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By map
cet chews
November 10, 2015
Used this since I have had my dog at 2 months old. Only had his teeth cleaned once. He is now ten and his teeth are still in excellent condition. I see my vet every 3 months.
By Rio
Our dog's FAVORITE chew treat
November 9, 2015
We often try new and different treats and occasionally will let our dog "choose" one or the other. He ALWAYS goes for these when given the option. Great size for our 32 pound Tibetan Terrier.
By Podge
Fairfax, VA
My dog loves them
November 6, 2015
Has one every evening. Great for his teeth,
By GJansen
San Diego, CA
So Happy to Find these Chews
October 29, 2015
I have been looking on the web for this item for about 3 months. Everywhere I looked, they were out of stock. To my delight, Entirely Pets had exactly what I wanted. These chews contain an enzyme that has kept my 4 y/o standard poodle's teeth bright and clean and his breath pleasant. I highly recommend this product.
By Max
Frederick, MD
Dental Chews
October 28, 2015
Max loves them and they are getting harder to find. Glad you carry them
By Peg
Not fully satisfied
October 26, 2015
I found many of the chews to be too small and too soft for a medium size dog. The softness was more of an issue than the size.
By Marj
Atlanta Georgia
Great pruchase!
October 23, 2015
My dogs are crazy about these chews! They were shipped right away and I recieved them quickly. Will purchase again
By patilu
dogs love them
October 10, 2015
We have a very picky JRT but she loved the new chews!
By Kopcat
Minnetonka, Mn
My dogs love these and their teeth are clean!!
October 7, 2015
I've been buying these chews for the past few years and my 3 dogs all have clean teeth and breath. I highly recommend these chews.
By Diane
Del Mar, CA
My dog is addicted to CET Chews
October 6, 2015
My mini Dachshund just turned 14 years old and she adores CET chews. These "flip chips" keep her teeth and gums healthy!
By Joeie
Keeps Teeth Clean
October 4, 2015
My Dog Loves Them Once A Day And It Keeps Her Teeth Clean AndBreathSmelling Good.
By Shar
CET Dental Chews
September 22, 2015
My dogs go wild for these. Both are 4 years old and these chews keep their teeth very clean. Thank you for your fast shipment of my order. I'll order again soon.
Brea, CA
Great Chews
September 10, 2015
Received the chews on time and in a good box. My Corgi's love them.
By katydid
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Medium Dogs (30 Chews)
August 23, 2015
dog likes these, and at same time they are working on plague
By dotdot
A good dog chew
June 25, 2015
I was happy with what they sent--exactly as I had ordered. Some days my dog enjoys these better than others but usually does chew the whole thing over time.
June 22, 2015
Have two dogs, one lab, one sheltie/aussie mix, they absolutely love these chews, all you have to do is ask them if they want a chewy and they will beat you to the kitchen cabinet. Best thing we have found for their teeth, even vet has commented on how white their teeth are.",,,,,,,,,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,,,,,Dog,,,,,,BV_PIE,en_US,,0528, 81156651,2015/06/22 14:19:36"
By IslandMike
Leyla loves them!
June 12, 2015
Leyla loves CET chews and looks forward to getting one each day. They are doing a great job in helping keep her teeth clean. We will be back for more!
By di
Surprise Arizona
Best Purchase Ever
June 11, 2015
My two dogs have brilliant white teeth and I owe it all to the C.E.T. Chews - I get the medium, because the large are too thick and big - but they are my doggies favorite treat. I only wish they were all very thin sliced - but I ain't complaining!
By Odell195
Liberty, SC
Dogs love them
May 31, 2015
My dogs love them and eat one every night. I noticed my hound dog's breath is a little better. I ordered large and medium size, the large are twice as big as the medium. The german sheperd eats the large and the hound dog eats the medium. They are happy just wish the price was cheaper.
By Trisha
Beautiful teeth
April 19, 2015
Has made a huge difference in Marnie's teeth and she loves the Chews!
By Gina
March 11, 2015
My dogs love these, and chewing them keep their teeth clean. My dogs have been getting these regularly since I got them, and they have no issues with tartar on their teeth.
By Mamalori
Southern Cal
CET Chews 4 Medium dogs
March 5, 2015
My cocker and cockapoo luv these things! Monty knows where I keep them and every night after dinner, he's sitting there looking up at the pantry for his treat. I guess that's why we keep ordering them every month!
By sar
My dogs favorite
February 11, 2015
Best dental product for dogs in between regular brushing. My dogs don't know how healthy they are for them they just think they are treats that they beg for everyday.
By cuerva
vet thought my 9 year old was 4
February 8, 2015
#1 my dog loves these chews and they are good for her. #2 i took my 9 year old blue heeler to the vet for a checkup. Our regular vet was out and we saw someone filling in for him. i guess she didnt look at the chart first because she thought my dog was around 4 years old when she looked at her teeth It has never been necessary to have my dogs teeth cleaned. no tartar. She has had a virbac chew almost every day since i chose her from the shelter at the age of 4 months.
By Jack
Great Treat
February 4, 2015
This product was a wonderful find at my vet's in Canada.One every other day satisfies my dachshund's need to chew plus with the my other CET product,Veggie Dent, keeps the teeth sparkling clean.Again I use a limited amount, one on alternate days.Once a week I brush his teeth with the CET chicken flavoured toothpaste.He literally hops up on the chesterfield when he sees the cleaning bag.Thanks for providing all these products at such a terrific price.Wish you were in Canada!
By Barb
Jacksonville, FL
CET Treats
January 29, 2015
My dog loves these treats. I give her one everyday to keep her teeth clean and they do wonders to keep away bad breath. My sweet pooch now has the whitest teeth I've ever seen. Thanks.
By El
CET chews
January 21, 2015
My vet recommended them vs greenies because the greenies have more fat content or calories. My dog likes them
By GSantua
San Diego, CA
My Dogs are Happy!
January 17, 2015
They love these chews! Entirely Pets delivered this item quick and packaged it well! I'll shop here again soon! Thank you
By Trish
chews are good!
January 17, 2015
My dog likes these and they are good for her teeth
By Matilda's D.
Grand Rapids, MI
My dog loves these chews!
January 16, 2015
My dog loves these chews! All the CET chews help with bad breath and tarter control. Highly recommended!
By Washingtonian
Quality Control leaves something to be desired
September 5, 2014
Our dogs love these. However, we have to throw away about 15% of every bag because the thickness of some of the chews makes it impossible for our dogs to chew through them. If their quality control were better, I would give the item five stars. But, who wants to pay for something you have to throw away.
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Medium Dogs (30 Chews)
August 30, 2014
Great product! Highly recommend as this product was recommended by our vet.
By Bebe
Great Healthy Treat
August 20, 2014
Our beagle/basset gobbles her lunch because she knows she gets a CET afterwards. This is her special treat for the day and not only is it digestible, it helps to keep her teeth clean of plaque buildup. Your dog will love it.
By mmm
not for my pups
August 17, 2014
My dogs initially ate these, but now they have decided they don't like them.
By Jami
Hampshire, IL
CET Chews
July 30, 2014
Great products. However, I buy medium chews for my large dog. I started with large chews but they were too much fiber in one day. I took to cutting them in half. It's much easier to just buy the medium chews.
By catdoghorse
Tomball, Texas
CET Chews for Medium Dogs (30 Chews)
July 25, 2014
Smaller than have been in the past. But my Jack Russell's love them
By nealmedia
Pacific Northwest
Starting to have doubts
July 21, 2014
I have used CET chews for years. They do a good job of keeping my dog's gums and teeth clean (since, like most pet owners, I am not super diligent about toothbrushing). The quality of orders over the past year or so seems to be declining. The color of the product is erratic -- some chews are a nasty, dark orange color. And the size and shapes of the chews are wildly inconsistent. Some are monstrous and others are like potato chips. Finally there is the scent: There has always been a faint chemical smell (the product has enzymes as an active ingredient). Some some packages seem much smellier than others. Is the manufacturer cutting corners? Still: My dog likes to chew them and they still seem to do the job OK.
By nanlou
Wonderful product
July 20, 2014
I have a 13 yr old min pin that has been on these chews since 2001 and she has never had to have her teeth cleaned by our vet. Her teeth are still very clean & even pretty. I recommend these for all dogs. Our German Shepherd (may she rest in peace) also had beautiful teeth because we gave her a chew every day after dinner!!
By Scfi
Pittsburgh PA
Great Healthy Treats
June 20, 2014
I have purchased CET Chews for years for all of my dogs. All of my dogs have enjoyed them and they really do help keep their teeth clean and breath pleasant. Vet recommended.
By Boomer
Tail Waggin' Delicious
June 3, 2014
The CET Chews were recommended by my vet. Each dog gets one chew daily and the chews have greatly assisted in keeping the dog's teeth free of plaque. Thank you!! A great product loved by the dogs.
By Di
Great Product
June 1, 2014
Chews are tasty and biodegradable unlike rawhide chews. My boys can't wait for us leave in the morning so they can get theirs and relax in their "man-caves"
By ghost7071
Ruston, LA.
Really happy dogs....
April 17, 2014
CET Chews are cheaper than local vets, both our dogs love them. With the medium size their just right for our Snorky and his bigger buddy.
By Mom47
CET Chews Medium
March 21, 2014
These are great. We have a 95# Akita. We use these as treats several times a day. Since these are meant for smaller dogs we give them more often. She loves them. Keeps her teeth clean, too!!
By Texas N.
Tempe, TX
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Medium Dogs (30 Chews)
March 14, 2014
The most favorite treat of our dog, Maggie. Entirely Pets offers a great price for these vs. purchasing from our vet. I would have given it a full 5 stars, but Virbac has reduced the size of the medium treat.
By Sadie
CET for Medium Dogs
February 4, 2014
My four children love these chews and actually come and ask me for them when they feel they are in need to clean their breath and teeth! When I ask them if it's time, they bark and lead me right to the place where the chews are kept. They love them. Providing them with the CET chews has really kept their teeth and gums healthy!
By dawnB
Boca Raton, FL
My Dog Loves These
January 20, 2014
My dog loves these treats! Runs around the house when he gets it and finds the right spot to eat it!
By Nancy
Rogers, MN
CET Chews
January 17, 2014
I order these chews every couple of months for my dog. She loves them! You can't beat the price either!
By mtoll
Jacksonville, FL
Wish Dog Did Not Like Them So Much
November 13, 2013
Have purchased the CET Chews for years because our dog loves them and waits for one each night, however, I get so frustrated with the CETs quality control. There are always one or two chews in each bag that are unsuitable. Only because our dog likes them so much do I keep purchasing them. I would love to see CETs quality control improve so I could give them five stars and quit throwing away chews.
By Sharon
Phoenix, AZ
Great Value
November 3, 2013
A great price and exactly the same product I was buying from my vet. My dog builds up tartar quickly, so he gets one of these chews everyday.
By paso1234
Sedona AZ
Great product!
October 29, 2013
Our vet recommended the chews for our dogs. We have two 55+ pound dogs. They receive one per day and we can see a difference even though we clean their teeth quite often. Just had a check up and our vet said their teeth looked great.

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