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By patricia
oshawa, ON
April 28, 2020
Works will and not a bad press
By Polina
Saint Augustine, FL
Can definitely see results
March 11, 2018
Got this for my two kitties last week together with flea collars. Gave them the pills with their food, had an hour later I could tell it was working because they started itching and scratching ( a side effect of the medicine). I gave them a bath immediately to stop the itching, put their collars on and then for the next few days I vacuumed dead fleas from all over the house!! This thing really works, my house was infested, but after thorough cleaning, fogging and washing I can finally say that we got rid of them
By Tori
Review for CAPSTAR Blue for Dogs or Cats 2-25 lbs (6 tablets)
September 9, 2017
Worked well with fleas that are full grown. Still have to bath on top of giving pill to kill all fleas on pet. Also have to treat home and yard to get rid of all fleas. So giving the pill is not the only meds you have to buy.
By Laura
Love Capstar
August 25, 2017
This is a great product to kill fleas really quick. Great in conjunction with monthly flea products and to get all fleas off your pets while your cleaning/de-fleaing the home environment too.
By Bye F.
Better than Frontline
December 29, 2016
Frontline did not work on our 2 cats, but this did. Cut each pill into 4 pieces and mixed it in each dish of canned moist food. All gone and easy.
By Nikki
great product!
October 28, 2016
i use it every month for all my dogs (4) it does a great job. thanks for this good product !
By Kitty
North Carolina
Capstar flea killer
July 9, 2016
I use this to kill fleas a day or so before applying topical treatment. It also comes in handy when traveling with my cat to my son's vacation home so that no fleas are spread there. I feel that it is safe to use and experienced no problems with it having used it off and on for several years.
By Texaspetlover
5 Stars!
June 8, 2016
Any time I try a new product for my pets, I always check the reviews starting with the worst first. While I did see some adverse reviews of Capstar, the majority were rave reviews so I decided to give both my dog and cats a dose. Out of 4 animals, none had a bad reaction, none acted weird or distressed. The dog (80 lbs) was the only one who scratched somewhat, but not excessively; one of the cats scratched for about 30 minutes. The following day, during flea check, all 4 had no visible live fleas. Will repeat the process once a week for a total of 3 weeks, per vet, while following regular flea elimination tactics (vacuuming, monthly dose of flea med, etc). Great product!!!
By Charp
May 23, 2016
I was given to understand in the product description that results would be forthcoming within 30 minutes after application. I have not seen any favorable results. The cats are scratching more than ever.
By ajaffe
Works great!
May 14, 2016
I love Capstar! I works just as it claims and quickly kills off any fleas present on your pet. There is some slight itching as the fleas die off but it doesn't last long. If your pet needs quick relief from an infestation, use Capstar. If you want to get rid of all fleas prior to an application of topical flea meds, use Capstar first. It's a great product. None of my cats or my dog have had any bad effects from it. It's not meant to be long-lasting, but rather quick relief and to maintain a flea free pet between topical flea meds.
By Moose
Tablets for Flea Control
April 12, 2016
Finally, a pill for my dogs for flea control. I was sick and tired of the other liquid flea control, and my dogs hated it. The liquid had to be placed at the base of their neck and down to the tail. It smelled, was oily, and it just looked awful. Now we just have to give them a pill, and that's it. Also, I now have it for my cat.
Great price for this product
March 20, 2016
I can recommend this especially if you have several pets as I do cats. Very helpful as I use this product as needed.
By Kitty M.
Did not keep fleas off my kittens (6 monthsOld )
December 24, 2015
I gave this pill to my cats but it did nothing to get the fleas off
By this w.
October 20, 2015
This did not work on my dog I will not use it again
By Luvs K.
Causes great distress
September 10, 2015
I used Capstar on my 16 lb 6 yr old cat and it was disastrous! She is ordinarily sedate but this pill made her go wild - running around like her feet were on fire, jumping up and down on the furniture, meowing loud howling type meows. Her heart was beating a mile a minute and her tongue was flickering in and out. I called Animal Poison Control and they said the effects could last up to 4 hours. It was horrible watching my cat in such distress and I am just thankful that it didn't cause her permanent damage. This is a very dangerous pill, it should not be on the market.
By Ephanie
Review for CAPSTAR Blue for Dogs or Cats 2-25 lbs (6 tablets)
August 24, 2015
Didn't work on ANY of my dogs. Will not use again.
By Julie
Stoughton , Massachusetts
June 18, 2015
This pill form of tick repellent works much better than the liquid. Plus you are assured it does not get licked off by the cat.
June 12, 2015
This works great in an emergency pet situation. We have strays that come around and it helps to get rid of fleas when a bath is not a option.
By Jr1941
Great product
June 11, 2015
Trying this product was not a easy choice but have to say it does work great
By tamson75
Clermont, FL.
Good flea control
May 26, 2015
I am happy with the capstar blue for my cats. I use them in between monthly applications of revolution. Pill is very small and they don't mind too much, having to swallow it.
By EmilyS
Webster, TX
Great for stopping flea infestation
May 11, 2015
I've used this product for 3 cats now (2 of my own and now my mom's cat). All three of the cats had a bad flea infestation. This pill works wonders. It kills fleas on the animal so that you can get ahead of your flea problem and make some serious headway! I highly recommend Capstar to anyone who wants to combat their pet's fleas quickly and safely. Follow up with regular monthly flea meds and you are good to go!
By wendy_winder
Miami Beach, FL
Very effective
January 21, 2015
This along with Revolution ends and prevents fleas nesting in your pet
January 16, 2015
By paisleygirl
Houston, TX
Excellent : Removes Fleas Fast
October 7, 2014
This is the best to immediately get rid of any fleas! I've used this for many years on both my dogs & cats as it is safe to use on them both. I like keeping this on hand so it takes care of the problem especially for any inside/outside cats & dogs who may bring fleas into your home.
By christine
wading river ny
August 19, 2014
well i didn't realize this was the pill for infestation... but i will hold on to them in case - my mistake. i just needed prevention which i ordered the frontline after.
By Montanagirl
Land O Lakes, FL
Excellent Product and Price
July 12, 2014
Great product for in-between monthly tick prevention treatments.
By rejoyce
dawsonville ga
excellent product
April 27, 2014
Capstar always works for us. It is immediate and kills all the fleas without any side effects.The skin gets a slight pinkish tinge as the product is working.
By jenny
Midcoast Maine
a short-term solution
April 14, 2014
I first got Capstar through my vet. Because Frontline was not protecting my cats from getting fleas, he suggested this product as a short-term solution for getting rid of the fleas they had on their body. (Only works for 24-48 hours). And it does kill them. I keep these handy so that whenever I see a flea they are given a pill and the fleas are gone. In the meantime I am trying out some other longer-term solutions for achieving a flea-free home.
By phoebe
Ottawa, ON
This is for backup protection
April 5, 2014
Phoebe the cat and Hamish the dog are two years old this month, and were on Advantage last year, and I just re-ordered for 2014 season. Because we live in front of a small park full of small mammals, I am concerned that both, especially Phoebe need back-up. Imagine last year she made friends with a skunk, I saw them cavorting through the dark. So, Advantage alone was not enough. I got bitten by flies when she returned home. This week the sound I heard several nights at the patio door was made by a racoon, then there are many wild rabbits. This is life next door to nature and the many perils for domestic animals. The season will be handled well with the monthly dose of Advantage plus the CAPSTAR Blue that covers the weight range in both animals. I was bitten last year because Phoebe spent nights outdoors. This time I am prepared to handle before I get an infestation. I like the service, fast shipping and good prices.
By Al
Worked great
January 31, 2014
Used in conjunction with Advantage, my cats were infested and the Advantage just didn't seem to be enough. Gave them the Capstar an dthen the next day the Advantage, we have been flea free for the past month now.
By IslandMary54
Central West Coast of Florida
January 31, 2014
Kills fleas almost instantly, providing much needed relief to your cat(s). Always continue with your chosen monthly flea control, too, but Capstar is great when you're dealing with the inevitable infestation that can occur in the height of flea season. Gave this to my cats once a week for 4 weeks and they and our home are now totally flea free. Safe and effective with no side effects whatsoever. Highly recommend Capstar for all your pets as well as the cost savings on Entirely Pets...a reputable American company.
By kitcat56
Saves monies
January 11, 2014
No longer use topical on my cats just give them one of these pills when needed
By Trish
Capstar for Cats
January 7, 2014
Capstar works when nothing else seems to ... not flea collars, not flea sprays, and not topical flea treatments. I don't like any of the flea treatments when the flea still must bite in order to die! The poor animals are still being tormented! Capstar works from the inside ... not so sure it's too healthy and don't enjoy seeing the animal go through the agony of the first four hours the Capstar is working ... it's as though they are uncomfortable - they know something is happening but don't know what! It works! But, only for a mere 24 hours! They need to develop a better flea preventative that doesn't have a bunch of side affects or only works when the adult flea is biting the animal!
By wendy_winder
Very effective
December 29, 2013
Instantly kills the fleas, I recommend this when your pet has flea infestation.
By LaRue
Great product - great price
December 9, 2013
Capstar works great and is so easy to use. This year the fleas seem to be immune to the usual products I use. Decided to try Capstar. It has worked great. The price at EntirelyPets were so much better than other places I have purchased pet products from.
By abbabysitter
Port Bolivar.Texas
November 10, 2013
Works extremely well. We have BIG problem with fleas where I live. Most every flea gone after one application.
By Susan
excellent product
October 31, 2013
works quick and effectively.Perfect product for pet with tons of fleas as the first step to cleaning the pet.
By Gus m.
Hoosiers Heartland
Kills fleas dead!!
October 14, 2013
We use Capstar, along with a spot on treatment, every flea season. If either of our cats starts showing signs of fleas, we give him a Capstar treatment and watch the dead fleas just fall off. Within two hours, he will be resting comfortably, as if he is glad he's no longer under attack by those little pests.
By fletch
Belfair, Washington
Great product
October 12, 2013
Works fast. Great product. Fleas drop off and fast.
By connie0113
worst ever
October 5, 2013
total waste of money...i will never buy again...i breed yorkies and can not sell if they have fleas...i tried your site and this product but will purchase through vet from now on...may be more expensive but at least the ones i get from them work
By Sue
Excellent flea control
October 3, 2013
Advise using with "Program" to get total flea control.
By kittykatkess
Most effective flea deterrent ever!
September 27, 2013
I've tried Revolution, Advantage, Frontline and some generics - and NONE of them worked on my 20 lb. ragdoll. Capstar works! I've spent tons of money, time, and risked my pet's health using these other products over the years, but no more! With Capstar I can even afford to keep several boxes at the ready as the flea eggs continue to mature - Capstar's effectiveness is 24 hours but you can dose your pet daily without harm.
By gin
September 25, 2013
My two indoor cats had bad reactions to Flea medication. I wont mention which ones, but I decided to go natural with Capstar. Works great for inside cats. We do not normally have flea problems, but sometimes we bring the fleas inside. A few days of Capstar, and the Cats are good to go, with no side effects.
By skop13
Review for CAPSTAR Blue for Dogs or Cats 2-25 lbs (6 tablets)
September 5, 2013
I found that Capstar really did work as advertised. The fleas begin to die within a couple of hours. I rated it 4 out of 5 only because, living in Canada, $20 in shipping effectively doubles the cost of a six-pack--which is a bit pricey to begin with and my only real complaint.
By Su
Capstar Blue
August 26, 2013
Having a cat that was feral he will not allow anyone near him. I also have 3 other cats in the home and a dog. We recently had a flea problem and treating only 3 cats and the dog would mean poor Fenway would have to handle any fleas by himself. Fortunately with Capstar being a tablet rather than a topical application I was able to put it in his food. Though he did not consume the entire tablet he did ingest enough for it to work. The price was more than fair as the vet wanted to charge $65 for the same product.
Triangle, NC
Capstar Blue for Cats2-25 lbs
August 13, 2013
When my cats have fleas, I use Capstar which immediately removes those fleas. Of course, I have to follow up with a flea product on their backs and clean the carpets but the initial removal makes this much easier and faster.
By JRTsDoItAll
Minneapolis, MN
LOVE Capstar
August 7, 2013
I have found this product extremely effective and no ill side effects noted for the dog. It's invaluable for incoming foster pups and for the resident dogs who sometimes catch rabbits and other vermin.
By Bearhall04
Middle Tennessee
Great Product
August 6, 2013
I have a cat that is allergic to flea bites. This medicine helps along side his flea drops. Don't know how we would make it with out the Capstar. The first summer he developed the allergy I thought he had mange and it was not.
By sanchezboxers
Capstar under 25lbs
August 5, 2013
Great product at a great price. I give this to all my puppies before they leave for their new homes
By sue
best product for flea removal
July 5, 2013
love this use it all the time recommend to all my friends with cats and dogs

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