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By C
August 3, 2023
DID NOT RECEIVE THIS ITEM! This company is shady! Be aware!
By Scott
Alamo, TX
Urinary Tract Support
July 28, 2019
My dogs seem to be urinating a little better. They like the soft chew a lot.
  • Dogs love them.
  • None so far.
By Candy1
Bellevue, MI
Works Great for my Senior Girl!
February 15, 2019
My Senior Girl kept having urinary track infection, so my Veterinarian prescribed these Cranberry D-Mannose Urinary Tract Support. She hasn't had ant problems since I started her on them several years ago! These work Great on my Senior Girl and she feels so good now.
By Kathy c.
Nashville, TN
It Works!
August 11, 2018
Cured my dog of uti infection. It works. My dog eats it like a treat.
By Joey
Great product
September 26, 2017
It is easy to give to my dog and it has prevented her getting urinary crystals
By Dog M.
Wonder product
June 7, 2017
I've been giving this to my dog for years and she has had no problem with a UTI.
By Judy
Bellevue, WA
Must help
May 23, 2017
Continue to use to help my girl with utis
By Shirley
Works great
April 23, 2017
Works great for my dog. Has helped decrease uti's.
By KeithWSr
Charlotte, NC
Has Worked for Several Years
April 2, 2017
Our Airedale male was prone to UTI. We would put him on antibiotics and he would get better but it would come back. Our new holistic Vet recommended a change in diet and Cranberry D-Mannose and the problem has gone away. He is 50#+ and I give 1 morning and nite.
By Robyn
Reno, NV
Great product, highly recommend!
March 14, 2017
I have Neapolitan Mastiffs, many of whom have had vulvoplasty surgery due to chronic UTI infections. I have used Crananidin also but found this product just as effective, less expensive & more palatable. Two of my dogs have been using this product with great success. The two who are using this product, have not had surgery, so far so good at keeping out bacteria in their urine as tested by periodic UA & cultures. Give it a try, I recommend it.
By Candy
Great product!!
January 19, 2017
My Vet told me to get this product for my little dog who has urinary problems. Since she has been taking them she jumps around like a youngster not the 17 year old she is! I will definitely buy these again!
By bigred
Cicero, New York
The real deal!!
January 9, 2017
I have a bichon that has struvite. My vet put her on a prescription food. Nothing changed until I found cranberry D-mannose. Our next vet visit shocked my vet and she told me to keep giving my dog D-Mannose. My dogs PH LEVELS were normal. Great product and my dog LOVES the flavor. Highly recommend this product!
By Borzoigirls
December 29, 2016
Wonderful product, my dog eats it readily and we have been off antibiotics for a few weeks now.
great idea if the dog liked them
April 12, 2016
As long as I can hide the 1/2 chew in a pill pocket, my small dog USUALLY eats it....however, she finds the actual soft chews not good and I often find the pill pocket eaten and the soft chew on the carpet! It works great for preventing a UTI if you can get them to eat it. I am going to look for another form of this. My dog is not a picky eater but these soft chews are not acceptable to her.
By LBartles
Soft Chews - A great idea
June 20, 2015
I have been ordering the Cranberry d-Mannose Urinary Tract support for a while. The only type available was a large tablet that I sliced in two and stored in an airtight container. The tablet had to be smashed in the dog bowl and mixed with wet food to disguise it, and then dry food added to the bowl. What a procedure. The soft chews are wonderful. I've switched to dry food only now and just drop the chew in with her food. She loves it and thinks it's a treat. Now, that's progress.
By HappyPetLover
Los Angeles, CA
Cranberry D-Mannouse Report
May 30, 2015
My dog loves the taste of the soft chews. No more hiding the pill or fighting her to eat it. Looks like it does what is supposed to since my dog has not had any uninary complications since taking it.
By LunaTick
A Valuable Tool
March 17, 2015
I learned about Cranberry D-Mannose when I had a Corgi with DM. She became prone to urinary tract infections, and the only thing that helped stave them off was this product. I now use it routinely for my healthy Corgi, as I know the breed is prone to urinary infections due to their low carriage exposing them to bacteria. It is a valuable tool in keeping the urinary tract healthy enough to fight off infection.
By Queenbasset
Port Orchard, WA
March 6, 2015
Have two bassets who are frequently getting uti's and this really seems to be helping. At four tabs a day I will be ordering again before too much longer.
By KPhx
fingers crossed that this helps
July 18, 2014
My dog is only 9 # so the tablets were impossible to cut....these are much easier to cut in half to give the correct dosage. My female spayed 8 year old has had 3 UTIs in the past 15 months so I hope this helps prevent them.
By seacat
Excellent Product
June 12, 2014
Since we have been giving the Cranberry D to our 3 cats, there has not been any more instances of rushing the males off to the vet to be flushed or catherized. So happy to have gotten a product that has helped my Riley. Would highly recommend it to anyone who has a male cat (or female) that has urinary problems. It works!
By Lilly
Palm Harbor, FL
D-Mannose tablets rock!
May 22, 2014
I purchased these tablet for my pug who gets urinary infections frequently. She is on her second month with these tablets and so far, so good. She is not one to take pills, even chewable ones but she does like these.
By Lynnda
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Vet bills saved
May 17, 2014
Had major issues with UTI with 3 kitties......corrected the issue and started on Cranberry D Mannose and Uromax. We were dealing with this too much but now.....problem solved. UTI free for 2 years.
Auburn Hills, MI
Keeping UTI's at bay
April 14, 2014
Our german shepherd/lab mix is prone to urinary tract infections (UTI's). We have tried changing foods, antibiotics when she has flare-ups and other supplements.The cranberry D-mannose seems to be helping to keep the UTI's at bay.
By Woody
Review for 3-PACK Cranberry D-Mannose Urinary Tract Support (180 Tablets)
March 19, 2014
Great product. Keeps my whippet from getting UTI'S
By George
Davis, CA
These chews seem to work just fine
February 20, 2014
I have given two of these chews each day to my lab in order to combat her chronic UTI's. The vet suggested giving the product a try, and the UTI's seem to occur much less frequently (but it happened once again about 3 months ago). Anyway, be aware that these chews smell pretty bad! A very concentrated pomegranate odor. You will want to put the lid back on right away. My dog enjoys eating them, though.
Phoenix, AZ
Very Easy To Use
February 16, 2014
My dog likes the tablet version of this, but she LOVES these soft chews. I tried them because they were on sale and will definitely purchase again!
By Linda C.
Cranberry D-Mannose Urinary Tract Support
November 9, 2013
Fabulous-have been using over a year. My long haired dachshund has had bladder stones and urinary infections. Our vet suggested trying cranberry support and this has been wonderful.
By Gidget
New Jersey
Great product
October 24, 2013
My Irish Setter has had numerous urinary infections as well as Ecoli. She has been treated with massive antibiotics for the past 2 years and the Ecoli is still present. Since Cranberry D-Mannose has been added to her special diet, she shows no signs of urinary problems. I feel that this product is working as well as the high priced Cranberry product the vet first prescribed.
By kjaanestad
Cranberry D-Mannos urinary Tract Support
August 12, 2013
My cats absolutely love this product. They think it's a treat! The tablets are scored. I have to break them in half to give each cat half a tab daily. Easiest way to do that is to place my thumbs on the sides of the scored tab and apply pressure on the ends of the tab. Easy enough to do. One cat doesn't have many teeth, but in spite of that, he is able to gum the tab. When I shake the bottle, the cats come running!
By Happy M.
Orange County, CA
So far, so good
July 30, 2013
I bought this product because my dog had an ecoli UTI. After the first dose of antibiotics and a 2 week wait for retest, it returned. At the recommendation of my vet, I decided to try this product. I received it a few days after the 2nd round of antibiotics started (a different med this time). Upon recheck after the 2nd two week period she was clear of the infection. I'm not sure if it would have been clear without this product, I just don't want to take the chance of another infection. So, so far, so good with the addition of this supplement. I will keep using it, and have ordered a six month suppy.
By Linda
Santa Rosa, CA
dogs like it
May 24, 2013
After one of our dogs suffered a bladder infection, I immediately went online to search for cranberry pills. I found these. They are a good deal price-wise, and my dogs love them. They've only been on the pills about a month, so I can't speak to their efficacy, but I can say that I use these pills as part of a whole system to promote healthy bladders!
By Cookie
Boston, Massachusetts
Excellent Product
April 17, 2013
I have a 5 year old Bichon who suffered at least 3-4 times a year with Urinary Tract Infections. After relentless searches and no help from our Vet we found this product. I've purchased 1 bottle to try and then went on to purchase the bulk bottles. We check Cookies ph balance once a month, and it remains perfect!! I can honestly say that this product helps maintain her balance therefore leaving her with no symptoms nor pain. Thank you for this product.
By Faithful
Works Great!
April 2, 2013
I use these Cranberry D-Mannose tablets for my 11 year old lab. She has had a couple of bladder infections. These tablets work like a charm. No more problems with her bladder. I put them in her food and she just chomps them down.
By Bill
Finally !!
November 18, 2012
Received order this week after waiting over a month because items were on back order. Medication has helped my dog in the past so I was really glad to get it.
By mike
Review for 3-PACK Cranberry D-Mannose Urinary Tract Support (180 Tablets)
October 24, 2012
My old dog of 15 years was not feeling very good.After many trips to his Vet.with good results for most of his problems.The Vet said give these pills a try for his unrinary tract.After trying these pills he is totally a new dog.It's like going back in time.He is visibly happy,alert,always wants to play which hasn't happened for over a year.My dog will be using these pills for the rest of his life,that I know.;-)
By redvizsla
rhode island
U-t pills
March 6, 2012
My little pug that is prone to UTI has been taking these for a while now. Since, taking one tablet daily she has had no more UTI problems.

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