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By cmarcopulos
South San Francisco, CA
January 13, 2019
Best teeth cleaners, great price
I was buying these from my vet and was charged double the price for the same product. It was the only thing my cats ate and the other skin scrapes the teeth and the inside cleanses the teeth. It's the same product that the vet uses to clean your pet's teeth when you take it in for a dental cleaning. The only thing, if your pet is diabetic, it does contain sugar.
By cat_lover
New York, NY
December 24, 2018
Best price on the internet
This was recommended by my vet after dentistry on relatively young cat with horrible plaque to help keep his teeth clean. His breath smells so much better. Both my cat go crazy for it. Even though I got the poultry flavor, it obviously has fish in it, smells super fishy. They like the outer paper like skin and the flaky interior.
By Jane C.
Anchorage Alaska
May 23, 2018
Review for CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (96 chews) Poultry Flavor
My cats love the CET Chews for Cats. I prefer giving them the poultry flavor. When you send the Chews in a bag instead of a box, many of them arrive crumbled. This is the second time I have tried ordering from you company. Could you use a box?
By Carol
September 22, 2017
My cats love these!
My vet recommended trying these to keep my cats' teeth clean and healthy after many attempts at brushing didn't work. Both of my cats love these, and at the last check up the vet commented on how good their teeth looked. We also tried the fish flavor which my cats like, but they definitely like the chicken flavor better.
By Huck
September 11, 2017
Cat Chews
My cats love these chews, they meow every night till I give them one. Excellent also, to keep teeth clean!
By Lire
New York
September 10, 2017
Great product
All 3 cats are crazy about these. High quality and clearly delicious
By Shawnald T.
Alberta, Canada
April 3, 2017
Excellent Product and Customer Service
These are the only treats our cat will eat. Entirely Pets shipped lightning quick and had excellent customer service when we had questions. I will most certainly order from you again! Thank you!
By Jane C.
Anchorage Alaska
March 24, 2017
CET Cat Chews for Cats - Poultry
This is my cat's favorite edible product. I would have some very disappointed cats if I allowed our household to run out of them. I only buy the Poultry flavor because I try to limit the amount of fish they eat. Cats are from the desert and need meat.
By Lori
December 30, 2016
Not the Same Quality
I have been buying the CET Chews for my cat for a few years now and have had no complaints. The most recent bag that I purchased seems to be of lower quality. The chews are smaller and mis- shaped. It is unfortunate that the company seems to have downgraded the quality. My cat still eats them though, so that is good.
By Kay
June 30, 2016
Won't be without this.
My cat looks forward to these treats every day and at his last visit to the vet I was told that his gums look great for a 7 year old cat.
By psco
Loveland, CO
June 14, 2016
Cats love them
All of our cats gobble up these poultry CET chews. Can't guarantee they are helping keep their teeth clean but their breath seems to have sweeter smell. I do try to brush their teeth daily with CET toothbrush which works well. One cat runs off with his CET chew - he doesn't want to take a chance one of his siblings will steal his treat.
By stephanie
June 10, 2016
best preventative to a dental cleaning for cats
When my mother died, we brought her then 14 year old Ocicat, Xena to live with us. Because of bad breath and her age, the Vet had us try these to help remove the plaque/tartar that was causing the problem. After just one month of use, the breath had improved and the teeth looked much better. With her age now at 17 she is not a candidate for dental cleanings. We call these treats "hay bales" because of their shape and when we go to where they are, Xena comes running. BTW, Xena is blind, but she knows where her "hay bales" are. She and the other cats LOVE THEM!!!
By Lynn
March 9, 2016
So far so good....
I'm giving these chews a good rating but with the caveat that it's only been three or four months so their prophylactic efficacy in the long run is still unknown. My cat had a gum infection and after a $300+ cleaning, I was given a sample of these by the vet. I decided to get a second mortgage to buy more (c; and so far, so good. His gums look good but I won't know if these were worth the price for another year or so. Meanwhile, they're his drug of choice - he's insane over them, so.... We'll see.
By Carolyn
January 11, 2016
CET Chews for Cats
I have two cats. One cat loves these. The plaque on her teeth has been reduced by these.
By minuette
September 25, 2015
Miracle product
My vet said my cat's teeth looked bad and would most likely need to be professionally cleaned. ($$$!) She suggested I first try the CET dental chews. In 3 months the kitty's teeth were pronounced perfectly clean!
By Betsy
San Antonio, Texas
September 22, 2015
Does the job
My cats think it's a treat. Never told them it cleans their teeth. one a day for 5yrs now and will continue everyday. I still plan to have the vet clean them, one day. But these chews really work!
By Barb
September 2, 2015
My cat LOVES these
Our Beauty is 14 years old and has loved these her whole life. She sits and waits at her bowl after eating until she gets her treat. Used to get them at stores, but now only online. Entirely pets is quick and efficient. All in all a win win!
By Lt159
August 3, 2015
Good for your cat
This product is great for the cats. It's a treat that is good for their dental hygiene.
By kgb2
Ottawa, ON
June 30, 2015
good product!
I have been using CET Chews for years when I can get them. I live in Canada, normally buy them at my vet's but they have been on back order for months ....
By kat
May 31, 2015
kitty says YUM!
He loves them, and if I run out I hear about it!
By Beckie A.
San Antonio Texas
May 29, 2015
Much better then a 20 calorie treat. Both cats know when 10AM is and they are right at my feet yelling! Their immune system stays healthy.
By BarbB
Colorado Springs, CO
May 11, 2015
Great Treats!
These were recommended by my vet for my cat regarding her teeth. She loves them and anticipates getting them on a daily basis.
By TMI721
Memphis, TN
April 28, 2015
1 of 3 cats is psycho for them
I have 2 elderly cats and 1 young cat. One of my elderly cats goes absolutely nuts for these. For him it is the best thing ever. Would give 5 stars if all 3 cats loved it, but only 1 does. I know cats are very finicky, so keeping them all happy is nearly impossible.
By RaysCubs
Toronto, On, Canada
April 22, 2015
Our Cat Loves Em!!
Thanks to you our cat can still have her treat everynight at 6:00pm.She is 18 now,& she has been chewing them ever since she was a kitty! A year ago our vet stopped selling them so i had to track you guys down on the internet. Also our pet stores up here in Toronto, do not have the chews in stock.Thx again!
By Gina
April 13, 2015
Loves Them
One of my two cats loves these! He eats one a day. They work well to keep his teeth clean.
By D&G
Murphy, NC
April 6, 2015
CET Chews for Cats Poultry Flavor
Both of our cats, male and female, love this poultry flavored product. CET makes great pet products.
By Bella
Boise, ID
January 18, 2015
Great Product for my cat
This was a recomendation from my vet for my cat's teeth. She loves them. She thinks they are candy. This is her after dinner treat. Buying the economy size from here is cheaper than anyplace else I've found.
By BensMom
Seattle, WA
January 16, 2015
Loves 'em
We picked these up at the advice of our vet because our boys eat only canned food and had bad breath (and their teeth were kinda icky). At first only one guy would eat them, so we cut them in half and PRESTO, they both gobbled 'em up. These definitely help with their breath and seem to be good for their teeth...no big warnings at the follow up appointment. But if your kitty won't eat them, try cutting them in half.
By PismoCat
November 3, 2014
Review for CET Chews for Cats ECONOMY (96 chews) Poultry Flavor
My cat acts like these are required for him to live for eternity whenever I break out the bag, yowling, trying to climb up my leg, etc. They apparently taste amazing. They do have a bit of a smell to them, which quickly disappears after it's been gulped down. These were recommended to me by my veterinarian and while I can't speak to their efficacy (I've recently made a lot of changes to his dental plan), the fact that he loves them is enough for me!
By Ronnie
South Carolina
September 23, 2014
CET Chews
My veterinarian recommended these chews years ago for my rescue kitty. He seems to really like the flavor and they are easy to use.
By cat
August 23, 2014
Fabulous for keeping dog's teeth tartar free
It would be wonderful if I could get it. It has been on back order for at least 6 months. Just not acceptable!
By Wendaeho
Milford, CT
July 20, 2014
The Vet is amazed how clean my kitty's teeth are
After a prior devastating vet bill of $1800 for two kitty's with bad teeth(10 years ago)....I searched for a preventive method with my current new kitty. He likes the Fish flavor one which is hard to find now. The vet was so impressed with how clean my kitty's teeth were.
By tmg
Chicago, Il
July 13, 2014
Still backordered! not happy!!
My cats loves these, but they've been backordered forever and he's driving me nuts because he doesn't like anything else. These are great dental treats. I lost my 16 year old cat last year. He had been eating these treats for several years and had beautiful teeth til the day he passed. I wish they would get them back in stock!!!
By Abby's m.
Seattle, WA
June 23, 2014
Product good-manufacturer not so much
If I were truly able to get the Poultry flavor, this would have been a 5 star review. I was sent an offer for the poultry flavor, which I've been trying to get for months, but when I tried to order, fish was the only flavor actually available. I ordered it anyway because these chews really do work on my cats' teeth. Bottom line - 2 cats, one will eat fish flavor, one will not. Both loved the poultry flavor but I've been told the manufacturer is not making them anymore. What a shame!!!
By DoNotKnow
May 22, 2014
Poor Customer Service
I wouldn't know about this product from this company as I have still not received chews. I placed the order nearly 3 weeks ago, and was informed AFTER I placed the order that it was back ordered. Order still has not been fulfilled, and they are clueless as to when it might be fulfilled. Not very impressed with this company.
By Sandee
May 21, 2014
My cat loved these, but...
We can't find any more listed anywhere. I would buy a case if I could
By Watson's M.
Germantown, MD
May 13, 2014
Great product but hard to find
My boys know that the evening routine is one dental chew each before bed time. It is a crunchy treat with a paper-like shell. The cats chew it and allegedly activate enzymes. As there is no brushing of the teeth, my vet recommended this product. So far after 1 year, their teeth look good. I would give this 5 stars if it wasn't on backorder from the manufacturer. I hope that CET doesn't discontinue this product.
April 22, 2014
A toy and a treat
My cat Akai loves these dental treats. I throw it across the room and he goes running after it. He will even bring it back, so we can play fetch. It's not only good for his teeth, but he gets his exercise chasing them. He prefers the poultry flavor.
By cricket
Tucson, AZ
April 4, 2014
my cats love them
These Chews are the best thing CET Virbac makes for a cat's dental health. They are so good that my dog will "steal" them from the cats. Unfortunately, I have been waiting for this order and the same orders from other companies for several months but am told they are on Back Order. This happens 24 hours after my order is accepted. I therefore cannot write an accurate review until I receive the items. I hope they arrive soon!
By Lilysmom
March 1, 2014
Terrific Dental Option
My vet recommended the CET Chews when my Lily developed a dental problem. Lily won't let me brush her teeth, but she absolutely loves these dental chews. I hope they become available soon. The manufacturer told me they are working on trying to reduce the amount of crumbling in the package and once they do, the Chews will be back on the market. We can't wait!!!
By deb
March 1, 2014
kitties dance for it
Got this product after one of my cats had dental issues. Both kitties absolutely love these treats (one can be finicky) and they do a little dance and meow when it's time to get them right before bedtime. Hope to see a difference at their next vet visit.
By kindness a.
February 24, 2014
CCET chews (Virbac) POULTRY flavor
My cats like the poultry chews - usually leave the fish chews. I can't say whether they help with reducing plaque because I use another product that I think is just awesome. But I am hoping it helps!
By Patc
February 16, 2014
Great product, can't get large size bag.
I know this is a great product that works extremely well because I've used them before, so the product gets 5 stars. However, I can't get the 96 count bag anywhere, including this site.
By Win
San Diego, CA
February 13, 2014
Sohpie's treat
I have been using these for about three years now. My cat actually sits by my chair in the early evening and waits until I throw one across the room; she plays with it for a few minutes, then eats it all. Good for her breath and teeth as well as her disposition!
By carol
December 28, 2013
cet chews for cats
Love this product for my cat,she stands at the pantry meowing for them. too bad they have been ordered for a month still on backorder!!! Are they ever going to be shipped?
By abbie
December 11, 2013
best cat treat ever
my cats go crazy over their oral hygiene chews. They beg for their chews right after their breakfast. One loves to play with it, chasing it and even fetching it and bringing back to me so I can throw it again and again. Then she eats it. The other cat eats it right away and makes sure no one takes it away from her. I think this product could be a little smaller in size, but it sure is a fun treat for my cats.
By Bailey
November 12, 2013
She LOVES them ! ! !
We have a balinese. She LOVES them ! ! !
July 9, 2013
cats love it
My cat's love these healthy treats. My vet sells them $38 for 30. Can't touch this price. But if you give them to your cat's regulary, order in advance. This time they had them in (not the rest of my order so it didn't ship for about 4 extra days). Great deal if you are willing to wait a few extra days.
June 26, 2013
Awesome Product
My vet sells these in the smaller bag and they were recommended for my kitty. My cat is 6 years old and has not yet had to have a dental cleaning. We have used these for kitty since she was a year old. Kitty loves them and they seem to be doing the job.
By Sarah
June 16, 2013
Hard to Prove
I think some cats just have bad teeth, regardless of what you feed them. I'm trying to use the CET chews to prevent a THIRD dental cleaning, but it's too soon to tell if I'll be successful. My other cat can't digest them properly, so I have to be careful who eats them. EntirelyPets consistently has the best price, but I can't give a full 5 stars on something this expensive, especially when it's hard to prove if they really work. My cat does love them though!

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