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By Kat
New York
These are delicious!
July 7, 2019
That's what my cat says. She thinks they are delicious and snaps them up. I think they help keep her breathe fresh, too.
ProsThey taste great and are a favorite with my kitty.
ConsThey are expensive!
By Peacecatman
Guerneville, Ca.
Cats Love Them
May 24, 2017
My cats love these especially the boy, I think he would eat me if I ever tried to stop getting them. I wish they were not so ridiculously expensive. The price here was as good as I could find but I think the company that makes them is being kind of greedy with their pricing and always making sure there is a shortage of them around. Alas though I will have to keep buying them, hopefully they are doing some good, though I do brush their teeth as well.
Great Product
April 25, 2017
My cat Mia loves her "chewies." Last night she bit my wife on the arm (lightly) because she was late with her chewie. Mia's last dental exam was very good. We attribute it to the CET Chews. This product is the best thing we have in our arsenal to keep Mia's teeth clean.
Kitties Like It
December 31, 2016
My cats can be picky, and they're not crazy for these, but they either eat them right away or soon after I give them these. And they do always eat them all up, sooner or later. Not sure how much teeth cleaning is being done, but hopefully long term use will deliver results.
By Kittymom
Hart, MI
Jasper Kat's favorite
February 5, 2016
I give him 3 every few days. He loves these!
By Julia
Hart, MI
Jasper Kat's favorite
November 4, 2015
My 3 year old Seal Point cat loves these treats!
By Chow F.
Honolulu, HI
Yummy Treat
October 28, 2015
This dental chew is the only treat my brother, Dim Sum and I will eat. We've tried a bunch of others, but this is the best. We like the smell and the crunch and it's so good for our teeth!
By Rose F.
Ontario, Canada
Good Chews for our Cat
August 25, 2015
My cat begs to have these awesome chew treats. These chews are keeping my cats teeth clean and healthy. The chews were delivered quickly and accurately.
By catmom
Helping :-)
August 15, 2015
My kitties gums are improving with these chews! And best of all, she really loves them and accepts them without a fuss.
By CandleC
Review for CET Chews for Cats (30 chews) Fish Flavor
June 15, 2015
My girls love these. The vet first recommended their use, and they truly help with their teeth.
By AllMyKidsHavePaws
caution with small dogs
June 5, 2015
My 2 cats refuse to let me brush their teeth, so I bought these chews for them. One of them likes the chews and will eat them (chewing slowly), but the other will only lick the outside. I also tried them with my 2 dogs. Both will eat them; one chews them quickly, but the other tried to swallow it whole. He's a chihuahua with a tiny mouth and throat, so it probably would have gotten caught in his throat, causing him to choke! Luckily I was able to dig it out of his mouth/throat before he swallowed it,
By D&G
Murphy, NC
CET Chews for Cats Fish Flavor
April 6, 2015
CET makes great products for Cats. Our male our cat loved the fish flavor but our female will not eat it, she loves the poultry flavor.
By CatWoman
Plus and Minus
February 1, 2015
I have 5 cats with mixed reviews as to whether they will eat the treat. I have to cut the chew in half before they will even eat the chew. Next vet appointment will probably be the time to evaluate whether the chews are working for dental plaque.
By CatMom
Rochester, NY
Glad I found CET Chews
October 5, 2014
I have a kitty with gingivitis- CET chews help keep serious problems at bay, and also help him and my other two cats have better breath. The chew are hard to find so I was overjoyed to get them from Entirely Pets.
By Mopje
March 19, 2014
Product is on back order. My cat has been getting this treat for years and loves these.
By Robert D.
Charlotte, NC
Great Product
January 31, 2014
My cat Apollo could not wait to get his treat in the morning ;-) He just passed away but he loved these so much. I am truely saddened by his passing ....
By BBecky
Would recommend
August 6, 2013
Our cat likes both flavors, eats them eventhough they take effort (which is why they work). Our vet said her teeth are doing much better - can't ask more than that.
By 1barney
Review for CET Chews for Cats (30 chews) Fish Flavor
July 11, 2013
Can't speak to what it does/doesn't do for the cat's teeth, but he sure likes them. It's a toy. It's a treat. What's not to love. My only reservation is: in the larger sizes, the treats can get stale. I can't tell the difference, but the cat can.
By kayaker29
Fishy Cat Chews
June 19, 2013
Our two cats did not like this item at all, sniffed it and walked away. The consistency of the chew was odd, not chewy, not flaky. We felt it was a waste of money.
By Buck
Blandon, PA
Review for CET Chews for Cats (30 chews) Fish Flavor
June 15, 2013
One of our cats adores these chews. She patiently waits for one each morning.
By Sophie
CET Chews for Cats
April 4, 2013
Have used these for several years. My DOGS prefer these (fish flavor)! It keeps the tartar buildup from happening and took off much of the plaque built up that was on my rescue dogs when I got them. Fast delivery! thanks,
By Erda
Review for CET Chews for Cats (30 chews) Fish Flavor
March 22, 2013
My cat loves these, my cat loves these, my cat loves these
By Liz
Just Okay....
March 20, 2013
My cat would not eat these not sure if it's the texture but i even broke it up and wet it a little and he still would not eat it. :( My dogs like them :).....
By Alexander
Review for CET Chews for Cats (30 chews) Fish Flavor
March 14, 2013
My cat has been having one CET chew everyday for over 8 years now. After her first vet moved on, I could not find them for sale here, so I started buying them online. I chose Entirely Pets because they had the best price. She is over 10 years old and and has had no major dental problems.
By Jeannine
Los Angeles, CA
CET Dental Chews
March 13, 2013
These chews look like little corks. At first my cats didn't know what to do with them, but when they figured it out, they really liked these "treats." We just started these chews, so I'm anxious to see if it improves breath and teeth/gums. So far, so good!
By Paco
Smells good enough to eat.
February 26, 2013
Our cat seems to like these Fish flavored chews. If they were easier to serve cat, I would have allowed for an excellent rating. I would recommend this product to a friend, whose cat may enjoy the chews as they are. Being an 1-1/2 tubular dental treat, I guess cat did not know what to do with it. He is used to food that comes as very small round, firm particles. When placed in his food dish, he just looked at it, attempted to smell it, then, finally, just walked away, rather politely. Since I did not want to throw them away (could not return opened item for credit), I now just pull the delicate paper wrapping away from the content of this chew, which falls apart into somewhat of a chunky powder. Most of the powder stays firm from being wrapped inside its wrapping, but I pull it apart to a size cat is used to consuming. I was sorry to have to return the other bags, as I was looking forward to also helping out in cat's dental care, as we do for dog's, in an easier manner. It is rather a messy and inconvenient procedure, to deliver these chews to cat. Otherwise, he eventually eats the broken pieces, but there is the powdery residue, and tiny soft chunks to clean away, afterwards. P.S. The aroma from these chews is quite good enough to try one, myself!?
By Ginger's M.
State College, PA
Great product
December 30, 2012
I have 3 cats, but only 1 is interested in these. Our vet recommended these for increasing tarter. It appears to be working as the vet sees improvement. Bonus, my cat loves this treat.
By MGoulding
good product
December 11, 2012
I really like this product. My cat really likes them and I think it's helping keep her teeth clean.
By Wendy
Only Treat My Cat Will Eat
November 13, 2012
And it's good for his teeth too. Love these things.
By Pat
St. Joseph, MI
Two finache felines
October 22, 2012
My rating might be confusing...I have two cats, one is 7 and the other, 14 yrs. old. Both love tuna, so I thought the CET Chews for Cats, Tuna flavored would be a great Dental treat to give them. Needlesstosay, neither one took the bait! So I offered a couple to a friend who's cat has pyariea (gum disease). He, Jimmy-Chew (no pun intended) loved them, and he would give a 5 star rating! So, I gladly gave them to my friend and told her to check out your website and your pricing! Pat
By riniwahini
Los Angeles, CA
Kitty loved it
August 15, 2012
good ingredients; our cat gobbles them up; happy with the purchase ;-)
By steph
Very disappointed!!!
August 3, 2012
I hate it when I get a new product for my cat on-line because it's cheaper and my cat won't touch it and I've completely wasted my money. That's exactly what happened with this product. The "treats" have an unusual foam-like texture and are wrapped in something like rice paper. I knew the second I opened the bag that kitty wouldn't like them. I'd just dumped $15 in the garbage. I don't recommend these unless your cat is not picky at all about what s/he eats.
By tgibson
Northglenn, Co
They eat them, I keep buying them
July 31, 2012
At our house these are a hot item! Each morning everyone waits at the cupboard for their "fish balls" as we call them. I have to believe they do some good, they love them! Can't keep them stocked, always ordering. And Entirely pets is always so prompt getting orders out, it amazes me! Thanks for the excellent service!
By DotStar
Houston, TX
July 18, 2012
CoCo (named after CoCo Chanel of course), thinks they're PURR-R-R-FECT! And they go with all her colors; being a calico, one can't be too selective!
By Chicagolady
My cats would not touch these with a ten-foot pole
July 10, 2012
First, the thin, sausage-like wrapping on these make it too hard for an average cat to chew or swallow. Upon taking it out of its wrapping, it fell into curd-like chunks. Both cats took a quick sniff and walked away. Tried to offer it repeatedly, but no luck. Chucked into the trash. Money out the window.
By sla819
our cat loves these!
April 24, 2012
he stands at the drawer where we keep them because he knows they are in there and yells for them! he loves the fish flavor. just bought poultry to try that too!
By Pumpkin
Chicago, IL
Fast shipping
April 17, 2012
Cats love it but will have to wait and see whether it does really help to improve their dental.
By kjet
cats love them
March 2, 2012
my cats love these! they won't let me brush their teeth, so other than dry food and dental cleanings this helps in between cleanings
By Wendy
Atlanta, GA
I've Created A Monster!
February 28, 2012
My cat simply refuses to show interest in any other treat! He's always had bad teeth & gums, but since he's been eating these for over five years, he didn't even need a cleaning his last vet visit.
By sweetpea43
Make it a game
February 3, 2012
My cat loves these. I attribute the better health of his 15 year old teeth to these treats. I hide one a day at the bottom of cardboard cookie box, or in the middle of a paper towel roll and make him work for it. Every day, he finds it and eats it!
By DeeDee
Queens, NY
Mixed Success
January 22, 2012
My cat with the bad breath seemed interested at first & tried to eat these, but they were too big and he just rolled them around the floor. I tried cutting it in two, still too big, then multiple pieces, and he lost interest in them. My other cat we nicknamed "the glutton" loves these. I cut them in half for her and she looks for more after she's done! So, I would say there's a 50-50 chance your cat will go for these.
Teeth are important
December 9, 2011
I give one of these chews to my cat every morning. He is 11 years old and his teeth and gums are in excellent condition. I feel that this product definitely helps keep them that way.
By panella
Works wonders!
November 29, 2011
My cat has horrible breath and these treats work miracles. Even after 1 treat, her breath smell is completely gone. It's a wonder how these stinky fish treats can do that! LOL. My other cat who doesnt care for fish anything, will not eat these treats. However, she will eat the poultry version just fine and they work just as well.
By Danuta
When choice is limited
November 17, 2011
I adopted 2 14year old cats who have only seen a vet once (to be spayed and neutured). Both had awfully smelly breath and teeth that were not good. Unfortunatelly their health is not good at this time and having their teeth cleaned under a general anasthetic could prove fatal. With limited options I gave them CET chews which they LOVE. Within a couple of days their breath improved so much I could hug them without holding my breath. Their teeth still need work but I am hoping the CET chews will prevent the situation from getting worse.
By Susie
Enjoyable and Good for your pet
November 14, 2011
My cat, Roger, loves these chews. He thinks they are treats so not only does he enjoy them but he also is helping his oral hygiene. His teeth and gums are in great shape. He eats one every morning!
By Colorado K.
give me more!
November 7, 2011
Our cat thinks these are the best treats ever (and she loves Greenies a lot--but thinks these chews are better). She waits by the cabinet for her 1 piece every night after supper, when the dog gets her Hextra Chew (the CET treat for dogs). I don't know if these clean the teeth or not, but they sure make for happy pets. We learned of the cat chews from a friend, whose finicky cat dances when the chew bag is crinkled.
By Simba's M.
Crazy for Chews
October 23, 2011
Simba waits every morning to get her chew. I toss it to her and love to watch her carry it away from me in her mouth, like a dog with a bone. She's learned not to swallow whole and chews through. I'm reordering supplies today. She's my kitty but an old gal, who I don't want to take to the vet dentist. Her teeth are cleaner. I bought this product along with the Biotene drinking water additive. For a cat who only eats wet food. These products seem to be doing wonders.
By Fran
Durham, NC
Fat Kitty Loves These
July 25, 2011
My 10 year old "fat cat" Zoe loves these chews. I put one in her food dish and it disappears within minutes. So far, I have been able to maintain her dental health with these chews..
By strcrosd
Best Cat Treats
April 16, 2010
My picky cat really goes crazy for these treats and hopefully they help her teeth too! She has vomiting issues with other brands of treats but not these.

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