and this has helped with his digestive problems.
By Mikie
Manhattan Beach, CA
Review for 3 Pack FortiFlora CANINE Nutritional Supplement by Purina- Box of 30 (1 gram packets)
July 19, 2014
I have given forti flora to my kitty for six years. It keeps her bowels normal and adds to her enjoyment of eating. She loves the flavor. I now give it to my elderly dog also because she is on so many meds and it seems to help keep her normal and prevents diarrhea while she is on antibiotic.
By Sierramom
Lake Worth, FL
Great Product
July 19, 2014
I have been giving my 2 White Shepherds this product since it was recommended by our Vet several years ago. I know it helps with digestion and I will continue to sprinkle on their food. My dogs are the picture of health and I often get compliments on their beautiful coats, etc.. I tried using another probiotic and went back to Fortiflora.
Barrington, NH
Great Deal!
July 16, 2014
My dog has had surgery for an intrehepatic liver shunt. . .he was a rescue dog and this is a congenital problem that we didn't know he had til after we adopted him. . .so we pursued a relatively new surgery where a stent and coils are dropped into the liver to close off this vessel and allow his liver to filter things again. . .it cannot be totally closed so he still needs a lot of care and Purina FortiFlora helps keep his stomach upset and gas under control. He will need a probiotic for life along with several other things in his special diet. Thank you Entirely Pets for making it more affordable to maintain his health!
By Akitagirl3
Gresham, OR
Great product....
July 11, 2014
My veterinarian suggest using this product during my girls pregnancy. It has kept her digestive system on track. I would highly recommend this for any dog that could have a nervous tummy.
By Sylvain
Prevost, Quebec, Canada
Mandy loves it !
June 14, 2014
My dog Mandy had digestive problems and FortiFlora got rid of them. This product keeps her healthy and helps reduce the number of visits to the vet.
By Katie's M.
Houston, TX
Wonderful Product
June 9, 2014
In 2010 when my little Schipperke started having chronic gastrointestinal problems we went through a myriad of tests, work-ups, speculations and nothing seemed to work or help for long. We changed food several times, ran tests for things such as Addison's disease, and at best they came up with a diagnosis of gastroenteritis. She almost never had a normal stool. The Vet finally put her on a prescription diet, which helped somewhat, but it was by no means a complete resolution. It wasn't until we put her on Forti Flora that I saw some really positive results. The chronic gas has stopped, and I'd say she is doing really really well for the most part. What a difference Forti Flora has made. This is the best she has been feeling in the past four years! Great product and for anyone who has a dog that has chronic gastrointestinal issues, try it!
By Sassy
Great product!!
April 26, 2014
Aids w digestive issues and changes in food products as well.
By Ed
Still trying it
April 20, 2014
Not sure I would recommend this product but we are still working with it to see if it will resolve the issue of loose bowel movements.
By Lady P.
Exeter, CA
Works great!
April 18, 2014
Forti Flora was prescribed for my Weimaraner puppy by my vet for his tummy after he had long term antibiotic treatment. I was thrilled to find it at Entirely Pets at a much less expensive price than the vet. It is the only product that gives him consistently firm stools with no side effects.
By bucky's m.
New Mexico
Review for 3 Pack FortiFlora CANINE Nutritional Supplement by Purina- Box of 30 (1 gram packets)
April 15, 2014
This product was recommended by our vet when our dog had intestinal problems. FortiFlora has worked very well and we have a happy puppy.
By jeanie
this product is great
April 12, 2014
I have a bunch Dobermans in my family, and digestive health is really important it does the trick and keeps the Dobermans shiny coat.
April 6, 2014
By westie m.
Good product
April 5, 2014
I have been using these less than a month, but my Westie's stools do seem to be firmer and he is going less frequently. He likes the flavor. This was recommended by our vet.
By MaryJo
Nanaimo, BC, Canada
April 2, 2014
Our lab needs good bacteria to keep her bladder healthy. Haven't had a problem since we put her on it. It was recommended by our vet.
By Nancy
Lawrence, KS
Really took care of tummy troubles!
March 26, 2014
FortiFlora has really helped our 13-year-old terrier mix who had diarrhea and other intestinal issues last year. Easy to mix with his canned food, too. I will always use this product!
By Rottiegirl
Carmel Valley, CA
Diarrhea gone
March 23, 2014
Not sure if Fortiflora was the cure but battled diarrhea with our 4-5 month old Rott for about a month. Vet recommended hypoallergenic diet, chicken and rice etc all to not much avail. A couple weeks after a round of antibiotics for kennel cough and Fortiflora, she is great! Am keeping her on this long term. Our dog trainer recommends also as she uses for her rotts.
By Biggs
Baltimore, MD
Simplified my life
March 16, 2014
I had been having trouble with finding the right food for my dog that didn't just run right thru him. I finally found the food that worked best for him, but he would have a bout of diarrhea every few weeks and then I discovered FortiFlora. AlI can say is Thank you for this product! We no longer have issues with diarrhea. I give this to him every other day and all is good.
By sdain31y
Essential Supplement
March 12, 2014
We started giving this to our two rescue goldens that were experiencing some stomach issues when they were 6 months and 1 1/2 years. They been on the supplement for several years and seldom if ever have digestive problems. We consider it essential and our Vet agrees.
By abe
louisville Ky
Great for the dogs stomach
March 10, 2014
Keeps the dogs stomach in great shape. Once in the morning food and all is better. No more loose stools.
By 8201girl
New Mexico
Good product, good price
March 9, 2014
I have been using Forti Flora as an food additive for one of my dogs who has IBS. I find this to be a very helpful additive. Previous purchases from another source were double the price so I will continue doing business with Entirely Pets.
By Red
Alberta, Canada
A Life Saver
March 7, 2014
My Collie-cross dog "Honey" had inflammatory bowel disease when I adopted her from the animal shelter. After 3 years on medication, she was acutely ill with toxicity from the pills I was giving her. She was in the animal hospital for 4 days and we did not know if she would live, but she survived, and my lady vet recommended I try Purina Foraflora with her food. I cannot express how much this has changed my pet's stomach problem, this product is a MIRACLE.
By Rosie
Edina, Minnesota
It Saved My Dogs Life
March 5, 2014
Bogart is a Coated Chinese Crested and has had a nervous intestinal condition since he was a puppy. Throwing up, bloody stools, etc. I felt so bad for him that I tried everything. My vet couldn't find anything wrong so he went back to basics. FortiFlora was a shot in the dark and it worked!! Within 5 days Bogart perked up and experienced normal G.I. function. Thank you Purina.
By smacb
Great purchase
March 4, 2014
My vet highly recommend FortiFlora for my rescue dog who was very underweight. Entirely Pets has the best price on this product
By Rvsd S.
Great product
February 27, 2014
Not only is this product convenient to give to our dogs but it works wonderfully. We signed up for the automatic shipments which makes it hassle free. 3 packs are delivered every 3 months! Perfect for our busy schedule.
By Gina
Won't Go Without it
February 26, 2014
As I write this, I am also purchasing more! I won't go without the Probiotics for my dogs or my cats. I try to feed them healthy non-grain foods, but every advantage helps. Somehow I ended up with rescues with sensitive digestive issues and as I personally take Probiotics, I feel totally pleased I am able to give them to my pets.
By Bert
Seattle, Washington
February 24, 2014
My puppy was dealing with a stubborn abscess and it was decided that she would need a long term antibiotic regimen. Knowing that antibiotics kill friendly bacteria along with the undesirable bacteria, I decided to give her pro-biotics and chose FortiFlora on the recommendation of a friend and confirmed by my local veterinarian.
By pikespeakken
Colorado Springs, Colorado
February 24, 2014
Promotes intestinal health and balance and promotes a healthy immune system. Corrects issues of mild loose stools as well. We started out with 1/2 packet sprinkled in their food as directed by our veterinarian. We now sprinkle 1 packet divided into three dishes with food either daily or very other day to maintain this balance for our three small dogs. Works great!
By dogmom
Works wonders/highly recommended
February 22, 2014
My American Bulldog mix has urinary retention issues. This was recommended after many diagnostic tests done and many failed attempts at treatment. He is now without any accidents, more comfortable and had very few urinary tract infections since being on FortiFlora.
By Laura
Tampa, FL
Great Product
February 19, 2014
I've been using ForiFlora for my dog for over a year now after she was diagnosed with pancreatitis. She is on a low fat diet, but also I sprinkle 1/2 packet on her meal once daily and it help so much with her digestion. I was paying 3 times as much for the product through my vet until I found it at a great price at Entirely Pets. Thank you.
By Calcrest
Waterloo, Ontario
February 17, 2014
We use Fortiflora for our two Bouviers, a mother and daughter pair. We started using the product because the 11 year old mother has kidney disease and gets pancreatitis. The mother is receiving antibiotics to keep her digestive system from reacting to the kidney disease. We felt the antibiotics are depleting her digestive system of the necessary flora. The Ontario Veterinarians College (OVC) veterinarians suggested the Fortiflora. We find that Fortiflora does help keep the mother regular and aids in digestion of her food. As we gave it to the mother, we thought we'd try it with her daughter, who had been given antibiotics for another ailment; the daughter wasn't producing the stool we felt she was producing prior to the series of antibiotics she had taken. Therefore, the veterinarians suggested we give the daughter the Fortiflora also. Over time, we found the daughter to be producing quality stool. We chalk it up to the Fortiflora for that success and two happy Bouviers.
By Kimberly
Washington State
Great Product
February 14, 2014
We have been using this supplement for about 6 months for our German Shepherd. She has been on antibiotics on a long term basis. This seems to help a lot with the digestive issue that she was having because of the antibiotic use.
By Kiki
Great Stuff
February 7, 2014
This is a great product. My dog uses this probiotic because he is prone to colitis attacks. He has hardly had any colitis since starting this product. He uses 1/2 packet with breakfast and 1/2 with dinner. I put it on the bottom of his bowl and he licks it right up after eating his food.
By sandy
Charlotte, NC
Actually Works!
February 3, 2014
My 14 year old dog has been suffering with intestinal problems for the last few years with quite a few unpleasant symptoms. Nothing seemed to work until we started giving her FortiFlora which was recommended by our Vet. It has been amazing and it appears to have basically cured her problems. Just one packet a day has done the trick.
By Doggiewhisperer
Los Angeles
Cosmos Tummy
January 30, 2014
Cosmo here, I'm smart and funny and loving and...I was born with Colitis.That's no fun. This product along with a healthy diet, has helped my tummy feel great. I'm perfectly fine now, no problems. My tail is a waggin'!!
By Gunnar
Best Pruchase Ever
January 30, 2014
This is great stuff. It has worked wonders for my dog with IBD. Not that I have tasted it but it must be ok because he is a very picky eater and he seems to like the taste.
By happy c.
Great product/great price!
January 29, 2014
My dog has an auto immune disease and needs to take steroids. The fortiflora keeps her immune system supported. It made a huge difference in her well being. Entirely pets has the best price and always delivers quickly.
By Dixie
Forti Flor for dogs
January 29, 2014
I have been using Forti Flora for a year now with my two Cocker Spaniels. It has helped to keep their digestive systems in good health and to avoid unnecessary Vet bills. Before using this product both Spaniels were prone to bowel and intestinal infections and now things have been clear for a year. I highly recommend adding these good bacteria to your dog's daily health regime. I would rather give this daily than an anti-biotic!!
By georgiabenz
Review for 3 Pack FortiFlora CANINE Nutritional Supplement by Purina- Box of 30 (1 gram packets)
January 25, 2014
Great for my English Bulldog - recommended to me by my vet.
By Sue
Great purchase for the price
January 22, 2014
Our pup has a sensitive stomach. So we were purchasing Fortiflora through our Vet's office on a monthly basis. However, when we saw how much we could save by buying the 3 pack through Entirely Pets, we immediately stopped buying it from the Veterinarian!!! Great savings!!!
By Melissa
Fortiflora - Helps with Digestive Problems
January 18, 2014
Fortiflora is an excellent product -my 15 year old dog suffers from frequent soft stools. Fortiflora helped eliminate the problem almost every time without having to resort to antibiotics. My vet recommended it and Entirely Pets makes it so much more affordable!
By Colo P.
January 12, 2014
This supplement really helps my dog; your price is the lowest I've seen.
By irishowner
Eugene, OR
Great Product
January 11, 2014
Recommened by my vet, but a better price. My dogs eat it on their food, and digestive issues stay away.
By Jessie
Sarasota, FL
90 Days to a Better Pickup Experience
January 11, 2014
My dog had lots of excess gas and rather loose stools. This has all changed. She will be taking this for life. I originally purchased FortiFlora from my vet, but now that this will be an ongoing thing buying from better suits my budget.
By Bigstuf
Surprise, Arizona
FortiFlora Nutritional Supplement
January 6, 2014
Our Bichon had bladder stones and it was recommended by our vet in Canada to keep her on this product so they don't come back and it also helps to keep her digestive track healthy. In Canada it was much more expensive and I was so lucky to have found your site and saved a lot of money in the process. Will be ordering again on our return trip.
By annie d.
San Diego, CA
Great Product at a Great Price
January 5, 2014
Great Product at a Great Price - the product is always fresh & delivered timely.

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