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By Bill (.
Richmond, Virginia
Greenies Pill Pockets, at the best price
August 25, 2023
The pill pockets arrived so simply, so early, that I didn't need them, yet, and my 99th percentile ADD meant I didn't remember they'd arrived, or where I set them. Sorry, EntirelyPets. You were wonderful, and deserved better. Now I can say the pill pockets are magically delicious, and all I have to do is cut the gigantic "Renal Essentials" tablets on the scored line, and put each half in a pocket. My cat chews up all 4 pieces, each morning. I couldn't get him to eat the tablets my vet said would be found delicious, on their own. Pill pockets are expensive, at 6 for $1. But they make effective treatment of early kidney disease possible.
  • Prompt, secure, complete delivery, as promised.
  • Not the fault of EntirelyPets. Everyone charges a lot for pill pockets, and I couldn't effectively follow online directions for making my own pill pockets.
By mamagata
Brooklyn, NY
A Wonderful Aid
September 12, 2017
Cat owners know when it's time to give our cats their meds, well, it can be a bit 'trying' and sometimes even humorous. This wonderful product comes to the rescue. After 4 years, 'Papito' still takes his pill like a trooper. And the savings buying it through your company is a big help. Thank you.
By catlover
the most convenient way ever to give pills
May 3, 2016
My CKD chartreux cat loves Greenies salmon pill pockets. It is a very convenient way to make him swallow small or medium pills or capsules. They do not exist in France where I live so I am very thankful to Entirelypets for selling it internationally.
By Eddie
Pill Pockets for Cats
December 6, 2015
This is the best product ever for giving a cat a pill. My cat loves the salmon flavor and eats it like there's not even a pill inside it. I have to give my cat two pills a day and I've never had a problem getting him to eat it.
By Skibee
Charlotte, NC
November 28, 2015
My 13 year old cat needs to take several meds including some that are powder that I knead into his pill pocket. He loves these and they don't seem to cause him any stomach issues.
By ellie
Salmon pill pockets
June 6, 2015
Product arrived dried up. May not repurchase!
By Rain
Seattle, WA
Easier to get medicine down.
January 17, 2015
The pill pockets work well for my cat. I have to give him cerenia and an appetite stimulant. He just gobbles it right up.
By Luckydog
South Carolina
Makes Giving Pills a Breeze
August 4, 2014
I have three large dogs that take medication twice daily. The pills are small enough I can use the cat pockets. Say the magic words "Want a treat," all three sit and the pills are GONE!
By Crazy L.
Taylor Ridge, IL
Only Way Cat will Take Medicine
June 10, 2014
I have one cat that has to take 1 pill a day. I still have to crush the pill into powder and wrap the Salmon pill pocket around it, but there is no problem with her taking the pill. She also likes seconds on the pill pockets she likes them so well, as do the other 4 cats.
By Shelley C.
Tucson, AZ
Pill Pockets
January 22, 2014
With 17 cats, someone is ALWAYS on some type of pill. I switch between the salmon and chicken Pill Pockets and could not live without them - my cats LOVE them! and so easy to tuck pill in and they gobble up!
By Purrfect m.
Delray Beach FL
Works like a charm.
January 13, 2014
I have used the pill pockets for over 3 months twice daily for my Blind Cat Charley. He takes his pill and never knows it's in the pocket. So much easier than trying to hide in food.
By Sher
Sebring, FL
my salvation
December 24, 2013
The only way I can get my dog to take pills is to hide them in pill pockets and he prefers the cat flavors. Thinks it's a treat.
By Jana
Reading, MA
Reliable and tasty
July 31, 2013
Pill pockets have always worked well for me with my cats. "Priming" the cats to think they're treats for a couple of days before slipping pills into them has made all the difference.
By Eliza
Sydney, Australia
Pill pockets
April 7, 2013
My elderly cat just loves these and it is the only way we can get him to have his medication without him scratching and biting. He mooches up to us every evening demanding his meds because of the pill pockets! The cylinder shaped pockets hold the tablets and he eats it straight from the palm of the hand. Both the salmon and the chicken flavour are equally good.
By Pats
Best way to help pill a cat
February 18, 2013
These pockets really help pill your cat and make them feel like they are getting a treat at the same time!
By tfisher576
Fast shipping!
February 8, 2013
I have 3 cats that take pills and we go through these pill pockets pretty fast. We needed to buy in bulk and EntirelyPets had the best price! The items arrived safe and sound (great packing guys!) and fairly quickly. Thanks so much! Toni and cats Dusty, Booger and Baby Girl
By rsnyc
Great Product
January 31, 2013
My female Maine Coon is on 2 meds a day. These pill pockets make pill taking a snap!
By Ollie
Good price
January 22, 2013
Can't compare with brick and mortor retail store. But hate to pay for shipping and handling.
By chewie
Peterborough, On
satisfactory purchase
December 26, 2012
price was right & delivery was timely. Thank you.
By Cat
Pill taking made easier
October 23, 2012
I have 2 cats that need regular medication. They both love the pill pocket and don't eat around the pills. One of my cats is allergic to chicken so the Salmon version is perfect for her.
By Lynlar
Oxford, NC
It Worked the First Time!!
August 13, 2012
One of our three cats needs daily medicine that he'll only take in the salmon flavored Greenies Pill Pockets. They're getting harder and harder to find, and when we do find them, they're so expensive! An on-line search brought us to your site, and our first order for a volume supply of the Pockets in Clancy's favorite flavor -- and at such a terrific price -- was a complete success! Great value, on-time shipping -- we're totally sold! Thanks!
By mattie1000
Great product
August 1, 2012
My son and I use these every day for our cats - makes it so easy to give a cat a pill!
Adak, Ak
Cat Pill Pockets
April 13, 2012
They crumbled and split when pinched shut pocket and my cat after three times figured out that the pill was in there will not even touch the pill pocket now with out the pill in it. So I'm stuck with 225 pill pockets I can't use
By Lynda
Eugene, OR
Review for 6-PACK GREENIES Pill Pockets for Cats Salmon Formula 9.6 oz (270 count)
February 15, 2012
These pill pockets are fantastic, especially when it comes to giving multiple medications per day. It simplifies the whole procedure for both my cat and me -- it is NOT a time of fighting to get the pills down now. I am so thankful! I am also VERY PLEASED with the service I get from Entirely Pets -- fast and signature required so package does not disappear off the porch.
By Anna
Good value, great packaging
February 8, 2012
Very good value. Package comes excellently packaged which is very important for pill pockets. They need to have a lot of room so they do not get squashed.
Houston, TX
No stress pill giving
January 18, 2012
It was always a battle to get a pill down my cat's throat and not have her spit it back up. With the Pill Pockets, this is no longer an issue; it's like kitty candy to my cat.
By Bettyg
Pill pockets
December 13, 2011
I love pill pockets. It is the only time my cats want their pills. I sometimes use them as treats for training.
By Mary
Best Purchase Ever
November 3, 2011
Thanks to Greenies pill pockets giving my 17 year old cat his thyroid pills is much less stressful! In fact, he sits patiently waiting for his pill every morning and night!
By cat k.
Review for 6-PACK GREENIES Pill Pockets for Cats Salmon Formula 9.6 oz (270 count)
October 15, 2011
Have 8 cats, one on Lysine for life. These pockets are great. Barnie gobbles his pill rather than we trying to stick on the back of his tongue.
By Betsy
New Jersey
Could not live without it!
October 7, 2011
My cat has a heart problem and takes a pill twice a day. We could not do this without pill pockets!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for helping save my cats life!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Claire A.
A life saver
May 25, 2009
These little pockets have made life far more pleasant for my cat and me. It was a major battle to give him his twice daily pill. Now he sits still and lets me pop it in his mouth. Occasionally get a little dry towards the end of the packet but a drop of water in my palm when I the pocket around the pill seems to help.
By Pamela G.
Yes, Virginia, you can give medicines to cats!
April 5, 2009
The genius who developed this idea obviously had cats! Until Pill Pockets came along, giving my kitties pills was right up there with root canals. The worst of it was that after a day or two, they were hip to the routine and ran to hide every time I called "Kitty." Stressful for them and for me! The only flaw, I have learned, is trying to convince my terrier that they aren't for him! My Vet now uses them also. Thank you from me and my 2 cats and dogs! As usual, GO GREENIES!
By Holly
Great Product!
October 23, 2008
My cat has a fatal heart defect and needs a lot of cardiac meds. He loves Salmon Pill Pockets and munches them up with his medications every day. I don't know what I'd do without them - they make a bad situation bearable - Thank You!
By Lauri A.
A Must for Cats
July 23, 2008
These are the perfect means for giving your cat pills and for avoiding the usually accompanying trauma. If the pill is large, break it into pieces first, and you may have to squish *two* pill pockets together around the pill fragments. (I don't mind using two; it sure beats forcing pills down!) Warning: finicky cats won't eat the chicken flavor, but I haven't met a cat yet who won't eat the salmon flavor. Cats don't get sick of them either, like they do with other treats. I have a cat on heart medicine who's been eating pill pockets for two years and has yet to say "no."
By Terry
Pill Pockets
March 9, 2008
Makes a difficult task for a finicky cat easy--They are easy to hide the pill in and the cat loves them!!

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