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By Tara
Fort Myers,Fl
She loves them!
December 6, 2015
My poodle has lost several teeth. The veterinarian suggested the Virbac CET products and they have helped her oral hygiene improve. I'm very happy with EntirelyPets! They notified me of a back order and shipped my order as soon as it was available!
By Sissy
Winchester, VA
Best Chew I've Ever Found
December 4, 2015
My dog is a 3 lb. Yorkie and these chews have kept her teeth in excellent shape according to the vet. She likes them also as a treat. I can't live without them so I buy as many as I can and make sure my vet stays stocked also. Great product!!!
By friscodeb
Frisco, TX
Can't Go Without These
December 1, 2015
My two Morkies just LOVE these! They each get one a day (they want more) - they think its a treat...I know it helps their teeth. These are getting hard to find and can be costly elsewhere, so I was thrilled to find these at Entirely Pets and will be reordering again real soon. Thank you for stocking these!
Dental Chews
December 1, 2015
Virbac CET Dental Chews for small dogs are a hit with my 2 small dogs - 10 lbs and 5 lbs. They both love them and I love that they help keep their teeth healthy.
By Mimi
Cave Creek, AZ
Veterinarians Choice
November 30, 2015
The CET Chews have an enzyme not found in other dental chews. My dog loves them and I know I am giving her the best dental chew available.
By Cet B.
Best purchase ever
November 22, 2015
Couldn't find these chews anywhere. So glad to have found them at Entirely pets
By Beth
Virbac chews are not available but...
November 21, 2015
The substitute chews by Ora-clens my dog likes even better! But we haven't used them long enough to see if they help her teeth as well. We hope so - because they are less expensive also!
By Sunnydayz
Great Product!
November 16, 2015
I've used this product before which my dog LOVES. Eats them like candy! Will be ordering them again very soon!
By shebbo
St Louis, MO
Divine Intervention
November 16, 2015
My Lily is ecstatic when I treat her to a CRT Chew. And, what a bonus, knowing it's helping her dental health!
By none
spokane washington
saved some money, my dog loves um.
November 13, 2015
always bought them from "petco" they were out of stock tried Entirely pets. worked great saved me some money, I'll be buying a lot of my dog stuff from here
By Sal
My little Chihuahua loves them
November 13, 2015
and they have certainly helped her teeth and breath!
By Joy
South carolina
Great product
November 11, 2015
I bought theses for my chihuahuas bad breath they scrubbed all the tarter off there teeth and freshened there breath they love them too
By Shell
Hobe Sound, FL
All Our Dogs Have Loved These
November 3, 2015
Our vet recommended these years ago and we have been using them ever since. One/day as a chew to help their teeth.They are very good for the dog.We don't like giving him rawhide chews as he has a hard time digesting them. Recently we have had difficulty finding them but I happened on Entire;y Pets web site and found them. We are so happy to be able to give them to our dog Lucky who waits patiently every night after dinner for his daily "treat".
By Mimi
Denver, CO
The Right Choice
November 2, 2015
I have tried several other dental treats for Mimi. This one is the only one she wants.
By Pizzaface
Long Island,NY
Virbac for me!
October 30, 2015
After breakfast or dinner,I am a fifteen year old mini poodle,and the truth be told,to remove food breathe or to chew my teeth clean,Virbac I will wag my tail for !
By Joyce
Holiday, FL
My dog loves these chews!
October 28, 2015
We originally got these chews from our vet, then found them to be less expensive on Entirely Pets so that's where we get them now. Our Chihuahua/rat terrier loves them, has been on them for years and I feel good feeding them to him, they're good for his teeth and he loves them.
By Gertie's m.
St Louis, MO
She loves these!
October 27, 2015
Our Pomeranian, Gertie, is a couch potato. Her motto seems to be "The less exercise, the better." However, every evening at 6:30, after her last trip outside for the evening, my husband throws one of these CET chews down our hallway and Gertie runs after that thing like a dog possessed. This is her all-time favorite treat. Little does she realize that she's actually chewing on something that is helping to keep her teeth pearly white. I would happily recommend this product.
By Gram
Southern New Jersey
My dog really likes these
October 27, 2015
Have a lot of grand-dogs and they always go to the treat jar when they visit. They all like them.
By Lisa E.
Phoenix, AZ
Dog loves them; great price
October 26, 2015
These are hard to find now, and elsewhere they sell for 4 or 5 times the price (crazy!), so I bought four bags. My dog loves them.
By adj72
October 24, 2015
This product is really great! My dogs love them!
By Ladycoach
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Petite Dogs (30 Chews)
October 8, 2015
I like the qualities of this product. And, very importantly, my dog really likes the chews. Unfortunately it's unavailable at this time. I look forward to its reappearance.
By V
Great for Dogs Teeth
October 3, 2015
I have been using these chews for 7 years. They were recommended by my pet store. I found them less expensive online. My dog loves them and they clean his teeth. GREAT product.
September 26, 2015
By neecie
So Cal
chews cancelled
September 19, 2015
I see this chew has been cancelled - what is the story? Amazon has some selling for $75 per pack. We need to know if they are dangerous, and/or are they going to be on the market again. Anyone know? My dogs love them, and expect one after dinner.
By Gene
Great Product
September 8, 2015
The vet introduced us to these. The dog loves them and so far, we can see some improvement in her teeth. Hope this continues.
San Diego, CA
Small Dog Loves These
September 8, 2015
Our Malti-Pom has dental issues like many small dogs. She doesn't love having her teeth brushed, but she puts up with it. We give her these chews on a regular basis to help clean her teeth and she loves them. Does a little dance when we open the cabinet. I feel good that the chews are actually helping to clean her teeth while she has fun.
By zebo
austin, tx
great product
September 2, 2015
excellent for removing tartar and preventing bad teeth
By jampy
healthy chewy snack!
August 23, 2015
The small dogs and large dogs love them and they are good for their teeth.
By china
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Petite Dogs (30 Chews)
July 27, 2015
my dog loves these and they keep his teeth really clean
By Topanga
My Dogs LOVE these chews!
July 3, 2015
My dogs love these chews and have been chewing them for a few years. My dogs are old and get regular vet visits, and on their last visit I was expecting a yearly dental cleaning, but my vet said their teeth looked good and we could skip it this year. I was very happy for this, not just for the savings, but my doggies do not need to go through it. I told my vet my dogs get one of these chews daily and she made note of it.
By dotdot
Good expiration date
July 2, 2015
My shih-tzu seems to like these better than the medium size. So I alternate. Sometimes he gets 2 of these.
By adj72
Columbus, MS
June 19, 2015
These are great treats! My dogs love them!
By Bosco
Queens, n.y.
June 12, 2015
At one time my dog really liked these but lately for some reason he doesn't appreciate them.
By Whip
Best Dog Chews
June 11, 2015
My dogs love these chews and I like the dental benefits. They help reduce tartar build up which is a big issue with small dogs like mine.
By Casey
Dogs love these
April 30, 2015
My 2 small dogs get very excited when I pull theses chews out. They aren't too hard to be enjoyed by my 4 lb. Yorkie.
By Wally
Parma, Ohio
CET Chews for Small Dogs
April 24, 2015
These were recommended by our Vet to help keep our dogs' teeth somewhat healthy. The dogs love them, and they are not bad for them at all. We give each dog 1/2 stick in the AM, after the 1st feeding, the other half after the evening feeding. It has helped keep their teeth in better shape, and gives them something good to chew on.
By Candace
Best dog chews
April 1, 2015
I've been giving these to my dogs for years...they love them.
By Graciesmom
Lilburn, GA
Gracie's Daystarter!
March 7, 2015
Gracie is our little rescue pup and everything from food to treats to toys and walks were a new experience for her. Everything started slow. Now after almost 4 years CET chews are just a part of her day. She goes outside in the morning and when she comes in, she knows there will be one waiting for her to take to her bed! She loves them. She also loves all of the other things too!
By Mamalori
Southern Cal
CET petite chews
March 5, 2015
Our little Angel loves to freshen up her mouth after breakfast. These are a perfect fit for her [although she will take on the medium sized chews along with brother Monty].
By Joe
The Nightly Treat
February 18, 2015
We have three Cavaliers and each looks forward to a CET Chew after dinner. We've been using these for 15 years. They help keep the teeth clean. On nights when the pups seem to need a little more to chew on, we give them a CET Chew for Medium Dogs. The dogs love them.
By checkers
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Petite Dogs (30 Chews)
February 7, 2015
My dog loves his CET Chews... he goes nuts over them
Choking Hazard
January 26, 2015
I don't understand why the Vet offices recommend this product. Both of my dogs love them, however, they love them so much that they swallow large chunks of them. Then they start choking & dry heaving. Sometimes, they vomit up the pieces if they can. They chew until it gets soft, then try to swallow them whole. We trashed the remaining bag & refused to give them anymore of them.
By Kate
Montreal, Quebec
an apple a day
September 15, 2014
I don' know how well they clean (shih tzu underbite eventually requires professional cleaning), but she loves them and acts like it is the best treat ever!!!!
By Ron
CET Chews
August 23, 2014
Have been using them daily for years with our 2 small dogs. They enjoy them and their teeth benefit from the chews.
By zoey
August 5, 2014
My dog likes these treats. We will be buying more.Good value.
By Gina
Dallas, TX
They love them
July 31, 2014
I have been buying these from Entirely Pets for a couple of years now. These CET Chews are the same as what I used to buy from the Vet, only WAY cheaper! Molly and Jack love them.
By Peggie
Orlando FL
Best Treat
June 18, 2014
My dog Zeus is a rescue and has many issues, one being he didn't like ANY treats until a neighbor gave him what I call "sticks". He absolutely love them and I have to keep a supply on hand at all times. He knows after dinner he gets 2 "sticks" and he lets me know when he's ready!! Great product according to Zeus.
By Alpacajan
Great product
May 22, 2014
This product works really well to help keep my dogs teeth clean. Fewer visits to the doggie dentist. Works great.
By BettyBoop
Las Cruces, NM
Used for Years
May 13, 2014
We have had 3 dogs and over the years all 3 have used this product. Excellent for keeping their teeth clean. However, don't purchase from the vet. Too expensive!!! The dogs really like the taste.
By Bluegeese
Port Orchard, Washington
Great Dental Care
May 11, 2014
Our Vet sells and recommended the CET chews for both our dogs. So it was a no-brainer to buy them from Entirely Pets. ( less expensive than at the vet) Both Jake and Brutus get a chew every evening and they look forward to them. I was concerned about rawhide chews but CET Chews have a well balanced formula that takes the worry out. KUDOS to Entirely Pets!!

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