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By Linda
Cheaper than the Vets
March 10, 2012
My little dog loves these chews and they are very good for his breath and teeth. However, the first bag I opened up seems to be very dry and crisp instead of softer and flexible. Expiration date says 10/14 but they sure seem old. My dog doesn't care!!!!
March 1, 2012
These are great for puppies/dogs to chew. Excellent teeth cleaners. My 3 little poodles love them and it gives them the chewing action they need daily. Occupies them from chewing what they shouldn't be chewing. Break these in half for small dogs and they last me a long time!
By yorkielover
Cincinnati, Ohio
CET chews
February 28, 2012
My yorkies love these! I used them as an after potty treat!
By Chris
My small dog loves these
February 22, 2012
My dog does not chew much and so has issues with keeping her mouth and teeth clean. She does not like most of the dental chews on the market, but she really likes these and chews each one as soon as she gets it. (I find the others buried all over the house.)
By Gatsby11620
Success with Petite chews
February 14, 2012
My dogs enjoy the petite size chew. The medium chews with the CET Hextra are not as welcomed. I am in the process of trying both sizes and types to see what will work with my scotties. The regular petites I will order again.
By roynhank
Sugar Land, TX
Pretty good but don't last long
February 7, 2012
My little terrier mix has been enjoying these for a couple years now and the only complaint I have is that they don't last very long. I had a chihuahua mix the very same size (10 lbs) who would take a good 15-20 minutes to eat one of these but the current pup can chow down on one in under 5 minutes! I don't know how much good it does her teeth when it doesn't spend that long rubbing up against them...but she sure does love them!
By murray
c.e.t. dental chews
February 6, 2012
tried these chews for my bichon/shih tzu mix dog. his breath needed something to clean it up and these did the trick. he still goes for his dental cleanings, but his breath is 100% better than it was before the chews.
By maggiemoo
Dental Chews
February 4, 2012
Great dental chews, my dog just loves them. They sell the same exact thing at Petco for $19. What a savings.
By Welchie 2.
Westerly, RI
Excellent Purchase
February 2, 2012
The petite dental chews are excellent for my two welch terriers. Their teeth are in excellent condition and I credit the dental chews as part of the reason for this. The other is their diet.
By Susan
Phoenix, AZ
Great Dental Product
February 1, 2012
C.E.T.Chews are vet recommnded and a great tool for helping to keep your pets teeth clean. They work much better than products from the pet store and my dogs love them. I use in addition to brushing their teeth. It's great that they come in different sizes for each of my three dogs.
By lap
a must for pets
January 31, 2012
These are a hit at my house. They love them! All three dogs look forward to the chew. Keeping their teeth clean is much easier.
By Kim
Healthy Chews
January 23, 2012
I like these chews for my 3 miniture yorkshire terriers. They are so much healthier for them than raw hid chews. My order was also filled in a very timely manner.
By Andysmom
near Memphis TN
Best dental chew
January 18, 2012
Andy has been chewing these once a day since he was 8 weeks old. He's never had any major dental issues because he is faithful using them. They were recommended by his vet. Andy turned twelve recently, and has beautiful teeth! He prefers the plain ones--no antibiotic added When we adopted his "sister" from rescue 2 years ago she started on them, and has beautiful teeth, she is also 12.
By Mitch
January 1, 2012
Works wonders for their breath. They both come running when they hear me open the resealable package.
By Farm C.
Too mushy
December 30, 2011
Got too mushy too fast, dogs could choke on them. Dental ones are better.
By Steve O.
Read your labeling
December 16, 2011
I have used the product in the past, but after taking the time to read the label, I had to return the last two CETs I purchased. Reason: my dog is a 100% organic dog, and this product contains soy. I would recommend it to someone who feeds their dog over-the-counter corn, soy, rendered animals, and additive-based dog food - someone who does not care about the health and welfare of their dog. I suggest the CET label be placed on the E.P. website for consumers to read before a purchase decision is made.
By tx f.
Great price & product
December 15, 2011
I've used this product for 3 yrs but the price kept going up & I was looking for a replacement treat. This price is almost half what I paid and now I will be able to continue to buy. Sadi thanks you, Entirely Pets!
By pat
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Petite Dogs (30 Chews)
December 13, 2011
my dogs love them and their teeth stay really clean
By crystalclear
Peyton, CO
Great product!
December 12, 2011
My mini dachshund absoolutely loves these. I give him one a day. They are very healthyfor him.
By mlpdogs
Dogs love them
December 12, 2011
The CET chews (petitte) are wonderful. My dogs go crazy when I just say the letters C E T because they love them so much. Always get a very good price at Entirely Pets.
By doxie d.
Sarasota FL
best product ever
December 9, 2011
this is the healthiest treat that is easy to chew easy to digest and best of all they love them
By Cindy
Thomasville, NC
Great purchase
December 7, 2011
My dog loves these! She thinks she is getting a treat & they are good for her teeth.
By Maskin
petite chews
December 6, 2011
I like these because they are all consistently the same size.
By Klaatu
They Do What They Say They Do
November 29, 2011
This is the only product my wife has found that takes that deadly dog breath away! They also seem to control plaque and tartar buildup.
By Becky
Green Bay
Eddy's favorite chewy's ever
November 29, 2011
My dog loves these...they are a good way to help keep his teeth clean, and he looks for them every morning after breakfast. He gets one daily, so the price is definitely right.
By desertwillow
Review for CET Enzymatic Chews for Petite Dogs (30 Chews)
November 4, 2011
I've beem purchasing this item for several years. I give these as a 'before bed' treat. My dogs love them.
By Buster's M.
St George, UT
Great purchase
November 2, 2011
Great product and price. I've been giving my dog these for a few years for his dental health and they definitely help. He likes them and thinks they're a treat!
By littledogsinger
Austin, Texas
Dental results without struggles!
November 2, 2011
These CET Dental Chews were recommended by my vet, and though I was skeptical, they really have made a big difference in dental cleaning by chewing, and NO DOGGIE BREATH! I give my gals one small one every single day and it has made a huge difference. Entirely Pets has the best prices out there.
San Leandro, CA
Good Chew!
November 1, 2011
Recommended by our vet, and always accepted by our dog with enthusiasm, we know it will help her dental health as well.
By Turtle
Huntsville, AL
My dogs love CET treats
October 30, 2011
My dogs come running when I pull out the CET Chews. They actuall love them too much and gobble them down quickly. I wish they were a little tougher so that the dogs would spend more time chewing/breaking up tarter.
By Trish
CET-good buy
October 30, 2011
My dogs love them; even my one dog that has just a few teeth! My vet charges almost double than what Entirely Pets charges.
By barb
Fort Smith,Arkansas
Maddie loves these
October 28, 2011
I found these at my local Vet's office, so happy to find a much better price here. Thank you I will be a returning customer.
By Kato
Awesome Dental Chews!
October 25, 2011
My Vet originally recommended these for my Yorkie because they are proned to tartar build up. I've been giving them to her since she was a pup. She is now 8 years old and has yet to need her teeth cleaned! They are also great for their digestion. And. . .dogs love them! Love, Love Love these!
By Jane
New Jersey
My dog loves these chews
October 21, 2011
I shopped around and Entirely Pets had the best price/shipping costs for these chews. My 11 pound dog just loves them! She came from a puppy mill and has had some dental issues so I am thrilled that she likes them. Her vet recommended using C.E.T. chews and they certainly help her breath.
By kwdodge
Houston, TX
CET Chews Petite for Small Dogs
October 20, 2011
I order these chews all the time and often! My two dogs absolutely love them and can't get enough of them. They are good for their gums and their teeth and evidently, dogs really like the taste.
Winter Garden, FL
Great for their teeth!
October 17, 2011
My Paps love to chew on these dental sticks and they certainly have helped keep their teeth clean!
By 3 M.
October 14, 2011
Since purchasing these the first time 2 years ago, I have been buy them 15 bags at a time! My 3 Japanese Chins have them each night before bedtime. The vet says the tarter on their teeth has decreased, They have other treats that they will take or leave depending on mood, but not these. They line up each evening to get these and take them to their beds - it is the last treat of the day - kind of like brushing their teeth before bedtime :-)
By ramblon97
October 13, 2011
Excellent product! Entirely Pets delivers quickly, their prices are AWESOME, and the chews are healthy, low calorie, and great for doggy dental care....All natural, quality product. Entirely Pets ROCKS!
Cape Cod
dogs love them
October 12, 2011
My 3 dogs love these! It really helps to keep their teeth clean.
By Lana
October 5, 2011
My vet. recommended these for our dog. From Entirely Pets they are 1/2 price - just the same tho. Also, being snowbirds, couldn't buy them where we spent 6 mos a year - now they can be mailed. Yea!
By Seuss
Lancaster, OH
Highly recommend!!
February 25, 2010
This is in regards to my little Pekingese mix, Sassy, who will be 15 years old this year and MOST finicky about her treats. She's not been a big fan of chewing in years and has had some dental issues and a number of teeth removed. There's no way she would tolerate my attempting to brush her teeth at this late age so my vet suggested I give these chews a try. She absolutely LOVES them. I've also noticed that they seem to help her breath.
October 24, 2009
AFTER TRYING MANY DIFFERENT TREATS & chews, this brand is the only one my dog's sensitive stomach can digest. He takes pancreatic enzyme w/ his dog food to be able to digest it. However, that's never been practical w/ treats or chews. Now he can have a daily chew-treat w/o medicine first! Hooray!
By Arleen
Great Product
October 3, 2009
This is a great chewing dental stick. My pup loves them. I give her one a day. She is very anxious to get one. Great cleaning teeth product.
By Lisa
Vet recommended over greenies
February 12, 2008
My Vet advised me to switch from greenies to CET. He said Greenies were being investigated and could possibly be harmful to my pet. I did and he likes these just as well.

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