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By phil
Works Great
September 30, 2013
This product works so much better than anything else on the market. I saw a difference within a few hours. The best part is no more flea baths, which my cat hated. She didn't even seem to notice this on her. It works really great.
By Nancy
Norfolk, -VA-
Bad year for Fleas
September 26, 2013
Since there was no real winter in Norfolk, VA for the last 2 years, the fleas are out of control. I put the Advantage II on and 2 weeks later the fleas are on the cats again. I can't put this on them every 2 weeks so it has been a long flea bitten summer!
By Ron
Lebanon, Pa.
August 28, 2013
The product works well. Within 24 hours, both cats were no longer scratching all the time.
By Cat N.
Advantage II for sm cats
August 28, 2013
Excellent product. Could see a difference in my kitties scratching. with in minutes it literally stopped!
By Gabby
Only way to go!
August 27, 2013
This product is very good quality. It is very effective and acts quickly. The price is a fraction of what you would pay at a vet. I have 4 cats and a dog so the savings to me are definitely worth it for a product that works.
By cecil
durham nc
works like a charm
August 24, 2013
easy open packaging, quick to apply, and because the tubes are small I can get the entire dose on the cat in one try. This is what I use for flea control!
The only one
August 21, 2013
This product advantage II along with using the capstar works the best to rid your cat of fleas
By Ron
Lebanon, Pa.
Flea Control
August 13, 2013
I don't trust anything else but Advantage II flea control for my cats -- and Entirely Pets is the cheapest place to get it. Ordering & shipping were fast and easy. Thank You Entirely Pets!
By Catty
Good alternative to Frontline
August 6, 2013
My cat doesn't seem to respond to Frontline anymore, so I tried Advantage per my vet's advice and it seems to be helping. It doesn't smell as bad as Frontline, and the price is very affordable. This item was shipped quickly to my house and I plan to order it again.
By librarydogmom
La Mesa, California
Good product
July 8, 2013
Works, but our cat soon outgrew this dosage. He's 17 lbs now.
By Robiney's m.
Alvaton, KY
excellent product
July 3, 2013
I have used this for years and have had to problems with side effects.
By ren
Waterford Ct.
Not a flea in sight!
July 1, 2013
Taking in a rescue cat was a concern regarding fleas. We applied Advantage II the day before we brought her home. She gets it once a month. Easy to apply , no flea collars to get hung up on. Love it.
By Bunny
Saint Augustine, Florida
Great Price and Service
June 28, 2013
A great product at a great price....quick delivery too!
By Kitty
Works Like a Charm
June 17, 2013
The product does what it claims to do: kill fleas instantly.
By Cat l.
North Carolina
Keeps the fleas away
June 17, 2013
Good product that is easy to apply and effective
By missy m.
savannah, ga.
great business ethics !!!!
June 13, 2013
I am very pleased with Entirely !!!! all their products are brand names and have kept my pets flea free . and the petromalt for my long-haired 14lb cat works like a charm. their prices can't be beat and their selection of products make this site my 1-stop store for all my pets needs! i'm about to place an order for my dog's flea meds. the delivery is the fastest yet and I've never had anything be out of stock. where else is there to shop but---- Entirely !!!!!!!!
By the c.
Westport, MA
Advantage 11
June 10, 2013
love this product. Used to use frontline, but this one has exceeded my expectations. I have 6 cats, so we need to be flea & tick free!!
By strawberry
kingston ont. Canada
Review for 6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Small Cats (5-9 lbs)
June 2, 2013
For my smaller cats it worked great . no problems at all :) :)
By Terri
Cincinnati OH
efective flea control
June 2, 2013
effective flea control and easy to use and lasts a whole month.
By funnylittleone
Good and long purchase
May 30, 2013
Usually I just buy for 4 months for my cat. I decided to order 1 year's supply of flea medicine. Well I won't have to worry about it for quite a while. I have been with you for a long time and never had a complaint.
By angelplum53
Pittsburgh, PA
Flea medication
May 22, 2013
This product works great on my 15 year old outdoor / indoor cat. I use it every year. Price is right too compared to what vet sells it for.
By Texas D.
Worth the money
May 21, 2013
Product worth the money and works great on my pets.
By in c.
Advantage for small cats
April 29, 2013
what more is there to say? it works like a charm. such an improvement from the pre-Advantage days!
By Pearl
Kitchener, ON
4 MONTH Advantage ll Flea Control Small Cat
April 13, 2013
Best purchase ever no more flea needles.
By lala-lou
New Hampshire
Effective Treatment for My Three Cats
March 21, 2013
When I adopted a stray kitten, he was infested with fleas. I used Frontline on him and my other two cats, but it never really killed all of the fleas. After a few months of treatment, I was still finding a few fleas on them when I ran the flea comb through each of them. (As you know, if you see one or two, there are certainly many more you don't see). Since Frontline didn't seem to take care of them, I tried Advantage II. It appears the fleas are truly gone now. I have combed each of the cats with the flea comb several times since treating them a few weeks ago, and I can't find any fleas or flea droppings. So, I think this is an effective, safe product for my cats. I would recommend it based on the results I've seen.
By Trish
Venice Fla
Works fast and effectively!!
March 18, 2013
Kills fleas fast!! Best product I have ever used!!
By Melynda
Review for 6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Small Cats (5-9 lbs)
March 8, 2013
Love the low price! Kill the fleas! Fast and easy to use!
By Lori
pittsburgh, pa
Using this product for years.
March 3, 2013
Works great, and love to see those pesky fleas dying instead of chewing up my cats. This product does not kill ticks, which in my case is unnecessary. Will continue to buy.
By Baristalady
Tulsa, OK
Been using this product for Years!!
February 26, 2013
I have had much success with Advantage II Flea Control for many, many years. I have three cats right now andthey have no fleas! I keep them treated year around. I highly recommend Advantage II Flea Control for Cats.
By Sue-Huntington C.
Improved product over original Advantage formula
February 25, 2013
Less greasy and much less chemical smell compared to the original formula. Although my cats don't like to be dosed, the original formula stung their eyes and may have had a burn-sensation. The Advantage II formula does not have the smell or the sting.
By Cat M.
Lake Mary, FL
Great Stuff
February 23, 2013
Overrun with fleas last summer here in Florida, even on a second floor balcony. Tried other products, and the fleas just laughed. This worked great-almost immediately. This is my second time buying it and will come back again.
By Maggie
San Rafael, Ca
Review for 6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Small Cats (5-9 lbs)
February 20, 2013
So glad I went ahead and purchased the Advantage II. Frontline had stopped working for me. I was very happy how quickly I received my purchase.
By Sandie
Tamaqua, PA
Great product, great service
February 12, 2013
This product is very easy to use and works great! Fleas were gone in no time and have not returned. Service and price were both excellent. It made for a truly no-hassle experience.
By hermbob
Review for 12 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Small Cats (5-9 lbs)
February 12, 2013
I have a six lb. cat and really like being able to buy for her weight instead of a one size fits all. It absorbs quickly.
By Michannemag
Bakersfield, CA
Advantage II For Small Cats
February 7, 2013
Excellent product and the fleas disappeared immediately. Love this stuff for my kitten. Venus is pictured. We found her in a flower bed when she was 2 weeks old. I took her inside and started bottle feeding her 4 to 5 times a day. She has grown wonderfully and we love her so much!
By woman
Winston-Salem, NC
Advantage II Flea Control for cats 5-9lbs
February 6, 2013
BEST product for indoor cats smaller than 9 lbs - always get the best deals from Entirely Pets
By sherry
Falling Waters, WV
advantage II for cats works great
January 28, 2013
This works great, wont buy frontline, my vet even told me that it doesnt work. Advantage was recommeded by my vet. My cat is allergic to fleas and they were making her really sick, even though she didnt have them bad. Since I started her on Advantage II for cats, she's doing alot better! The box was pretty dented up when I got it but the medicine was in good shape.
By puglover
Flea & Tick Control
January 23, 2013
Been using for 5 Years.. A wonderful Product..
By shortie
best buy for not getting a few Bug,s
January 13, 2013
it,s best to be safe than to end up with a housefull of bugs especially on you loved pets or even your bed. Lets all be safe and protect it all
By Pam
January 1, 2013
This product works quickly to kill all stages of fleas. Others I used did not kill the larvae or eggs and my cats developed extreme allergies to flea bites until this finally got rid of them. My cats are strictly indoor cats so it was important to me to make sure the fleas did not get serious and infest the house. Not sure how the cats even got fleas in the first place.
By Angie
Advantage Flea Control
December 19, 2012
Fast shipping time. Decent price. Works as advertised.
By ccc3
Good Flea Control
December 16, 2012
Fast delivery! Easy to use and apply, vet recommended product
By lambchp
Advantage II
December 6, 2012
Seems to work well. Recommended by my vet as the best anti-flea treatment.
By wildflower
edinburg, va
the answer for me
December 5, 2012
Have had trouble with fleas on the cats all summer. Switched to advantage and the scratching is over thanks
By wfbanker
Wake Forest NC
Amazing Product
November 29, 2012
I had 4 cats and a dog with fleas -this is the ONLY flea product that took care of all the fleas, pronto!
By Mikie
Manhattan Beach, CA
Advantage 11 for cats
November 27, 2012
My cats have never had fleas in 18 years using this product
By Sparky
Terre Haute, IN
Good quality flea med
November 26, 2012
Advantage II is good stuff - it used to get a bad rap compared with Frontline, but what I've noticed is that fleas appear to develop immunity over time: I'd used Frontline for 2-3 yrs, then it stopped working. I switched to Advantage & the fleas just fell off the cats. It's about time to switch back, but my point is, Advantage is just as good & they've also improved the product in the last few years. I've not found better prices than Entirely Pets, either.
By SFcats
shawnee forest in southern IL
low cost flea prevention
November 23, 2012
Buying a 12 month package means not only a good price and saving money but its always here when it's time - No delays.
By Kristi
Advantage for Cats - great product
November 21, 2012
I have used Advantage for Cats for over 10 years, and our four cats have been flea-free for all of that time. Entirely Pets has the best price and product arrives soon after ordering.
By Jeanienj
Great Product
November 21, 2012
Love this for my cats. application quick and easy to apply

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