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By Candis
Product Review
January 5, 2021
The product seems like a miracle drug.
ConsShipping is stressful as no one sends any shipping confirmation and product needs refrigeration.
By Julie C.
Augusta, GA
It works
November 23, 2020
My vet put my elderly dog on Azodyl and his renal function numbers have actually improved. The product work.
Merchant Response:Julie, that is nothing short of a miracle. We love hearing stories like yours.
By Kring
November 14, 2020
My vet recommended this coz its effective and i can't get it here so i have to order on this site and they shipped it right away. The items are well packaged, considering i tried ordering just 1 bottle first and im so amazed they made sure its properly handled in a big box, inside is like an insulation bag that is iced pack. Will definitely order again. Thanks a bunch! Satisfied customer here!
By McKassie
Can't say that it helped
September 19, 2020
We went thru one 3-pack of these on order of our vet, then had just gotten the next 3-pack when my McKassie died. I really could not tell it helped her at all. But all of us are different, maybe it will be what your pet needs?
Merchant Response:We are saddened to hear about McKassie. Wishing you all the comfort in the world. Wish things turned out different. take care.
By Danielle D.
Lindenhurst, NY
Extremely Helpful!!
September 13, 2020
This product has been a life saver, literally, for my 5 year old female cat. She was diagnosed with idiopathic hypercalcemia about 2 years ago. Prolonged high levels of calcium greatly effect the kidneys, and her numbers were not good at all since it took a little while to get the calcium levels down (with miracle drug, Alendronate). My vet recommended Azodyl to help her kidneys, and the next time we checked her levels, they were all excellent. Azodyl saved my little girl's life, and I could not recommend it more!
ProsSaves lives. Neat, clean capsule.
ConsCat hates taking pills, but that is not Azodyl's fault lol
By Diane S.
Walters, OK
August 26, 2020
Price is good and product arrives in a two day time span......wish there was a way to keep it cold longer but from everything I've read this shouldn't be an issue for a couple days. Colder weather will be less of a concern.
ProsGreat pricing and delivered within 2-3 days of shipping
Conswish product could be kept colder during hot months.
By Donna
Kenosha Wisconsin
Great for failing kidneys
April 21, 2020
I gave this to my basset hound when her kidneys started to fail and it totally turned her condition around, she is more active now and better than before.
Merchant Response:We love hearing stories like this. You and your basset hound take care.
By Lou
Brooklyn, NY
Better Price
March 18, 2020
For a pet medication that contains three bacterial cultures, two of which are commonly found in yogurt, this is more expensive (for each pill and the dose is 2/day) than my blood pressure med. BUT when my 17 year old calico stopped eating and drinking due to nausea from toxins built up from her kidney disease this solved that problem. She now has normal appetite and activity. This med must be shipped cold and EntirelyPets did a quick, efficient job at a sale price.

Merchant Response:Happy to help Lou. Glad to hear she is doing better.
ProsGood price and proper delivery.
By Puglvs
January 21, 2020
Good product for my dog who has chronic kidney failure
By T W.
January 1, 2020
Excellent--and much used and needed product--that was packaged beautifully and sent out promptly. Can't ask for more. Will use EntirelyPets again!
By Lillian K.
Eugene, Oregon
January 1, 2020
Azodyl helps maintain my kitty Suezee (Age 16.7) with her Kidney Disease.
ProsGood Maintenance
By Eve
Very Pleased
December 28, 2019
This product has helped support my kitty with kidney disease immensely. He has been on it for over a year, and his lab values have improved.
ProsEasy to give
ConsRather expensive
By Robin
Vivian, LA
Saved my Cat
July 13, 2019
After the vet diagnosed my cat with kidney failure, five years ago, I did some research and found this. I love it it maded a big difference and so easy to give to my cat. Miss kitty is still going strong at 19 years . I highly recommend it !!!
ProsEasy to give your cat, open capsule ,mix with food
By John N.
Azodyl Really Works
June 13, 2019
I have had several cats diagnosed with renal insufficiency / disease / CRF. Each of these senior cats ultimately died from something other than renal failure. Azodyl helped them maintain BUN and Creatinine within high normal range. I now give Azodyl to all my cats, even though they do not have renal disease. EntirelyPets does a good job of packing this product which requires refrigeration, and I receive it in 2-3 days from order date.
ProsAzodyl has definitely extended and improved quality of life for my cats suffering from renal disease.
ConsAzodyl directions for use suggest giving entire capsule to cat. This is impractical due to size of capsule. You are better off opening up capsule and sprinkling powder on food just prior to serving. Your cat will still get benefit from probiotic.
By PeggyB
Lehigh FL
Great Product!
May 9, 2019
Azodyl has really helped our senior cat with kidney disease. However, the price of the product. PLUS the price of shipping can be prohibitive. Sad.
ConsPrice of product and shipping
By Cheraud
Schererville, Indiana
Very Powerful
April 1, 2019
My cat had kidney issues. His vet suggested Azodyl to help. Boy it really works!. He is doing amazingly well. His numbers are in normal range now. Needless to say we are very happy. Entirely Pets is a great place to purchase it. They have the lowest price. Just order it now because it has to be kept on ice because it is perishable. It also needs to be refrigerated.
ProsVery powerful
By Pat C.
St. Clair, MI
Review for Azodyl Small Caps (90 count)
January 12, 2019
Have been giving Azodyl to my 18 year old cat for about 6 months. She has renal and liver issues and she has improved since being on this medication. She acts like a cat half her age.
By jemiller
Chicago, IL
6 pack is cheapest and convenient
January 1, 2019
After price shopping on various pet supply sites, Entirely Pets has the best price for Azodyl. The product is shipped within 2 days and comes with ice packs to keep the product cold. I use this product to help manage kidney disease in my 2 year old lab. So far, this product has helped stabilize her condition.
Prosfast shipping, good price
By Jim H.
Salt Lake, Utah
Best Price
October 8, 2018
3 or 4 years ago, our 2 cats were diagnosed with kidney disease. Our Veterinarian suggested Azodyl supplements. The price at the vets office was over $100 per bottle and I have been ordering from Entirely Pets ever since. Kidney function as measured by blood work has been steady or better. I believe this supplement has extended the life of our cats who are now 16 and 15 years old.
By KJkj
Mixed feelings
August 21, 2018
My cat has renal insufficiency stage 2, and the vet has recommended Azodyl. I have been using it regularly since 3 months now, but it does not show any significant impact on her creatinine levels. However, it is a reputed product and I hope things will turn for the better - waiting and watching.
By Moody
June 28, 2018
My vet rec Azodyl a little over 18 months ago for my boy, Moody Moo. He was 13 yrs old at the time and his kidney values were at the top end of normal. He's been taking Azodyl every day since then. Just had new bloodwork and vet said everything looks good-NORMAL!!! He is now 15 and will continue taking Azodyl every day!
By Sfjberk
San Francisco
May 8, 2018
This review is for Azodyl (not the 3-pack, because I bought just 2 bottles). Azodyl has helped my 20-year-old cat maintain his kidney function numbers and keep as healthy as he can be.
By talltina
Setauket, New York
30% cheaper than buying from my vet!
April 9, 2018
I have been giving these caplets to my cat with renal disease for years. I don't believe there is any proof that they work but my cat seems Ok so I have to wonder -maybe they are one of the reasons she hasn't further declined. They have to be kept cool or they are ineffective ans EntirelyPets knew to ship them with a cooler bag insidee and insulated bag. Also, they are so much cheaper than buying from my vet.
By LisaK
Seems to be helping
October 6, 2017
Our 14 year old cat is doing better with Azodyl We'll keep her on it to help her kidneys as much as possible.
By Nana
Greenville, SC
Surviving Kidney Disease
October 2, 2017
My senior rescue dog was literally on her last leg. Each day she lives is a blessing. Azodyl helps her to live with Kidney disease rather than succumbing to it.
By Tere
Good product
October 1, 2017
My cat takes this product easily just sprinkled on his food. He is feeling much better and acting more energetic and youthful. Glad my vet prescribed it!!
By Polence
Excellent Supplement
September 1, 2017
Azodyl is a one-of-a-kind supplement and I am more than happy with the customer service at EntirelyPets. Shame that all of us in Europe need to buy it from the US and fret over transport temperatures, wait at the customs', etc. I would hope that one day the supplement will be easily available for us as well. Meanwhile though, from the several suppliers I've tried in the US, EntirelyPets is the best and while I need Azodyl, I would not look elsewhere.
Best international purchase ever
August 20, 2017
ABSOLUTELY HAPPY for my first purchase on your shop!The packaging is excellent and carefully done!The international sending to France is very fast!My little cat seems to be in better conditions,with appetit!I will purchase for more soon and recommand this shop+++Thank you so much!!!
By Parpaiou
Nice product
August 5, 2017
Really good product, my cat seem to feel better with it. Hope it's for a long time
By Animal L.
Review for 3-PACK Azodyl Small Caps (270 count)
July 31, 2017
I've had my 17 year old cat, who was diagnosed with CKD in March, on Azodyl, Amin Avast, and Kidney Support Gold drops since then, and he is doing well.
By Patricia F.
Santa Monica, CA
Saved my dog's life
July 19, 2017
A few weeks ago, I was telling my 18 year old dog it was okay if it was time to go to the Rainbow Bridge as he had been going downhill for awhile. A week into Azodyl, he is acting and looking like he is years younger. He is super happy, sleeping well, eating well, very engaged in life. Miracle product! What a gift to the planet. Thank you!
By Sophie's M.
Orlando, FL
May 26, 2017
Recommended by our vet, but way cheaper than buying it at the vet's office. Ships fast and with cold packs to maintain stability of medication.
By nonegiven
Washington Boro, Pa.
Ordered by the Vet.
May 26, 2017
The vet ordered this medicine. It's kept her alive for six years. Too expensive for what you get. Delivery was very good.
By Jeff
King George, VA
Kidney Values Completely Normal
May 23, 2017
Azodyl seems to be keeping her values in check. Everything checks out normal.
By Ritesh k.
Please don't order this if you are based out of UK
April 2, 2017
I have ordered the product before while in India and never faced an issue. The pro-biotic product needs to be refrigerated and temperature controlled so prompt delivery is important. I wasn't informed when I ordered that The customs process in U.K. will mean the product is stuck with parcelforce courier company in london for close to 2 weeks with no updates or advice on how to expedite- I was willing to pay the 20 odd quid duty but no notice or method to get in touch. Entirelypets just stated they are helpless and I will need to wait. No refunds either since the product has been shipped on time. Not a happy customer sorry.
By JoJo
kidney pills
March 14, 2017
These pills were prescribed by a vet for our 9 yr.old yorkie dog two years ago; and JoJo is doing very well now with this medicine Azrodyl.
By ugghle
March 6, 2017
Been giving this to our four cats for the last 3 years, has done wonders, kidney still a problem but cats have returned to normal weight and activity, 17 years old! A little pricey but works.
By Monica
Bayamon,Puerto Rico
Azodyl save my cat life
March 6, 2017
That medicine is the best . Practicaly save my cat life.
San Diego, CA
Using it as prevention
February 28, 2017
I purchased this when my cat had a uti. I actually ordered it, before her vet appt., just in case. Although her kidney test came back normal, I decided to start giving it to her anyway. She will be 17yrs in May and considering she is a Persian, who are predisposed to kidney problems, I feel it's well worth the cost (oldest pet I have ever had in my life). I have noticed that it helps keep her "regular." I also feed her a prescription diet of low-phosphorous food. "An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure." It's not that easy giving a cat a pill, but I grease it up with extra-virgin Coconut Oil, every a.m., to help it go down.
By Nancy B.
La Paz, Mexico
February 28, 2017
My vet recommended Azodyl once a day for my 16 year old cat, as his kidneys were starting to fail. That was two years ago. My now 18 year old cat is doing great! He is more active and has a big appetite. And I still have my best buddy for company.
By misswiss
Brooklyn, NY
Works to keep renal function regular
February 22, 2017
We used this daily for our 18 year old cat with declining renal function. After we began using it, along with sub-Q fluids, his renal values not only stabilized but improved. Of course, YMMV, but this product has been great for our cat.
By Sanja
Very good
January 9, 2017
We got the prescription from our vet, and we thought they worked very well!
By Rosell
Creston, NC
Review for Azodyl Small Caps (90 count)
January 9, 2017
Recent tests show Azodyl is helping with kidney function.
Phoenix, AZ
Vet Recommended
October 31, 2016
My cat has renal issues from a very bad infection. After a number of meds and Azodyl, he is on the mend. He will be taking Azodyl probably forever. It does work for what the vet needed to happen.
Delray Beach, Florida
Azodyl is an amazing product
October 22, 2016
My kitty Truly was diagnosed with Kidney disease at the age of 16. We didn't think she would live much longer, but heard of Azodyl from our vet. We decided to try it to see if would help reduce Truly's BUM number and give her some relief. Truly is now 21 years old and still doing well. I have a second kitty, who also is on Azodyl and she is 19 years old. I believe that this product has given both cats more longevity and a better quality of life.
By E N.
San Francisco, CA
It really works!
October 22, 2016
Azodyl does help support challenged kidneys by helping to filter nitrogenous waste from the bloodstream. Elevated kidney enzymes observed on my pet's blood work are reduced, and my vet is amazed. At age 17, my cat's health is stable again.
By joanieiii
erie pa
October 21, 2016
This medicine is expensive and you have to pay for overnight shipping. I am not sure it helped my dog. I bought to bottles to save money because of shipping. And my dog has pasted and I have a bottle never opened, I wish that these products that are suppose to help are pet our more reasonable in price.
By amianimales
Review for Azodyl Small Caps (90 count)
August 2, 2016
excellent product is vital for my cat. tks
By JoJo
A Very Trusted Product
July 26, 2016
My kitty, who in days is about to turn 18 yrs old, has had renal disease for 4 years now. He was placed on Azodyl tablets, one in a.m. & one in p.m., and also placed on intravenous fluids. He is doing really good which I attribute to both these products. The SMALL Caps are ideal for my kitty as Vet recommended I open capsule and mix with small amount of water and administer by mouth in a syringe (no needle of course). This works great but you must work fast as it clumps if you don't continuously shake while in syringe. I highly recommend this product. I live in the South and with overnight shipping, my containers are always still very cold.
By Oak M.
Oak Park IL
Good Price for Azodyl
July 22, 2016
I was pleased by your price for Azodyl. Since my cat will need it for the rest of her life, any money I can save on her medication is a great help.

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