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By Pixie
Sacramento, CA
June 28, 2019
Advantage II flea cotrol for dogs
Kills the fleas
By Roxie
Sacramento, CA
June 28, 2019
great product
Does the job to kill fleas
By Dog l.
January 24, 2019
Review for 6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Extra Large Dogs (Over 55 lbs)
This works so well on my dogs! My dogs cannot use Nexguard due to seizures and this is the next best thing.
ProsWorks well
ConsPut on their backs monthly
By Amanda101
November 23, 2018
Doesn't work
I bought this because my dog refuses to eat comfortis any longer and this medicine does not work ! Do not spend over $100 on this scam. Waste of money I can't even return product and does not work dog still has fleas even though I applied as shown to dog and this was 4 weeks ago. Do not buy !
ConsDoesn't work
By Alaska808
September 24, 2017
Works for me
Use it on a regular basis. No adverse reactions or problems with this product.
By Mikie
Southern California
July 13, 2017
flea control for my dog
My dog ,Meg, is 14 y/o and with this product has never had fleas. I get the product within days of ordering online at a good price. Thank you Entirely Pets
By Bella2012
Peterborough, Ontario
October 24, 2016
One dose and fleas were gone
I only used it once and my dog was fine, still has not had any fleas
By Susan
August 2, 2016
great luck with this product working
reasonably priced if you want to use a topical product for fleas
By Nanna
Bokoshe, Oklahoma
May 28, 2016
Works really well
We have 5 "Chiwenies" . We live in the country, and fleas and ticks are a problem, even when we treat the yard. This product is really great. We use it on our cats too' Don't like the spray product much. A fight to apply, and doesn't work as well.
By Joseph
San Augustine, Texas
March 30, 2016
Flea Meds
The shipping was very fast and the product seems to work.
By Patti
March 28, 2016
Reallllllly works
Do not live with pets that have fleas! Life is so much better for all without fleas.
By michelle
January 20, 2016
very good product
Advantage II works great. Not a flea on the dogs since I started to use it, many years ago. Thank you.
Cedar Falls, Iowa
January 10, 2016
Great purchase
I rely on this product to keep my pet safe.
By jimfyd
Albuquerque, NM
December 19, 2015
Advantage II
I'v used before with satisfactory results.
By Floydieboy
Abbotsford, BC
October 26, 2015
Great Stuff!
This product is great - I use it on my Cane Corso as a precautionary as he attends doggy daycare and although he has never had fleas, this product will ensure that he never does!
October 2, 2015
- This is the only brand I've ever used on my dog since he was a puppy. He's 9 years old now and never had a problem when he was on it. One time after coming back from a friend's house (I'd forgotten to put Advantage on him), I noticed he had tons of fleas, quickly gave him a thorough bath, and put the medication on him. Fleas went away within a few days. Would definitely keep using this brand and honestly don't think I'll switch anytime soon. - Also, my dog is usually around 10-11 lbs. I use the "dogs under 10 lbs Advantage" because that's what my vets gave me.
By Kelly
Austin, TX
September 22, 2015
Great Deal!
This product works well. I've used it for a long time. This is by far the best deal I've found on it. Shipping was very fast as well.
By Abitabb
July 9, 2015
Advantage II - Safe Efficient Product
I've used Advantage II since it came out for my dogs and occasionally my cats (indoor so rarely need flea control). It's safe, acts swiftly to control any biting bugs on the dogs and is safe for use around cats (not everything is!).
By lostmule
June 9, 2015
Don't work any more
Although they have helped in the past the Advantage products seem to have little effect on fleas now so will be searching for some other product that will work.
By sjpop
May 13, 2015
Best Protection
I live in a rural PA where fleas, ticks and other biting insects are rampant. Advantix II provides the best protection for my dogs. I have tried a variety of products but none provided complete protection for the full 30 days. The best perk was saving $35 by purchasing Advantix II through Entirely Pets rather than my vet or pet store .
By IsabellaRuby
Los Angeles, CA
May 12, 2015
Great Purchase
On my Golden 9 yrs-no fleas and no fear of them
By pug m.
brantford, ontario, canada
May 12, 2015
advantage II for dogs
my pugs enjoying being flea free!! means much more hugging and cuddling time.
April 11, 2015
By Dee
San Diego, CA
April 2, 2015
Big Advantage in Dog Care!
We have used advantage on our usually large, outdoor/sometimes indoor, dog (~180 lbs.) for over 10 years and we have never had a flea or tick in the house.
By Johanna
March 26, 2015
Good product
As I am only using this product I cannot judge whether there is a better one. It is working. My animals do not have fleas.
By juneybug
ontario ca
March 23, 2015
very good
I am very happy with the product and with the company,, they were very prompt.. many thanks
By frankied
March 19, 2015
great product
I have never seen a flea on Dillon. His skin is never irritated ,this product delivers results.
By major
Lindenhurst, NY
February 21, 2015
Advantage II
Gives you piece of mind that your dog(s) are protected and your house will be flee free.
By JimInPA
Camp Hill, PA
February 20, 2015
Very effective flea control
We had been using Frontline but last year, it was not doing the job, so we switched to Advantage II and the fleas are losing. Hopefully they won't build up an immunity to this product.
By Pat
Molokai Hawaii
February 2, 2015
3 Big Dogs say YES
Aloha, It keeps us flea and tick free so Mom doesn't have to worry.
By bjcossilver
January 16, 2015
Advantage better than other brand product
This product worked well . It wasn't greasy like other products I've used.. My dog has a skin condition and it doesn't seem to work for the whole 30 days. Sudie starts to get fleas at about 20 days but my vet this sometimes happens.
By paisleygirl
Houston, TX
October 7, 2014
Good stuff but needs be new product
I normally use the Advantage II on both my dogs and cats but when I received this it was in the old packaging. My friend had purchased a package the month before in new packaging. This didn't work near as well as it normally does so I was concerned that it had been sitting on the shelf for a long time. I'd rather have newer product so it's fresher and more apt to work better. I'll still use it on my pups but for my cats I use the Advantage multi as it covers for ear mites, heartworms etc.
By Mes P.
October 6, 2014
Customer going to Mexico
Best product I have bought for fleas and ticks. really satisfied so my Customer bought a box to is 6 month trip to Mexico !!!
By Mes P.
October 6, 2014
Fleas war, I win
Best product I have bought for fleas and ticks. really satisfied
By Miranda
Niagara Falls, On
September 13, 2014
Advantage Control
Advantage for both my dogs have worked wonders, no issues or concerns with the product. The pricing is reasonable as well.
By scotjudy7
August 21, 2014
great stuff
veterninarian recomended. good enough for me. kills ticks & fleas quick.
By SWahl
August 18, 2014
This product works very well at controlling fleas on our 3 dogs.
August 17, 2014
Better then Frontline Plus
Frontline had not been working on our dogs the last few years. Many people also had noticed that it was less effective. I had shopped and tried other products until I found Advantage. It has been excellent. Being we run a rescue and have multiple dogs, Frontline would NOT cover their Guarantee. I found Advantage not only works but totally stands behind their product. I am very satisfied with Advantage and the price. Its not as expensive and it works!!
By alice
August 6, 2014
Best control for fleas
this product works very well,all my animals are on the advantage ll products . And we are flea free .
By Ceasar's M.
Windsor, ON, Canada
August 6, 2014
Good value
I was reluctant to order pet products online seeing that in the past I always received my flea control from my Vet. I found the Advantage to be the exact same as what the Vet prescribes but for a lot less. I will continue to purchase products from Entirely Pets.
July 28, 2014
Review for 12 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control for Small Dogs (under 10 lbs)
We have two small Chihuahuas (and four 55+ lb dogs). The Advantage II Flea Control has been the best product to kill & control flea infestation. Coupled with the yard spray, we have totally eliminated all the fleas!! We have tried other products, but to no avail. This product is 5 stars! Don't waste your money on other products.
July 28, 2014
No more fleas!
We have FOUR 55+ pound dogs. The Advantage II Flea Control has been the best product to kill & control flea infestation. Coupled with the yard spray, we have totally eliminated all the fleas!! We have tried other products, but to no avail. This product is 5 stars! Don't waste your money on other products.
By lynnelab
July 11, 2014
great value
Great flea control and easy to apply. Much cheaper buying from EntirelyPets rather than from vet's office.
By Kaybee01
July 5, 2014
Advantage flea control
Get it every year. Works great for my dog and their service is great!
By ibclare
July 3, 2014
I don't use these on my dog. I draw them up in a syringe and use them on the cats. It deosn't hurt them and it works. It doesn't work for my dogs at all. I have also tried frontline, with poor results. I now use Comfortis for my dogs and it works like a charm. They only get 2 stars because they work on the cats. Less than one star for the dogs.
By Bobbie
June 20, 2014
Prompt service by entirely pets
The product doesn't inform you of the amount of the liquid in each tube. I wish they did.
By sara
June 4, 2014
Not working
This usually works well on my dogs, but not this time. I guess it's time to buy something else!
By fourlegsmom
May 18, 2014
first purchase
just happened to find this web site noticed great prices and free shipping. was not disappointed fast on time delivery. i have 3 dogs and need two different sizes of advantage so it can get expense real fast always good when i can get a good price. will definetly be back for other purchases.
By Dee D.
Pasadena, Ca.
May 17, 2014
Advantage Flea Controll.
I have a small long haired chihuahua and I have used this product only; as it has worked so well; he's never had fleas, yeah! Also he does have some allergies and this product has never bothered him, I would surely recommend it.
By Roxxy
Graham, WA.
May 14, 2014
Always a Great Choice !!!
Works very well on both my Large is 85# and the other is 130#......No Fleas......

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