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By Stells
Safety Harbor, Florida
September 11, 2022
Perfect toothbrush for my tiny toy poodle. Entirely Pets is the only website I found that has the CET mini toothbrush.

Merchant Response:This review makes us happy. Maybe it's the simple joy of finding exactly what you need.
  • Fits in my dog's tiny mouth.
  • None
By Carol
Pawtucket, RI
CET Mini Toothbrush
November 26, 2020
This CET mini toothbrush is the perfect size for my cat. Thank you for carrying this difficult-to find item.
By NoniAnthony
Tiny toothbrush!
April 15, 2019
I have a 3lb Yorkie. It was really hard to find a toothbrush small enough for her. These are great toothbrushes that fit perfectly into her mouth & they really hold up!
By Chuck
Warren. Mich
Perfect size
September 5, 2018
Only tooth brush that fits our dog Abby's small mouth.
By Nita
Perfect product
August 28, 2017
I have a Toy Chihuahua and he loves this toothpaste. The mini brush is difficult to find. Any other type brush is too big. This is the perfect product for Little Boy and me.
By Kitty M.
It helps make this job easier
July 23, 2017
I've been brushing Willow's teeth every morning with the C.E.T. toothpaste (poultry flavored) and this little toothbrush makes it a lot easier. I showed it to the Vet when Willow was there for her distemper booster shot and she liked it a lot. I don't put my finger through the little ring, but that ring does help me hold it while I gently brush.
By dee
Buffalo, NY
Hurts finger
May 16, 2017
Cannot use this product. The plastic ring that goes around your finger is too rigid and unyielding. Digs into my finger. And I have small fingers. Concept is nice, design needs work.
By Darsey
Best for small dogs
April 6, 2017
My dog weighs 7 pounds & I could not find a toothbrush that would fit in the side of her mouth to brush her molars until now. What a difference! She does not mind it at all because it causes no discomfort. Best toothbrush ever & end of bad doggy breath!
Arnold, MD
Review for C.E.T. Mini Toothbrush
March 15, 2017
Wish this brush was available with a regular toothbrush handle. You could see what you were doing better, thus do a much better job. A finger with this brush attached is a lot to put in a very small mouth!
By Sponsorvision
Rancho Mirage, CA
Perfect Toothbrush!
January 5, 2017
Great size for my little Chihuahua. Thank you for alerting me when product was in stock!
New Jersey
Not this time
May 23, 2016
Sorry but I was not satisfied with the little toothbrush ... I preferred the one they used to include with the C.E.T. toothpaste. It was a small white one. The one that was sent didn't have much of a brush on it, and for me, the finger holder is useless. It just wasn't as easy to brush my cat's teeth with this type of toothbrush. But I do love all the other products I have purchased through Entirely Pets, including all the C.E.T. products.
By alliesmom
Bluffton, SC
Best toothbrush for small dogs
December 28, 2015
This finger brush has bristles instead of rubber bubbles. I believe bristles clean better than other types of surfaces and the small size is perfect for my Bichon.
By aim1355
Great training toothbrush for my kitten
December 25, 2015
I'm training my 20 week old kitten to be okay with having her teeth brushed and this is the perfect size for her tiny baby mouth. I found it was best to just practice with putting the Poultry flavored toothpaste on my finger for a week or two and then slooowwwly start adding the brush into the routine. I also like that it fits right on my finger so I don't have to worry about dropping it while using it on her. I wish Virbac would just sell the tiny toothbrushes as a pack of toothbrushes instead of with the toothpaste. The toothpaste is just a packet and I can see that getting on everything. I save it or using as a travel packet or if I run of the tube. I bought the toothpaste separately because it's more convenient having it in a tube that I can close up. Overall, it is an excellent product for starting a young kitten with getting used to good oral hygiene routines.
By Shari
I love these little toothbrushes
October 30, 2015
I have had problems finding a toothbrush small enough for my chihuahua. I finally found out about your toothbrush through our vet. We should have much cleaner teeth and less future problems because of this product.
By Bo
Haddonfield NJ
Best toothbrush ever for my 4 lb Yorkie
August 14, 2015
Wish I had bought more than one as I use it every day and shipping is so expensive. My dog now does not mind having her teeth brushed with this tiny finger brush. Love it
By Sandy
Good product for cats
July 1, 2015
Tampa, FL
Not mini with finger
March 5, 2015
The brush is small and perfect for little mouths but when you put it on your finger it then is impossible to get in the back of a small mouth to brush the teeth. I tried it on my two 9 lb chihuahua mixes and gave up. If you can't get the regular doggie toothbrush in their mouths you will have even more trouble getting this mini toothbrush in with your finger attached.
By Sheldon
Better than Most
May 13, 2014
For us, this is easier than most toothbrushes we've tried. However, your finger is still at risk in there, so watch out for those sharp SHREDDING teeth if your cat's like ours and CHEWS while you attempt to brush. SIGH. At least this fits into her mouth unlike so many we've tried before, and, if we can get it angled before she starts her chewing action, she might even get a little bit of a tooth-brushing!!!
By Sea*Star
Virginia Beach, VA
Great for small Dogs
February 24, 2014
This is the only toothbrush that works for my Chihuahua. All the other dog dental brushes are too big to brush a small dogs teeth. This one is perfect!
By honeebee
best product
February 21, 2014
i have been looking forever for a toothbrush small enough to clean my dogs teeth. my daisy has the smallest mouth. i couldn't even get a baby toothbrush in there to clean her teeth. i just knew there had to be something out there that was small enough. i finally found this product and i'm just thrilled. i even took it to my vets office and showed them so that they would be able to recommend it to other pet owners with small pets.
By MDillon
East Freetown, MA
I love this product!
January 16, 2014
This little brush made it SO much easier to get in my dog's small mouth, especially the back teeth. She fights me a lot less now and seemed to really like the poultry flavor toothpaste.
By Jackie
Chico, CA
Perfect for small dogs
January 10, 2014
These are great for my two Chihuahuas & Daschund. They fit neatly into their small mouths & are so much easier & less clunky to use than those larger ones that fit over your whole finger.
By Cruzer's M.
C.E.T. Mini Toothbrush
September 13, 2013
These toothbrushes work best for our 2 yorkies. They get their teeth brushed daily and these make for easier cleaning.
By Sam'smom
Great product!
August 17, 2013
My MIn Pin's mouth is too small for regular toothbrushes. This on is perfect and easy to use.
By David
Did not work for my cat
August 4, 2013
The toothbrush head size and shape are just right, but it needs a longer handle. Getting to the back of my cat's mouth with this short handle involves my putting my chubby finger into his mouth. I like the traditional shaped cat toothbrushes, which seem to no longer be available.
By kmarch
Philadelphia, PA
Highly recommend
May 17, 2013
This is the best toothbrush to use by far. It is small enough and the right size for any small pet's mouth. You can get into the back of the mouth without stretching and holding with your other finger. You actually can use just one finger inside this sturdy toothbrush and it gets the job done quick and easy. C.E.T. toothpaste formula is a good product.
By Sarah
Mini toothbrush a great buy for small pets mouth.
April 25, 2013
I needed a mini toothbrush for my cat. This meet my expectations to get to his back teeth since his mouth is extremely small.
By Loafin
Great Products
April 3, 2013
This little toothbrush is so tiny! Thank goodness, because we finally have a brush that will fit in the mouth of our two Papillon puppies. Plus, of course, they love the taste of the toothpaste. Wish we'd found this product years ago.
By Kking
Review for C.E.T. Mini Toothbrush
March 13, 2013
The toothpaste is great but the little brush, while a great size was a little rough for my cat. I ended up just purchasing a babies toothbrush instead.
By Brizza
March 7, 2013
Other than the toothpaste being pleasant for my 9 year old tea cup maltese, the finger toothbrush was just too hard (bristles) for her delicate gums. It also hurt 'my' finger as well as the plastic cut into it. If your dog is older, this might be a tad painful for their teeth and gums.
By chihuahuamom
Great item
December 14, 2012
These little toothbrushes are great for small dogs.
By 48marigold
The Dalles OR
Good toothbrush for small breeds
November 30, 2012
I've been brushing my Maltese's teeth for 7 years. I had used a baby toothbrush, but this is even better. She doesn't seem to mind it as much. I wish that it fit better on my finger, but it's useable still.
By Gizmo
November 16, 2012
We have a tiny Shih zu, so it is very hard to get a brush into his mouth. This little brush makes it possible to brush his teeth without stretching his mouth too much. It is a more pleasant experience for him and helps keep his teeth healthy.
By Bun
Southeast Florida
Mini-Toothbrush, it's about time!
November 14, 2012
People with toy dogs or cats have been looking for a toothbrush like this for years. Finally Virbac has given us a toothbrush that actually fits in our pet's mouth! I can touch each tooth now and feel I'm actually doing some good by brushing my dog's teeth. Thank you Virbac!!
By Rooster
Great size for tiny mouths
October 27, 2012
This brush is a great size for my 7-pound Rat Terrier. I wish it had a straight handle, though, rather than the finger holster, which is awkward to use. I don't use it, in fact, and it rubs against the edges of her mouth when I'm cleaning the back teeth, so I'm sure it would be more comfortable for her to have a straight handle.
By Deb
Vacaville, CA
C.E.T. Mini Toothbrush
October 23, 2012
I have a Chihuahua and this is the perfect size toothbrush. I've tried them all. If you are not brushing ALL small dogs teeth it is inevitable they will get periodontal disease which can lead to a fractured jaw because the disease deteriorates the bone and you don't even know it because they can not tell you. My 5 year old Chihuahua got periodontal disease and I used to use the wipes my vet said brushing is best. She had to have 11 teeth removed & I though I was taking care of them.
By Gen
Hampton Roads, Va
Love it!!!!
September 30, 2012
We got this mini toothbrush for our yorkie from our vet and are so thrilled with it!!! My pup has such a tiny mouth that I felt horrible as I was brushing her teeth...even the cat tooth brushes seemed too big. I looked high and low for something smaller for over a year and when I had about given up looking, right there on my vet's shelf was our tiny treasure. It's so much easier to do her teeth now and I don't feel like I'm stretching her cheeks way out to get the brush in there anymore. I love it so much for her tiny mouth!!!
By Mari148
Northern Iowa
Works great!
February 23, 2012
This small finger toothbrush with toothpaste works very well and does not freak the dogs out while teaching them to stand still for brushing weekly.
By Papillon
Longmont, Co.
Toothy time!
January 27, 2012
My dogs love "toothy time". All four run to our brushing place to try and be first to get their teeth brushed. They like the smaller mini brushes, regular brushes are too large for their mouths. For me, the fit is OK.
By Petal
Pittsburgh Pa
Great starter kit for kittens
December 9, 2011
I brush my older cats teeth, but I thought the brush would be a little to large for me new kitten. This is just the right size! It comes with the sample of chicken flavored paste that they find tasty and is easy to use. Now Furgus can become used to getting his teeth cleaned just like his "big brother"!
By Sandi
Vista, CA
Good size
December 6, 2011
It is a very good size for my small dog.
By tafbon
Best Purchase Ever
November 17, 2011
I thought it was good for puppy and small dogs.
By Alioop
Best tooth brush for small dogs!!!
November 17, 2011
I have two tiny chihuahua's that hate having their teeth brushed and everything I have seen has been two big for their tiny mouths. This fits nicely on your finger and perfectly into their mouths. I highly recommend this product!
By Bun
Fantastic Product!
April 22, 2011
Finally a toothbrush that fits into my toy dog's mouth. I can clean each tooth as you are supposed to. I can't say enough good things about this tiny toothbrush. Thank you to who ever finally thought of our small animals and their dental health.
By Chihuahuamom
Great Invention!!!
November 17, 2010
This is the best toothbrush. I have chihuahuas and could not find a toothbrush small enough to fit in their tiny mouths. I have tried toothbrushes for infants and small children and they are still too big. This one is just right and they love getting their teeth brushed with it. I found the toothbrush at a local pet store but they do not carry the product anymore. I am thrilled that I found it online.
By Katy
Must Have
July 10, 2009
This is the only toothbrush for cats and small dogs. truly the best toothbrush and i tried many before i discovered these.
By Yelena
Good toothbrush
March 5, 2009
I have not seen this sold anywhere! The only good toothbrush for cats on the market as far as I know. It's a great size for adult cats, the toothbrush gets in hard places to reach. The only disadvantage is that bristles are harder than expected...

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