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By Rich
Sparta, MI
June 7, 2019
Great Products & Services
Good stuff
By SoftCat
October 13, 2018
Works for my cat
Advantage 2 works for my cat and I'm glad that they make the 2 month pack available to buy!
By Kiks
San Diego
April 10, 2018
Works fantastic!
This works perfectly, and my cat is not bothered by it at all. People need to realize that the flea has to BITE the animal for this to work. It doesn't kill your neighbor's fleas until the jump on your cat and BITE your cat, which then kills the flea. Continuous use will eventually kill all fleas, because 1 flea lays a zillion eggs...
By Multiple O.
September 19, 2017
Bad Experience
Simply doesn't work. I have several cats and all of them are scratching and itching within a week of application. What makes it worse is that I have my lawn treated to kill fleas and ticks as well.
By Gary K.
New Westminster, B.C.. CANADA
August 25, 2017
Flea treatment
Killed fleas very quickly, some what difficult to apply
By Pug
January 7, 2017
Advantage II Friends highly recommended
I have not started the cats on this yet I have to wait until due date for their previous treatment to start this one! But am anxious to see how this works out because it has been so highly recommended to me!
By Pet L.
South Carolina
January 1, 2017
Great product!
Does the job and much better price than what you would pay at your vet's office.
By BobbyW
San Rafael, CA
November 12, 2016
Works Well But...
I have found that I need to reapply every three weeks instead of four. Otherwise it's a great product to control fleas on my cats.
By Mary
Southern Vermont
November 6, 2016
2 Month is Perfect Amount
I always use Advantage ll. Really like that a 2 month amount is offered. Perfect for someone living on a monthly budget.
November 3, 2016
Problem Solved
Relax your pet. Take it slow. Give the solution time to absorb. You'll be happy!
By Allie
October 26, 2016
Excellent product
Have used it for a few years now and our cat has been flea tick free. Best product I have ever used for flea tick control
By Taz
October 23, 2016
Advantage II Flea Control
This product got rid of all the fleas within days. Received A lot faster than I thought and great price.
By Lui S.
August 11, 2016
Great flea control
Works quickly, keeps fleas from infesting both cats & house. We've had reactions from other topicals, one cat gets a chemical burn, the other seems very sleepy and subdued for a few hours. No reaction at all with Advantage!
By mmn1
monroe, nc
July 12, 2016
Must-Have Purchase
Thank goodness for Advantage II Flea Control for my rescue cats. And thank you for your speedy shipment.
By Sallie J.
Auburn WA
May 3, 2016
Advantage II
The Advantage II Okay. My cats are still stretching
By very g.
November 25, 2015
Review for 12 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Small Cats (5-9 lbs)
You can use him dog ..It is not irritating at all.
By Chelsea M.
Statesville, NC
September 15, 2015
No more fleas!
My cat who was feral has struggles with fleas for a year. I have tried everything for both of my cats. sprays, shampoos and collars. they all seem to have temporary relief. This worked like a charm. My cats haven't had a problem with fleas since! and It's a great price.
By Daniel
Long Island New York
September 2, 2015
Works Great
I have tried other flea products that did not work well after starting my cats on Advantage II Flea Control they do not scratch or itch also when I comb them with a flea comb I did not find any fleas best flea control I have used so far
By foster m.
Bridgeport, CT
August 10, 2015
4 MONTH Advantage II Flea
I was very happy with the topical treatment it works well for my cats.
By Tom
Vista, CA
July 8, 2015
Advantage II For small cats
We have been using Advantage II for small cats for at least 6 years and have been very pleased with the protection it provides.
By Bernie
June 16, 2015
Good value
I found this to be best price for this product. I have used Advantage II on my cat for a few years and found it really does the job of keeping him flea free.
By SFcats
shawnee forest in southern IL
June 14, 2015
Works Well!
I use it all year. Keeps my kitties happy and healthy! Great product and service.
By Joe
May 11, 2015
Advantage II Cat Flea Control
So far it's working OK; no visible fleas.
By Chelsea
Troutman, Nc
April 6, 2015
No more fleas!!!
My two cats have had fleas for awhile. I've tried baths, collars and medicine from Walmart. Then I ordered this and after months and months of failed attempts my cats were finally flea free!
By Dee
San Diego, CA
April 2, 2015
Big Advantage in Cat Care!
We have used Advantage on our outdoor/indoor cats for over 20 years and we have never had any fleas or ticks on the pets or in the house.
By sunshinewholoves
March 19, 2015
easy purchase great deal
received in timely manner easy to use was nice smelling not like others started working quickly noticed dead fleas in a few hours would buy again
By Bazinga
Oahu, Hawaii
March 3, 2015
It works
I find this flea prevention works the best. The only thing I don't care about flea prevention products is they are messy. Trying to separate the hair to reach the skin while trying have kitty sit still is tricky. Mine already run when they hear the cap come off! lol Then I learned that you should hold kitty for a few minutes after applying until it sets. Otherwise, kitty will shake and it goes everywhere! Once on, it gets rid of the fleas!
By Susie
Washingto State
February 17, 2015
Works For Me!
I foster shelter cats, so it's important to keep my own free of pests. This works for me! Shipping is really fast!
By Nanna
Bokoshe, Oklahoma
January 21, 2015
Great product
We live in the country, and fleas are really bad. But this product stops them in their tracks. When we first tried it, we had fleas in our carpets as well as the yard and surrounding area. We put the Advantage II on our dogs that are outdoors, and indoors, and on our indoor cats. Within hours, the fleas on the animals were gone. Within two or three days they were gone from the carpets. When we begin to get low on Advantage II we begin to panic. Got to have it!!
By Joe
January 16, 2015
Seems to work
Since the product was applied there have been no sign of fleas.
By MsScarlett
September 12, 2014
sorry to say, none of the brands work this year. the fleas just laugh and continue to plague us.
By SWahl
August 18, 2014
This product works well for our 2 small cats.
By Scoobydoo1
June 23, 2014
Very good purchase
By Catwoman
June 12, 2014
Worked well
Used both products on my cats, depending on their weight. So far, fleas aren't a problem. Pleased with Advantage II.
By Cat
Niagara Falls, NY
April 19, 2014
I've used this product for years and love it! I have even convinced my mother & cousin to use it. I can't imagine being without it again. My pets (kids) health and sanity from scratching are very important to me!
By phoebe
March 21, 2014
Only Advantage will do for my best cat
My Phoebe will be two years in April, and will be protected with the Advantage product as she gets back outdoors after a very harsh winter. During summer she's out mingling with small wild animals in the park nearby, but never came home with surprises. Excellent product and easy to apply. Good service and fast shipping, prices are great! Thanks again,
By mmn1
monroe, nc
March 17, 2014
only thing working right now
Have tried other flea control meds, but they have stopped working; thank goodness for Advantage II Flea Control.
By Frankie
Pittsburgh, PA
February 3, 2014
The BEST FUR Sure!
After 3 treatments of Frontline Plus Failure...the Advantage gave immediate relief to my Pets and to my Well-being too. Will never use anything else!
By catlady24/7
January 16, 2014
good product
My cat weighs 7 lbs (right in the middle for this product 5-9 lbs). It did help but the next dose that I used was for larger cats (over 9 lbs). It gave me more of the liquid and did not harm my cat. Killed fleas as described. Did not have a strong odor like Frontline Plus. Flea infestation was very bad in 2013. I have indoor cats and they still got fleas. I plan on getting a jump start on battling fleas when spring arrives.
By jan
upstate New York
January 14, 2014
works great
Our Vet recommender Advantage for our cat... she had worms from fleas, when we got her. Since being on Advantage she's not had fleas. We use it year round and we live in the north.
By annie
Alexandria, V A
January 12, 2014
Product Review
I have dealt with entirely pets for a few years now. The Advantage flee/tick product is working well. I have 3 cats that receive this product. The orders have arrived promptly--so much so, that I am amazed. Thanks for your service and product.
By Pal
Eugene, OR
January 1, 2014
Did not work to rid my cats of fleas!
I have ordered this product before, but, this time, there was almost no fluid in the vial. My cats have suffered from a flea infestation and were miserable until I started to comb them ... almost to the point of no fleas!!
By Amanda
Austin, Tx
December 31, 2013
Keeps Kitty Happy
Don't think you need flea control during winter? We will see in spring when your house starts hopp'n. No bunnies here, I'm talking FLEAS. A few fleas that hitch a ride into your home can lay many eggs, which will begin hatching every two weeks in waves of frustration and discomfort for the home owner. I made the mistake of not using topical flea control for two months one winter and paid dearly for it. I always use Advantage II Flea Control for my inside/outside happy cat. Just give your cat a good brushing, then separate the fur behind the neck. Make sure you drop the Advantage II on the skin. Don't forget a treat reward afterwards!
By Sara
Olympia, WA
December 31, 2013
6 month Advantage II Flea Control for Small Cat
I've used this product for my indoor/outdoor cat for over 10 years and I haven't seen or been bitten by a flea during this time. My cat has no adverse reaction to the application of Advantage, and I am very pleased with the product.
By Ragtop
Coastal NC
November 15, 2013
Keeps fleas away
I panic if I see a flea on my Persian. I use Advantage monthly so that I will NOT see any fleas.
By Luv4pets
November 7, 2013
Easy to use..controls all areas.
Years ago I took in a kitten and named her "Peanut" because she was so tiny. Well, she didn't grow very big and I kept her inside with the rest of the cats, who adopted her nicely. The Advantage II Flea Control Small Cats works the best for her as I do have one cat that goes out and a dog. Knowing they can bring fleas in, as well as I could, I treat her with this product faithfully.
By Sandie-ra
November 3, 2013
horray! advantage 2
Still no fleas it has been a month,still in the clear,thank you sooooo much! Good product for the price.Do not forget to use the coupon codes!
Port Arthur, TX
October 26, 2013
Doesn't work on all small cats
I have used this product in the past, and it seemed to work well. But with a new small kitten/cat in the house, we used it and it didn't touch the fleas. We spot lots still on the kitten and it scratches constantly. It's pricey for something that didn't work.
By phil
September 30, 2013
Works Great
This product works so much better than anything else on the market. I saw a difference within a few hours. The best part is no more flea baths, which my cat hated. She didn't even seem to notice this on her. It works really great.
By Nancy
Norfolk, -VA-
September 26, 2013
Bad year for Fleas
Since there was no real winter in Norfolk, VA for the last 2 years, the fleas are out of control. I put the Advantage II on and 2 weeks later the fleas are on the cats again. I can't put this on them every 2 weeks so it has been a long flea bitten summer!

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