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By Kathy
Ellwood City, PA
Helps my 10 year old dog
June 6, 2019
I definitely see a difference in my dog's mobility after giving her this product.
By Grace
Silver Spring, MD
Excellent product, good for dogs with hip problems
March 4, 2019
I've given my dog Cosequin capsules for the past 9 years. Really helps with the arthritis. The capsule are better than the chewables because you can open capsule and put contents on dog food. (My dog stops eating the chewables after about 2 weeks because it loses the smell.)
  • easy to put in dog food
  • expensive
By Yoly
Puerto Rico
June 17, 2017
My dog is taking this product, for a year. Before, she has trouble to stand up from the floor or her bed, but now she does it better; with less effort. She runs a lot and look more healthy. She has artritis on her hips and it looks like she feels less pain!
Auburn Hills, MI
January 5, 2017
Cosequin DS helps our dog to stay active. After an ACL tear she had a hard time bouncing back. The Cosequin made a huge difference in her ability to move. We give it every day with her meals.
By Lucy S.
Oakland, CA
Great Product
October 21, 2016
I use Cosequin for both of my 80 pound chessies. It seems to really help their arthritis.
By J9
Review for Cosequin DS (Double Strength) 132 CAPSULES
August 26, 2016
The product is effective! My vet recommended several years ago that we use it to strengthen our dog's joints.
By zekesmom
great product
December 6, 2015
I have been using Cosequin DS for my Shepard for many years. It was recommended by a friend who used it for their Rottweiler. I think it works great because before I used it he seemed to have a hard time getting up after sitting or laying down for awhile but with this he doesn't seem to have such a hard time. I also had a poodle that it worked great for,
By doggy d.
a great product
August 22, 2014
My little rescue is the best little dog I have ever had. I got him at 3 months from the local SPCA. When he was about 4, one day he wasn't acting right. He could hardly make it up on the couch. I took him to the vet. He told me he would have to have surgery on his back. I wanted a 2nd opinion. I took him to another vet. He told me give him Cosequin DS. One tab a day for 30 days then one tab every other day for ever. My little guy is now 10 and very active. I highly recommend Cosequin DS to keep you dog active >
By Gin
Good product
August 14, 2014
I bought this to try on two of my older dogs. Both have arthritis and one had ACL surgery years ago. It made a tremendous difference in the mobility of my 13 year old German Shepherd mix. She now runs and plays again, and can jump up on the bed (she couldn't before she started Cosequin). However, I saw no difference at all on my lab, who had the ACL surgery and has since become extremely arthritic with joint issues on all four legs. I was really hoping this would help him, too, but I'm happy that it has at least relieved the pain of one of them. (and it has done much more for her than I thought was possible - so it is a great product for the dogs it works for)
By dogmom
cosequin DS
January 15, 2014
This product has certainly helped my 11 yr old golden retriever. It is about the only arthritis supplement she can take because she cannot tolerate so many that have added flavorings due to her allergies.
By Shasta
West Bend, WI
My mistake
October 25, 2013
Accidentally ordered the capsules instead of the chewables. Now I just open the capsule and sprinkle the Cosequin DS right on her food. She eats it like there is nothing different about it. Good for Shasta's arthritis.
By cathy
cosequin ds
October 24, 2013
excellent product, excellent price, great service.
By Lou
Really works
October 9, 2013
After about two weeks, I saw a nice improvement in my dog's arthritis. She couldn't get up from a lying down position without having pain. After two weeks, she was getting up and down much easier, and she is able to go up and down the steps again. She is really slowing down now (she is old), but she is in no pain at all. She hates meds, so I simply open the capsule and sprinkle it on her food. She eats it with no problems.
By Jane
Oakdale, MN
Works for our 14 year old German Shepherd
September 5, 2013
The Cosequin DS has helped our now 14 year old German Shepherd for years with her hips.
By cathy
Junction City, OR
Review for Cosequin DS (Double Strength) 132 CAPSULES
August 20, 2013
This is a great product (vet recommended) for aging dogs (and cats). Helps greatly with joint pain.
By Joanie
Good for dog's arthritis
August 1, 2013
My 8 year old yellow Lab has arthritis in her hip and Cosequin certainly helps her mobility.
By MercyCats
Cosequin helps with comfort and mobility
July 9, 2013
Our yellow lab , Sasha, has severe arthritis in her knees. The Cosequin DS, in conjunction with pain meds, keeps Sasha comfortable.
By Labgirl54
Helps my dogs leg
June 30, 2013
My dog Sky has arthritis in the leg and the vet told me to order the cosequinDS. I ordered the tablets because she will not eat the wafers. It seems to be helping because she does not seem to have a hard time since she been on it (for about a year now) . I would recommend this product.
By Betsie
Purchase this, if you love your pet
June 11, 2013
Highly recommend this product because it helps my 13 yr old and 7 yr old (dogs) move around easily. I combine this product with exercise & a good diet. They are easy-open capsules, which I just sprinkle in their food. Worth the price, totally.
By Cleopatra
Highly recommend...
April 28, 2013
I've been giving Cosequin to my 12+ year old dog daily since she was first diagnosed with arthritis. Wasn't sure how much it was helping until I stopped for a brief time. Now I never skip a day. Cosequin daily and swimming in the summer time keeps her moving. I highly recommend this product.
By Sabrina's M.
Review for Cosequin DS (Double Strength) 132 CAPSULES
March 20, 2013
She has been on this since a puppy when we found out she has bad hips. Also two knee operations later, she is now 5 doing ok. Only time will tell.
By meeko123
Good Product
February 21, 2013
am very happy with the product and happy with the service that I receive.
By Sharon
Tucson, AZ
Highly recommend it
February 14, 2013
My dog was unable to squat or get through the dog door. In a week he was moving normally and without visible pain.
By tiki
Review for Cosequin DS (Double Strength) 132 CAPSULES
February 13, 2013
I did not realize that what I ordered was for large dogs! My bichon is only 15 lbs. You've discontinued the cosiquen that I used to ordre and the size was perfect for her. I will look elsewhere the next time I order this product.
By Chris
Pavilion, NY
Fantastic product
January 23, 2013
Cosequin DS has changed the lives of my dogs! It has given them new life and they can now run, go up and down stairs, play and be the active dogs they want to be. They're each 7 years old, one medium and one large breed.
By Trish
Port St. Lucie, Florida
Cosequin ds
December 26, 2012
I do recommend this to everyone's pet. Capsule or chewable goes into my pets food and they eat it with no problem for life. The vet highly recommends it also and all my friends have their pets on it. Truly makes a difference in how they feel.
By Shelley
Cosequin seems to help
December 19, 2012
My 10 year old Springer Spaniel is starting to have issues with his hind legs when he gets up so I've been giving him the Cosequin every day with hopes that it will help to decrease the deteroration in the joints.
By Katy
Belvidere, Il
great product
December 14, 2012
My dog has extreme hip displasia and is taking Rimadyl, Cosequin and the Duralactin. All these together is helping my beautiful dog live a longer,happier life!
By Geoff
Milwaukee, WI
Great Product!
November 6, 2012
I have a beagle/bassett hound whom is prone to arthritis due to his short legs. In using this product, he is able to run, go up/down stairs like he did when he was a puppy. He does not limp after going to the dog park either. I swear by this product!
By Lucy
Goood for older dogs
October 23, 2012
I feel good about giving my dog this product. She is 9 years old and I am concerned about arthritis. So far, she moves freely without pain. I am hoping this will give her more years of flexibility.
By Steve
Southeatern PA
Cosequin DS A Winner
October 23, 2012
I have been providing Consequin DS for my 14 year old dog who has arthritis and has had ACL surgery over the past two years. He has responded as though he is a puppy again. This is a great supplement without the side effects of prescription medications. Highly recommended.
By pa#9
Best price for this product
October 23, 2012
I have 3 senior dogs, and none would take cosequin in chewable form. I was thrilled to find them in capsules - now I can open and mix right in their food!
By Lou234
Great product
August 17, 2012
My aging dog was having difficulty standing and going up the steps. After a few weeks, she can stand up much easier, and the steps are not too hard for her anymore.
By melster
Cosequin DS
August 14, 2012
Excellent product, service and shipping. I love Entirely Pets!
By Duce
Love this item
June 18, 2012
My dog Duce suffers from severe allergies and the dermatologist asked me not to use a joint supplement with any flavor due to Duce's allergies. We discontinued the product he was on and started him on Cosequin sprinke capsules because they have no flavor. It was great to be able to find this item because it is rare to find any product with no flavor added. Even though he suffers from arthritis as well he is still able to have a relatively normal life thanks to this product!
By houndtime
Lewes, DE
Cosequin DS
May 30, 2012
I have seen a marked improvement in mobility since my dogs are using this product. I mentioned it to my vet and he agreed.
By Holls
west milford, nj
my vet helped us find the best price
April 30, 2012
My one lab has very bad hips and has been on Cosequin DS forever. Definitely the best price anywhere out there. They make it possible for us to continue her on this med which she needs so badly for good health and movement. Even though my vet sells this product, his nurse helped us find this at the cheapest price with the same quality. Hopefully she will remain good and enjoy her life. This product keep her hips stable and her joints lubricated..
By houndtime
Lewes, De
Cosequin DS
March 18, 2012
I have a 10-1/2 year old, retired racing dog and another 7 year old with a back injury. I give this product to both of the boys and have seen a definite improvement in their mobility.
By Debi
Chandler, Arizona
Cosequin DS
February 25, 2012
Our vet suggested this product for a 13 yr old Flat Coated Retriever who has arthritis. As far as I can see Bear is walking with less of a limp and he's only been taking Cosequin DS for a few weeks. I believe this is doing it's thing. Buy it!!!
By Rose
Great Product
February 20, 2012
I've used several other products and they were pretty good, but my dog is now able to jump on to my bed , which she hasn't been able to do in a couple years, acts like a pup and she's 11yrs old.
By Jenn
branford, CT
outstanding service
January 25, 2012
product is excellent- 2nd order with you- outstanding customer service. Was thrilled to receive it so quickly!
By Steve
Always Use For My Dog
December 15, 2011
Excellent product. Keeps my 13 year old companion active and pain free.
By Ernie
Carlsbad, NM
Good product. Good Price
December 8, 2011
Good product for older dogs who have joint issues.
By shannon
Amazing results!!
December 2, 2011
I have been buying this product for my older labs for years....the results are unbelievable! I had tried a few other products before but nothing beats this. My vet had recommended it to me after seeing my frustration. My labs had arthritis so bad they were barely able to get up out of bed in the morning and after starting this, they are like puppies again! I have recommended this product to all of my friends and family. Don't let your best friend suffer, they deserve the best life you can give them.
By lwmose
Kansas City,MO
Good price, but, still some problems
November 27, 2011
My previous batch of Cosequin was soft chewable pieces. My dog has only 6 teeth and she liked them. The cost of this was over $60/90. Your price for 132 was much lower, but, they were gelatin capsules, which were pretty large. I have had to make little muffins with one capsule in each so I can give her 1/2 dose in AM and PM by cutting the muffins in half. They are made cold with moistened dog food and then dried a bit. It works, but not as convenient as the chewables.
Red Bank, NJ
November 17, 2011
Our pet has one capsule per day in his breakfast. I believe it is helping him with his mobility as he seems to want to walk and play more,
By Carol
great buy
November 9, 2011
excellent product - wonderful customer service I have bought quite a few things from entirelypets/healthypets and am very satisfied
By blacktop
good prices, fast shipping
November 8, 2011
My dog a large breed only one year old has a problem with the joint on his paw, I have to limit his play time or he will start to limp, I have had him on these a month and by my surprise I am seeing him limp very little. Great product
By conneelee
Summerville SC
Early Yet But Looks Promising
November 2, 2011
I've had my 10 year old dog on this for about 3 weeks or so and I do see an improvement. She could barely hobble across the floor after our walks but now she seems to be getting up and down a lot easier
By viv
Crown Point, Indiana
great purchase for ailing dog
November 2, 2011
My dog has a puled cruciate ligament and this product is helping her alot. I hope this will avoid surgery.

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