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By Mezmo
Best chews ever had
July 19, 2012
Our dogs love these chews, they have one everday
By lilysmom
July 16, 2012
We have a diabetic dog and a dog with allergies to just about everything. Our vet recommended these so I order several packages at a time from EP and save alot. Dogs love, love, love them!!
By longdoggie
Greenville, Georgia
June 22, 2012
My Dachsunds love these chews & they are safe. I don't have to worry about them getting choked. I love Entirely Pets, their prices are very competitive & the service is very fast & efficient.
By BigT1
Review for CET VeggieDent Chews for Regular Dogs (30 chews)
June 20, 2012
Dog looks forward to these as a treat after meals. Definitely helps reduce tarter buildup. No GI upsets from these while other similar products have caused issues.
By mommap
lockport, ny
good for them
June 19, 2012
my two dogs absolutely love the CET veggie dent chews and to make it better they are even good for them. Both of my dogs are really not pleased with me brushing their teeth so the veggie dents are a good add on. My labradoodle eats a whole one each night. My golden mix doesn't have his large teeth so we put them in a sealed plastic bag to soften them a little and she only has a half each night. A great add on for their health.
By Cassidy T.
We live in Grovetown, Georgia
Veggie Dents
June 15, 2012
Cassidy and I love our Veggie Dents. When we saw the bag was empty, we starting howling. Thank goodness Entirely Pets understands how important our order was to us, we got quick service, and the veggie dents were yummy!
By Carol
Great Product
June 12, 2012
It did a great job of cleaning my dogs teeth. After just one Chew, there was a noticeable change in her teeth. We will definitely continue to purchase this product.
By Mezmo
Favorite Time Of The Day!
June 9, 2012
I have 3 dogs a rhodesian ridgeback, a black and tan hound, and a springer spaniel, and they all get a VeggieDent Chew before dinner and they are so happy they dance and bounce around and do tricks just to show how much they love VeggieDent Chews! I can not go home if I don't have any. Thanks for the fast shipping that really helps me out sometimes. Thank, Mezmo
By ghost7071
Excellent product
June 5, 2012
I warm these in the microwave for 11 sec. and then cut them into smaller pieces (width wise) about 1/4" thick. My Snorkie loves them as a treat and they clean his teeth at the same time.
By AussieMop's f.
Excellent product!
May 29, 2012
Excellent product with the added benefit (and why I bought it originally) of serving as the best tooth and gum brush available. Tartar was gone within the first 10 days; one chew treat a day. Because this CET product is veggie - most importantly rawhide free - it does not upset dogs' digestion tract. An absolute winner.
By Bo
Excellent Product
May 29, 2012
My dog loves them and they really do work
By Elaine
CET VeggieDent Chews
May 22, 2012
Great bed time snack for dogs, but they don't seem to really clean their teeth.
By usa807
Chicago Suburb
A Daily Treat
April 29, 2012
My 3 Greyhounds get one of these every day after dinner after they come back in from outside. They LOVE them!!! Entirely Pets has THE best price on these.
By Jonathan S.
VeggieDents rock
April 29, 2012
A few years back, my vet said my dog's teeth and gums weren't looking so good. She suggested that I try these dental chews and see if that helped, otherwise we'd need to do some expensive dental work. Every checkup since then, I've been told my dog had great teeth and gums, and no more threats of costly dental work! Oh yeah, my dog LOVES them and makes sure I don't forget them.
By alexi611
Telford, Tennessee
CET Veggie Dental Chews
April 28, 2012
My dogs love this dental veggie chews and they enjoy them as a traeat as well, I usually give it to them ones a day and they look for it with joy.
By Oshtyof
Only product proven to remove tartar and plaque!
April 27, 2012
I have tried MANY products from greenies, to hartz dental chews to nutro tartar control biscuits... THIS IS THE PRODUCT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! if you care about your dog's teeth! I give my Shih Tzus 1 after each meal (2 x /day) as treats which are great for their teeth.
By Mezmo
Dogs Favorite Treat
April 24, 2012
My dogs love veggieDent Chews so much I would like to send you a video of how happy they are when it is VeggieDent Chew time. Especially the Black and Tan hound named Dandelion she jumps around on two feet! What a fantastic treat! We can never run out of it or I can not go home.
By Bea
New York, NY
Review for CET VeggieDent Chews for Regular Dogs (30 chews)
April 24, 2012
Great product, I used to work for a vet and these were very popular, I'm so glad I can find them online, my schnauzer LOVES them! Thank you!!
By Oshtyof
Highly recommended
April 9, 2012
This stuff works! I have 3 Shih Tzus, they have tried everything from Greenies to dental bones to... And finally found the solution that claims to reduce plaque and tartar that was recommended by my vet that charges an arm and a leg for these, great price when you stock up and take advantage of the reoccurring order discount.
By LVTdognurse02
March 27, 2012
Would've been 5 stars if the manufacturer offered a larger quantity bag. But, these are great for food allergy dogs.
By Nita
Olive Branch, MS
Best Dental Treats!
February 28, 2012
My dogs LOVE the CET Veggie Dent treats. As soon as they see or hear me open the pantry door, they will come running and beg for a treat. Not only do they love them, but they help keep the tarter off of their teeth.
By Max L.
Great Purchase!
February 21, 2012
The price was terrific (compared t what we have been paying by purchasing from the local vet) and the product arrived surprisingly fast - several days sooner than expected.
By Judy N.
My dogs love these dental treats
February 10, 2012
I had been given a package of these chews as a door prize at the grand opening of my vet's new facility, and found that my dogs were crazy about them. They are a great value.
By Chugger
Hobart, WA
Great treat!
February 5, 2012
At first our nearly 13 year old lab wasn't sure what this was because they are so hard but we broke them in half and he loves them! Good for his teeth too as he's too old for dental work :-)
By Scott
Great Product at a Great Price
February 2, 2012
More than a year ago my vet recommended the CET VeggieDent chews as my 1 year old yellow lab had really bad tartar on his teeth. I got the first bag from the vet who charge 2.5 times what EntirelyPets charges. These chews have cleaned up the tartar problem entirely and my dog just loves them. Great product at a great price.
By LShuler
Great Treat
January 30, 2012
My schnauzer loves these treats - makes me leaving for work in the morning easier!
By Precious
Not for my dog
January 26, 2012
Purchased bag of veggiedent chews to try variety, because my dog loves all the other CET chews, she broke the veggiedents up & wouldn't eat. I gave the full bag to co-workers & they said their dogs ate them. I will stick to my usual products.
By Jack'sMyBaby
Southern California
My Four Dogs Love 'Em
January 23, 2012
I first purchased the VeggieDents to give my dogs a healthy chew for their dental health. I never expected they would LOVE the taste in addition to getting a good chew. They never mind my leaving them--and jump in their crates--as long as they're getting a VeggieDent to gnaw on.
By johna
Metro Charlotte, N.C.
useful product
January 23, 2012
Both my cockers eat because she has food allergies and needs the veggie ingredients. While not quite as effective as tooth brushing, the 5-10 minutes spent gnawing on these does help control plaque and tartatr...and both dogs like the taste....also a reasonable price for 30 chews.
By GoPete
It's Veggies
January 19, 2012
My doberman thinks these are great. Hey, they are a treat. The poodle treats them like my son does a meal of salad, "If this is all there is, I guess I'll have it. Isn't there something else?" They do get eaten.
By dogsbestfriend
January 7, 2012
Our dogs enjoy CET VeggieDent Chews because they satisfy their enjoyment of working at chewing on something. They like the hard texture, and the plaque that had built up on our rescued dog's teeth when she was a stray appears to be lessening. We are happy that this item is available for home delivery and at a reasonable price. We also appreciate the timely arrival. Our dogs anticipate this particular mail. (:
By Spike
Chapel Hill. NC
Excellent product
January 3, 2012
One of our dogs seems to have a problem with conventional rawhide chews; he often regurgitates them. These veggie chews are an excellent substitute. Both of our dogs love them and we've not had any problem with digestion. The chews contain chlorhexidine digluconate, an antibacterial compound used in some mouthwashes. I do not know how effective it is for dogs, as contained within chews, but our vet recommended the chews so, perhaps, there is some evidence for efficacy. Finally, the price at EntirelyPets was about 40% lower than anywhere else.
By DogNurse02
Great for Food Allergy Dogs!
January 3, 2012
Have been giving my food allergy dog these beneficial enzymatic dental chews for years and only wish they were a bit bigger. I also wish the quantity would increase so I didn't order them as often. :) As a reminder, using these chews alone will reduce the plaque buildup on the dog's teeth. But, daily brushing will yield the best results in conjuction with giving these dental chews.
By Gnu
He loves them as treats
December 17, 2011
I like that they clean his teeth. I also like the "veggie" part, since I'm pretty much vegan. Much better price here than at the vet's office.
By Shawn
My dogs dig them!
December 12, 2011
My boys seem to be happy to get them and eat the whole thing so I'm saying its a hit!
By DebiMac
Ellijay, GA
My dogs LOVE these!
December 12, 2011
I have been purchasing these dental treats for my dogs for awhile and was so happy to get such a great deal on them. Plus, quick shipping.
By yankeesue
Virbac VeggieDent Chews are great
December 12, 2011
My older collie has kidney issues that are being managed with meds and very low protein, so I was looking for a nightly chew that would be good for him. My vet reviewed the nutritional values of VeggieDents and we ordered them and he loves them!
By Lily
My Favorite Snack
December 12, 2011
I'm so glad my "mom" found these at Entirely Pets. They are my favorite snack and now she can save a few dollars from Entirely Pets. I have allergies so don't get many treats but these VeggieDent Chews keep me very happy!!
By Vettech2012
Great Product
December 11, 2011
I have been purchasing this product for several years now and have always approved. I have a greyhound now and they are known for having bad teeth, and these chews have really helped him in between dental cleanings. Great price for a great product. I will always buy them!
By queensalmon
Longview WA
Prevent dental problems
November 28, 2011
I buy these veggie dental chews to keep my dog's teeth healthy. She had one root canal 2 years ago and one is enough. TheseChews are low calorie and fat, and she loves to have one after breakfast every day.
By Sharon
La Center, Washington
CET Veggie Dent Chews
November 25, 2011
My dogs love these and they have helped to keep their teeth nice and clean. They get them as a treat once a day.
By Abby
Arlington, WA
Great chews
November 22, 2011
Highly recommended by our vet in place of hard-to-digest rawhide chews and for cleaning their teeth and freshening their breath. It helps that the dogs really love them and look forward to their daily mouth cleaning. Also, your low price will keep me ordering for a long time. Thanks for carrying the CET line of products!
By Tammy
Pearland, TX
Great treat!
November 17, 2011
My dogs love their CET VeggieDent Chews -- they get one a day after their afternoon meal, and they get very excited when it's treat time. They take awhile to eat their chews, which makes me think the chews are probably very good for cleaning their teeth. The price is excellent, too. I've compared EntirelyPets' price with other companies' prices, and EntirelyPets has the best deal by far.
By Oshtyof
Vancouver, BC CANADA
November 15, 2011
I have been searching for a product that really works to get the tartar off of my dogs's teeth. I've tried many products from the big box stores, groceries stores and the popular greenies, they all came out to be disappointing. These were recommended to me by the vet, but they were very pricey locally, and I wasn't sure if they were the best product as sometimes vets do sell stuff to make money off of their patients. Anyhow I did my research, and just purchased a bag, and now its been 3 weeks, I've seen very nice changes, the back premolars have obvious plaque reduction with combined use of the virbac tartar control tooth paste. I use this as a treat and whenever I can't brush. I'm very happy that I found this product that actually works and affordable too here. If you looking for something that works, stop wasting your money on big box stores and, grocery stores and buy a bag for your dog to try it out yourself! I never write reviews, but this is one product that you must try out if you got a dog that has some tartar issues and you having trouble to brush your dog's teeth. I'm here back for more!
By Penny
New Orleans, LA
CET Veggie Dent Chews
November 14, 2011
My dog absolutely loves these dental chews. They keep her teeth pearly white and great check ups when we visit the Vet. Highly recommend these chews and the price from Entirely Pets can not be beat!!
By Mom2Gomer
My Dog Loves These
November 13, 2011
These vegetable-based chews include a rough texture and small amount of chlrohexidine to clean the dog's teeth while they chew. Opie likes these even better than rawhide-based chews.
By Ken
Charlotte, North Carolina
October 30, 2011
My dog, Speck absolutely loves these chews and we use them as a part of our regular dental care program. Speck's teeth are brushed daily and we use these to reward his cooperation.
By The M.
Hands down the best 'toothbrush' ever!
October 25, 2011
Fabulous product! I started using CET VeggieDent Chews for my dog about 18 months ago when the vet said he needed his teeth cleaned. Within a month, his teeth were immaculate; for an eight year old dog that is amazing. Vet pronounced his teeth and gums that of a puppy and we've never looked back. Dogs love CET VeggieDent Chews and it is the favorite treat. I say 'come get your toothbrush" and I have a deverish puppy racing to the kitchen. Cannot recommend highly enough!
By lablover
Philadelphia, PA
Tasty and healthy
October 24, 2011
My dog loves these treats, and I love giving them because they are more healthy than most, and they help clean his teeth as he chews! Definitely not a chew that will occupy your dog for long, but it's a nice quick snack (or you can break it and stuff it in a Kong toy).
By Ritz
Great chews!
October 24, 2011
I'vre got 4 dogs - various types, sizes & ages - and finding something that they all like (and is good for them) can be difficult. My vet gave me a sample of CET VeggieDent chews when I took one of my furkids in for some teeth cleaning. I quickly discovered that all of my pups liked the chews. Having a treat that helps them with keeping their teeth clean is a major plus!

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