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By Lee
not satisfied
July 9, 2013
I have had to reapply Advantage every other week. It does not last a full month. My small dog is old and I'm concerned about having to use too much product on him, but I don't want him suffering. I have always had good results with Advantage until now.
By Gov
Good solid product from Bayer
July 9, 2013
We as pet owners must do our best to get and give our pets, or second family members. This product offers the very best for our loved pets. I use Advantaix ll also, but as we well know is that our pets can come used to a product such as flea med's, so without compromise, I choose Advantage ll for the replacement, also made by Bayer, they just make the best quality products for our loved Pets.....
By Lynn
Sarasota, FL
flea meds cat & dog
July 8, 2013
These products have worked for me, and I love dealing with entirelypets. Just great company and service.
By librarydogmom
La Mesa, California
Good product
July 8, 2013
Works fine. I also use it on the cat, putting one vial into a small container and, with a syringe, taking .8 mg for him. One vial of the dog Advantage is at least 4 treatments for the cat.
By kate
Fort Worth ,Texas
12 month advantage II Flea Control
July 5, 2013
Great product and Great price. My boys remain flea free
By Rhoda N.
Advantage II
July 2, 2013
The Advantage II works for my two Havanese dogs especially down here in Louisiana with flea season for most of the year.
By pat
Port Colborne Ontario
good deal
June 18, 2013
I bought same thing from a vet at 50 bucks more
By Wallymax
Wine Country, California
We Love Advantage!
June 17, 2013
Advantage keeps our two BIG dogs flea free and happy year round. This is a great poduct!
By NAth
Chepest cost I ever pay
June 17, 2013
I ususally buy this product from my vet..even with the Freight from USA to Canada, it is less expensive.
By boxy
Dogs are smiling
June 14, 2013
Truly have nothing but great things to say regarding the product and your company have recommanded your company to all dogs and cat people I meet...
By Deb
Pensacola, FL
My Dog ha NO fleas!
June 9, 2013
This little Dachshund loves to chase squirrels all day long in our yard which is a wooded 1.3 acre lot. Full of fleas and ticks.....I'm sure. But when I use Advantage II regularly she remains "Flea free"! I can let her run without worry!
By Deb
Pensacola, FL
Best flea protection
June 9, 2013
I have three dogs and a cat in Florida! Fleas can be a problem but NOT when I use Advantage II on all of them regularly. We are "Flea Free" thank you!
By rich
Excellent product.
June 4, 2013
Great buy. Excellent product. It's important to protect your dog's health.
By strawberry
kingston ont Canada
Review for 6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Extra Large Dogs (Over 55 lbs)
June 2, 2013
product worked great . no more fleas :) :)
By boxy
June 2, 2013
The Product is great as I do alot of hiking and the dogs never suffer.... thats great but the best part was the saving through your company have recommanded you to all my dogs pals Thanks
By Olivia
Purchase was fast
May 10, 2013
Was the best price Was easy to order I didn't have to wait long I will be coming back to order again for sure
By pbse2
Ponoka, Alberta, Canada
Fantastic Service
May 8, 2013
I cannot say enough good things about the service and the pricing. After a bit of a mix up with my credit card (my fault), everything went very smoothly and my order was shipped and received promptly. I will definitely order from Entirely Pets again. Paul E.
By beancountertx
Solid product for my dogs
May 8, 2013
I use this on my two dogs and solution works really well.
By nancy
San Diego
Advantage II Flea Control Medium Dog
May 5, 2013
I have purchased this product for over 10 years and it always worked well for our dogs until this year. I do not know if they are diluting the solution or what the reason is. Our 2 small dogs continue to have fleas and eggs daily, even after applying this twice within a 20 day period. Flea combing them is removing 20-25 live fleas per day. I wash their bed every other day and have even had our yard sprayed. I will not purchase this again.
By MistyMae
Tacoma, WA
Advantage II Flea Control
May 1, 2013
There are tons of commercials for all these different brands, example, my mom insist on using Advantix, not sure why, the only real difference I can see between the 2 is the cost, Advantage takes care of all our dog's needs without any extra gunk she doesn't need. We have been using Advantage for close to 10 years now. Advantage works and we will continue to use Advantage Flea Control as we have pets
By Catabuff
Austin, TX
Good Product
May 1, 2013
Works really well to kill the fleas and eggs
By sampson l.
thank you
April 16, 2013
great prices, great shipping time Thank you!
By health c.
Minneapolis, MN
not impressed
April 2, 2013
First the product is expensive for being just a little tube and second my dog is still scratching.
By Christina
great product
April 1, 2013
It keeps the fleas away on my animal. They die fast if they already have a flea too.
By Hilary
Advantage II is a great product.
March 24, 2013
I never have any flea trouble when using Advantage II, and Entirely Pets always has the best price. The package always arrives quickly, too.
By Groomer 9.
Awesome product
March 8, 2013
This stuff does the job. I am a groomer and I always recommend Advantage II. My customers are happy with it and continue to buy it regularly.
By Old F.
Western Washington
Seems to work.
March 7, 2013
After checking with our vet. as to the effects of this type of flea treatment v.s. powders and washes we started using advantage several years ago. I continue to use it and our dog seems to have had no flea problems since.
By SheilaB
Quality Product
March 5, 2013
After using Frontline for many years, it stopped being effective against fleas. Advantage has taken care of the problem with no side effects for any of my animals. I would highly recommend it.
By mcwaters
Longwood, FL
A killer flea killer
March 4, 2013
Stuff works well. Dead fleas and fleas jumping ship. Almost immediately.
By Cheri
carmel New York
Great item
February 24, 2013
Worked very effectively, would highly recommend
By milos
best value
February 19, 2013
I have priced Advantage on many sites and with many vets, this is by far the best priced and fast fuss free shipping. I have 4 large dogs and it's great to get the best working products for this price and delivered to the door.
By catlady
Enid, OK
great for treating both cats and dogs
February 19, 2013
My vet told me how to save money by buying this large size to use both on my cats and dogs. This has saved me a lot of money and the advantage II is great product.
By Susan G.
East Palo Alto, CA
Works great, and fast!
February 17, 2013
It's peace of mind knowing that we're free of fleas, at least for a little while. No more flea baths and horrible flea collars.
By windmill
best value for the money
February 11, 2013
Need to use this product more than once a month for fleas. Works good in keeping fleas off from shoulder to tail, but not the head, ears, and legs on my dogs.
By moose
works fantasticly
February 8, 2013
this product is fantastic works all the time I have 2 dogs and I never have to worry about fleas or tics we live in the country and they run free so they encounter other animals with fleas and the product works great.
By MIlo
Tacoma, WA
Great deal and product
February 7, 2013
I will be back, great product. My dogs are happy.
By woman
Winston-Salem, NC
Advantage II Flea Control for large dog 21-55 lbs
February 6, 2013
Great and easy to use - always use this for my dog as she has skin problems and it does not cause her to have problems
February 2, 2013
By Jumpin 8.
Salem, Oregon
6 Month Advantage II flea control xtra lage dg
January 29, 2013
Advantage II for xtra lge dgs is perfect for my 4 very small dogs. 1 tube is enough for all 4 of my dogs, so save quite a lot of money. It is less expensive at Entirely Pets & the shipping is fast. I have used Entirely Pets many times for years & have always been very satisfied, & If I wasn't, they always make it right.
By kc
Great product
January 26, 2013
We have 4 pets and have tried other products and for the first time in 15 years got fleas. We finally got rid of them and are back to Advantage. Good prices on Entirely Pets is why we bought through them. The shipping was quick and we are happy and will buy again.
By ErinMcD
West Sacramento, CA
Look, Ma! No fleas!
January 25, 2013
Amazingly easy to apply, even on a big, hairy dog like mine. And we have remained completely flea-free since we started using Advantage II several years ago.
By petie
January 17, 2013
Finally found something that has gotten my flea problem under control at a great price. Pls keep the price reasonable and I'll buy lots more.
By Kay
Excellent Product
January 10, 2013
We have been using this product for some time now and have not seen any evidence of fleas on our dog. He goes in and out all day to play in our extra large yard and since applying this product we haven't had any flea problems.
By roganddon
Federalsburg, Md.
came back
January 10, 2013
I used this product before and liked it very much.Then found less expensive brand that didn,t work any where near as well as Advantage 11. Won,t be changing to any other brand again!
By Crunch
Works great!
January 8, 2013
I have used Advantage for years and have always had great luck with it!
By mhIN
Great product! Highly recommend.
January 8, 2013
Great product! I have been using this for my Lab for several years now. Very satisfied with the product.
By puglover
Advantage Flea & Tick
January 8, 2013
Great Product.....Use it all the time....
By Blueyz
Great stuff
January 1, 2013
This has been the worst year i've seen for fleas and I needed something reliable. Some of my friends in the vet biz recommended this. I picked up an online gift cert. for this site and seeing you had a nice price on the advantage II I figure i'll try it & works great!
By eaturveggies
Review for 6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Extra Large Dogs (Over 55 lbs)
December 29, 2012
Works great! Lots of deer in our area = lots of ticks. Not on our dogs! Fleas are a non-issue with this product.
By Missy
Tulsa, OK
Love this flea product!
December 28, 2012
I have shopped around and used many different flea products, cheap and expensive, but none have compared to Advantage. It kills the fleas instantly on my dogs--dachsund mixes--and is gentle on them. My dachsund/terrier mix has had skin irritations with many brands, but he has no problem whatsoever with Advantage. We LOVE it!!!

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