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By Phil
Lauderdale ms
Bad product
March 31, 2019
This product does not rid of fleas! Very disappointed.
By Clbrzy
N. Fort Myers, Florida
May 28, 2018
Entirely Pets has been my number 1 stop for all my pets meds. Service is fast, and products are top knotch.
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By Stef
San Antonio
Great product! Great service!
April 9, 2018
Can't go wrong with product and price! I use product for all my dogs and I do price comparison before purchasing from a company and this one is the best.
By Lorraine
Worked Great
October 1, 2017
No fleas found on the dog after a single dose of this. Very easy to give.
By Doggy M.
Cincinnati OH
Works GREAT!!
September 25, 2017
We have had a terrible time with fleas since moving down from a cold climate state. My dogs suffers so badly. Since using the Capstar tablets fleas no longer hang around our home!! They work fast!!
By juliebug
Works great!
July 22, 2017
Capstar works great and doesn't cause my dogs any problem. He does scratch wildly for about an hour after as the fleas are responding to the pill.
By bee87124
Works Temporarily
April 2, 2017
The product does work but for a very short time. When I purchased the product I had given my animals a bath with the appropriate shampoo, treated and vacuumed all cloth surfaces and sprayed those surfaces. I then gave this product to the my animals. It worked for a day, had to give additional pills as the box indicated. For a product that is supposed to be given monthly and yet it is gone in less than a month does not work as stated.
By Nunya
Capstar Green-Dogs
March 21, 2017
Works as advertised. Prompt shipping. Transaction occurred as expected.
By J
Ashville AL
A great product
January 22, 2016
Capstar has always worked very well for all my pets both cats and dogs. It does continue to work for 24 hours which makes it an excellent choice for ridding your pets of these annoying fleas. Between Capstar and frontline plus my pets have a better life.
By jamdog
Works very well
October 13, 2015
Used this on our dog and it works very well. Just as advertised.
By Pet R.
Lake Norman Area, NC
Best Flea Killer
October 7, 2015
I used Capstar for my "new" 110lb German Shepherd. Dog was constantly scratching and biting them. I use a small portion of slice cheese and smush the cheese around the pill so the dog readily accepts the pill. Not sure if the dog will eat it otherwise, we just do this with all meds. Capstar kills fleas quickly. I do followup with Frontline Plus but Frontline Plus alone hasn't worked that well when we've brought in new pets. Highly recommend a few doses of Capstar to eliminate fleas.
By DogMom
Tellico Plains, TN
July 15, 2015
Great product, actually does what it can see dead fleas falling off within an hour of giving it.
By Laura
June 12, 2015
This product works well for my dog in getting rid of fleas on him and he also doesn't mind the taste of it.
By Malougyuru
Ocala, FL
Best Price
April 30, 2015
This is a great product to use in between the monthly product you use on your pets. A lot of times we see our pets getting adult fleas before the 30 days are past. This can be used to keep new flea infestation in check until it is safe to use the monthly product. It has a longer affect on our cats then the dogs but it does calm down the problem. I saw the same product at a pet store and their price was $44.
By AnimalLover2
Fast Acting, Great for serious flea infestations
April 17, 2015
I have used this on my cats and dogs for years. When fleas infest your home I highly recommend this product. Use a quality topical treatment such as Frontline Plus, Also treat your yard, vacuum all floors, shampoo carpets if possible and spray carpets with the name brand bug spray the kills both fleas and hatching eggs. When I had to do this one year, they were under control quickly. Be thorough. Clean all pet bedding as well. But to ease your pets scratching and misery, definitely use this product. I keep it on hand at all times.
By AlliGator
Works quickly and efficiently
April 15, 2015
This was the first year in 14 years that my dog got fleas and oh my gosh did he get fleas. I didn't even realize he had fleas until he was horribly infested. We sprayed him with the Adams spray, bathed him in the Adams bath and treated him with these pills. It was slow going until I gave him these pills and then they completely disappeared. I've been working on my carpet. Fleas are so gross I just want to get rid of my carpet now. These pills work and work quickly and efficiently. I would recommend these even though they are quite expensive. They only work for 24 hours. I gave my dog one for 2 days then one every other day for a week. Will definitely use these again if needed.
By susie
handy for dogs
January 16, 2015
I love these tablets! The dogs don't mind taking them at all.
By Bubbles
Orange, VA
It works!
September 22, 2014
This has been a wonderful discovery for me. It has been a terrible summer for fleas and my long-haired dog has been really suffering, even with my applying Frontline every month. I give him a Capstar every 5-7 days and it definitely gives him some relief. I was a little concerned the first time he took one, as I didn't read the directions advising that the pet may experience even more itching for the first few hours as the fleas die. But after that's over you can really tell when they've been eliminated!
By Beckie
August 18, 2014
would and have recommended this item---cant bet the price and it works great
By Labmom
great for break through
June 27, 2014
If you have ever noticed 1 flea on your dog even when on flea meds, this product is great. Kills all live fleas within an hour and can be used daily to break the flea cycle!
By mommacat
Monterey, CA
Capstar really works
June 19, 2014
Capstar works wonders when fleas get the best of our dog and cats. It starts working within hours, and we usually do 2 doses, a day apart. It really works! We've been using it for several years.
By Sue
Love it
April 10, 2014
This product is great at keeping the fleas at bay. Use it on both my cat & dog. Also works well with Program monthly product.
By pennywise
March 23, 2014
Sometimes, after playing with a pack of other dogs (dog park or daycare) the dogs return home scratching. Even though the dogs are on flea/tick prevention monthly meds, I've found Capstar helpful after playdates. Capstar works quickly and offers a backup to the monthly meds.
By Al
Works Well
January 31, 2014
This product worked well, we had a serious infestation and Advantix just didn't seem to be able to knock the fleas off. Combined the Capstar with the Advantix and this seemed to do the trick.
By IslandMary54
Central West Coast of Florida
January 31, 2014
Kills fleas almost instantly, providing much needed relief to your dog. Always continue with your chosen monthly flea control, too, but Capstar is great when you're dealing with the inevitable infestation that can occur in the height of flea season. Gave him one every week for 4 weeks and our dog and home are now totally flea free. Safe and effective with no side effects whatsoever. Highly recommend Capstar for all your pets as well as the cost savings on Entirely Pets...a reputable American company.
By Micpeachpol
Bayside, New York
easy purchase
November 6, 2013
good product, fast delivery. Just as stated no surprises
By Mom
Works Great!
August 28, 2013
I've been using capstar for quite a while, as it works very well on eliminating the fleas quickly. I do wish it had lasting effects.
By Rover658
Good quick fix
July 22, 2013
Capstar is a good product and kills any flea on my dogs. We place a pill in dog food, boiled eggs, about anything and it's down and working.
By Al
Brenham, Texas
Very good purchase
July 19, 2013
This item works as good as they said it would, and we are completely satisfied
By Cherokee S.
In a swamp somewhere in Georgia
good procucts, good prices, good service.
July 16, 2013
Will be ordering for more of our animals!!
By Su
June 4, 2013
Works great. I saved a lot of money by ordering the dose for larger dogs, then cutting each tablet into fourths for a 12 lb. chihuahua. Is 100% effective.
By nprice
Great Product
April 30, 2013
I have a terrier that is allergic to fleas. He is also sensitive to the liquid flea treatment. I bought the pills for him and for our lab. The lab is an outside dog and within an hour he was flea free! Very good product.
By alexa
It works for our 50lb dog with long, thick hair
April 23, 2013
No fleas, no hot spots from chewing, no upset tummy or other side effects. Having her so healthy and happy, there's just no words.
By Dana
Totally satisfied
April 16, 2013
Awesome product to go along with your monthly flea treatment. Great for fast reduction in flea population. I have been with for years and have never had anything but an awesome experience. Great company, fast shipping, total satisfaction. Don't hesitate to use them!
By Linda
Review for CAPSTAR™ Green for Dogs over 25 lbs (6 tablets)
March 14, 2013
Product worked as indicated. My dogs are not scratching and there are no signs of fleas. Great product and price is just right.
By Evelyn
Review for CAPSTAR™ Green for Dogs over 25 lbs (6 tablets)
March 5, 2013
Rocky loves this pill. Once a month, he gets his pill all wrapped up in a big slice of meat and it is down his tummy in a minute. I too, like it .... the price is right and Capstar is doing its job.
By Petek628
Lancaster TX
Good Stuff
January 1, 2013
But I have to leave the area for an hour, as I can't bear to watch the scratching frenzy as this does it job.
Good Stuff
December 3, 2012
Kills fleas on dog. Non-toxic.Mild. Dog can be re-infested in a day or 2. Used with K9 Advantix II and no more fleas!
By working g.
November 29, 2012
It is helping my three dogs. I do not have a flea problem. Since I started used it
By Elsie
Capstar worked for me
November 18, 2012
We tried everything in our battle of the fleas this summer, but Capstar finally brought it to a halt. We had to give it regularly, along with out other flea protection, but it worked.
By Natalie
Miami, Fl.
Really works
November 14, 2012
It works on dogs and cats but shouldn't be used on older animals.It also works fast.
By fleasrus
October 23, 2012
Captar does what it says, the fleas disappear for 24+ hours. Your dog will stop scratching so much. Unfortunately, if the fleas are still around, they will get back on your dog.
By mommy 4.
Review for CAPSTAR™ Green for Dogs over 25 lbs (6 tablets)
October 23, 2012
this product doesn't work as directed. It is only 1/5 as strong as the Program flea tablets which I only found out after buying three boxes and they actually recomend to use it everyday instead of once a month if fleas don't die. I got tired of waiting for the Program tablets to come in as it was back ordered for at least one month so I tried Capstar. The company had no idea when it would come in if ever.
By Slconfidential
Collinsville IL
Fast Killer
October 22, 2012
Since I have many animals, I purchased this product because I would be able to divide the tablet and treat four animals instead of one,taking into consideration the weigh of the animal of course. Using Capstar and Siphotrol Plus II Premise Spray (16oz) I was able to eliminate those fleas and been flea free for over a month now. Previously I wasted money buying from the local store a flea spray and it did nothing for me. Also, I noticed that Frontline for me, was not taking care of the fleas. So my last resort, was the Capstar and Siphotrol.
By Lynda W.
August 16, 2012
This product is awesome! I highly recommend this for your pet that is highly infested with fleas. Starts killing the fleas within 1/2 hour! You will start to see lots of dead fleas where your pet is laying. This kills fleas fast. But after killing the current fleas, follow up with Frontline, etc. that will continue to kill the fleas for 30 days. Capstar does NOT continue to kill the fleas. But it is the best thing to kill off a mass infestation immediately. Also I don't recommend hiding the pill in your pets food, as you really want to make sure they ate the pill.
By hossman
New hamburg,N.Y.
great stuff
August 2, 2012
this product is great for us with minimal side effects
Baltimore, MD
Does the trick
August 1, 2012
No one wants to deal with fleas... but once you have them, they're impossible to get rid of. This is the only product that truly keeps our dogs (and our house!) flea- free. Highly recommend.
By pilar
Relief for my pets with Capstar
July 27, 2012
Capstar works quickly. My dogs & cat use the 0-25 lbs. and 25lbs. & over tablet. I always keep it around in case of emergencies. I strongly recommend Capstar. I have four dogs and one cat. If one of my pets starts to itch, I give all of them a tablet. It works very quickly. For my cat, I mash the pill and give it to her with a tiny bit of her favorite canned food or with a tablespoon of tuna water. I also watch her eat to make sure she takes all of it. I also you Frontline plus for all of my pets.
By Pat D.
Dallas, TX
Great value
July 26, 2012
We buy Capstars to use on the dogs we pull from shelters who are normally always flea infested. One quick Capstar and the fleas are a gone. It's a real life-saver for us.
By Heartland R.
Worked great!
July 26, 2012
We used these when we had an owner surrender of 20 shelties. We put the capstar and a melatonin in a pill pocket and down they went. No fleas to be found when we got them to the rescue!

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