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By Harley
Springfield, MA
Great for an energetic pet
May 9, 2013
My Harley is a very energetic, busy little guy who constantly needs things to challenge him. He has great fun with all the movement the Otis and Claude Bumble Ball provides. I think he thinks it is real.
By val
Review for Bumble Ball® Motorized Dog Toy
April 25, 2013
This toy just made my puppy nervous. Drove me crazy with the noise. Too hard when he did try to grab.
By GBJay
Great Idea - Terrible Design
April 22, 2013
We were so excited to have found Bumble Ball and ordered one straight away. It arrived quickly but after 20 minutes of play, the ball was still winding but stopped moving about. To investigate the issue we turned the ball of, removed the screws, opened the top and that reveled the issue. The flexible knobs that show on the outside of the ball, have a hard plastic insert that's just glued into place on the inside. One of those hard gray parts popped right out after just a few minutes of play and with such a small space for the engine to turn, it immediately halted the mechanism from moving (mind you, the engine was still trying to turn and started to smell a bit burnt.... you know like when the belt on your vacuum needs to be replaced.) We called immediately and they were super great - no troubles with them at all. They told us they would drop a new toy in the mail and we received the second one in just a couple days. Wouldn't you know it... we took the ball out of the packaging, started it up and after 10 MINUTES of play the same EXACT thing happened. I almost couldn't believe it. We called the second time, after which they immediately refunded us the full price of the toy. Entirely Pets was perfectly awesome, unfortunately the Bumble Ball was not. Unfortunately, unless they come up with an incredibly altered design I cannot and would not recommend this product to anyone.
By Susie
Frostburg, MD
3rd Bumble Ball
April 9, 2013
This was the 3rd Bumble Ball I've ordered for my dog. She absolutely loves them. The second one went bad in a short time and I had to throw it away. Kept changing the batteries, but it still wouldn't work. The latest one is working fine.
By Noah
worst purchase
March 29, 2013
He was able to chew the top off one of the knobs on the ball in less than an hour. I thought the plastic would have been stronger.
By Lou
March 27, 2013
Unfortunately the toy broke after one minute of playing by my dog. Very disappointing.
By candy
easy to break out
March 4, 2013
my dog loves it but it breaks out in 10 days. so if your dog is heavy chewer, i recommand other products
By Phillip
almost perfect
February 14, 2013
this toy drives my fathers jack russell insane. only problem is batteries always run down within 20 minutes. then she picks it up and tries to chew on it. wish the nubs where smaller so she couldn't grab onto them. But overall great to watch this poor dog chase the toy til exhaustion
Phoenix Az
Best Christmas toy in years
January 11, 2013
It was like turning the clock back to when our kids were young an watching them play with all their new new toys as they opened them. Ki is still a puppy so his energy is much the same as a child. At first he wasn't sure about the ball when it was turned on but when we took it out in the yard an it start wiggling around in the leaves it was a blast.
By Shelby
Cute concept, waste of money
January 8, 2013
This was a cute idea and it was funny when it worked. However, we were lucky if it worked more than twice and if it stayed on for more than 5 seconds. We replaced batteries multiple times and even took it apart to see if we could fix it. We ended up throwing it out. It was an expensive piece of plastic!
By Emma
Phoenix, AZ
Buzzy bumbly fun
December 29, 2012
This toy works just like I remember--bouncing around and making quiet noise to attract attention. The batteries were included, which was great, and even though our pup wasn't terribly interested in chasing it around (hence the four-star review instead of five), it worked just fine! Maybe a friend's pet will find it more interesting...
By lauraann68
Central CA
Christmas toy not a complete hit
December 26, 2012
Our pug was curious with the Bumble Ball, but I think the size and noise level prevented her from completely enjoying it. The noise level is loud, particularly for the size of the ball. Also, it seems the size might be better suited for a large dog as our pug could only paw at it. If your dog doesn't mind vacuum-like noise and has a larger mouth to latch on to the nubs, it might be a hit for your household. Unfortunately the enjoyment was short-lived for us.
By Redfox
Cary NC
Bumble Ball-NOT for strong chewers!
December 23, 2012
I got my Bumble Ball in very short order-great customer service! My Corgi loves interactive toys and this one was a lot of fun for him-the only problem: it is SOFT plastic and he is a HARD chewer! Auggie played with the toy twice before he destroyed it-chewed off the plastic colored pieces and tried to eat the blue ball part. This is a great dog toy but I would recommend it for dogs who do not have a tendency to chew so hard.
By bosco
bumble ball
December 17, 2012
like the bumble ball ,but I did think it would be bigger when I ordered it.I am sure my large puppy will like it when he get's for Christmas
By GoldenLuvr
Fairfield CT
Cool toy
December 4, 2012
This is a very cool toy, unfortunately both my dogs are afraid of it! :(
By Angie
Olney, MD
Review for Bumble Ball® Motorized Dog Toy
December 4, 2012
I personally love the toy; however, my pet is afraid of the motions. My grandson who is 10 months loves the toy:-)
By Wally
Buyer Beware
November 30, 2012
My dog was frightened by the noise and the eratic movement associated with this ball.
By abbelans
Sadly, not the best
November 15, 2012
We bought this toy for our 1yr old corgi. When we first set it down for him to play with it, it was absolutely awesome. He loved it! Then about 5 minutes later it started to die. We changed the batteries but it wouldn't work. We tried another set of batteries and it went off and on. I wish this had worked how it said it would because it could have been a great toy.
By Bratsmom
SW Oklahoma
Great product
November 9, 2012
Used this first for a Sunday School gimmick. Worked great. My dog loved it, but kept chewing the knobs off. So finally put it in a bag and turned it on. Kept him very busy, but kept him from chewing off the knobs too.
By Kristine L.
Pittsburgh, PA
My dog wasn't impressed with this toy
October 22, 2012
Our dog was curious at first, but I'm not certain that she understood what to do with it. After about a minute, she seemed to be agitated that it was still moving and making noise. She did bite it a few times. On two of those occasions, a piece inside the toy popped off, and we had to open it up in order to pop the piece back in to place. This was certainly a pain because you have to unscrew the two pieces apart. Afterward, I tried to pawn it off to my cats. I have five and although they looked at it for a few minutes, none of them was interested in it. It's been in a drawer ever since.
By June
best thing ever
July 25, 2012
it was so great watching her run and play chasing the ball
By Stevein228
Ocean Springs, MS
4 out of 5
July 6, 2012
The Bumble Ball is smaller than the one that it is replacing. I had a Wipe Out Ball that I used to keep my Sheltie happy and occupied, it would jump around while playing Wipe Out and then stop jumping during the drum solo then start up again. It was big but then again I guess it wasn't made for dogs.
By newman
great ball
July 4, 2012
I have 2 french bulldogs who i will call my Grand dogs.(6mo and 2yrs) they dearly loved to paly with this bumble ball together.Glad I purchased
By Wendy
Lots of fun
June 19, 2012
She loves this toy but I only give it to her for short periods under supervision. She gets very excited. It's hard plastic so unusual for a toy they want to chase and chew. She has made a dent on some of the knobs and you just couldn't leave them unsupervised.The erratic movement is the attraction.
By Bullitt
Pup loves (hates) it
May 31, 2012
Our boxer puppy loves this thing. Chases it, bats it around. Keeps him entertained longer than most toys.
By jw000mack
bumble ball
May 3, 2012
Perfect it was exactly what I was looking for. Very fast shipping AWESOME.
By nancy
kansas city
fantastic entertainment for puppy or older dog
April 24, 2012
dog either broke it after 3 days or batteries died within 3 days. Need to find a very small screw driver and put new batteries in then decide. Get your camera out it is hysterical to watch the dogs go crazy. Not good in grass but on deck or cemement it is great,
By Dusty's m.
Pensacola, FL
Such an entertaining toy!
April 17, 2012
It took a while for my dog to get used to this toy, mostly barking at it at first, but after a couple days he's playing with it by pushing it with his nose and chasing it across the floor. Sometimes he actually picks it up for a few seconds and his whole head shakes along with it. It's a blast to watch. The batteries are included and seem to last a long time as well which is a big plus!
By kimbo
not what we expected
February 23, 2012
our girl loves the movement of the ball and loes to play with it. We were disappointed that it wasn't made of rubber or at least softer plastic. We feel we have to hover over her, in fear that she'll break a tooth on it when picking it up
By Aussie M.
Takoma Park MD
Otis & Claude Bumble Ball
February 12, 2012
Entertaining for inquisitive puppies. Hilarious to watch puppy chase the toy. Recommended for small breed puppies only. The toy was broken to bits in less than 5 minutes by a 9 month old Australian Shepherd.
By Lynn
bumble Ball
January 6, 2012
I bought it for my grand son who just love balls. He didn't want to put it down after opening at Christmas time.
By Chellelyn
Rumble ball as we call it.
January 1, 2012
We had this years ago with our first dog, she hated it. I decided to try it again, the puppy didn't know what to do at first. Then she had a blast trying to get it. Great entertainment!
By keeswoman
Love the Bumble Ball
December 25, 2011
The action on the Bumble Ball is great. It really moves and my dog is wild about it. It's everything it's advertised to be.
By oscar
washington state
fun toy
December 18, 2011
my 16 month old boxer loved it! But after leaving for work and returning home I found it destroyed. Might work better for a smaller dog. I think Ill order one for my niece who is two, I know shell love it!
By Atticooh
Dog loves it
December 16, 2011
My little dog loves it!! This is not a chew toy and doggie should be supervised when chewing. Other than that, his favorite toy ever! Absolutely recommend this product. Great price also!
By p-berry
bumble ball
December 8, 2011
excellent product, needs to be designed for bigger dogs and puppys. An offset balance would allow the ball to roll on it's own and create more entertainment.
By mel
fun toy
December 7, 2011
This is a fun toy to watch your dog play with. some dogs might be a little scared of it because its moving all the time.
By Suse
Frostburg, MD
Bumble Ball
December 2, 2011
We haven't played with Gracie's Bumble Ball yet as it is in her Christmas stocking. I have recommended it to about four friends and I think three have already ordered.
By mommy
loads of fun!!!
November 29, 2011
The Bumble Ball is so much fun for our dog and for us to watch her. She was a little afraid of it at first but then had to check it out anyway!! Now if the ball is not turned on, she picks it up and throws it to make it bounce! Great buy!!
By Paige
It's not for all dogs
November 7, 2011
I thought my hyper terrier would love this toy, but in fact he was scared of it. I found a friend to give the toy to so at least it's not a complete waste! The toy bounces and vibrates just as the package describes (so I gave it 4 stars), but be aware that some dogs may not enjoy this toy.
By dot d.
otis and claude bumble ball
November 2, 2011
By P M.
Palatine, IL
Bumble Ball
October 14, 2011
The Bumble Ball bounces all over the place and defintely peaks a dog's interest. Our dog is not quite sure what to make of it but she loves watching it bounce around. The two negatives with the product are that it uses up battries pretty quickly and it is hard so if a dog decides to bit it there is not much give. All in all I give it a 6 on a scale of 1-10.
By Robbie's M.
January 28, 2011
My Sheltie goes absolutely bonkers for this toy! We keep it out of reach so we can control his time with it...he would wear himself out completely. He loves to carry it by the bumps (they can actually be put back on once or twice) & we watch his whole head shake. He seems to think that's grand. It's worth replacing the battery a couple of times since he doesn't care how battered it gets.
By Annie M.
Great price
December 27, 2010
Sarge, my German Shepard loves his new toy! It took him a bit to warm up to it, but now keeps him entertained. Love the price, it's less than some stuffed toys. I would recommend this to Sarge's friends. P.S. It says, 're-enforced for pets' but, like a lot of toys, probably not for super-aggressive chewers.
By Karen
December 25, 2010
My Yorkie, Ziggy loves his new Bumby ball! He isn't the type to play with toys but this is different! He played with it Christmas morning until he was exhausted. It is just the right size for a 6lb dog and it doesn't roll under the furniture like his other ball did...a real problem since we had to get it back for him...over and over.
By Chad's M.
Soft Bumps
July 20, 2010
This really is a cute toy. It bumps and wiggles all over the floor and is quite entertaining for the dogs. That said, the main body is a hard plastic, but the colorful "bumps" are very soft. My toothless wonder, Chad, a 14 lb. Yorkie-mix, got a hold of it with his molars and before I could get across the room, had eaten one of the bumps - literally that fast. Soooooo, be careful with chewers!!!
By Frankie4Frankfurter
Los Angeles, CA
Review for Bumble Ball® Motorized Dog Toy
July 4, 2010
I ordered the Otis and Claude Bumpy Ball from for my 12 lb./10 month old Dachshund Frankie. I researched the lowest price on The Bumpy Ball and had the lowest priced $16.97 ($11.99+10% off+tax+shipping) but changed in my bank account to $14.59 ($9.99+10% off+tax+shipping) :) Frankie was scared of The Bumpy Ball and repeatedly barked in a high pitch. First I turned The Bumpy Ball off and held it in my hand to let Frankie sniff it. Next I turned it back on in my hand while speeking to Frankie in a calm manner and kept petting him as he approached The Bumpy Ball again. Second contact with The Bumpy Ball was more of a whining tone. Now Frankie carries The Bumpy Ball around in his mouth as it shakes his entire body. The average play time is approximately 15 minutes before Frankie tires and lay watching it. The batteries provided don't last long which can result in Frankie chewing off one of the attachments:( It is difficult to change the batteries and requires tools:( The Bumpy Ball is the best dog toy I have ever purchased:)
By Lynn
December 21, 2009
I work in a state school have a client when he is up set he loves his bumble ball it calmes him down it is the olny thing that works for him.
By nicole
loved to pieces!
December 8, 2009
My 8 month old yellow lab loved this toy to pieces...literally!! Within 10 minutes it was completely destroyed. However, he did love it before he destroyed it and had tons of fun for 10 minutes. Looks like fun but I don't think this is a practical toy for a dog, especially for over $10.00.
By Kayleigh
frightening? really?
November 17, 2009
I bought one for our two high energy dogs last Christmas thinking that they would love it and it would wear them out...............actually it freaked them out they were both terrified, which was the last thing we expected. Neither of them would even go near it and ran out of the room when it was on. We ended up passing it on to another family with a dog that ended up finding it more fun than frightening!

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