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By Gypsy
CET HEXtra Premium Chews X-Large
April 3, 2012
I've been purchasing these chews for the past few years. Initially they were very large, thick slices. It could take my black lab about 10 minutes of great chewing to get through them. Over the past 8 months or so, the X-large chews arrived small and thin. I continued to purchase several bags & they all came the same. Finally, before making my last purchase, I called Entirely Pets to voice my concerns. I was told that they were aware of the issue & they suggested I contact the manufacturer directly. The manufacturer said they had some issues with a supplier but that it had been corrected. They offered to credit me 2 bags of chews. My last order arrived with larger chews but most were fairly thin; only a couple thick ones in a bag of 30, however, an improvement overall. The whole point of the dental chew is that the dog chews it as slowly as possible to get the greatest benefit. When the chews are thin a large dog can gobble them down pretty fast. All in all....they need to make them thicker where they can be a good supplemental product to help with my dog's dental care.
By Linda
Mishawaka IN.
CET Chews
March 27, 2012
My dog absolutely loves these and they help keep her tartar under control.
By Silly
Reno, Nevada
Dogs love them
March 26, 2012
These help when on occation I don't get their teeth brushed.
By Dixie
CET Chews Rock!
March 12, 2012
These chews are incredible! I have 3 large dogs from the same litter who are 8 years old and spending lots of money to put them under to have their teeth cleaned makes my husband freak out. I give them one of these a day and encourage them to chew on tough dog toys such as the Galileo and their teeth have held up really well with very little tartar build up. They always get high marks at the vet!
By moonchef
Raleigh, NC
Works for us
March 1, 2012
With this and the CET toothpaste, we get to skip the annual teeth cleaning this year. That makes me happy.
By Juli
CET chews
February 28, 2012
These are the best. My Major boy loves them and they help keep his teeth healthy~
By cainsmomma
Calvert City, KY
great product
February 1, 2012
My dogs absolutely love them and my vet recommended these for treats.
By Baxter's m.
totally satisfied
January 30, 2012
Our dog loves these chews, service from Entirely Pets is absolutely reliable and good prices. Free shipping helps a lot, and product arrives when they say it will. We will definitely reorder when we need more.
By dblyndo
Northern California
Clean Teeth!
January 27, 2012
The product really keeps your dog's teeth clean and without plaque. We decided we preferred the CET Chews over annual dental cleaning. Our Labrador Retriever eats one a day. He eats both the HEXtra Premium and the regular CET Chews. Pricing and shipping from EntirelyPets are outstanding!
By ro_runner
My dog loves them!
January 25, 2012
My vet recommended these for my dog. She warned me that they have a bit of an offensive smell, but that dogs love them. All true. They do seem to help my dog's teeth stay a bit cleaner. I've recommended them to friends & family.
By mak
January 18, 2012
I was disappointed with the Large chews I ordered through Amazon. The ones from EntirelyPets - XLarge arrived with the weight I was used to -- the ones from Amazon seemed hardly coated with the stuff at all, and I would be interested if others have found this type of variation in product quality.
January 18, 2012
By Dallas
Frisco, Texas
Great for dogs; boredum & helps their teeth
January 10, 2012
My dogs love these and they help keep their teeth clean. My Vet charges $38.00 per bag and I get them on Entirely Pets for $20, what a deal......thanks
By Johnny D.
Groton CT.
CET HEXtra Premium Chews
January 10, 2012
Great, best stuff for your dogs teeth. I have used them for years, no problems with there teeths and they are white as ever. Wish my teeth were as white as my dogs are.
By Vicki
A Must Have!
January 10, 2012
These are the answer to an alternative to raw hide "made in China" chews that choke your dog. These are good for your dog! Our Bodee Max...loves to share them with his friends & family! :)
By jackie
works pretty good
December 28, 2011
my vet recommended that I try these for my older lab and they have made a difference in his teeth. seeing that I won't have him put under to have his teeth cleaned, this really helps.
By Maddie's D.
Port Townsend, WA
Maddie knows when 8pm arrives
December 17, 2011
"Maddie" our "Bernese Girl" can somehow tell exactly when 8pm arrives every evening and politely asks for her CET X-Large Chew. That treat signals the end of another wonderful day as an "only child" whose mission in life is to guard over, entertain, companion and "warm the feet of" her other family members. Her CET Chew "finished"......she heads off to accomplish the final task of her day......warming the bed that we sleep on.
By Art
Bandit's Passion
December 15, 2011
Bandit is a Siberian Husky who can tell when the postman brings his treats. Even though they a in a sealed bag and a sealed box he knows what is in the package. He will lie along side the package until it is opened!
By tobysmom
sweet home chicago
great for cleaning teeth
December 9, 2011
My guys love this & it cleans their teeth very well. Thanks
By Gernie
Denver, CO
Better than a dentist.
December 9, 2011
I have one dog who has horrible brown tartar and bad breath (before starting CET Hextra Premium Chews). Now his breath isn't bad and his teeth are white except for a little tartar in the molar area but his gums are healthy. This is a bit expensive when I give him one everyday but it saves on dental cleaning which is expensive and potentially dangerous to dogs due to anesthesia reactions, etc. This is a winner and I've recommended it to two people who are now using it.
By Skeeter
Hextra Chews
December 6, 2011
Great product for dogs with sensitive stomachs
By Susan
CET Chews
December 6, 2011
These were recommended by my vet for dental hygiene. It is convenient to order them and have them delivered directly to the house.
By sm
CET Chews
December 1, 2011
These were recommended by our Vet as a way to help eliminate tartar build up when we don't have time to brush and we have had good results with following checkups since. The dogs love them, especially the HEXtra Premium Chews.
By ladd38
Helen Loves these
December 1, 2011
Harder then the Cet veggie,so Helen had to work on them longer. She love the flavor.
By mrsneu
Spring Branch, TX
Great for keeping teeth clean
November 26, 2011
Our dogs love these and we love the price--our vet charges $33.00 for one pack. My only complaint is that the contents of the bags is very inconsistent; some bags have a variety of thin and thick chews but other bags may have 30 that are paper-thin (not much to chew on) and some have 30 that are way too thick. But all in all they're a good product at a good price.
By Chelsea
Work great
November 20, 2011
I have been using these for quite sometime and my dogs teeth are extremely clean. Even their vet commented on how good they looked and I don't brush them. Also, what ever coating is on these they love licking it off.
By js
Good product
November 15, 2011
I have used this for almost 5 years and my dog's teeth are in great shape
By Beyankee2
Dallas, Texas
Awesome as usual
November 12, 2011
I have bought several bags of these CET Hextra dog chews from Entirely Pets and they are always awesome!! They are very quick to ship them to me and they are always in perfect condition. Awesome product that my vet recommends to me. Awesome seller that gives great prices with great service. Entirely Pets Rocks!!
By Tobie
Washington State
Great Product
November 12, 2011
These premium chews are a great product for helping to keep a dog's teeth clean, white and in good health. They also help in keeping the dogs breath fresh. I have been using them for about two years, and use them on a daily basis. My dog loves them and cannot wait to get one each morning. The trick to successfully using this product is to make sure you follow the product directions and select the product that is best suited for your dogs weight.
By Gabriella
Dallas, TX
CET HEXtra Chews better than cleaning teeth
November 8, 2011
I have two elderly dogs. both are prone to tartar on their teeth. I feed them dry food only in order to minimize the tooth decay. Cleaning their teeths with a toothbrush has not been as good as them chewing on these Hextra hides. Highly recommend them. They get one a day and considering vet cost for cleaning and dentistry, well worth the money.
By Jack H.
Brownsville, TX
Beware! These Things Are Grrrreat!
November 8, 2011
Our mom and dad buy these things all the time from They say the service is excellent and delivery is always prompt. They wouldn't go anywhere else. But beware! These things are so good, we're totally hooked on them! They're not only good for us, they taste grrrreat! We thoroughly recommend them so do whatever you have to do to get your owner's attention but make sure you get your owner to buy you a package or two of these things! They come in all sizes and you'll love 'em! // Jack & Harry
By Anne
Dogs love them!
October 31, 2011
My dogs absolutely love these chews! The flavor must be great because the dogs beg for them and then spend about 15 minutes chewing each one. I give my dogs one every day and their teeth and gums look clean and healthy. No doggie breath is an added bonus!
By Barbara
Camarillo, California
Healthy Chewing Option!
October 29, 2011
I like these dental chews the best because they not only work and my dogs love them, but the large size lasts a relatively long time. I use them as treats when I have to leave the house; the chews keep the pups busy and happy for quite a while.
By Ken
Great Purchase!
October 23, 2011
These are great chews and the chlorhexidine helps with the gingivitis. I know, I'm a dentist. The dog loves them and they are great treats.
By jasmine
buffalo ny
Review for CET Hextra Premium Enzymatic for X-Large Dogs (30 Chews)
October 23, 2011
jasmine's vet recommended these chews for dental health - they are the greatest - I have a 40# beagle and she can down one of these xlarge chews in no time & thoroughly enjoys every bite
By Johnny D.
Great stuff
October 22, 2011
Keeps my dogs teeth in great condition and pure white.
By Sadie'sMom
San Jose, Calif.
CET HEXtra Premium Chews X-Large
October 20, 2011
The main reason that I buy CET HEXtra leather chews for my dog is because they are safe. They give Sadie pleasure in the chewing. While they sweeten her breath they also protect her teeth. My vet recommended CET HEXtra Chews and Sadie recommends them, too.
By Art
Bandit's Treats
October 14, 2011
Bandit is a Siberian Husky who would do backflips for these treats.
By Lap
CET chew
October 6, 2011
They love the treats and they last a while. The tartar has not built up on their teeth since they started chewing them. They get about two a week. Works great.
By Vuki
Salt Lake City, UT
Great product, great price!
September 27, 2011
Everyone comments on how nice my dog's teeth are, and I know it is because he LOVES these chews. They keep his teeth white and healthy, and he never gets tired of them. And I never buy these chews from anywhere else, because no one has better prices or customer service. The shipping is always fast, so my baby is never without his favorite treat. Yay for EntirelyPets!
By Gernie
Denver, CO
Cleanest Teeth
March 1, 2011
I've been giving one of these extra large CET Hextra Premium chews one daily for a year to my Akita mix dog and the vet can't believe his his have cleaned up so nicely. He hasn't required a professional teeth cleaning in his 2 1/2 years of life. I will definitely keep purchasing these chews.
By Calypso
Worcester, MA
my dogs love these chews
March 16, 2010
I have two one year old black lab/shepard mixes and they love these chews. They have very sensitive stomachs and it's hard to find any chew or treat that won't bother their stomach, but these chews don't upset their stomachs or intestines at all. As soon as they see the bag, they are so excited and can't wait for them.

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