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By Barbara C.
Shelby, Montana
Dogs love these
July 6, 2024
All 3 of my dogs, big, medium and small look forward to their daily chews. They consider them a treat.
By Melissa
Tennessee 3mt
Chloe loves them!
June 22, 2024
After another dental product prescribed by the vet could not be purchased anymore I found Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews. Chloe cannot wait to get her daily dental treat. So happy to have found them!
  • They last long enough for her to chew them to make a difference and even get some mental stimulation.
  • When I board her with the vet they simply consider it a rawhide and won
By Barb
Shelby Montana
A Hit!
December 10, 2023
My 109 pound dog, is always ready for her evening chew. She makes sure that I don't forget to give her the treat.
By Barb
Shelby Montana
December 10, 2023
My Bichon comes to the counter and looks at me until I give her, her evening chew. She is a fan!
By Barb
Shelby Montana
Picky Eater
December 10, 2023
My little dog being a picky eater, appears to like these, but she does not choose to eat one every evening. She does eat them on the evenings that she chooses and seems to enjoy them.
By PDXstocks
Pac NW
Will not buy again.
November 7, 2023
We usually buy the large chews and thought a slightly smaller chew would be easier for our dog. We did not realize the medium size chews are substantially smaller than the large chews. The price felt like a rip off in comparison to the price of the large size chews. Absolutely will not buy again.
  • Description should provide average size of the chews so buyers don
By M L.
Woodside, CA
Big price increase!
October 27, 2023
I've used these chews with my large dogs for years. They are very effective at keeping dogs' teeth super clean with minimum effort. You do need to supervise closely at the beginning until they get the hang of chewing little bits off rather than choking on big pieces! However, the recent almost doubling of price makes this choice very difficult! It seems to have nothing to do with inflation rates and every vendor is now charging the same rate within pennies! Huuum! Actually outrageous! And what about a big discount for retired seniors who would like to keep offering Ora-Clens to our dogs to keep their teeth clean the easy way?
  • Works well with many large dogs to keep teeth clean with less owner effort.
  • One star off for sudden doubling of price
By Carol N.
OraClens are great!
September 9, 2023
My dogs love these and they have clean, healthy teeth!
By Kimberly
Waterford, NY
September 6, 2023
I have been literally buying these chews for my Goldens for years now…could be closing in on a decade. I just logged into my account looked up my last order placed in May to do a reorder. When I saw the cart cost I assumed there were 12 bags in at as I used to order that many at once as I have two pups. My older Goldie (13) doesn’t really eat these much any more so I only wanted 6 bags. When I looked at the cart there were only 6 bags showing! I ordered 6 bags in February 2023 and the cost was 86.99. Now only months later the cost is 144.99???? I didn’t pick up on this when I ordered back in May. I realize there’s inflation going on right now and prices do increase over time but what justifies an increase of $60 in just 3 months??? While the product itself is great (as I’ve been ordering for years) I’m just dumbfounded/disgusted/disappointed by this cost increase. I spend thousands of dollars on my dogs yearly for whatever they need or I want to get them, but I don’t like feeling that I’m being ripped off!
By Melissa
Dog loves them
July 2, 2023
My dog loves them. I just wish I knew enough about the chemicals to know if they actually helped the tartar on their teeth or if it is just glorified rawhide. Trying to replace dentahex which doesn’t seem to be sold anymore.
  • Dog absolutely loves them!
  • Do not know enough about the ingredients.
By Marcia
Dogs love these
May 31, 2023
My one dog looks forward every day to clean her teeth
By Jenlou
CA central coast
He LOVES them!
December 25, 2022
The highlight of his day, though I cannot tell if they are helping his teeth
  • He loves them
  • Expensive
By Susan
Ora-Clens Chews
August 7, 2022
We have purchased smaller sizes for our other dog. We are fostering a dog now and typically rescues have dental issues. Hoping this will make a difference.
  • Excellent price.
By Kim
Great dental bone
April 1, 2022
I believe in good oral hygiene for my Aussiedoodle. Make sure he has plenty of bones to chew. I used another brand that was quite expensive on my past pet. His teeth were beautiful. I lost him a year ago and wanted the same again. Tuk only gets one of these a day and that’s at night. This is the last thing in his mouth except for water. So far so good. Gorgeous teeth! Thank You
  • Good size just enough to do the job
  • N/A
By Susan R.
Ora-Clens Chews
February 28, 2022
These chews work really well. We have a rescue and she has had significant dental issues (multiple extractions) in the past. At her last vet visit we were told that there was "very little" plaque on her teeth.
  • The small chews are too small for our pet. Need to upgrade to medium next time.
By Jenlou
Coastal N CA
He LOVES them
January 25, 2022
I don’t know if these actually remove any plaque. I hope soAll i know is that he loves them - the highlight of his day.
By Elyse
Terrific Oral Chew for Both Dogs
December 30, 2021
Love that you can get a 3 pack of these for such a reasonable price. Both dogs look forward to these after dinner. they absolutely love them!
  • Great Value
  • Sturdy chews that allow for more scraping
By Jennifer
Great for my dog!
December 26, 2021
They are great for my older dog who can’t handle the big ones anymore!!
By Tom N.
We recommend the Chews to all dog owners.
June 26, 2021
Our dog's teeth are clean and white, thanks to the Chews. Keep up the good work.
  • His teeth and gums are healthy.
  • Our dog likes the flavor and willingly chews them when they are given.
  • They are easy to break in half for a smaller dog.
  • No cons.
By susan
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Ora-Clens Chews
May 18, 2021
We have used these chews for our shelter pet that not only had many abscessed teeth and front teeth ground to the pulp after having been caged her whole life, but who also will not let us brush her teeth. One chew per day has made a big difference. The last trip to the vet no dental work was recommended. This is the first time in two years she has not required dental cleaning/extractions. Good product at a reasonable price
By Jen E.
Houston, TX
April 7, 2021
Our dogs love these chews! The parents love giving to them each day, knowing that they are getting a good cleaning at the same they are enjoying them. Recommended over other brands - this brand is the best and at a reasonable price.
  • Dogs love, keep teeth clean.
  • Some inconsistency with size of each chew, but still the best.
By Jennifer
Coastal CO
My dog loves them
April 3, 2021
Hopefully they are helping his teeth too! No way to know really.
  • Delicious. A good chew
  • Have to be careful - not more than one a day and never a bigger size. Once we couldn’t get small so we bought a medium from our vet. He (9 lb chi) literally could not chew it, and threw up.
By Mike S.
Best Price Anywhere
March 31, 2021
My dog loves these and they keep his teeth clean. Customer service is awesome and such a great price. Happy dog, happy owner.
  • Great product
  • Great price
  • Great customer service
  • None
By Angela
Wake Forest, NC
great product
March 12, 2021
My dogs teeth have never been cleaner, even my Vet was impressed. My dogs think they are getting a treat and I can feel good about keeping their teeth clean.
  • Dogs love them.
  • can get pricey
By Anonymous
Schertz, Texas
Oral hygiene chews
December 23, 2020
My girls absolutely love them! They know exactly what time I give them half a piece so they run in circles when they see me go to the pantry!
  • No cons
By Anonymous
Shallotte, NC
Dog's love them!
September 2, 2020
Our dog's love these. The price is good and the delivery is fast.
By Sharon N.
Cimarron KS 67835
Love the headline!
August 20, 2020
Our German Short Hair loves the ora-clens. He knows what time of day he will get one (evening) and he won't let us forget. He is getting older, but he still has good teeth. Thank you Entirely Pets.
By Joanne
Hayden, ID
Dental Health for Three Dogs
July 28, 2020
My dogs all love these chews. Senior dogs too!
  • The right size and love to eat.
By dave
quality product AAA+++
July 24, 2020
just as good as the more expensive brand dogs love them will buy again AAA+++
By John
New York, NY
Good deal
June 21, 2020
My dogs love this stuff. We're moving away from high calorie treats and this one fits the bill.
By Tam
Dogs love them
May 26, 2020
My dogs love them. I was skeptical, as one of he dogs is picky. They both loved them and was really good to keep the chewer busy!
  • Did no stain my carpet.
By Stephanie
Puyallup, WA
Breath is better
January 18, 2020
Both my corgis have had some dental issues in that last year and was hoping this product would eliminate the high vet bills. Unfortunately, my girl wants to just swallow them even though I purchased the correct size. It's not a problem for normal dogs, but she is a bossy (fast) eater who thinks the faster she eats it, the better the chance of getting another. My boy has yet to finish a whole one mostly b/c he wants to aggravate my girl by guarding it. Not a good solution for my 2 crazy pups, but should work great for typical dogs.
By dave
dallas Tx
just as good...
January 11, 2020
my dogs love them they are more economical in price and are just as good as the other brand...

Merchant Response:Dave, Glad your dog likes them! They are every bit the same quality. Enjoy.
  • great price
  • none
By Kathy
Ora clens
January 6, 2020
My dog really enjoys these.
By Kathleen
Right now AZ. Otherwise MN.
Ora Clens
December 28, 2019
Our dog loves these so much we started get with them when she was a few months old and she is now five years old and still lives them. Its a lot cheaper buying them at entirely pets then any place else. I've checked all over.
By Jennifer T.
July 13, 2019
My Dog loves this and they do his teeth good!!
By John
Rockaway, NJ
My Dachshund loves these.
July 1, 2019
Good job with his teeth, He gets two a week.
  • Good product,
  • None really
By Linders
Atlanta, GA
My pet loves these!
March 22, 2019
This product is awesome and my Gem looks forward to getting one every night and she thinks they are treats. Her teeth look like she just had them cleaned. It sure has helped me out because with her using these I don't have to brush her teeth. Woo-hop!
  • Keeps her teeth sparkling
  • I can't find any
By none2
Portland, Or
Good Product
January 31, 2019
I am on auto order so I like this product!! My dog has clean teeth and hav en't had to have the vet do it.
By Trooper1
Atlanta, GA
January 7, 2019
Our dog, Rusty, loves these chews. He knows the word and will do anything to get his daily chew!
  • Dog loves them
  • None
By ellem
item as promised
November 16, 2018
my male dog l8ves female, not so
  • help with problem breath
  • too hard to chew for some dogs
By Fred
November 1, 2018
Lulu, aka Lucy, Lucille and girly girl think these chews are the best. Much excitement every morning. And they work at helping to keep her teeth clean.
  • The dog loves, loves them!
  • No cons
By Kwken
Denver, NC
Great Product
September 26, 2018
I tried these in place of a much more expensive brand. They are as good or better then their competition and the price is so much better on my wallet. I Highly recommend these
  • All Good
  • None
By AZChesapeakes
Great value, high quality dental chews
August 21, 2018
Lizzie and Barley love these and my pocketbook likes these a lot more than the competitor CET Hextra chews. My girls just know they love their "chewies". I will continue to buy these! I buy 6 packs at a time.
By Bugs
Ora-clens dog chews
August 3, 2018
My dogs love them and they keep their teeth clean. Great deal at Entirely Pets.
By Glimermere
Haughton LA
Excellent Chews
May 20, 2018
My dog loves these things! They keep his teeth clean and give him something to do with his mouth at the same time. Price is right, too.
  • Easy way to clean teeth
By Tigermanager
Reasonably good tooth cleaner, our dogs beg for
April 9, 2018
We hate to spend extra money on vet teeth cleaning. These chews help greatly. They are a bit pricy, and sometimes hard to find. Roughly 4-5 per week will keep vet teeth clean to zero. Dogs love them. Smell a bit stinky.
By panamapatty
Great check up at vet
April 9, 2018
We have been using these dental chews since our 3 year old golden retrievers were puppies. We had our yearly wellness visit with the vet today and he said we were doing a great job with their teeth. There was no sign of tartar or gingivitis. I highly recommend this product. It is much better to give these than to have your dog put under general anesthesia to have their teeth cleaned.
By Bugs
Great Chews at a great price
August 29, 2017
I have been using the Ora-Clens chews for several years and they keep my dogs teeth clean and they love to chew them. They are also a great value at Entirely Pets.
By lauriec
Amsterdam, NY
Worth It
August 20, 2017
My two goldens love these dental chews. They tease for them every night.

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