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By Maurice
Atlanta, GA
Excellent Supplement
April 16, 2021
Our Vet recommended this supplement for our energetic Pointer. She's been on it for a couple of years now and I can see it's helping her remain pain-free. Glad to find on Entirely Pets for a good price.
By Gary C.
Ashtabula, Ohio
Great supplement for my dog!
March 6, 2020
Works.......Simply put. I have been using this product for a few years now. My pet is aging and has a hip problem. Arthritis, wore out but still going strong with Cosequin. I look for the best deals and stock up. My vet suggested glucosamine chondroitin with msm. Cosequin has all the ingredients. And like I said before.....It works well for her, a 12 year old mixed breed...pit chow. Entirely Pets has good deals on this product. I give 2 daily ground with a can of food.
  • Can help with aging pets.
  • The pill or tablet needs to be ground and given with her food.
By Stacypooh1
Springfield mo
Works wonders!
May 30, 2018
Bought this a few months ago. It takes a few weeks to see results. But I notice my dog plays more and isn't in pain after we go for long walks. She loves he taste and happily chews each one.
  • Good taste. Easy to give.
By Chewy
Georgetown IN
Good for Joints
September 11, 2017
Can't really tell a difference, but our lab is 15 years old and down in his hips and back legs. He gets shots every 6 weeks and we also give him these tablets. We will keep him on them. He hates the taste and I have to mask them with something else or include in his food.
Cosequin DS Plus Out Dated Product
October 28, 2016
Have used this product for several years for my large breed dog. This order arrived with a few days left before the experation date, That date is put on there for a reason, Why would Entirely Pets sent it with just a week or so left?
October 23, 2016
My dog is 10 years old with arthritis. Much better results than purchasing at a pet store.
By jenna 2.
Review for 2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Maximum Strength Chewable Tablets (264 Count)
August 8, 2016
great supplement for canines, my pup also takes a multi vitamin and she will be a very young 10 in October. Be proactive and preventative, it works miracles...
By Neelam
Columbus, OH
Good product, fast service
May 3, 2016
We have been using Cosequin for our dogs for a while and it seems to be effective. The fast and reliable service from EntirelyPets is much appreciated!
By Patty
Knoxville, Tennessee
2-pack Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (264
March 17, 2016
My dog has severe arthritis, and I have used Cosequin since discovering this, at my Vet's recommendation. It helps with her joint issues, and she always seems stronger when she's on it continually. Great product!
By Jim
Ballston Spa, NY
Review for 2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Maximum Strength Chewable Tablets (264 Count)
March 9, 2016
Have been using CQ chewables for the last 5 years for my 7 year old Black Lab with excellent results. Last 3 years purchased from Entirely Pets. Best Price around
By Zachsdad
Cape Cod
Seems to work
January 29, 2016
Seems to be a bit more mobile when taking it. I have NO idea how he feels,..wish we all could ask that question,..but observation is all we have
By magicdreamer
Arcadia, WI
Excellent Product
November 24, 2015
Eva actually lets me know when it is time for her medication. No trouble giving them to her. Not on them long enough to see what the results will be but she seems to be doing better. Will let you know if they work 100%.
By wil41do
Austin, TX
2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets
November 17, 2015
Great product!!! I have two Great Pyrenees dogs that we give Cosequin. One of our "boys" has a stiff back leg. When we first adopted "Chester," he would barely use his back leg except for balance. We started giving "Chester" Cosequin about 5 years ago and "Chester" runs and plays with his brother. WONDERFUL PRODUCT!!!
Totally new dog
November 4, 2015
My dog suffers from back issues related to a birth defect that wasn't found until he was 5 or 6. He ruptured a disc and tests showed he had other issues. He had gone from a dog that loved to play to one who didn't. I assumed it was due to age. Started him on Cosequin and within a short time he was playing again and acting like a pup!
By wb
Great Value
June 30, 2015
This was a great value, much less expensive than buying straight from a big-box pet store, and especially if you have an older dog that takes this on a daily basis. The cost can really add up, but this 2-pack was a great way to save some money and keep my dog moving!
By suzyku
March 21, 2015
My vet recommended this product many years ago and we have given them to all of our dogs, past and present. They enjoy them as treats and I feel like we're giving them something good for them as well.
By Ddog
Review for 2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Maximum Strength Chewable Tablets (264 Count)
September 20, 2014
Great product, great price and speedy delivery from Entirely Pets.
By Ginger
Great product
August 13, 2014
I'm 13 and going strong and I owe it to my daily Cosequin!
By MaryAnn
Knoxville, Tennessee
Cosequ i n
July 21, 2014
I have been giving this to KC for a long time. It seems to help her with her joint problems. My Vet says that it wont do her any harm to give it to her especially if she seems more comfortable
By Lori
Review for 2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Maximum Strength Chewable Tablets (264 Count)
June 27, 2014
Has really helped our dog have more energy & ease of movement since started this product.
By AkBirdie
Western Washington
This stuff is awesome!
April 26, 2014
My 12 yo dog loves these tabs - thinks they are a "treat" - and she jumps and hops around like a puppy these days. Cosequin works - substitutes / generics are not the same.
By necacti
Review for 2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Maximum Strength Chewable Tablets (264 Count)
March 20, 2014
have used this product with satisfaction for several years.
By furrychildren
Wilmington, Delaware
Cosequin - great product
March 19, 2014
This was recommended by the orthopedic surgeon after my dog had both of her ACL's replaced. It works great!
By Paddy
Dallas N.C
# one purchase
March 2, 2014
Max is a 13 year old Golden and I started him on Cosequin DS Plus MSN about two years ago and it has helped him in ways I would not have thought possible..i am back to walking him three times a day,and every once in a while he will break into a little run..before the Cosequin he had difficulty getting up to a standing position.
By Dustdevil
New Mexico
Great Product
February 14, 2014
Bought this for an older mixed breed dog and did see a difference in his gait. He now goes herding with my other two Cattle Dogs once a week, and moves a lot better. Saw an improvement within two weeks.
By Mush
Cosequin at a good price
February 7, 2014
Good price for name brand supplement for my aging dog. He readily eats the tablets so I know he's getting the right dose.
By daddylonglegs
North Carolina
Molly - Freckles
February 6, 2014
I am very pleased how well it has helped my two girls. I have one 15 year old and a 4year old and this product has helped them both alot
By Kelly
It Works
January 29, 2014
I have a 6 yr Golden Retriever who has "complications" (shocker) - but since I have been giving her this Cosequin DS supplement I have noticed a big improvement in her quality of life. It takes a couple of weeks to actually "kick in" - but it is well worth the wait. It has been such a joy to see her tail wag again!!! She weighs 85 lbs (big girl) and the 2 tabs a day is all she needs!
By Peggy
Huge difference
January 18, 2014
Love this product helps my shepherd tremendously
By Mike
Cosequin DS Plus
January 2, 2014
My eight year old Lab, Dixie, was having a hard time standing up, and her first few steps were kind of shaky. My vet told me to try the Cosequin, Great Advice! After a month of giving her three tablets a day, she gets up much better and she's back in a playful mood again. Her unconditional love exceeds by far the cost of these tablets.
By Ruth
Cosequin DS
December 30, 2013
Very good preventative for any dog who does or does not need it.
By Sandra
Very GOOD!!!!
December 15, 2013
Very good product for dog who have joint problems. Using Cosequin DS PLUS MSM you can see that yours dog run more freely,
By wil41do
Austin, TX
Great Product
December 15, 2013
I have a Great Pyrenees that has a stiff back leg and hip issues. Since starting him on Cosequin DS PLUS MSM, he has actually started walking and running, using his back leg. He acts like a puppy again and he is 8 1/2 years old. This stuff is GREAT!!! I am so glad that we found it to give to our baby.
By Lucy's M.
Cosequin DS Plus MSM
December 9, 2013
I started with Cosequin when my 12 y.o Border Collie started showing signs of stiffness. It was working great. I made the mistake of going to a less expensive joint supplement-Big Mistake, stiffness was back. Went right back to Cosequin and she is running around like a teenager again. Love it.
By Skeet
December 1, 2013
This product has helped my dog feel much better. I can see that he moves more easily after taking cosequin. I had stopped it for a while and saw the difference, so we started up again. I think he's happier for it.
By bob
whitestone NY
coequin ds plus msn
November 23, 2013
Been using cosequin a few ( 2- 3) years , have an English Bull Terrier that was suffering from neck stiffness. This product seems to work well, hes now doing much better. Switched to ds plus msm due to his age (10yrs.)
By Cheryl
It Helps
November 12, 2013
I have an 8 year old Great Dane that was having trouble with very stiff Joints. This has helped him remarkably well. He even plays like a puppy sometimes. He moves around a lot better than he did. I started giving it to the 2 year old hoping that it will help him in the long run. Cheryl
By Cee
Memphis, TN
Dogs like Joint Max better, but these work
November 11, 2013
I've been using Joint Max TS and just wanted to try something different to mix it up. My dogs like them ok, but seem to like the Joint Max better.
By scribdog
Great 'stuff'
November 5, 2013
Cosequin DS really did help my almost 14 year old golden. Noticable difference after 2 weeks, and now he isn't even considering not jumping up on people to getting up on the bed!
By Belle's m.
Best product!
October 22, 2013
Have been using Consequin DS for years for Tinkerbelle. It is the only thing that seems to work for her. The MSM is an added bonus. Will continue to use this product!!!!
By furrykids
Wilmington, DE
September 11, 2013
Our dog has had both of her ACL's repaired and our vet highly recommends using the Cosequin. It really does help her joints.
By kojigo
Bone and Joint Health
September 5, 2013
We have two Akitas and both are on this supplement. One is 2 the other 4 years old. We have been using the human variety for several years and notice a difference when we miss a few days. Surely it must be good for our canines too!
By old l.
It is what the vet recommended
August 31, 2013
My vet said to get this brand. The dogs like the taste, no resistance. Price comparable to other brands.
By Cami
August 10, 2013
This works great on our 70 pound dog. She is a ball catcher and jumps to catch. When I have run in in the past, we can see a difference in her back legs. She loves to eat them!
By Lu
Great Savings!!!
July 18, 2013
I recently purchased a 2-Pack Cosequin DS Plus MSM Chewable Tablets for my Labs and was very happy with the products. Bought the same product from a pet store and spent almost the same amount for just one bottle. This was very close to being a buy one, get one free situation for us and with three dogs, we need to save every dime we can! I'll buy from Entirely Pets again and have already recommended them to several friends!
By Robbie
South Central PA
Great Product
July 16, 2013
Have used this product for several years with my dogs. A little bit of the fountain of youth for their joints -- it helps!
By KevinAfghanistan
Hinesville, GA
Excellent Product for Garanimals Mobility
June 16, 2013
Within a week of my German Shepherd taking this supplement his mobility improved and he appears to be moving energetically and does not appear to be dragging his left hind leg as he previously did from a hip injury and subsequent surgery. His overall well-being and energy has noticeably improved.
By babs
Long time user
June 2, 2013
I've been using this product for several yrs for my large rescued dogs. I started using Cosequin about 12 years ago an my aged weim. It helped, and have continued to use it on my lab, and now on my young weims. My vet recommended starting to use it on all large breed dogs starting at 2 to prevent problems in later yrs. My daughter has been using it since her rescued lab was 2. She runs with her up to 10 miles 4 times a week and she is doing great!She is now 6 and full of energy!.
By Huskey3
Houston, Texas
May 4, 2013
Amazing product for our old guys (10 n 11 year olds)! Now the are standing easier and running hard to play with pur young pup!
By Ali
Surrey, BC
Finally product that works!!!
April 19, 2013
We are very happy with this product!. Our dog 11 years old - 100lbs+ lab mix is completely different animal now. He acts like a puppy again. No more limping! What a improvement!
By vicki
Worth the price
April 17, 2013
My lab loves to run and plays hard especially with a tennis ball. He started getting very sore after playtime and the next day. Have tried other products but this works the best. No matter how hard he plays he is no longer sore and is always up for more (especially if a tennis ball is involved!)
By yogiroro
March 27, 2013
I've heard these recommended from countless friends and a couple of vets. I'm giving them to my dog as a preventative - she's ok, but 8 years old. She loves them so much I can use them as a night time treat for her. Oh, and morning treat when I leave for work :-)
By Jack
Petoskey. MI
March 11, 2013
My nearly 12 year old Golden has responded to the meds. They seem to be helping the poor, old guy.
By AUSalsa
Auburn, Al.
Still in experimental stage
February 25, 2013
So far as all the reviews suggest it has been helpful-my "girls" have been on it for 4 weeks so I'm still in the review period. One of my dogs I am still noticing stiffness but it seems like it's getting better-in about 2 more weeks hopefully that will be better. Do plan to continue daily after initial 6 week period. Gets rather expensive with 2 dogs though-will be glad when I can go from 6 a day to 2!
By Mich
Cosequin, MSM tabs
February 23, 2013
my dog only been on it a month and needs a longer time to see if it helps, but she does seem better going up stairs and getting up and down off couch.
By pbdt
New Hope, PA
Helpful product
February 7, 2013
So far so good..I see MUCH less struggle with the lhip that seems to bother my yellow lab. He is on the 3 a day regime to start...after only 2 weeks, I see results...this is a great deal for the price. BUY IT, your pet will thank you.
By kowgrl
Good product
January 27, 2013
I have used this product for years, and my 11 yr old Aussie is doing great!
By rose
Hey Mom I love it
January 24, 2013
My girl is very picky about dog treats,I didn't think she would like something like this . She loves them
By Dick
Northwest Ohio
Great Product
January 24, 2013
Our 8 year old 85 pound male Collie has been on a supplement of this type since birth due to the tendency of this size dog to suffer join issues as they get older. Cosequin has been very effective above others we have tried. He will remain on this supplement the rest of his days which we hope are many.
By Koolkat
Milford, NJ
Great product
January 21, 2013
I have been using Cosequin for years and experience a profound difference when i stop using the product- so i know it works!!
By Sonny
Highly recommended!
January 8, 2013
Four border collies are on this product including one who is 13 years old. Highly recommended by my vet and seems to help a good deal with their stiffness especially the older gentleman.
By Jen
Good deal
January 1, 2013
Good deal on a good product. Shipped quickly.
By Kishi23
Great so far
January 1, 2013
These tabs seem to work for my two older dogs. I prefer these tabs that have the MSM in them over the regular ones. I am about to start giving them the maintenance dosage of two pills, so I am hoping that it will continue to work well. If I have to keep giving them three tabs, it won't bother me, a small price to pay for the extra mobility exhibited by them.
By MMFan
New Jersey
Keeping Our Dog Comfortable
December 20, 2012
Our 8 year Lab has had a number of issues with her joints. Giving her the Cosequin twice a day with her meals has really helped with her discomfort plus she thinks it is her appetizer before her breakfast and dinner!
By Kris
Mpls Mn
Best product ever
December 19, 2012
Switched from another brand with my 12 year old poodle and saw a big improvement in her hips and also in my 13 year old pointer/spaniel.
By Doggie
Excellent Product
December 8, 2012
My beautiful shepherd has used this product for one year and she is very mobile. My vet actually cancelled upcoming surgery.
By Murphy I.
Iselin, NJ
Glad I listened to Jack Hanna
November 28, 2012
Jack Hanna (San Francisco Zookeeper) made a commercial for Cosequin, using his dog as an example.This is a product that does work and like Jack Hanna's dog, my dog is also living proof this product does work.Butch looks forward to his daily dose and he now has no problems going up and down the stairs. I will continue to buy from this site because the price is better than PetSmart (in volume, of course). Thanks to Cosequin, Butch is better.
By aakemp
Cosequin DS Plus MSM
November 24, 2012
Our 9 and 1/2 year old GSD has a bad front shoulder. When we give him the Cosequin he is so much better and doesn't need the prescription pain medicine the vet prescribed. When we run low or out of it, there is a noticeable difference.
By Jen
Chicago, IL
Best Priced Products Anywhere
November 12, 2012
I really do my comparison shopping and this website has the best prices by far. I always get a couple items at a time so that I always qualify for free shipping. My dog has recently been put on a joint supplement (he's 9), and I can definitely tell a difference! I will continue to use this product and purchase it from Entirely Pets
By darkphader
Good results
November 6, 2012
Best of breed product. Tried another supplement but it did not produce the same results so came back to Cosequin.
By Gracie M.
Orlando, FL
Great Product for Dogs' Aching Joints
October 26, 2012
I've had my 50 pound, 14 year old dog on Cosequin DS Plus MSM for a couple of years and I can see the difference it makes in her mobility. I very rarely give her the expensive prescription pain med I used to give her regularly. I also give Cosequin to my younger 13 pound dog to ensure better joints for his future. At 9, he still runs around like a puppy.
By Debbie
West Bend, WI
Cosequin DS Plus MSM
October 25, 2012
I have 2 large dogs & needed the Cosequin DS Plus MSM. Entirely Pets has the best prices along with great products. Cosequin has helped my dogs.
By Marial
Excellent product
October 23, 2012
This is a joint supplement we use to keep our athletes moving well. The MSN is a very helpful addition to regular Cosequin. Our seniors receive this product also. I recommend it.
By hw
Dogs eat them
October 22, 2012
The Cosequin plus MSM is a vitamin both my dogs take happily. Tried without the MSM and they would not eat the supplement, even if I made smaller and tossed in with their food. Thus, the MSM is the secret.
By Sonnysmom
Bridsboro, PA
Worth every penny
October 22, 2012
My Sonny is an Elderly Spinger after one week of taking he was getting around better. I work for a Pet service and supply company tried others. These are the best at a unbeatable price.
By Gizmo
Bluefield, WV
Review for 2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Maximum Strength Chewable Tablets (264 Count)
July 31, 2012
Our Golden Retriever is enjoying his walks again!
By ducky
Portland, OR
Cosequin for Dogs
July 25, 2012
Cosequin with MSM helps our almost eight year old, 95lb Labrador, that had double TPLO surgery a few years ago, to get around pretty well... all things considered. She is able to keep up with a nine month old puppy on walks without a problem. I would recommend Cosequin for any dog with joint issues.
By VA G.
Great product
July 17, 2012
Cosequin is one of the finest products on the market for joint health, and the addition of MSM was brilliant! My dogs are doing great on this, and they seem to love it, too. I can't imagine what issues my big boys would be having if not for their Cosequin! And the price at Entirely Pets completes the deal! Way to go!!
By Nancy
Adds life
July 11, 2012
Our neighbors lab stays at our house more than her own. So we started her on Cosequin DS because she is getting old and it was hard for her to get around. It has given her new life. She can jog with our dogs now.
By samarky
Yucca Valley, CA
January 11, 2012
Hard for me to say right now how pleased I am with the product because I have not used it enough. However, friends and relatives all recommended it to me because they loved it. Was on back order when I ordered it so it took a long time to receive it. But once it came in the shipment was fast.
By Lucky B.
Brunswick, Ohio
helps alot
December 7, 2011
The cosequin has made a big difference in our 90 pound golden retriever mix - he gets up and down much easier at 10 years old.
By Ruth S.
Pasadena, cA
My purchases at Entirely Pets
October 29, 2011
I always recommend your website to people... and my dog was pet of the week.. Yeah.
By wyns
Kaneohe, HI
Great Products - Great Service
October 25, 2011
Very satisfied with products - great pricing and quick delivery!

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