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By AnnaLee S.
Roselle Park NJ
My dog BOE loves these chews!
September 8, 2020
I love the prices and dog items you sell!
ProsGreat prices!
By J
Dogs’ dessert
August 17, 2020
Every evening after dinner all 3 dogs have their evening chew. Keeps them happy and keeps their teeth sparkling clean.
ProsPrevents tarter build up on teeth. Dogs love them.
By Bob B.
Huntington Beach
January 20, 2019
Vegan + rawhide works great My dogs teeth are WHITE
By jushoedy
Bonita Springs , Fl
Not consistent!
January 13, 2019
I purchased these chews from my vet by the same vendor. The vet product has a brown coating that the dog loves. I recently purchased the same exact product and the chews came totally white. My two dogs wouldn't have anything to do with them!
By Miss
Northumberland pa
Fantastic product
December 9, 2018
I am so happy with this product my dog loves them I would definitely tell a friend
ProsGreat product
By Mako
Kailua, Hawaii
not so sure
April 10, 2018
I wanted to get these for my two 80 lb. labs to help with tarter control. The price on Entirely Pet was less than half what my vet is charging so it is a great deal. My dogs however tend to gag repeatedly while chewing and trying to swallow the CET chews. Might just be my dogs are too eager in their chewing but it makes me nervous so I don't think I'll buy the chews again.
By Linda
October 4, 2017
Super product, dogs love it, good price, would buy again
By Jules
Miami, Fl
Excellent Product
May 25, 2017
This product is enjoyed by our dog everytime he is given one daily! It helps keep his teeth in good form and he has a good time at it!
By Dixie m.
May 18, 2017
CETs were highly recommended by my vet and I love them. Her teeth and gums are healthy and we attribute them to the CETs
By Kathy
Tempe, Arizona
C.E.T. Dental Chews
April 22, 2017
Beau loves his Dental Chews, both the plain and Hexta chews. He is 5 1/2 yes old and has beautiful teeth with no tartar thanks to his dental chews!
By Al
clean teeth solution
March 23, 2017
These chews really work and are especially effective when used in conjunction with VetzLife Oral Care Gel once a month. My dog is 10 and has never had to have his teeth cleaned. They are sparkling.
By Larry S.
San Francisco Bay Area
Great Chews
January 8, 2017
Not too soft, so the dogs can really chew on them for a while (like 5 min or so); not so hard that they wear down their teeth. They've had less plaque since they started using them--once a day.
By Jude
CET Chews
October 31, 2016
Have given these to my dog for 10 yrs. He has required 2 dentals in his life, one of these was for a fractured molar. I feel this product had contributed to his good dental health. For us there has been no digestive problems, but I do suggest watching to make sure he doesn't swallow a large piece and giving only 2 times per week. In addition to brushing using CET toothpaste.
By Marilyn
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for X-Large Dogs (30 Chews)
October 22, 2016
Since I started using these (almost daily) her teeth are so beautiful and her gums have cleaned up so well that the vet thinks I am brushing her teeth!
By vagrl540
worth the cost
October 22, 2016
Since I have been giving my 2 dogs these dental chews my vet has noticed improvement in their dental health. I believe that they are worth the cost considering how expensive dental work is. The dogs love getting the chews, for them they are treats.
By Sue
Great treat for clean teeth!
October 22, 2016
Our Neo Mastiff loves these. She gets two a day and will actually come and get us if we forget. Only have had one issue...there are times when she doesn't like the way one smells, and will refuse it. We'll try others till she takes one. She's not particularly a picky dog, so there must be something in the process that changes the odor on some. But, on the whole, she loves these. They keep her teeth very clean, she's 3 and we haven't yet had the need to have her teeth cleaned.
Keep em clean!
October 21, 2016
And yes they sure help. Both our 10 yr old and 6 yr old Goldens have clean teeth. Everytime we go for a checkup the vet always remarks how clean they are. Of course the dogs really like them to chew on.
By Lois
Atlanta, GA
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for X-Large Dogs (30 Chews)
October 21, 2016
My 3 dogs love this product. They sit and wait with anticipation for this treat after they eat.
By Glimermerre
Haughton, LA
Excellent Product
August 11, 2016
My dog loves these chews. He thinks they are really good doggy treats that just happen to keep his teeth clean.
Back In Stock..
July 22, 2016
Glad to have them again...Thor knows the difference...A+++++++++++Chew Chew
By Mar
My dog loves them
July 19, 2016
I got them to help keep his teeth clean. He knows after he eats he gets one and if we forget, he paws us to remind us that it is time for his chew.
By Lucas's m.
North Carolina
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for X-Large Dogs (30 Chews)
July 16, 2016
This product really does keep their teeth clean. Lucas looks forward to this "chewy" every day. It was recommended by his vet and we have not had to have his teeth cleaned in 7 years.
By Barbie
La Jolla Calif.
Extra large are extra big!
July 11, 2016
I will order the LARGE next time for my 56 lb. dog. She loves them!
By cargirl
C.E.T Chews
June 6, 2016
Great for removing tartar. Easy to digest. My dogs love them!
By Maui
What a Blessing
May 19, 2016
Great product for keeping both my German Shepherd's teeth clean and white. What a blessing I don't have to brush their teeth because can you imagine how difficult that would be. I also give raw beef bones occasionally and the combination works for me.
By Merri
SC island
CET Chews for X-Large Dogs
March 7, 2016
My Vet recommended these for dental care and to replace dangerous bone treats. If CETs get swallowed they will digest and not require a trip to the vet for obstruction like other products might. My dogs are large and big chewers. They love the CET chews.
By Cathy
Rochester, NY
CET chews for X-Large and medium dogs
February 27, 2016
I have a 100# Bouvier who is allergic to meat; I have him on a fish based diet. He loves and craves something to chew. I bought the CET chews for him and he tolerates them, meaning they don't trigger the itching he gets with meat. But as importantly, they satisfy his need to chew. As a bonus they help to clean his teeth. I also have 2- 20 pound Havanese dogs who love them as well. The highlight of their day is when I give them their chews. I am so glad I found this product!!
By Brian
CET Chews
February 1, 2016
My 2 Shepherds love these chews. They look forward to them every evening as a treat. My older Shepherd had bad breath until I started giving her these chews. Highly recommend them although they are sometimes sold out and hard to get.
By MotherJudy
Southern California
My Dog's Favorite Treat
January 31, 2016
CET Chews for X-Large Dogs is a staple in my pantry. Unlike every other kind of treat I have tried, including bully sticks, these chews take my dog longer than 5 minutes to finish off. He loves them and I use them as a "consolation prize" when I have to go somewhere where I cannot take him along. Is my dog spoiled? Terribly!
By Linda53
Wonderful product!
January 30, 2016
My dog is 11yrs old. The Vet told me not to give my dog hard bones any more because of her age, they are took hard on her teeth. I was buying this product through the VET but very expensive. He had instructed her to have one chew every few days. My dog loves them so much, she likes one daily. Am able to buy them from Entirely Pets at a reasonable price in order to give one daily. My dogs teeth look great for her age, these help cut down on tartar. Goal is to keep my dog from having to go under anesthesia for prof theeth cleaning. My dog loves this product!
By Mimi
Denver, CO
Dog Love
January 26, 2016
When all of my dogs hear the rattle of the packet I'm surrounded by a scrambling racket When they are finished chewing the treats to bits They run back at me to make more hits I believe they love the chews beyond explanation You haven't seen such expressions of concentration
By Scarlett
Washingtohm DC
CET dental chews.
January 19, 2016
Very good at keeping teeth cleaner and breath fresh. Digest well and Scarlett loves them Use all sizes, depending on how long we want Scarlett to chew.
By Vicky
Indpls, In
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for X-Large Dogs (30 Chews)
January 7, 2016
Tater loves his chews! They keep his teeth super clean.
By Jules
Dental chews
January 7, 2016
These are the best thing out there, my three dogs teeth look amazing
By Human M.
Las Vegas, NV
Perfect teeth from this product!
January 6, 2016
My 2 yellow Labs chew one a day. Tofu my eldest at 8 years old has never needed his teeth clean because of this great dental chew. Sake rescued at age 9 months did have one dental applied treatment at Vet. but since then she has only had these chews and at age 3 still has whiter than white teeth.
By Budman
Chewy Chewies
January 2, 2016
I buy these for my two large yellow labs and they love them. I particularly like the fact that while I have been giving them the chews, our vet has remarked at just how great the labs teeth look. I do not have to brush them or have them cleaned since using these chews.
By Ryck
Great chew-great price
December 12, 2015
This is a quality product and healthy for your pet. We have two Shepherds and they absolutely love these chews. We used to buy these from the vet but Entirely Pets has the exact same thing for about $10 less. Great products, great prices, and great service.
Great for bad breath and cleaning teeth!
December 8, 2015
Our dog's breath has improved significantly since we started giving her one chew every day and she has far less tartar buildup and staining.
By tobin
long time use
November 18, 2015
Been giving these to my dog for 3 years every night I am home, (I travel a lot) .... He loves them and happily chews them up in about 5 minutes, never sick.
By Luna
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for X-Large Dogs (30 Chews)
November 3, 2015
We love the product but it has been back ordered for sometime now. We hope to get it from you soon.
By MeHarlow
Los Angeles, CA
Great Chew
November 2, 2015
My vet recommended this product. I give one every night to my dog as a treat and she loves it. Once in her mouth, she heads to the door to go outside and enjoy her chew at the same time preventing build up plaque. Were both happy!!
By Jo
October 31, 2015
Total peace in the house when my dog eats these!
Dallas, TX
Favorite Chew!
October 30, 2015
Beckham loves this chew! We give him one every evening. He will cry and whine if we forget to go to the closet and get one out.
By nplg
Potomac, MD
great product
October 27, 2015
These are great. My dog loves them and they keep her teeth so much whiter !
By Piper
Love at first taste
October 26, 2015
My dogs are crazy for these treats! They are so obsessed that they will do just about any behavior asked in order to get me to give them one!
By James
Great Product
September 28, 2015
I have been giving these Virbac chewys to my dogs for years every nite at a set time. My dogs love them. It is as if they have a watch on because they get up at the appointed time and just look at me until I give them their chewy!
By mincar
South Carolina
Dog Love
August 24, 2015
My dogs love these chews. It's hard to find them in the extra large size, and the large just isn't big enough for larger dogs. Great service from Entirely Pets.
By denhamspringsla
August 23, 2015
These are great dental chews and this size is seldom found. My pack has yet to refuse a single one!
By sparklenana
Nampa, Idaho
My Dogs LOVE CET Chews
August 12, 2015
My dogs get a CET chew every day and my hound stands at the cupboard door and 10:00 am to remind me that it's time for her chewy. Can't be without them. My Jack Russell won't eat anything but CET chews
By Pit o.
Cedar Rapids Iowa
great product for most dogs.
July 12, 2015
My 2 Pit Mixes are not that large but they can chew the XL and get their teeth very clean. My vet is satisfied with their dental health. I use these XL because they would try to swallow the smaller sizes

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