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By Mary
Southern Vermont
Fabulous Fleas Be Gone Medicine
August 14, 2015
Very easy to use especially when one has many cats with which to deal.
Wellington KS
No worries
August 13, 2015
I treat my indoor/outdoor cat with Advantage II and have had no worries about fleas brought into the house. When she adopted me she was covered with fleas. One treatment took care of them and we have continued with them every month since then. Easy to apply and it does last at least a month. It is easy to renew my stock through Entirely Pets.
By Lissa
Myrtle Beach, SC
Great Product
July 28, 2015
This topical for fleas and ticks is the best. I have never had a problem with this product, my cats are not sensitive to it, it is just great. Hope to never be out of it.
By spchnc
Sanford, NC
Good purchase
July 20, 2015
Solve the flea problem on the cats w/in a day. Very satisfied w/this product.
By dnt1806
Montgomery, al
love, love Advantage II
July 19, 2015
I have used this product, Advantage II for over 25 years, on a total of 9 cats I have owned. it works and I just told my sister to use it when I found 5 fleas on her older cat while taking care of her animals while out of town.
By sandy
works best
July 16, 2015
this works very well with my cats. we have been having trouble with fleas for a while.
By countrynanners
McKinleyville, Ca
4 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat (for C
July 10, 2015
Great price and delivered when they said it would. I will definately order from here again.
By Tom
Vista, CA
Advantage II for large cats
July 8, 2015
We have been using Advantage II for large cats for at least 6 years and have been very pleased with the protection it provides, especially since Red is an indoor/outdoor cat.
By meeko
Review for 12 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Large Cats (over 9 lbs)
July 7, 2015
Have had good luck so far with this product, just wish they would make it to last 3 months instead of one! Won't use Frontline or the one they advertise is as good as Brand name because I had serious problems.So pay the extra and get a brand you know, not a store brand!
An Advantage using Advantage II
June 30, 2015
This was the brand recommended by our Vet. This price is cheaper than prices locally. Used this on our 8 cats; one of which got deathly ill on another brand. Advantage II has proven safe on our animals and we have not had flea problems.
By mikesmom1962
Review for 4 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Large Cats (over 9 lbs)
June 19, 2015
Bad, bad, bad! Made my senior cats sick, lethargic for days, plus one cat had hair loss at appliction site. Never again!!
By candicain
great product
June 19, 2015
i will order again. my cats are purring pretty once again.
By Catabuff
Austin, TX
Awesome Flea Control
June 16, 2015
This is the best one that I have found that starts to work immediately. Only one that I use. Great Product for a great price
Rome GA
One of best products available
June 8, 2015
One of best products available at the price
By cb
advantage II best for fleas
May 26, 2015
My vet recommends Advantage II for our cats. I did try other products but they did not satisfactorily control fleas. This product is the best I have found.
Great product
April 25, 2015
My cat has sensitive skin and would lose hair at site of application with other products. I haven't had that problem since switching to Advantage II and it works great. The price is a good value as well.
By Love C.
April 25, 2015
I have 9 cats and it's really expensive to use these flea products, but Advantage II works. I was using another name brand and spending a fortune and the cats still had a serious flea problem, but not with Advantage II. It was like a miracle, next day NO fleas or flea poo poo to deal with. I had complained to my vet about the other product and was told the flea problem would be worse without it. I'm so glad I decided to research on my own and discovered Advantage II. Because there were so many positive reviews, I decided to try it. The price is the best I've been able to find. The products always come in a timely manner. WONDERFUL SERVICE ! ! ! !
By happy t.
Robinson Township, PA
Easy to apply
April 21, 2015
Products is easy to apply. My cats do not mind the application because the amount is small. The location applied is between shoulders so cats can not reach.
By Jeanne
Fuquay Varina, NC
Best Price
April 20, 2015
I recently ordered a 12-month supply of Advantage II Flea Protection for my cat from Entirely Pets. I looked far and wide, but Entirely Pets beat every price - online and in store. The product arrived on time, in perfect condition. I'm very pleased with my experience with Entirely Pets and will be ordering from them for my pet needs.
By anniecats
Berryville, VA
good product
April 15, 2015
when you have 10 cats you find the best product value possible. It does a good job.
By Fred
Could be cheaper
April 8, 2015
Works great!!!!!! The only problem is the price. All of these topicals are over priced. I have. to treat 6 cats so a 12 month supply lasts only 2 months.
By Pittymom
Best flea control
April 7, 2015
I use this on all 3 of my cats, and it keeps them sitting pretty all through the flea season. One of my boys has super sensitive skin, as well as a flea bite allergy, and this is the only product that's affordable that doesn't bother his skin, yet keeps the bugs off of him.
By Moo
Super Fleas
April 5, 2015
Advantage II is not working to kill the fleas on my cat. I'm very disappointed. Comfortis is the only flea med that is still working, but I can only use that on one cat, while the other one always pukes it back out within a few hours. so for that one cat, a topical is needed. Other topicals have stopped working awhile back already. fleas have built up immunity through the years, so I'm left with a cat with fleas.
By sheri
Review for 6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Large Cats (over 9 lbs)
March 31, 2015
good product, great price. Always satisfied with Entirely Pets!
By dmk
Great Product
March 24, 2015
Really does the job and does not have a lingering smell.
By juneybug
ontario ca
very good
March 23, 2015
very happy with product and also the company .. many thanks
By Madcats
Rutherfordton NC
Bye Bye Fleas
March 15, 2015
My cats run when they see the "TUBE" in my hand but are forever happy when they are flealess.
By tori
black creek, canada
advantage for cats
March 8, 2015
The product works great! It arrived in good shape and within a reasonable time.
By Bill
Ontario Canada
Used for several years
February 24, 2015
Never have we seen a flea and only once a tic
By JimInPA
Camp Hill, PA
Effective flea control
February 20, 2015
Worked after Frontline stopped working. Don't know if fleas build up an immunity to a product's chemicals or not.
By Linda
I highly recommend Advantage ii
February 18, 2015
Our kitties come and go all day long. We live on 6 acres with horses, dear, raccoons, skunks and all sorts of other wild life. So you would think fleas could be a problem. Good news, they aren't! Neither cat has ever had fleas and Advantage II gets all the credit
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Advantage II Made a Great Improvement.
January 21, 2015
I have ten cats who do go outside on a regular basis. I live in a country setting and fleas were quite a problem - UNTIL I GOT ADVANTAGE II ! I flea comb all the cats daily and rarely find a flea on any of them. As a result their coats look great. Thank you Advantage II.
By wrayware
Review for 6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Large Cats (over 9 lbs)
January 19, 2015
Worked great,much less expensive than local purchase.
By Mes P.
Cat battle
October 6, 2014
Best product I have bought for fleas and ticks. really satisfied
Great product
September 21, 2014
We have 5 cats so keeping up on flea meds can get expensive, this stuff works great & always a great deal here at Entirely pets. I don't buy flea meds anywhere else & tell everyone know with pets about these great deals :)
New Smyrna Beach, FL
At Last! No fleas!!
September 19, 2014
I have ten indoor/outdoor cats. Fleas have been a problem until we got them under complete control thanks to Advantage II. I have tried other flea control products but none have been as effective as Advantage II. I definitely plan on ordering more!
By Brandon
its awesome
September 16, 2014
great price , great time delivered , quality product
By andy
lakewood, ohio
best prices ever
September 11, 2014
i bought mostly Advantage 2 flea treatment on several occasions and it works perfectly every time within 48 hrs. all fleas on cats are gone, even on my 25 lb. moose TC. Never had a bad experience with Entirely Pets and always fast delivery
By SWahl
August 18, 2014
This product works very well for our LARGE cat. He weight over 15 pounds.
By Lovecats
Mexia, Al
Review for 12 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Large Cats (over 9 lbs)
August 8, 2014
This is a wonderful product. NO FLEAS at all. Other products that I have used were not as effective. EntirelyPets have the best prices I have been able to find. Keep up the good work!!
By jcallen
Harrisburg, PA
Very effective
July 25, 2014
does the job as a flea and tick preventative, and has a pleasant smell besides...:)
By mocomment
Floria - for now
Seems to work, I always order it
July 20, 2014
With 5 cats and strays outside, fleas can be a problem. When I put Advantage II on they are not scratching and very appreciative the next day.
By Rosiedendrome
Seattle, WA
Excellent Product
July 14, 2014
My big Siamese-Burmese is indoor cat however caught fleas but she's allergy to Frontier and to Activyl prescribed by her Vet. After application she developed black bruise on the area applied with the medications (both Frontier and Activyl) and then later developed bald spot on that same area that get in contact of the previous 2 products. It is only with Advantage that she didn't have allergy reaction and it all got rid of the fleas completely. Now she's back in bed with me!
By catwoman
Jacksonville, Fl.
Saved my life!
July 12, 2014
My 4 cats do not go outside however they love to sit by the sliding glass door when it is open and I am sure that the fleas come in. They are so bothered when they have fleas! Within 12 hours after Advantage is put on them they begin to rest peacefully and I see dead fleas. I brush them constantly and they feel like a million bucks!!!
New Smyrna Beach, FL
WOW! Finally a really good flea product!!
July 3, 2014
I have ten cats and fleas have been a problem until I found Advantage II. I had tried a number of different products with little or no success in controlling the fleas - that is until I tried Advantage II. Advantage II works great! The cats no longer have ANY fleas and therefore no more skin irritation. I will recommend Advantage II to every pet owner that I know. .
June 19, 2014
I like it when my owner put's this smelly stuff on the back of my head. it stops those nasty itchy, ouchies.'
By Catwoman
Worked well
June 12, 2014
Used this product on my cats over 8 lbs. So far, no fleas and they are a problem in Georgia this year. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that I needed to buy the other Advantage II (5-9 lbs) due to weight size for my other cats. Would like to use one product that covers 5-15 lbs. for cats.
By Moo
Works if I space it out
June 8, 2014
If i give advantage to my cat monthly, it does not work after the first month. The fleas seem to develop an immunity. However, if I space it out a few months, then it works.
By Bobby
It Works
June 1, 2014
I always buy Advantage products for flea control for my cats. It's been doing the job for over 10 years now and I love the price I can get it for on Entirely Pets website.
By catlover6
Winston-Salem, NC
Cat Advantage II
May 23, 2014
My Vet as well as myself have never been more pleased with a flea product. Finally it is one that REALLY does what it should. NO FLEAS. I will ALWAYS use this product and the price at Entirely Pets is the BEST. I have checked them all as I have 6 indoor cats and 1 inside/outside dog and this makes bonus shopping very necessary.

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