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By Jt
Watertown, TN
Better Results
December 21, 2012
We are having better results with Advantage II over Frontline. This product seems to last longer. We were tired of seeing our dog scratch in less than a week.
By MarBear
New Brunswick, Canada
advantage II for small dogs
December 19, 2012
My little shih-tzu has never been bothered by fleas. I apply the advantage once a's that easy. I have never used anything else. Love the product.
By france
thanks from Qu├ębec
December 18, 2012
advantage II for dogs and cats at a good price and fast delivery.
By 8Kittycats
Review for 6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Extra Large Dogs (Over 55 lbs)
December 13, 2012
I would not use anything else. Other products have been known for poisen your animals
By gigi
Love this product!
December 11, 2012
Worked right away! Would recommend this product to all!
By Jan
Waterloo, NY
Works great
December 9, 2012
No fleas! And my dog is really bothered by those pests!
By Donna
Rochester, NY
advantage 11
December 8, 2012
Price was great and the product works wonderful!
By grandma o.
Kerrville TX
Review for 4 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Small Dogs (under 10 lbs)
December 5, 2012
Thanks for the great prices and fast service,
By wildflower
Edinburg, Va
good deal
December 5, 2012
as always this came quickly and did the job thanks
By Ettezus
Monterey, CA
Great flea deterent
December 4, 2012
No more itching and biting at himself with taking Advantage II. Great day!
By Sheila
Advantage 2
December 1, 2012
Works well and is a good value.Paid about half the cost of buying through my vet and the shipping was fast .
By Mikie
Manhattan Beach, CA
Avantage 11
November 27, 2012
Great product. In 10 years Meggie has never had a flea
By Burgirl
It works!
November 27, 2012
I am very satisfied with this product and will be purchasing it again soon as I am on the last of it.
By Barbara
At Last No Fleas!
November 26, 2012
The product came earlier than expected. Used it right away on my two dogs. 24 hours later there were no fleas on either dog. At last they had relief from the itching of the flea infestation. Needless to say I am very happy with the product.
By amy h.
Greyhound safe flea treatment
November 23, 2012
With much research found this was a highly recommended treatment for Greyhounds. Entirely Pets was very price competitive and SUPER fast on shipping. Would order from them anytime they have want I need.
By Ilovesnowmen
Garden Grove, CA
really good product
November 23, 2012
After using Frontline for 6 months, with no success, I tried Advantage II and it killed all the fleas on my poor dog.
By Susan
watch for specials and free shipping
November 15, 2012
specials and free shipping makes this product worth stocking up on
By Susan
great product works well
November 15, 2012
Entirely pets has best prices on flea control. Works great on my yorkie.
By Susan
dependable flea control
November 15, 2012
good price, works great on my pets.entirely pets has the best prices on flea control
By Sue
Kills fleas
November 14, 2012
When fleas show up on any of my 7 small dogs, Advantage II is what I reach for.
By Kim
Quakertown, PA
Great Product
November 14, 2012
I have been using Advantage on my pets for years and have never had a problem with it not working. You get it at a great price thru and I would highly recommend this product.
By Kim
Quakertown, PA
Great Product at a Great Price
November 14, 2012
I have never had an issue with the Advantage products; you hear about Frontline no longer working and people winding up with fleas in their homes; that has not happened with Advantage and I have been using it for years. I would highly recommend this product.
By bogiemike
Portland, OR
easy to use
November 13, 2012
advantage II keeps our pets flea free. It works as stated and is easy to use on all our pets.
By Gigi
Hartwick, New York
Works well
November 13, 2012
This product keeps fleas at bay, and doesn't seem to bother my dog in any way. It is easy to apply.
By Icabode
Birmingham, AL
Works Great
November 7, 2012
Works much better than any other brand I have used
By Gcoul
Bowling Green, KY
November 6, 2012
Use Advantage 2 to keep your pet flea-free. It is by far the best product out there for this.
Wilds of Central Ontario northeast of Coldwater
Wise Purchase
November 6, 2012
The advantage II did was it was suppose to do, that is to remove the risk of fleas on my two dogs. It also eliminated the chance of a flea infestation where my babies sleep.
By Cid
BC, Canada
Great Product
October 31, 2012
Have ordered this product multiple times for my daughter's dog. Works great, as we do not have cold enough winters to kill off fleas. Best price I've found.
By Kay
Reliable company
October 30, 2012
I am very pleased with the prices and reliable shipping I receive with Entirely Pets. Orders are on time and exact. The prices are the lowest I have found online and often the shipping is either reduced or free.
By jk
excellent product at a good price
October 28, 2012
I had used frontline for years...after moving to florida it did not seem to work anymore. After doing some research I decided to give advantage II a what a life dogs were no longer being tormented by fleas. You can not beat the price from entirely pets or the fast shipping and excellent customer worries here...
By iLoveMyPets
Great product
October 26, 2012
Just started using this on our 4 month old Aussi and it works great... We think he had some flees, but after one dose and a couple days no trace.
By sentra57
Smyrna, TN
Best Price Anywhere!
October 25, 2012
This is the best flea medication at the best price! Prompt service and fast shipping. Will not buy flea meds anywhere else.
By Texas J.
West Texas
Never a sign of a flea or a tick
October 25, 2012
Max was 2 when we adopted him. It has been 6 years and we have used nothing but Advantage and then Andvantage II when it came out. Never have seen a sign of a flea or a tick. Can't do better than that!
By judie
advantage 11
October 23, 2012
worked as well as can be expected in florida
By Lsodea
Does not seem to work
October 23, 2012
I put this on my dogs a week ago and they are scratching fleas again. I bought the same product several months ago from petsmart (I did not realize that I was out so had to purchase it at petsmart -- much more expensive) and it seemed to kill the fleas for quite some time -- it seemed to work correctly. I don't know if the product from Entirely Pets is old or something, but it is not working as well as the stuff that I bought from PetSmart.
By nsd
Review for 4 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Extra Large Dogs (Over 55 lbs)
October 23, 2012
Product worked like expected. Happy with the product
By Linda
Fayetteville, NC
October 23, 2012
After using Frontline for years, I switched to Advantage K9 II- WOW What a difference, works on my 6 lb Pom and my 69 lb Lab. Could not believe how fast it worked and killed the critters. No allergic reactions to my babies and what a relief for them. We live in an area with lots of pine straw and sand and it can be a flea and mosquito haven. Thank you Entirely Pets for making this so affordable- I have purchase this product for my son's 2 Jack Russells also. They ar pretty much outside dogs. He loved it. I have sent your website to numerous pet owners who I knwo want to take care of their 4 legged family members without breaking the bank:) Thanks again for being here!!!
By CDog
Best Flea Meds
October 22, 2012
My oldest dog HATES having topical flea & tick meds put on her. This one, she lets me put on her and doesn't flip out or shake it all off immediately. We just got a new puppy and she doesn't mind having it applied either. As a longtime dog owner, I feel good knowing they are protected from bugs and that I don't have to stress them out to apply their flea meds!
By 4labs
great product
October 22, 2012
Very happy with this purchase! It is a good value and worked immediately to rid our dog of fleas,
By Faylool
Sweet Home, OR
Hate fleas
October 22, 2012
Hate them enough to put this toxic stuff into the system of my dogs as directed. One, two are allergic to fleas and two I don't like them much at all myself; especially biting my ankles. I have 6 dogs. I use this once every three months or a little sooner if I see a flea anywhere at all for the flea season. Late spring to early fall in Oregon. You can use a milleliter drop thing to measure out the right dose if you feel confident to learn about your animals weight and how much to use, like online and you can buy the big doses and split them up to help with your budget. No need for pets to suffer
By RNDirish
West Virginia
August 21, 2012
This product is great. Other topical products cause my dog to shake her head for several days after applying however this product does not bother her at all. Have had zero problems with fleas or ticks since beginning to use Advantage.
By Fleas C.
Not recommended
August 21, 2012
Would not recommend this product if infestation is a medium to severe problem or you have a pet with flea allergies. We used every two weeks as direction recommended and still had to switch product.
By Bill
Baltimore, Maryland
Advantgage II flea and tick control.
August 20, 2012
This is an EXCELLENT product. My dog has never had a tick or flea found on her at vet check-ups. She does not jump and start biting her coat indicative of flea infestation. My home is free from any as well. I have used this for years and will continue to use only Advantage II.
By Shelleyt
Nova Scotia,Canada
A Reliable Company
August 17, 2012
I was surprised at how fast my order got here!.I have 3 big dogs and 2 cats,Ordering here is a huge savings.
By Sheila
Excellent Product
August 3, 2012
If you have a flea problem, this will take care of it within hours. Make sure you treat the environment as well, but this will get your pet flea free quickly.
By Sheila
Excellent product
August 3, 2012
I used Frontline for many years and I suppose the fleas became accustomed to it because I had a terrible flea infestation last year. I switched to Advantage and the animals were flea free within hours. I am very happy with this product.
By Yogi
Great product
July 31, 2012
We've been using this product a long time. It works on our German Shepherd and our Lab great. The reason we use Advantage is it does not have the harsh meds that other leading national brands do and is much safer for the pets.
By Doggie L.
Buffalo NY
Best Flea Treatment at the best price
July 28, 2012
Very pleased with Entirely Pet's pricing on this item, which seemed to be the best I could find on the internet.
By There B.
Jefferson City, TN
Best Purchase Ever
July 26, 2012
have tried other products and this is by far the BEST. I also have a cat. Also this is the best company to buy from. Everyone is very friendly and they have the best prices.
By Old F.
South Carolina
Great for cats also
July 24, 2012
By ordering the large dog size which contains 4.0 ml you can give difference doses for cats and smaller dogs. Ingredients for dogs and cats, the same, just the dosage is different. Large dogs 4.0ml, cats .08 which means you can do 5 cats with one dose for large dogs. I

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