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By SamCha
Best treats, best value
September 3, 2013
My two goldens look forward to this treat everyday. I have tried many others but these are the best. Good for the teeth and takes them a while to finish. I recommend the extra large for big dogs.
By Dook
Consistently good purchase
August 28, 2013
Our Lab's been enjoying these dental chews for years after our vet recommended them. We're glad you carry the X-large size.
By Joanne
CET HEXtra Premium Chews X-Large
August 13, 2013
My 90 pound Doberman loves these. He even sits in front of the cabinet where they are stored to ask for one. His teeth are beautiful and his breath is much better since he has been using these.
By Blazer
Review for CET Hextra Premium Enzymatic for X-Large Dogs (30 Chews)
August 10, 2013
Great for cleaning my dogs teeth. Good product. Can get it cheaper from other online stores.
By terri
Review for CET Hextra Premium Enzymatic for X-Large Dogs (30 Chews)
July 27, 2013
Great product. Came quickly and fresh. Priced right
By Beau
CET HEXtra Premium Chews
July 14, 2013
I love these mommy gives them to me very day ... she says that they keep my breath fresh and my teeth clean after she had them cleaned at the vet. She also says that the price is much less here than at the vet, so now she can buy me more treats!
By Scooter
Review for CET Hextra Premium Enzymatic for X-Large Dogs (30 Chews)
June 25, 2013
Our Bernese Mountain Dog has always had dental issues. Since she really isn't a chewer we were concerned. Our vet recommended these chews and it has a dramatic differnce in her dental health. Just make sure to monitor your dog as they like to try to swallow the last piece which may be too big.
By Marylou
CET chews X-large
June 19, 2013
My dog loves this chew and I think they seem to help with her dental hygiene, but what I don't like and don't understand is why they are not consistent in how they are made. Some are very thin and I think should not be in the X-large bag.
By Marilyn
St. Louis
Great purchase
June 14, 2013
I just keep ordering these. They are a great product. I take them with me when going to someones house to keep him from begging for food when we eat. He loves them.
By Pat
Southern California
Not able to use this product.
May 13, 2013
I have German Shepherds and they chew off large pieces which cause stomach problems.
By Maggie
Miami, Fl
Great treat
May 11, 2013
My dog loves the chews & they help keep her teeth clean.
By hjright
Awesome product
April 23, 2013
This product keeps my dogs teeth clean and their breath fresh! They love the treat, it is their favorite.
By Buddy
Review for CET Hextra Premium Enzymatic for X-Large Dogs (30 Chews)
March 24, 2013
My dog loves this treat, he can not wait for his everytime.....
By Barb l.
Berlin md
Love love love
March 18, 2013
My vet recommends and my boys just love them. Will reorder. Highly recommend for a safe treat.
By PaulaO
Phoenix, AZ
My dogs love these chew treats!
March 9, 2013
Our dogs have a routine... whenever we leave the house they get one of these chew treats that the love! It keeps them distracted while we leave & makes our leaving less tramatic. Actually they love it when we leave now because of these great chew treats.
By jklon
Good product bad quality control
March 4, 2013
At least two to four Chews are too small. This is the case in about every bag I have ever bought. My dog loves these, they do keep her teeth clean, but if they are too small, my dog will try to swallow them whole instead of chewing them. They (the company) need better quailty control on what size chews they put in the package!!
By Bob
Quality Control
February 28, 2013
Used this product for years for our three yellow Labs. Product does what it say's it will do at keeping the dogs teeth clean however in the last year or so we have noticed a decrease in the quality of the chews.. Paying $20 and some change for a bag that lasts ten days, one would expect a more consistant product...
By KevinN
Salt Lake City
CET Chews
February 26, 2013
Excellent chews for keeping your large dogs teeth and gums in shape.
By Mich
Premium Chews
February 23, 2013
these are the best for my dog because it has cleaning agents for the teeth added
By pollyb
Plano, TX
Hextra X-Large chews
February 13, 2013
we found your company to be very good on price and to ship quickly. since we have five dogs all sizes I think in the future I would just order the X-Large and cut them to the sizes I need for the smaller dogs we have instead of ordering the large as well.
By Roxy's M.
Great chews
February 8, 2013
My dog loves these chews. I like the larger quantity packaging and EntirelyPets is always responsive and timely in shipping. Great experience.
Great Product
January 23, 2013
I have these on Auto Ship which is a great help...the price is great and always wonderful EP service...Thanks for offering these they help Thor and he loves them...
By Kathy
My dogs love these!
January 21, 2013
I have 2 lab/shephard mix and they get one of these each evening. They are the best for their gums and teeth cleaning. Also, Entirely Pets has the best price on this pkg that I have found.
By Gail
CET Hextra Premium Chews
January 16, 2013
My dogs love them and they really clean their teeth
By Pam
NE Ohio
Excellant teeth cleaning tool
January 15, 2013
I make this purchase on a regular basis. Excellant way to clean my dog's teeth while he enjoys the "chew toy"
By Dups C.
January 14, 2013
Great product but it takes forever to get to me, improve this!
By ricky
Seattle, WA
great product
January 14, 2013
My dog loves these and I know that they are good for his teeth and gums
By zeus
CET HEXtra Premium Chews X-Large
December 31, 2012
He loves them, gets one daily I recommend
By Bearchick
Hextra Chip Xtra-large size
December 29, 2012
These are great chips not only for dog treats but also for the benefits provided to the teeth. Really helps with keeping teeth clean as well as bad breath control. Also, the chip doesn't stain the carpets. My lab loves these and the price is much better than in the Vet's office. I would recommend these for any big dog.
By Ellie
best for dogs teeth
December 21, 2012
My veterinarian suggested we keep our Golden Retriever on this after his expensive teeth cleaning. These are the only treats he gets. He gets one after every meal.
By Auntie
Eagan, MN
Dogs Love these Chews!
December 20, 2012
My dogs get so excited when I bring out these bones or just say the word "bones".
By Bill
Western Colorado
Breath freshener and diversion
December 14, 2012
Large or X-large size keeps a collie busy for a while, and freshens the breath well after having fish-based foods.
By Simon
The best chews on the market
December 2, 2012
We have a large golden retriever who just loves these. He has been having one each evening for the last six months and starts reminding us every night when it is his chew time!
By Greg K.
Castle Rock, Colorado
Fantastic Chews
November 10, 2012
Our two 12 year babies wait for supper with the anticipation of puppies because they know after supper they get the HEXtra chews. If we make the unforgiveable error of not re-ordering in time and being without their chews for a day or two they mope and continually return to where the chews are kept to be certain there are none to be had. The product is a healthy, excellent treat. Great for our puppies.
By GeorgieS
Safe Leather Chews
November 7, 2012
Both my Cackapoo and Golden love their C.E.T.HEXtre chews. I buy this brand because my vet recommended them. They help clean their teeth, satisify their need for chewing and are easy and safe to digest.
By Madia
Great Product
November 6, 2012
My Vizsla has had this as a treat since he was a puppy -- now 7 1/2 years old and his teeth are in perfect condition. I attribute this to this product and he also stands by his food area when he knows we are leaving and he gets this as a treat for staying home alone!
By SpicewoodJoe
Hill Country Texas
Dogs LOVE THEM...what else???
November 6, 2012
Two rescue Labs EXPECT these morning treats after breakfast and look you right in the eye when not served...immediately. A very nutriious healthful chew and their teeth are FIVE STAR. A great morning habit.
By banditbr
Galveston, Tx
My Dogs love them!
November 5, 2012
I have 2 labs so i get the xlg. The bag is a mix of thick and thin. Whick works out well, because the male only eats the thin.
By Anne
Review for CET Hextra Premium Enzymatic for X-Large Dogs (30 Chews)
November 1, 2012
The dogs love them. Helps keep their teeth clean.
By Julieanne
Bothell, WA
Clean teeth and breath
October 30, 2012
These were recommended to me by a friend. Alfred likes them and hopefully they will help keep his teeth clean and breath fresh.
By Tucker
Great Product
October 26, 2012
CET HEXTRA Premium Chews is an excellent product. Been buying this product for several years and my dog absolutely LOVES the product AND it's really helped keep his teeth whiter.....REALLY!!
continuing purchase
August 20, 2012
Zeus loves them, part of daily routine dental care,only change I would like is more consistency in thickness; between thick (less desirable) and thin. Helps to keep teeth clean and gums healthy.
By G
Excellent dental product
July 24, 2012
My dogs would go on strike if I don't get CET for them. They love it!!! And serves 3 purposes: #1and #2 extremely important to me and go together: THEIR DENTAL CARE, it really works!!! IT IS SAFE!!! Not like raw hide bones, or greenies. My dogs had issues with raw hide bones and I even had to take them to the vet. I never liked those things but back then I didn't know about this great product. 3. GREAT TREAT!!!!
By Anne
CET Hextra Premium Chews X Large
July 19, 2012
My dogs love them. They come in different thicknesses and for my dogs I wish we could just buy the thicker ones as they last way longer.
By SeƱora P.
Just one suggestion
July 9, 2012
I wish the x-large were thicker. Other than that they are perfect.
Review for CET Hextra Premium Enzymatic for X-Large Dogs (30 Chews)
July 2, 2012
Chews are great.....good loves them!!
By Skeeter
Arlington, TX
Hextra chews extra large
July 2, 2012
Entirely Pets does a great job of selling this product and also seems very concerned with customer satisfaction. That being said...I am growing more dissatisfied with the quality of the Hextra chews. I always purchase extra large chews, but on almost every order, the size of the chews are NOT extra large. I have brought this to the attention of Entirely Pets once and they were wonderful to correct the issue. I do wish that the company that manufactures these would be contacted and informed about the size issue as this may cause me to quit ordering this product.
By Youareonlyoldonce
Houston, TX
Good and fast...
June 27, 2012
I was pleased with the speed of delivery and the price of the product
By bgdg
Spicewood (nr Austin) Texas
These are great!
May 2, 2012
I have 2 litter-mates, half German Shephard and half Labrador Retriever, who are as different as night and day, in looks and personality. But! They both love these "cheweys." They are 10 years old and their teeth and breath are in really good shape for their age. They get one of these each evening for their oral hygiene. I first purchased them in my Vet's office, but then I found EntirelyPets. Their price is the best I've found and the service is great!
By jld
West Palm Beach, FL
Easy on line purchase
April 6, 2012
Hassle free shopping - prompt shipping. Will order from them again!

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