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By Carolyn
March 16, 2017
We cut these bonies in half and it takes her an hour of enjoyment to eat them and clean her teeth at the same time. She is a tartar builder so these bonies help her plus she thinks they are great!
By Cher
Grass Lake Mi
May 1, 2016
I ordered a small pack of the dental, and calming variety. My dogs loved them , so I reordered in the larger packages. Great product
By Bea
Denver, CO
April 9, 2016
Picky dog
My big dog LOVED these bonies. However, he died and now my coonhound will not eat these. He is very picky after his buddy died. The bones are great, it's just that my dog won't eat them. He likes chicken flavor. . . Sorry.
By Benz
March 2, 2016
OK Stuff
Dogs love them but should have bought smaller version. Use them as rewards for Chihuahua and rat terrier and had to cut them into 3 pieces.
By Dood's m.
Las Vegas
January 23, 2016
Review for BONIES« Natural Dental Health Multi-Pack SMALL (15 Bones / 12.15 oz)
Dood loves his Bonies! I love that they take him awhile to chew through. :)
By Henrysmom
December 18, 2015
Review for BONIES« Natural Dental Health Multi-Pack SMALL (15 Bones / 12.15 oz)
My little dog likes these, and we like that it takes a while for him to finish one. They don't smell great, though...
By rosiejude
Kansas City, MO
November 20, 2015
Our older dog loves these! Easy to chew and evidently very tasty.
By drvee
November 2, 2015
very effective dental product
Bonies are good the dogs' mouth and their teeth, and they love them.
By beth
June 30, 2015
big smile
my dog likes them and her breath smells sweet
By Shirley
June 11, 2015
Dog Loves Them
My dog readily eats the "Bonies" and they are priced better than the ones I have been buying. They even look like the same ones that I have been buying. Great product!!
By rottiedad
May 22, 2015
Bonies Rock!
My dogs love Bonies. Whenever they know they're going to get them for a treat they start dancing. What they don't know is they are keeping their teeth clean.
By Shel D.
Berkeley, CA
February 14, 2015
Bonies Drive My Pooches Crazy
My dogs love bonies and even understand when I say the word. They do walk by sniffs towards the shelf where I keep them. Thanks for such a great product and also good for their teeth/gums!!
By Donn951
Hometown IL
February 12, 2015
Long lasting
I bought these for two of my dogs and they lasted a long time but they are much harder. They have a great minty taste but honestly my dogs still prefer their Greenies.
By sterlingirl
Imlay City, MI
September 11, 2014
great smile
I was hesitant in this type of product but my Pom's breath was enough to gag a maggot. He gets one a day, and I have noted a great improvement. Tartar greatly reduced and breath is much improved. They will remain his evening snack.
August 14, 2014
great treat
my lab she loves these in fact maybe more than rawhide bones sometimes I highly recommend them especially when it is buy one get one free
By kimwon
Littleton, Colorado
March 30, 2014
No problem chomping these down
Dogs eat these like nobody's business, I give them as a treat.
By kit-kat
Natchez, MS
February 19, 2014
loves 'em
These are great. My dog is a real hard chewer and can demolish just about anything in seconds. This takes her about 1 minute! It is a challenge and good for her teeth. I'll buy them, again!
January 13, 2014
Great Price
My dog really likes these and they were a good price.
By MamaJ
Sanford NC
December 12, 2013
Bonies Natural Dental Bones - Small sz.
Excellent product that my 'babies' really went for! Good price, too. We plan to buy more when these are gone!
By Jan
August 29, 2013
Good Product
Our Wheaten likes Bonies. Begs for them and once she has one she really chows down
By Linda
August 28, 2013
My dog won't eat these
She'll carry one around sometimes, but hasn't actually chewed up a single one. I don't know why; she likes some other dental products.
By Jo
A.J., Arizona
August 8, 2013
My dog really likes his Bonies and anything that will help keep his teeth clean makes me happy. It's very expensive having a pets teeth cleaned as most of you know. We're totally satisfied.
By Mal
August 5, 2013
With my first purchase of this, my sheltie really liked these. He went through a few days of not eating but he still liked his bonies,
By Yuki
honolulul HI
August 2, 2013
Doggie loved the product, and cleans tarter.
By Bean
June 2, 2013
Review for BONIES« Natural Dental Health Multi-Pack SMALL (15 Bones / 12.15 oz)
My dogs love them! Great dental bone and they do not upset my dogs stomach
By Icky52
April 21, 2013
Trying something new
Too soon to tell if will make a difference in dog's teeth, but recommended by vet and both our dogs love them
April 2, 2013
Dogs love them
My bulldog can't eat rawhide and these seem to work for him great. Love's the special treat!
By Reen
Laguna Hills, CA
March 28, 2013
Our dog LOVES Bonies, all the flavors sit well with her! I make sure to have them around at all times!!
March 22, 2013
Review for BONIES« Natural Dental Health Multi-Pack SMALL (15 Bones / 12.15 oz)
My dogs love these - even my picky one grabs hers and runs! They're not long lasting chews, more of a 3 minute treat.
By lizbug
San Antonio,tx
March 20, 2013
My English Bull Dog Miley enjoys these. She gets one after breakfast and dinner.
By Sharky's M.
Charlotte, NC
March 6, 2013
Great Treat/Snack
These bonies are healthy and do wonders for my little dog's breath and teeth. He LOVES them and he is one picky pup. I buy these in bulk because I know this is always a good snack for my dog to have on hand. Can't find bonies anywhere in the stores so I am a fan of Entirely Pets for this specific reason!
By Debbie
Vancouver, WA
February 25, 2013
Great Product
I actually gave these as a gift to my mom's dog. He loves them and it is one of the first bones that he will eat instead of trying to bury.
By sally
January 26, 2013
Repeat buyer!
I love the Bonies, my dogs love the bonies. Made in America, natural ingredients, a nice treat!
By Jackson's m.
December 18, 2012
Great purchase
Our Westy has a sensitive stomach and he enjoys chewing on these. They are great for helping to clean his teeth!
By Sage
December 5, 2012
Bonies Natural Dental Bones
My Yorkie loves "Bonies". If she doesn't eat the whole thing, she hides it for later. If I get anywhere near her "hiding" place, she retrieves it and hides it someplace else.
By IMOScout
November 18, 2012
Excellent Dental bones
I buy all 3 sizes of these since our dogs are small, medium and large. They all love these and will bug us if they don't get one every few days. Their breath is nicer and it definitely helps clean (and keep clean) their teeth. Would highly recommend!
By Monica
Chesapeake, VA
November 6, 2012
Not impressed
We have only used it once because our dogs threw up (green gross stuff) on this product.
By dogsma
November 6, 2012
good amount for the money and the dogs liked them
By Sophie
May 30, 2012
Love 'em
My two Mini Schnauzers love these, and they seem to be just hard enough that they have to chew on them a while rather than just gobble them up in too big of a hurry where they turn around a throw them up.
By Ane's n.
Lehighton, PA
May 7, 2012
Gotta Keep on hand!
My dog loves these! Even when he won't eat anything else, he craves these. He's sick, and will only eat his meals if I chop one up and put it in his food.
By Lily&Casper
baytown, tx
April 19, 2012
Not for me...
I'd heard great things about this treat...Made in America, all natural, no by-products, additives...etc. So I really wanted my pups to like this. But they didn't. I found it to be very hard, too hard for their little teeth to crunch into and it didn't smell as good as some of the other treats I've bought for them. Hate to be the one low rate here but if your pet is as finicky as mine are when it comes to eating, I would probably buy the samples to try them on before wasting my money on the bigger packs...I have a lot of respect for their willingness to provide healthy treats to pets though...
By Kate V.
Hanover County, VA
March 6, 2012
My Lucy looks forward to hers every evening!
Based on all the positive reviews, I recently ordered 3 bags of Bonies. Our 10-lb. Chihuahua, Lucy, LOVES them! I feel good about giving her a treat made with wholesome ingredients and one that will help keep her teeth clean and her breath smelling fresh. Lucy gets 1 a day, about a half hour after her dinner. She thinks they're her dessert! We're so pleased with Bonies, I will soon be ordering more. :)
By Porter
Albany, NY
February 11, 2012
Excellent wheat free product
In an effort to eliminate wheat from my dogs diets I tried Bonies (alternative to Greenies). The dogs love them and they don't contain the wheat that the dogs are allergic to. I'll be buying Boneis from now on!
By grove g.
January 25, 2012
Bones - Best Bone Ever!!
My dogs absolutely love these bones and I have never found a bone that smells as good as this one. I cant keep them in my house. I wish they would sell these at one of my local pet stores!!!
January 19, 2012
By Rusty
January 18, 2012
The Mississippi Treat
My dog is a rescue dog and suffers from separation anxiety. I found out that the kong with kong treat helped helped my dog when I would leave the house. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to find the treat that my dog loves so I switched to the bonie treat. The dog loves them and they work just as well as the kong treat.
By Pat
December 11, 2011
good alternative to the green bones
I usually get my dog the green mint-flavor bones but they were not available, so I decided to accept the website's suggestion to try this product instead. He liked it, and I like that there are 15 small bones in a package (compared with 10 in the green bone package).
By Debbie
cedar crest, new mexico
November 24, 2011
Review for BONIES« Natural Dental Health Multi-Pack SMALL (15 Bones / 12.15 oz)
My miniature schnauzer just loves these treats!
By Gunther's M.
June 15, 2011
Umm Good!
I have a 13 yr. old Basenji (Maya Jade) and a 4 yr old Minature Pinscher (Gunther Von Ruff) They are crazy for these bones. A bit pricey but how can I deny them. The Basenji has a liver condition and is on a special diet. I was so happy to see that there is nothing harmful to her in bonies. Try them, your dogs will love them.
By MoochieMama
March 17, 2010
Thumbs Up!
I have two extremely picky Shih Tzus. They turn their noses up at nearly everything I buy them, especially if they suspect it might be good for them. But after only a few moments of suspicious hesitation, they both devoured their Bonies with gusto. I'm back to order more!

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