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By Jan
Casper, WY
My dog loves these!
February 23, 2022
My mini schnauzer loves these! She can chew through them quite quickly, however.
By John S.
North Las Vegas
CET HEXtra Premium Chews
August 30, 2018
This is a superb product for maintaining my dog's oral health. I have discontinued brushing her teeth but still refer her for annual professional treatment.
By Dede
North Carolina
My dog loves them
September 17, 2017
Recommended by our Vet and my dog has loved them!
By vjane
Denver, CO
Excellent product, excellent service
January 6, 2017
My dog loves these things. They really help with her teeth keeping tartar down. I buy at least 5 bags at a time because we don't want to run out. She gets one a day. Entirely pets gives wonderful service. Prompt delivery! Will definitely keep buying from them.
By Doro
Yeah.. Hex chews!!
October 29, 2016
Dog Loves em!! keeps teeth clean!! VEt approved!!
By p0731jen
West Virginia
Awesome Product
October 14, 2015
I love these. My dogs love these. They clean their teeth. They freshen their breath. They are awesome. The only problem is they just doubled in price and no one can get ahold of them anymore because the company think that flea control is more important than dental hygiene and has severely slowed production while they focus on Sentinel.
By bls
dogs love them
September 30, 2015
don't know if they work yet tho but dogs gobble them up.
By Dowling
CET HEXtra Premium Chews - Petite
July 30, 2015
Product was as ordered & received within 3 days
By kathycain
great product!
July 13, 2015
This is not only a great product but it is at a very reasonable price. It is a healthy treat that my dog loves. It is perfect for keeping her teeth healthy. Shipping is quick and the product came in perfect condition.
By KimberlyB
Dallas, Tx
My dogs LOVE these!
July 10, 2015
These help keep my dogs teeth clean and they love them!!
By Leader P.
Port Orange, FL
Happy Yapper
June 24, 2015
Our vet recommended these chews after our Pom's teeth cleaning. They are keeping her breath fresh and gums healthy. She loves these chews and thankfully takes her time with them instead of biting off pieces and swallowing them whole.
By Mamalori
Southern Cal
Perfect after dinner treat!
June 16, 2015
If brushing our teeth following a meal is important, then the same should be said for our dogs. That's where these come in very handy [plus, my kids are always looking for a treat following the main course].
By LilwithCats
Eugene, Oregon
Clean Teeth
June 13, 2015
Our little dog loves these and gets one a day! He wants more but we tell him not til tomorrow!
By Andysmom
Memphis, TN
Excellent to help prevent tartar
June 11, 2015
Have used these since 2000! B & G are the 3rd and 4th Scotties to receive them daily. Keeps down tartar, bad breath and they love them. Can't ask for much more
By Kate
CET HEWXtra petite (30 chews)
June 9, 2015
Have researched a chewing substance for my 2 lb. 3 month old puppy... most things too hard, too soft, or with gross chemicals. This was recommended by my sister's vet. This size was perfect for my puppy as well as the older dog who weighs about 10lbs. It takes about 10 - 15 minutes to complete chewing/eating. It only cleans the teeth that get used, so my one dog only chews on one side... so I still have to clean her teeth. It is a great puppy chew though.
By dave
Review for CET Hextra Premium Enzymatic for Petite Dogs (30 Chews)
May 25, 2015
great value half price from the vets dogs love them after grooming every night
By Sophie
CET HEXtra Preium Chews are fabulous!
May 2, 2015
I highly recommend these chews to others. My small dog looks forward to these each morning. When she was adopted she had lost a number of her teeth. But I have found with the daily use of these chews, along with yearly dental visits, her remaining teeth and gums are healthy.
By doxie l.
My dogs love 'em
April 29, 2015
I don't know what I'd do if we ran out! My doxies expect one of these every night before bed and just love them. Supposed to improve gum health but I also try to brush their teeth in addition. Well, not every night like I should but I think they help.
By Sophie
Olympia, WA
Fabulous Produce!
March 25, 2015
My little dog was a rescue dog and had lost half of her teeth. She has been with me now for 4 years and I have given these dental chews to her daily. The result is remarkable! She has not lost any more teeth and her gums are very healthy. She jumps with joy when she knows she is getting a chew. Also, because of the way these chews are made I do not worry about any intestinal blockage issues as I would with other products. These are the only chews she has and I would recommend them to everyone!
By Patsy's m.
my dog loves these
March 13, 2015
My dog loves these and she gets on after each meal to help clean her teeth. She has to have them!!!
By Scfi
Pittsburgh PA
CET Chews
March 11, 2015
Both of my dogs love the CET Chews. They are recommended by our Vet and this site has good prices for the chews.
By Wigs
New Jersey
Like Crack for Dogs
March 9, 2015
Mr. Wiggles just loves these chews! It's like crack for dogs! Keeps his teeth clean, breath fresh, and the Vet is impressed with this dachshund's mouth!
By yorkiemom
Review for CET Hextra Premium Enzymatic for Petite Dogs (30 Chews)
March 4, 2015
These make my yorkie throw up. Hoping to exchange these for the regular CET chews.
By Wendy
Houston, TX
We approve of CET/Virbac dental products
February 22, 2015
We have 4 dogs and 2 cats. We love the CET dental chews in between brushing with the CET vanilla mint toothpaste. Dogs love the taste. The only minor warning (as with all raw hide based chews) is that it can make dogs constipated.
By Shari M.
San Diego, CA
HEXtra chews the best!
January 21, 2015
My dog's teeth have remained supremely clean since their last professional cleaning thanks to daily brushing and these chews given once per day. I highly recommend them.
By Matilda's D.
Grand Rapids, MI
Love them! (Actually my dog does.)
January 16, 2015
I brought these for my fiancee's little toy breed dog and she loves them! Perfect for her little mouth. All the CET chews help with breath and tarter control. Highly recommended!
By thyme4jb
small dogs love it
January 16, 2015
Well, at least my small dog loves it! He is a Rat Terrier and will stand up on his hind legs and do circles for these chews. Also, he seems to have much less tarter build up than the other small dogs I've had in the past. So it is good for his teeth as well as chew worthy.
By Carla
September 12, 2014
My dog has to be on canned dog food so his teeth get tartar quickly. These are great because they break apart easily and keep his teeth healthy. He loves them.
Great Product
September 7, 2014
My dogs love them! Petite size is perfect for my 10-15 lb. "mini" dachshunds.
By Beth
Great for teeth
July 4, 2014
I give my dog one every morning and we have been able to extend her teeth cleaning by a vet to every 3-4 years, rather than the 1-2 years before! So although I think they are more costly than they should be, it's worth it in the long run. She loves them as a treat!
By Ranger
CET HEXtra Chews
June 26, 2014
If he does not get his chew at bedtime , Ranger will turn his back and throw himself on the bed with a deep sigh. He had his first one the first night home with us as a pupper and he has that routine set. Fortunately, he has only gone one night without since the middle of October. Great for his teeth and breath!!
By Doc
A favorite
June 13, 2014
He loves this product and looks for it in the AM and at bedtime. Also, a good price.
By sunnyejk
Charlotte, NC
tasty treat
May 17, 2014
My dog loves these. I give her one every morning and evening. Her teeth are also very clean (she is 6-1/2, never had her teeth cleaned yet).
By lazylin
close to tartar free
May 12, 2014
I've used this product for about 3 years now and it helps my 2 doxies keep their back teeth especially almost tartar free. I've recommended it to several of my friends who've also used it with good results.
By Pam
great product
April 9, 2014
teeth were showing a little plaque it is disappearing as she chews them.
By MikeG
Tucson, AZ
Dog loves it
April 9, 2014
My dog needs dental care and this product was recommended by my vet. The bonus is that my dog thinks it's a treat and asks for it.
By nora
Best purchase ever
March 26, 2014
My vet charges a lot more for this product I have three small dogs, they enjoy the chews and they keep their teeth clean
By WIGran
Ellsworth, WI
Yorkie Must Have HEXtra Chews
March 23, 2014
My tiny Yorkie LOVES these! After each meal she points me in the direction of her HEXtra chews. Because she is so small (4 lbs.) I break them in half. I think they are good for her teeth and Heaven forbid that I should run out of them!
Review for CET Hextra Premium Enzymatic for Petite Dogs (30 Chews)
March 10, 2014
My do is 10 lbs and these are too little, need to change sizing recommendation on package
By MistyMae
Tacoma, WA
So Good No Teeth Cleaning Required This Year!!!
March 4, 2014
MistyMae gets one of the CET HEXtra chews each day in the morning, we call it her toothbrush. She was scheduled to have her annual tooth cleaning and we were told that between keeping her on a good chicken kibble and her "toothbrush" each morning, she did not need to her have teeth cleaned this year. AMAZING, I have never been so happy with a product as I am with the HEXtra chews.
By Sadie
Great teeth cleaners
February 19, 2014
My dogs love this product. Even though my dogs are large--40 lbs- 70 lbs-I provide them with the medium chews, and they are more than happy with them. The price is certainly right, and they love it!...and thus, I love them!
By Jackie
Review for CET Hextra Premium Enzymatic for Petite Dogs (30 Chews)
February 15, 2014
My dog loves these and the price is more than a third less than my vets price when not on sale. I stock up when these go on sale.
By Dogs R.
Dallas Texas area
Good tasting according to our pups
February 1, 2014
Our Vet recommended we purchase CET chews for dental health for our 6 dogs. We give them one a day and the dogs really like them, So far so good with dental health.
By Bearchick
A Great Treat
January 24, 2014
These chews are wonderful! Both of my labs and my rat terrier get one every day and they love them so much, they know when it is time for one. Since I've been using these, my labs have never had to have their teeth cleaned and my terrier goes longer between cleanings. It also helps their breath smell better. Can't do without them.
By longmont r.
CET hextra
January 20, 2014
I first started buying these dog treats when my dog was just a puppy. The vet recommended them to keep the plaque off her teeth. The treats work very well in keeping her teeth clean and the doggy breath in control. She really likes these treats compared to others that make the same claim. The cost from Enterily Pets is almost half of the vets cost.
By Michelle
My dogs LOVE them
January 16, 2014
My vet recommends these in conjunction with brushing to help keep tartar from building up on my pugs teeth. They are somewhat hard so they have to chew them but they break easily so they don't choke on them. My boyfriend actually tasted them and says they are very tasty. Lol! This is a VERY good price.
By Rebecca
Good for small dogs
January 11, 2014
My two dogs love Hextra chews. I have been buying the medium size chews for years. This size is great for dogs with smaller mouths or who can't chew the bigger size. My vet approves of them too.
By Cali
CET Petite Chews
January 8, 2014
They're a good product. Our dog loves them compared to the next size up, some of which were like sheets of plywood, very thick, and difficult to chew. And in order to receive any teeth-cleansing benefit from CET's, they have to be chewable.
By Sammie
Minneapolis, MN
Great Chews
December 31, 2013
Our little Yorkie Sam loves these chews and they don't cause any "after effects".
By Buttons
Little Begger
December 28, 2013
My little Shih Tzu begs for a chewy each day at 2PM. I have no peace until she gets her wish. She needs these for her dental health.

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