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Epic fail!
May 22, 2018
I tried this product because my cat wouldn't defecate in the litter pan. After adding it to the litter as instructed, the cat stopped using the litter pan completely! I dumped the entire litter pan out and just used litter and he started using the litter pan normally again.
By Cat o.
Snake oil
February 1, 2017
I used this as directed and it had no effect on my cat.
By Jordan
Overpriced Catnip
June 22, 2016
This actually deterred my cats. I had read reviews on other sites and it was split down the middle, it was either good or bad. I took the risk to try it with our multi-cat household. Not one cat used the litter boxes with this product in it.
By Mary
Madison, WI
Wasted Money For Me
June 12, 2016
I was in such high hopes that this product was going to be my last resort to cure my "Katza" of her new found "relief area". The product came highly recommended, but unfortunately did not work for us. What we don't understand is that she used her litter box for so long and just one day stopped.
By Jules
Nice Idea. Did not work.
October 31, 2015
I sprinkled this product in one of the litter boxes but both of my cats appeared to actually avoid the box with the indicated product. I stopped using it. DId not work for me.
By sr
New Jersey
did not work
September 12, 2015
Eleven year old male cat stop using litter boxes gradually about a year ago, until not at all now. Got clean bill of health from vet, who suggested cat attract. Used as directed. Bought the suggested litter to use it with, unfortunately no change.
By Petal
Pgh Pa
It works!!
April 2, 2015
I have used this in the past and just recently when changing litter types. It really works! In fact, as I sprinkle it on the litter my little Scottish Fold comes to sniff and hops right into the box to go!!
By Ted
A Day at the Beach
August 23, 2014
Having built a large sandbox I purchased Cat Attract in hopes of spurring/enticing them to use it instead of using my lawn or flower beds as their litter box. It worked, now they use the sandbox as their personal retreat. Morning and evening they come to sprawl and relax on the sand as if they were lounging on the beach. All that they lack is a valet to bring them their drinks. As for them using it as a litter
By Kim
Cat Attract
May 17, 2014
Love this product and so does my cat! I would recommend this product!
By vezzie
windsor, ontario
my 18 year olds use the litter box again!
April 3, 2014
I bought this to supplement the Cat Attract Litter, as I have two 18 year old cats, that were soiling outside the litter box, since I switched to this litter the two older cats are using the litter box again!
By Sammy
Chicago, IL
Completely Changed Behavior
February 25, 2014
My cat was going outside of the box for over a year. I tried new litters, new locations, new litter boxes, all with no success. Once I started using Cat Attract, there was a dramatic change in his behavior; now he uses the box almost 100% of the time.
By caca
Couldn't live without it
September 11, 2013
Saved the day for me. While sometimes my cat misses and goes in front of the box they doesn't happen with this product. I will never stop ordering it.
By PatC
I did not think it really worked
August 29, 2013
I thought my cat would be drawn to the little box more than she was.
By ckcurly
Works great, smells like catnip
December 17, 2012
We started using Cat Attract about 5 years ago, when our cat was having problems always going to her box....since it smells similar to catnip, our cat was always in the boxes digging around...and it seemed to make her want to visit the boxes more often. The price was less than at the vet as well. Happy cat, happy owners....
By shadowcatAZ
Useful for some cats
November 13, 2012
I purchased this in the past for my own cats and it was helpful for one who was having issues using the littlerbox. I am a petsitter, and I keep this on hand for clients whose cats might also have the same issues. It's not 100% - for cats with illness or serious behavioral issues, it's worth a shot, but there's no guarantee. However, for cats that are just a little stressed, or don't like a new box or new litter, it works great. It's certainly worth a try, and can help with what can be a really unpleasant problem.
By Jeff
East Bay, CA
Not Worth It
November 13, 2012
It's honestly just didn't work for my cat and it just made the litter box messier. This product was suggested to me because my cat kept soiling outside of the box. I couldn't find this product at any of my local pet supply shops & now I can see why, it just seems like a gimmick. The smell of the product wasn't too pleasing either & basically takes away from the point of having unscented litter.
By Monika
Tampa, FL
Cat Attract
November 7, 2012
I'm really not sure if it works or not; but will continue to give it a try. I has worked sporadically on my 16 year old cat. I'll try anything at this point. Bought 2 more bottles so will give it a while longer
By Peggy
Washington DC metro area
Give it a try
October 30, 2012
Although I cannot definitely say this is working or not because the bad soiling behavior is still continuing, I think it is worth a try. Will continue to use it for a while. Much lower price on this site than retail stores. Treats a large amount of litter.
By ajr1805
Saved my cat's life
October 24, 2012
I tried everything to break my cat's inappropriate defecating behavior. We were one month away from giving up and having him euthanized. This product works and has saved my cat's life. I used the instructions for a "real tough case" and it worked!! He has been free to roam our house for 1 month now with no issues. Thank you!!! I am ever so grateful.
By Pecan
Cat Attract didn't really attract the cat for me
October 23, 2012
I tried this to break a behaviour of urinating outside the box. My cats have been indoors their whole life so while they didn't see to mind the scent, it doesn't seem to draw them to the little box more than without it. Maybe it works better for cats who are used to the smells from outdoors?
By hw
Try it, but may not work
October 22, 2012
Our problem cat will use the litter box once before deciding to go in the hallway. That's an improvement, but not what I would have hoped. It's always worth the try, but success has not been achieved here.
By manyfurbabies
Cat Attract Works
August 17, 2012
One of my cats, for whatever reason, started "going" on the floor just feet away from a clean litter box. Since using Cat Attract he has had a perfect record using the litter box again. Bravo Cat Attract!
By MKay
Especially helpful when moving
April 27, 2012
The cats don't often go outside the litter box, but when they do - this helps get them back on track. It was especially helpful when we moved and they had a whole new environment to explore!
By Angel's M.
What a Life Saver!
April 17, 2012
This herbal powder has finally convinced my old, partially blind, anxious little cat to use her box again. I tried everything and all kinds of cat litters, different boxes, different placements. Many other habit changes, but until I used this, nothing helped. Thank you!
Silver Spring, MD
Keep kitties in their forever home.
March 27, 2012
The adoption agreement that the kitty rescue we operate requires that if a kitty can't be kept or cared for , it be returned to us. The biggest reason for returns (apx 3%) is not using the litter box. Some of these issues arose after a couple of weeks and some after a year or more. Once medical issues were eliminated, 100% of the remaining "problems" were solved by correcting behavioral reactions. We tried several solutions but found that Cat Attract solved almost all problems alone. Recently we had three former adopters call us within one week with this problem. This is more than we see in a typical year. We counseled with several possible solutions and after all else failed, proposed Cat Attract. All three came by for a sample saying they would be bringing the kitty back by the weekend if it didn't work. That was a month ago. If folks are serious about modifying a kitty behavioral problem this has got to be tried. I know it helps keep our kitties adopted!
By estrella
Really good tool
March 2, 2012
My cat had developed an aversion to her litter box even though there was no change in her environment or the litter we were using. I tried this product plus the Cat Attract litter, got a new litter box, and she immediately began using it again to urinate. With a few other measures, it seems to be working. Plus the product has a pleasant enough odor - something like animal feed.
By UnaR
The way to litter-train a cat!
February 28, 2012
This has worked better than anything I've tried before for a stubborn kitty who wasn't happy about using his litter box. I thoroughly recommend it.
By Lily'smom
February 13, 2012
I really had hoped this would help me retrain my 5 year old female cat. But she has paid no attention to it. I've never had a cat that was so fussy about her litter box as this one is. If I move it a foot, she stops using it. She will use it (and I clean daily) for 6 months without a problem and then all of a sudden stop using it. This last go around I set up a litter box where she last pooped on the carpet. Now I have two litter boxes for one cat and she is using them both. She is winning!
By Debi
Chandler, AZ
Excellent Product
January 27, 2012
Kitty is having a little problem. Purchased a couple of products to help and I believe they all did. Thank You
By CurlyQ
Schofield, Wi
Good deal on this stuff!
January 21, 2012
I searched online for this litter additive when my pet store stopped carrying it. Even with the shipping, I paid less for the three containers that I ordered. My order arrived in a timely manner, with no surprises. Will order again when I run low, especially if the price stays the same.
By Lisa
Mpls Mn
Cat Attract
January 9, 2012
Helped pretty good to retrain my 2 year old cat to go to the litter box instead of the floor or bath mats. Still need work, but this has helped her tremendously get reaquainted with the litter box. It helps to always keep it clean too!
By Ichabod
Cedar Rapids, IA
This product works
January 9, 2012
One of our cats had decided to not use his litter box, causing much stress in our household. The vet perscribed medication, which did not work. One day I found an article recommending Cat Attract and thought anything is worth a try. This is the third time I have ordered and will order more as long as it works and our cat continues to use his litter box as it was intended. This product makes for a happier household all the way around.
By Petal
Pittsburgh Pa
It really works!
November 30, 2011
I've used this product in the past and since I just acquired a new kitten I purchased more to make sure he uses his litter box. It has a nice herbal type smell to humans-to kitties it must smell great because it really draws them to the box. When I sprinkle some on the litter my new kitten actually comes and hops into the box! I just sprinkle a small amount over the top of the litter each time I clean the box and find that works fine. If you're having problems with your kitty using the box and have ruled out any physical problems, then definitely try this- it really does work.
By Jess
Richmond, Virginia
Truly Works
October 26, 2011
My cat who has been litter box trained began to use other areas of the house (most likely because we moved). It became a huge problem so I chose pay a little extra to get rushed shipping on this product. I was extremely disappointed in how long it took to receive it (over a week and a half)! As soon as I got home I sprinkled it over the litter and he used the box within seconds! I have not discovered any other areas within my home he has used to go to the bathroom since I have started using this product.
By marvigg
Surprizingly effective!
October 5, 2011
The Cat Attract litter additive worked with a stubborn, five year old tortie. So far, so good! She has not had a slip-up after the second day the product was in use.
By maggiesbuddy
Tampa, FL
It works
December 13, 2010
I was washing the floors at least once a day with more and more toxic, noxious fluids, even used cayenne powder spread around. My kitty stopped using litter box almost immediately. I switched brands, from most expensive to almost dirt! Finally this was recommended. Along with the "Cat Attract Feline Behavioral Modification Litter Additive" because it was guaranteed to work in combination. Used it yesterday and IT WORKED! I used his hints too. I never had kitties before these two so I don't know what is reinforcement. But I was telling the "hoodlum" what a good little girl she was and I gave her treats when she'd use litter box to piddle. She did wander to areas around shower and toilet but I had put aluminum foil with double stick tape all over! She did piddle on a shag throw, so I will close the doors to access. But that she is using the pan is a 100% improvement!
By Linda
Really Works!
July 31, 2008
This product is great. With multiple kitties in my home, we did have some urinating outside of the box at times. Found this product & sprinkled it in the boxes & voila! They were attracted to the litter boxes & the urinating outside the box problem disappeared. It does still work with litter brand Worlds Best Cat Litter although it mentions not to use certain types of kitty litter. I highly recommend it.
By Mandi
Absolute Miracle Worker
July 23, 2008
I've had lots of problems with my male cats going pee outside of the box. I tried everything the vet told me to, changing litter twice a day, adding more litter boxes, trying different styles of litter boxes, using enzyme carpet spray of EVERY kind.... This is the only thing that has completely eliminated the problem! Kind of expensive I think, but I'm willing to pay for it if it means not cleaning the carpets regularly!

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