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By JamesJung
March 4, 2017
My Pet Cray ~ Eat !!! Ha Ha !! Excellent Product
By Darnell
Boulder City, Nevada
Great Product
June 23, 2016
I am seeing a lot improvement on my dog's teeth. I had changed his dog food and it seem to really cling to his teeth. I'm so glad Entirely Pets carries Oratene.
By Cass
Williamsville, NY
Pretty good
March 25, 2016
I have added this to my cats' water bowl and it's very easy. Low odor, minimal mess. Cats don't even know it's there. The one with breath issues though, I can't say it has improved drastically. I am going to continue use though and also use the Oral Gel in conjunction and see how that works.
By AZCatsitter
Small Town AZ
Try It
April 10, 2015
I was happy to find something like the water additive. I think it has helped my cat in the few weeks he has used it. It definitely is worth the try!
By Yid
September 19, 2014
Although I love this product the bottle is really small which is not a good value for me as with everything these days shipping is so expensive. The 4 oz will not last long with 2 dogs
By vettech4life
Great Purchase! Highly Reccomend
July 15, 2014
When I got with my boyfriend, now husband, his dog had HORRIBLE teeth. Being a vet tech that just doesnt fly with my. Dental care can be fairly expensive so this product is good for people who cant afford a 700 dollar dentist bill for a pet. Broke off all the tartar and plaque from his teeth! almost as good ad a routine dental cleaning :)
Review for Zymox Oratene Drinking Water Additives (4 oz)
February 11, 2014
My cat or dog would not touch the water..I threw this away...
By fidget
This product is worth buying
December 6, 2013
I have an American Eskimo dog and this product seems to be keeping his teeth clean and tarter free.
By Tango b.
Sarasota, FL
Good product
September 14, 2013
Oratene drinking water additive has been very effective in preventing the buildup of plaque and tartar on my German Shepherd's teeth. Follow the directions on the bottle and be sure to change the water frequently.
By lLarry
Southwestern Michigan
Not So Good This Time
July 28, 2013
Previous purchases have worked out fine. This time one of four units had a defective dosing mechanism.
By Susan
Nova Scotia
Good Stuff
June 17, 2013
One of my cats has chronic severe gingivitis, stomatitis, and an addition of 1 ml per cup in his (their) water has improved, but certainly not cured his gums. The gums are now perhaps 50% less inflamed and he no longer (regularly) drools blood tinged drool and now only flinches when the gum area is accidentally touched during combing or cuddling. He used to self-flinch when eating, washing, etc. My vet says that gingers are often more susceptible to gingivitis. Gingervitis? I don't have much success applying the other Oratene anti-inflammatory gels or mouthwash. It freaks him out so I've never been able to sustain the treatment. I'm also fairly certain that the additive has kept my other cats' mouths in better shape than they might otherwise have been as they age.
By Grace
Great Product
May 20, 2013
This product has worked well for my elderly 17 year old cat who has health issues and cannot have his teeth cleaned. His teeth are a lighter color and don't seem to have the build up of plaque that I've seen in the past.
By cubluce
Honolulu, HI
No difference yet
March 4, 2013
Been giving to dogs for a little over two weeks now and haven't noticed any difference yet. It doesn't seem to affect the taste of the water as the dogs are drinking just as much water as before.
By Joan
Eugene OR
Easy and effective
February 27, 2013
After extensive dental problems, my dentist recommended brushing, this product, and OraVet. This is the easiest part of her dental care. A squirt in 2 cups of water (half bowl for her) and she's good to go. When the water needs refreshing, or every 24 hours, I wash the bowl well, and then put in the solution. The vet said bacteria in the bowl can add to dental problems. I expect her to have healthy teeth with this as part of her regimen.
By erjlg3
February 27, 2013
I purchased 4. When they arrived 3 were broken. I called and they sent out 3 more and 1 was broken. They are mailing them in bags now. I have loved this biotene previously........recently..I have had to use more in the same amount of water or it doesn't work. Which would lead one to believe it is being watered down. Why not...everything else is too. Disappointing. It was a good product that lasted a month and now the same product last only 14 days.
By scooter
Good buy .
February 25, 2013
I have notice my dog's breath smells better . Three members of my family now use Biotene Veterinarian Drinking water additive for their dogs and really like it . We know that Biotene also makes a product for human consumption and that proves it is safe for our pets . SCOOTER
By daisy
South Carolina
great product
February 12, 2013
My English Cocker is 10 and his teeth are still sparkling white. I put a pump full into his water bowl each day.
By Doxie-owner
San Diego County
Really works
February 6, 2013
I have been using this product for over a year and have recommended it to friends & family. I already was brushing my dog's teeth everyday, but still there was some plaque build-up before I used the Biotene additive. Now her teeth a sparkling clean with just easy brushing. Old stains came off too. I wish they made this for people.
By JohnD
January 31, 2013
2 Rottweillers, don't brush, our vet noticed how well their teeth look, fresher breath. Anyone with a chance to see their teeth comment on how nice and white their teeth are. Will definitely continue to use.
By Hcacres
Help for Poor Dental Conditions
January 14, 2013
Bought this to help with constant battle to prevent heavy plaque buildup, bad teeth and infected gums. I have well water with a lot of hard minerals. This added to the dogs' water seems helpful but is not replacement for other dental care. Helps with bad breath some.
By Yung
Blackfalds, Alberta
Recommended by Holistic Vet in Edmonton,AB
January 5, 2013
This is an awesome product for our 2 Shih Tzu pups. What a difference in their teeth in such a short time. I want to ensure that in their elder years they will have teeth to enjoy the foods and bones they love today. Thank you for such a good product.
By Kathy
Wichita KS
Excellent product
January 1, 2013
I've been using this product for years and even the vet comments on the excellent condition of my pets' teeth. I rescue, have 5 dogs and 7 cats of my own, and I've seen what this product can do. Highly recommend it. I have 3 senior dogs (11) and one senior cat (9). Only one has needed a dental in the 6-10 years they have been with me.
By slayer1987
Dodge City, KS
her breath don't stink anymore
December 30, 2012
I think this stuff works pretty good. My animals don't seem to notice that is in their h2o. I wonder what is in our water?hehehe.
By Karen
Parkland, Florida
Love this item
November 6, 2012
No more bad breath for my three dogs. I will never be without this. The bottle was mailed securely and I never have had a problem..
By gma2seven k.
great product
October 29, 2012
since I have been using this, I have noticed less staining of my pup's fur around his mouth and eyes.
By Jan
Vet recommended Biotene
October 25, 2012
My vet recommended this product but I buy it from Entirely Pets because it is less expensive and really works.
By Grey M.
Excellent Product
October 23, 2012
I have owned greyhounds for years and they are notorious for their bad teeth. This product really helps to keep their teeth clean and their breath fresh! People always remark how nice my hounds teeth look. I have used this product on my 8-year old greyhound and he has never had to go under anesthesia to have his teeth cleaned!
Boca Raton, FL
Good For My Cats
October 23, 2012
It seems to be working for my cats. They do not even know it is in their drinking water.
By jane
very happy with results
October 23, 2012
my poodle has been on Biotene for 3 years, and this past cleaning the technician said she her teeth were in great shape and very little plague. For a poodle who is 5 that is good news! And it requires so little effort,just place in their water. We have a 2 yr old havanese who did not need a cleaning yet.
By Becca0327
Actually works!
October 22, 2012
I have a Dane, only 2 years old. She gets heavy plaque build up so bad I've had to learn to scale her teeth myself. This product not only cuts down on the amount of scale that builds up between cleanings but keeps her bad breath odor down. Highly recommend!
By Barb
Best for Bad Breath
October 22, 2012
I've used this before and I love it. Every now and again when my dogs breath starts to smell, I use this in her drinking water for about 4 weeks and she good for awhile.
By Hope
Caution on shipping
August 11, 2012
I knew better but was not thinking when I left instructions for the shipper to leave the package at the door. Not the thing you want to do if you live in the desert in Phoenix, Arizona. This product has beneficial biology that is killed in extreme heat. Although I have given it 5 stars, it is based on my friend's opinion of the product. I have not been able to try it yet.
By Tango
Excellent product
August 8, 2012
After having my German Shepherd's teeth cleaned, I started adding biotene drinking water additive to his water and his teeth have remainied white and clean. It has been over a year now. I am very happy with the results.
By Dogmom
Review for Zymox Oratene Drinking Water Additives (4 oz)
August 7, 2012
Seems to work well but a bit pricey although cheaper than dental cleaning at a vet.
By Mutt M.
Norco, CA
Easy and effective
August 2, 2012
I'm on my 4th or 5th bottle of this, and will keep using it. Even my cats will drink water with this in it, and the vet thinks the teeth of my chihuahua mix and cats are amazing. Small dogs are notorious for having bad teeth. I've tried other products that are added to water, and the cats won't go near it.
By JesseandChloesMom
Wilton, CT
Great product and Price!
July 31, 2012
This is a wonderful product to help prevent plaque buildup. Teeth cleaning for dogs is very expensive. The first time I bought it was at my vet's office for more than twice the cost at EntirelyPets. Great site and service.
By Gale
Just what the vet suggested
July 24, 2012
I could not find this product anywhere else. You price was better than my vet's. I will buy more of this from you.
By copperdog
Really Works!
June 23, 2012
I've tried several other products that have promised the same results that were complete failures. My 3 dachshunds needed their teeth cleaned every 3 months, now after 2 months of using Biotene Drinking water additive, I see no signs of plaque. They eat dry food and I am still brushing their teeth once a week as I always have. I've just re-ordered 6 bottles.
By Grammy
Mechanicville, NY
Biotene Drinking Water Additive
June 14, 2012
I recently purchased 2 bottles of this product as it was recommended by my veternarian. We have a Shi Tzu Mix who had very bad teeth; we recently spent over $500 to have them cleaned and bad ones extracted, our vet claims she has been using this product for 2 years with good results! We sure are keeping our fingers crossed and will update sometime later, thanks for your great prices I have been purchasing his shampoo here, since he has sensnitive skin also, it's great shampoo!!!!
By Hunter
Joliet IL
one or two pumps in water
June 5, 2012
have tried different products.sprays and drops were hard to give to dog(very picky)and a waste of money.needed something so as not to panic and startle the dog.the product pumps right into the mess and he does not notice it and drinks it readily.took about a few weeks to start working. and now better breath and better looking teeth.
By Erin
Clinton, MA
Biotene Vet Drinking Water Additive
May 29, 2012
Odorless, tasteless & easy to use pump bottle. It really does help reduce my cats' bad breath. This is my 2nd bottle purchase. Found this on Entirelypets & it was cheapest around online! Thank you Entirelypets!!
By Bobbie
York, SC
So far so good
April 26, 2012
Haven't used the product long enough to tell a difference in my pups teeth. However breath is fresh. With two large dogs go through product quickly.
By Classic G.
Scottsdale, AZ
Seems Helpful
April 23, 2012
Our dog's dentist began to recommend a product he carries, and when I told him we use Biotene, he simply put his product back on the shelf. He commented that this was an excellent product. It has kept my dog's teeth fairly clean, but plaque still does build that requires dental intervention. I do believe this product makes the situation much better than it would be though.
By Catmother
Biotene - for cats
March 19, 2012
My Vet suggested that I try this product for my cat colony that was suffering from an upper respiratory condition with watery eyes and nasal discharge. As with all things, it helped some of the cats, but not all. It took about 10 days to see the results. As far as improving their dental reports, they haven't been on this product long enough to assess. I would recommend it for anyone with cats who are having problems clearing up their cat's eyes or nose.
By Bob
have been using for years
February 14, 2012
By ldc
San Diego area, CA
It works!
February 5, 2012
I thought I would give this product a try after hearing from my vet there is an additive to water that helps with plaque build-up. I tried this and I'm surprised that it does work. I brush my dog's teeth everyday but still there was some build-up. Now even old build-up is disappearing. I just wish it were cheaper. The bottle is very small for the price.
By MGlory
January 29, 2012
Our vet recommended this January 2011. My Cocker Spaniel and my Pomeranian have had annual teeth cleaning under anesthetic for a number of years. This year (Thanks to this product) their annual physical did not require going under anesthesia for teeth cleaning. Wow! Saved money and was much for my dogs. I have a 'dog water' quart pitcher. When it goes empty, I do one good squirt of 'additive' and fill it with water. I fill the water bowls from the pitcher, as needed. So, I don't have to mix the water every bowl refill. Works great for me!
By demi
Relief for a chronic canine mouth problem
December 19, 2011
We have a male retired show dog that for years we battled chronic infections in a lip fold on his lower jaw. As Pirate's owners/breeders we want to give him a long confortable life in his retirement. On a suggestion from a "puppy client" we tried the Biotene water additive to try to help maintain this American and Canadian Champion's teeth as he is not a chewer of bones or other toys that might help keep his teeth clean and breath sweet. Surprise to us not only did Pirate's teeth look cleaner in a few weeks but his chronic lip infection cleared up. Now I recommend to my puppy families this simple method to help inprove their dogs' oral health and use it for all my own seven dogs They currently shown dogs need the edge of clean teeth and the retired show dogs keep their mouths cleaner and sweet smelling.
By JulieTexas
Dallas, TX
Really Great Product
November 14, 2011
Had heard of this and bought 1 bottle. My 2 older dogs plaque began to disappear in just a week. Have bought 2 more bottles. Must have for all dog owners.
By crookshanks
North Central Illinois
Biotene Drinking Water Additive
November 7, 2011
Like all Biotene products, the drinking water additive is very effective for cats with stomatitis. We use it at the animal shelter and I use it at home. Happy to recommend. Excellent value.

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