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By bw3
Ashtabula, Ohio
Bugs be gone
June 5, 2013
I have not had a flea/tick problem since I started using this product... for years. 5 dogs and 1 cat all free from the bugs.
By Sue
South Carolina
This really works great!
May 21, 2013
I live in the south so there is a lot of fleas and ticks around. Our yellow lab Tater is a working hunting retriever and is in fields and high grass all the time. We use Frontline Plus and I have never seen a tick or flea on him. I can't say the same for my husband or myself. Tater loves the taste of the Frontline so it is easy to give it to him.
By Mikey
May 5, 2013
I always buy Frontline from Entirely Pets because it is the best product, and the best place to buy from. The Frontline always works consistently well. So we think it is a winner.
By j23
No more fleas and ticks
April 23, 2013
We don't really have a problem with fleas and ticks, but we like to play it safe! Frontline has always worked, so I'm sticking with it. Entirely Pets always delivers with excellent customer service and prompt shipping. Please keep it up!
By Susan
Review for Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 6 MONTH
March 6, 2013
Ordering was easy, pricing good and delivery as stated.
By Dog O.
Gainesville, FL
Have never seen a flea
February 19, 2013
We have two dogs a pit/terrier mix and an Akbash. This product is great, we use it every month for great results.
By little l.
Bluff City TN
great service!
February 19, 2013
I purchased this product at a greatly reduced price than what I had been buying it and received it in only a couple days. Very happy customer!
By Ken
Johnson City, NY
Very good product
February 19, 2013
We have used Frontline Plus on our Old English Bullie Dogge since he was a pup. He's now three and a half and we have never had problems with flea's or ticks. But you have to use it as instructed.
January 25, 2013
By Collie M.
Bremerton, WA
Worthwhile Purchase
January 21, 2013
This product seems to work better than other topical flea preventatives. My dogs do well being treated every 3 months with respect to fleas. For ticks, I always examine them after romps in the woods, even though Frontline kills ticks for a month.
By Pam
Norman OK
Always a great product
December 24, 2012
I have used this on my dogs for 7 years and always found it excellent
By None
Review for Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 6 MONTH
November 8, 2012
An essential product for fleas and ticks and one that really works and much cheaper than even my vet
By mzedly
November 6, 2012
I alternate with Top Spot for less exposure to some chemicals, yet maximum benefit.
By Lorraine
Pittsburgh, Pa.
It is a very good product and keeps my dog safe
October 24, 2012
However, I think the price is kind of high. In the past, you offered coupons, I haven't gotten those for a while now, it would be nice if you offered those again! Thank you Lorraine Grabel
By junior
Review for Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 6 MONTH
October 24, 2012
i apply it every 5 weeks keep our 4 dogs flea free.
By Sunny
surprized with results
October 23, 2012
We have been using this product with great results for years with our dogs and cats. For the first time this year we had one of our cats bring in fleas. Everyone became infested and we did flea baths, Capstar, another Frontline treatment, a flea collar, washing everything in hot water, sprays on furniture, and diatemaceous earth treatments on the animals and the house. Two months later we are still finding one or two live fleas. I thought Frontline would eliminate the problem but it has not.
By JRTsDoItAll
Minneapolis, MN
Reliable product
October 23, 2012
I've used Frontline Plus for years now and will stick with it since the dogs haven't had reactions to it. I hate putting chemicals on them but it's the lesser of too evils in my opinion. This product has a less noxious odor, minimal residual "stain" left on the dog, and has been the most gentle (no reactions) product I've tried.
By msnick
Not working this year
October 23, 2012
I have used Frontline Plus the past several years successfully. However I don't know if there has been a change in the formula or if the fleas are becoming immune to it, but it is not working this year & I have switched to a different flea control product.
By Pet o.
Gainesville, FL
Works on extra large dog
October 22, 2012
We use 2 each month for our 165 pound dog. The other dog is only about 55 pounds. Great product!
By silver
Review for Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 6 MONTH
October 22, 2012
Product works as expected. It would be nice if the liquid was a little thicker so it wouldn't run so quickly. It needs to stay in one area longer to dry.
Great Product
October 22, 2012
As with my smaller dogs, I use this product for my two larger dogs. Works so well, all my Persian cats (that ALWAYS stay inside) are never troubled with fleas either!
By Rosie
Athens, GA
Frontline Plus for Dogs
August 14, 2012
Frontline is fantastic. We have not seen one flea or tick on our animals since moving to Georgia. Also, Entirely Pets offers the best price on all flea and tick products. Highly recommend this company for all your pet needs.
By Jim
Always Excellent !
July 24, 2012
Excellent product as always.. and excellent service as always !
By murph
works great
July 19, 2012
we have been using frontline since we got our dog and we have never had a flea or tick problem.
By Dawn G.
Virginia Beach, VA
Solid Product with Positive Results
July 19, 2012
I have used several brands of Flea and Tick preventatives, but Frontline has been consistently the best.
By grannyj
keeps ticks off
July 18, 2012
Best product I've used on my dog that truly keeps the ticks off, and I live in heavy tick country. I use it year round because it doesn't have to get very warm in the winter in order to ticks to come out, even in the north.
By Gainesville s.
Gainesville, FL
Great product
July 18, 2012
This works amazingly well on our two dogs. We have one that is 160 pounds and one that is 55 pounds. Doesn't bother them and is easy to apply.
St. Louis, MO
Best Price online
July 18, 2012
I seached online for Frontline for dog's and was cheaper by $10. Now that I have two dog's, I can use any break I can get.
Wimberley, TX
Great deal on Frontline
July 3, 2012
We are a dog rescue & adoption group. Entirely Pets has the best prices on Frontline, always offering some discount. We are able to purchase Frontline for our dogs and save money!
By blossom
Great Product
June 29, 2012
Been using Frontline Plus for years. Great product and a great price at EntirelyPets.
By Karen P.
Frontline is a plus!
May 30, 2012
I have been using frontline on my dogs since they were puppies. I live in the country, lots of sage etc, so I do not get a lot of fleas, but the ticks are big problem. The minute I see the first tick, on goes the frontline and they are done for the season!! I have tried others, but Frontline is my choice.
By Lightning
Leesburg, VA
Frontline Purchase
May 30, 2012
We've purchased frontline through your company for the last several years. Although our dog Maggie is an indoor dog especially during the summer she does walks along the bike trail with tall grass trees and bushes
By doggymommy
Porter Ranch, CA
Monthly Ritual...
May 2, 2012
My golden just turned seven in April and I've been buying Frontline Plus from Entirely Pets since he was a little guy. I've always received good service and the Frontline is recommended by my vet, so I intend to keep up our monthly ritual.
Great product, great price!
April 27, 2012
Entirely pets always has the best prices hands down!
By Rusty's M.
Fayetteville, NC
Best Price
April 22, 2012
I have been using Frontline Plus for years - product works great. This site has the best price I have found for this product.
By Pet L.
Best Place
April 20, 2012
I have purchased my flea medication from Entirely Pets for years. At one time we had 8 dogs that we had to provide flea meds for. Not only is this the cheapest place to shop at , but their customer service, shipping and delivery is EXCELLENT!!!! We also buy our cat flea meds from Entirely Pets
By mike
euclid, oh
always quick
April 16, 2012
Once again E/P has come through, quick service and delivery. With the warm weather that we have encountered here in Ohio, I did not want to take a chance so I statrted the treatments early. better safe than sorry
By Framegirl
March 27, 2012
This is the only product my Collie can take for fleas. All the other products contain ingredients that can kill Collies. This product doesn't work well but it's all that's currently available for dogs that are sensitive to certain ingredients.
By Jodi
Miami, FL
not working as well
March 24, 2012
I've been using Frontline-Plus for years and have always had excellent success with it. However, now it doesn't seem to work as well anymore. My Vet says that the fleas are extra bad this season and have become immune to it. Now I'll need to supplement with an additional form of prevention.
By Big D.
Frontline - Still good stuff
March 19, 2012
I went to get the new brand of Frontline now that the patent has ended, but had some questions about it and the price wasn't that much lower -- not enough to take a risk. This stuff always works.
By Dog h.
Gainesville, FL
Best product I've found
March 10, 2012
My dogs are outside 23 out of 24 hours daily. Have never found a flea on them. Love this product!
By Nygoldengirl
Recommended by Vet
March 7, 2012
This is the product my Vet has recommended, my dog has had no problems with fleas or ticks, nor any bad reaction to Frontline Plus. The price at Entirely Pets is very competitive and an excellent buy. Very pleased. A repeat buyer.
By Bess
Great Purchase
March 6, 2012
We take our dog for walks in a wooded area near our home and Frontline works well keeping her flea and tick free. I would recommend this product.
By Boomer&Jake'sMom
March 6, 2012
Living here in Texas, & on some acreage in the country, FRONTLINE is a must, and I've been giving my boys a dose every month since they were pups (7 years). Until now, I've been getting the Frontline at my vet's, but when I saw this same product listed through Entirely Pets, at a much reduced cost to was a no brainer! this review is for dogs 45-88 lbs. I also ordered a 6 month supply for the big guy...up to 132 lbs. I'm very happy to be saving some dollars, getting easy & wonderful service, & protecting my pets through entirely Pets.
By Judy
Shopped Around.
February 6, 2012
Shopped around at other pet sites. The prices were best at Entirely Pets. Product works great.
By Pappa D.
Orlando, FL
Most effective flea/tick treatment
January 17, 2012
Frontline has kept my dogs and home flea-free for about 20 years, and that's not easy in Florida. Two lived to 14 and one made it to 18 years old, so negative effects seem minimal. Now the new pup is on it, too.
By goofy1
Review for Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs - PURPLE, 6 MONTH
December 28, 2011
This product is easy to use. The only thing is it tends to drip.
By golden g.
Front line plus
December 8, 2011
I have 3 goldens in WI. Can't live without it.
By wisedog580
fontana ,Calif
A great product
December 3, 2011
I have had cats and dogs when ordering for entirely pets and have had great service .
By The S.
Works great!
December 3, 2011
Our mixed breed hound dog had itchy-but syndrome several summers in a row. Starting using Frontline Plus and no more itching. All her hair even grew back.

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