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By bmon
St. Louis
April 22, 2022
I've added Dasuquin with MSM to my dog's food once a day for many years. It helps keep them moving. I consider it essential to their well being.
  • Consistent high quality.
By Huili
new york
March 5, 2022
By Huili
new york
perfect product perfect price
June 16, 2021
perfect product perfect price
By Huili
new york
perfect product perfect price
June 16, 2021
perfect product perfect price
By Luther
Augusta, GA
A must have. just try it
June 9, 2021
I can't say enough good things about this product. It works wonders. I've used Dasuquin products daily for my all of my dogs & cats for over 15yrs. It's best to start them early before any signs of joint issues but it's never too late. I saw a huge difference in my Beagle mix within 2weeks, she didn't "snap, crackle & pop" anymore when getting up and she could stand up faster and easier. and our newest rescue came to us at around age 12 and within a few weeks she was able to jump up on the sofa.(people that knew her were amazed). The cats played and jumped like kittens for most of their 18 & 20yrs of life. My 14yr old terrier (Fred ) has been taking this for at least 9 years and I believe this helps to keep him active. I wish I had known about this product with my first rescue (pit bull) I had him on joint supplements but not this brand and he had such a rough last few years with his mobility even with taking Rimadyl and tramadol. I truly feel that this product would have helped.
  • less pain, more mobility.
  • none that I've found.
By Diane
Charleston, SC
If the doggie loves it, the owner is happy
May 16, 2021
These tablets are easy to store. The good doggie loves them! So "mom" (that's me) is very happy. The delivery and ordering were smooth and most timely. Thank you for the great service.
By Frazier G.
El Paso, Texas
May 11, 2021
It was the exact product I wanted and at the best price.
By Midwestjo
Irish wolfhound taking for 5 years
May 6, 2021
She was only 2 and joints sounded like old lady cracking and crunching. Started on and now she 7 years old and has some knee arthritis. Glad I started when did. It took at least a year or more b4 the cracking ended so don't give up.
By Dee
Marion Illinois
October 27, 2020
This product has been life changing for Ezra, my Cairn Terrier. He had been limping badly starting with his front leg and one of his hips. After just the first chewable tablet I noticed a big difference and after 3 to 4 days he stopped limping completely. He now is back to running full speed ahead thru the yard with absolutely no pain! Since this are chewable tablets he eagerly takes one every morning and hasn’t had anymore problems. I would definitely recommend this product.
By Karen
Dogs love it
October 20, 2020
All the essentials (glucosamine, chondroitin, and msm) in one tablet.
  • Easy to give to dogs.
  • Dogs think they are getting a treat
By Robert
Hot Springs, SD
Great Product
September 10, 2020
This is a very good product for older dogs with joint pain or arthritis
  • Safe and effective, and dogs like the taste
  • Not easy to break tablets in half
By Bro'
Ridgeland. ms
Good Product
June 17, 2020
My little furry has severe allergies and one of them is all product with fish oil or fish-derived, his vet recommends this product for my dog joins and so far he doesn't have a rejection.
  • It is a good component combination without fish-derived.
  • It is a big pill for my medium size dog.
By Vivian
New Jersey
Helped my senior to avoid surgery
March 2, 2020
My senior boy was diagnosed w/joint Cartilage Erosion in his knee. My Vet recommended surgery but I was hesitant and started giving him Dasuquin. Within a couple of months he was back on track walking 3-4 miles a day ... no surgery!!
  • Easy to administer ... chewable tablets that taste good!!
  • none
By Kim
North syracuse, ny
Dasequin Tabs
December 29, 2019
Great price for my doggies!
  • Great supplement for joints.
  • None.
By Joyce
Great product
December 28, 2019
My dog has bad joints and had TPLO surgery on one hind leg. This keeps her moving well.
  • Reasonably priced, great product
  • None
By marilyn
excellent product.
December 28, 2019
Excellent product.
  • Beneficial to joints for my large dogs.
By Jim B.
Great tasting
December 27, 2019
I have never tried them but our two senior bassets love them, plus they seem to give more flexibility. One likes the hard tablet and the other likes both.
By Robin D.
September 10, 2019
My vet recommended this in conjunction with some other meds. Seems to be doing the job. My 12-year-old boxer is now only taking this 1-2 times a day.
  • My dog did not like the chewable tabs so I just ordered the soft chews the 2nd time.
By Shlomit
DeLand, Florida
Great Product
July 21, 2019
My border collie is an active boy and this keeps him healthy. He likes the taste.
By WyoDog
Vet recommended
April 1, 2019
Bought the three pack at a great value. Thank you entirelypets!
By SuzieQ1947
Napa Valley, CA
Tablets are easy to add to kibbles
March 26, 2019
I've been raising LARGE Newfoundland Dogs for over 20 years. Dasuquin Chewable TABS have been keeping my "babies" Very Healthy and their Structures sound for many years. sll
  • It works for my LARGE breed Dogs
  • None
By Kashi
Monroe GA
Best Joint Supplement for Dogs of all Ages !
February 27, 2019
I've had Chows for over 35 years and they have all had orthopedic issues so now I start them on Dasuquin with MSM at about 1 year old. It's the best joint supplement available and I highly recommend it!
  • Excellent results
  • A bit pricey
By Dondi
Long Island, NY
Works great
February 12, 2019
This is not the first time I have bought Dasuquin for my 2 Dachshund's and it has really helped them both. If you have a dog with arthritis this will help them.
  • works great and really helps
  • none
By Hitime
Delta, PA
January 31, 2019
I have had my three dogs on Dasuquin with MSM prophylacticly for years. None of them, not even the twelve year old, have developed arthritis. Great product. The three pack from Entirely Pets is the most economical way to buy it that I have found.
By GSD l.
Excellent supplement
January 6, 2019
I have been giving my, now 8.5 yr old, German shepherd these for 2 years and her agility is like a pup! I started using these because of some minor limping and it truly worked for us like magic. She is doing great and I will not stop using these!
By chstnu
Great prices
October 25, 2018
The best prices for the Dasuquin that I've found online. The product is great and fast shipping!
  • great prices
  • none
By HeatherS
Great product
October 7, 2018
We have all of our older dogs on this joint supplement.
By Valhalla3
Great product! Dogs love it
June 26, 2018
I have 2 lab mixes who love the taste of this product. It was recommended by my vet for my older lab (10 years) who had back leg surgery. I put the younger lab (7 years) on it as well. I notice that the older lab is a bit more active now.
By Urska
Slovenia, EU
Best choice for extremely active growing dogs
May 22, 2018
I have been a satisfied consumer of Nutramax products for more then a decade now. All my dogs grow up wit a support od Dasuquin. I Have 4 malinois and I'm also a breeder. Malinois are extreme dogs, they jump on and off objects at a very young age and it is something you can't predict. Sometimes I just close my eyes and hope for the best. I also do qite a lot of training with them. To ensure their healthy joints and reparation of small injuries I use Dasuquen for the 4th dog in a row now. All 3 adults are x-rayed with excellent hips and elbows. before dasuquin I used Cosequin DS for my working rottweiler and with the same results.
  • reliable and tested product
  • -
By Yorkiemama
New York
Best results ever!
March 22, 2018
My 7 lb. Yorkie has been taking this since he was first diagnosed with luxating patellar in both knees. He has maintained his active life painfree for over 5 years. I would recommend this product because I believe it has helped him to live a better life.
By Trudy
Kula, Hawaii
EXCELLENT joint health supplement......
October 7, 2017
This is an EXCELLENT joint health supplement. Vet highly recommends it. We've used it for all of our dogs. Trudy Williams
By buddy
Orange CA
Best joint meds
September 19, 2017
Dasuquin is the best joint meds. Been using it for years to treat all of our dogs.
By lauriec
Amsterdam, NY
Vet Recommended
August 20, 2017
Great product for a great price. Dasuquin was recommended by our Veterinarian after ACL surgery. My dog loves it.
By macbef
St Louis MO
Better already
June 29, 2017
My Holly (20 lb North American Little Brown Dog) takes hers as a treat once a day. I've already noticed less stiffness. And no limping when she first gets up. Maybe I should take it!
By KashisMom
Monroe, GA
Excellent Joint Supplement !
June 27, 2017
I've been using Dasuquin with MSM since it came out on the market for all my dogs. It's the very best supplement on the market for joint problems. I highly recommend using it for all dogs !
By gjh
Syracuse, NY
Excellent Product
June 21, 2017
our Golden Retriever has hip displasia. She use to have a hard time even walking. After treatment with Dasquan with MSM and Adaquen she is greatly improved.
By Faye
Very helpful
June 11, 2017
Dasuquin has been very beneficial to my senior dog. Would recommend and have to several friends with seniors.
By buddy
great joint supplement
May 29, 2017
We have an English Bulldog and this works the best for my old boys joints.
By Lill
Landenberg, PA
Love Entirely Pets!
May 9, 2017
Great products, price and customer service.
By Xinia
Great product! My dogs love it!
April 24, 2017
This product is great, makes me feel good knowing I am doing what I can to maintain my dog's healthy bones. They eat it up without any problems! I don't even have to hide it in their food, which is a plus :)
By crixus
excellent product
April 6, 2017
My dog is very healthy after taking this product. is 100% approved!!!!!
By Tonya
Best product
March 30, 2017
My Zoe has done great on this product . I recommend it to all my friends that have older dogs. She has taken it daily for four years her groomer suggested I try it. Best decision I have made for her.
By Bronx2216
Phoenix, AZ
Dasaquin with MSM for Small Dogs
March 6, 2017
On old vet recommendations I was giving both of my dogs Dasaquin and inadvertently ordered the product with MSM. New vet says stick with the one with added MSM for additional support. I like that it's a chewable tablet as my dogs usually think medication is a treat but my older dog definitely is no fan of this chewable tablet. The size may be too much or the taste. Either way, I crush it and mix into his food in the morning. Easy to crush. Not so easy to break in half. But a good product.
By bbdorf
Dasuquin really works for my pet
February 28, 2017
I don't normally do reviews however pet owners need to know about this product I don't know if it will work for everyone but it has made a major difference in my pet she is up and getting around way better than she has in a while- been using Dasuquin for over a year still getting great results thanks Entirely Pets
By KashisMom
Monroe, GA
Excellent Supplement
February 8, 2017
I've been buying Dasuquin MSM for many years now and give it to all my guys. I highly recommend this to everyone who has pets with any orthopedic issues.
By FrenchPack
Best price on good product
January 8, 2017
Entirely Pets consistently has the best price on 3-Pack Dasuquin with MSM (and also without MSM). Every six month, when I re-order, I search other online sources and the most economical price is always with Entirely Pets
By Firemedic
Vet Recommendation yields great results
January 6, 2017
Dasuquin is used by and recommended by our family Veterinarian. Our 8 year old male Lab has been on this product for about two years. He was diagnosed with knee join arthritis and loves to play hard and run. He was often plagued with stiff joints resulting in pain and limited mobility. Within weeks of using this product. we undoubtedly observed improvement in his mobility and a return to his normal, playful self, running and jumping without effort. EntirelyPets offers a very competitive price on Dasuquin often providing cost saving coupons in addition. I recommend both EntirelyPets and Dasuquin!
By connie
granbury, tx
January 5, 2017
Hope they help, she sure loves them. Seems like she gets around better. Vet thought they would.
By Trevormore
January 5, 2017
This product combined with fish oil (Welactin) has worked great for my dog. No more limoing around due to arthritis. This was a vet recommendation.
By Ginger
Great deal
January 5, 2017
This is a wonderful product that I have used for years. EntirelyPets offers it at the best price. It is shipped quickly and comes with a far off expiration date, which is important when ordering so many.
By Susie
January 2, 2017
Dasuquin was recommended by my veterinarian. My dog is still running, running, running. She feels GREAT!!!
By charlie
Con form aid
December 29, 2016
have been using this for years and works great. very competitively priced.
By none
Dasaquin with MSM
December 29, 2016
A great help for arthritis in dogs. Makes a huge difference for my dog that had TPLO surgery as a youngster. It is FDA regulated so you know the ingredients are consistent.
By Patty
Best Joint enhancer for Dogs
November 7, 2016
I have 3 mastiffs and people can't believe how healthy they are. I was having problems with they joints and started giving them Dasuguin and within 3 months the limping went away and they are running like they did when they were pups. I would recommend this to anyone with a dog who is prone to joint or hip problems
By Frankie's B.
Chicago, IL
Great for giant breeds!
October 31, 2016
I have had 2 St. Bernards on Dasuquin, it has helped them significantly! Our surviving 10 year old Bernard, Frankie, is on 2 tablets a day (even though only 1 is suggested for maintenance) and although her arthritis is still evident, NOT taking the Dasuquin for a number of days really makes a difference in her movement; she's so much more stiff without it. Would highly recommend for anyone with a giant breed!
By Kj
Vet recommended
October 21, 2016
My bichon, Monet, has been on this med since his vet recommended it to prevent hip displacement. Monet exhibited symptoms of early hip problems. So for about two years now the Dasuquin has allowed him to be active with no further signs of hip concerns. My only issue is that I always have to mix it with first meal of the day because he doesn't like the liver taste.
By Dog L.
St. Louis area
Great product
October 21, 2016
My dog chews the Dasuquin pill like a treat. It helps with her arthritis. She does very well on this product.
By sandyleeg
Good for the Joints
July 23, 2016
My veterinarian recommended this product for my 11-year-old large breed dog. He moves without any noticeable stiffness and I'm hoping the Dasuquin will keep his joints in good repair for a long time to come.
By kushnivas
Ottawa, ON
Dasquin w MSN is great
June 25, 2016
A great support system for my boy with hip issues. Have been using it for two years. Can't beat Entirely Pets pricing.
By Ralph Z.
Long Island, NY
Better chewability than duralactin soft chews
June 18, 2016
My 12 yr old dog had been on Duralactin soft chews until they changed the formula. The newer type are sticky chewy in consistency and my dog kept playing with her teeth and tongue. I decided to try the Dasuquin chewable and it's so much better. The tablets break easily and I just crush them in her food and no more teeth discomfort. I think her movement and agility is better considering she had spinal surgery 1 year ago, more so than when on Duralactin soft chews.
By Ken
Dasuquin with MSM for large dogs
May 23, 2016
My 100 Rottweiler was limping around. He is 5 years old. Got him on this product and no more limping. I was amazed how fast it worked and continues to work. A great product. It works for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Yellow T.
Middletown, NJ
Noticable Improvement
May 16, 2016
We switched our 8 year old yellow lab to Dasuquin with MSM based on our vet's recommendation from another brand w/o MSM. She would not put weight on her left back leg when standing after laying down for a long time. We have seen a definite improvement since we starting giving her Dasuquin 9 days ago, where this is not happening nearly as much, if at all.
By georgiabenz
very effective
May 9, 2016
I can see the difference in my dog's behavior. It really reduces her pain.
By Mark K.
Dasuquin--saved my dog from surgery
May 6, 2016
My 9 yr. old Labradoodle was chasing a squirrel, stopped suddenly and came in limping. A trip to the vet to find out he had blown out his ACL and needed an expensive surgery with a long recovery time. I asked the vet what I could try while I decided on the surgery. 2 Dasuquin tablets a day for 1 month (at a cost of $75 from the vet) seem to work wonders. I found this product on line from EntirelyPets at a much lower cost. Now my Labradoodle is running 10 mph next to me when I bike. I don't know if the vet mis-diagnosed the problem, but I'm keeping my dog on the 2 a day Dasuquin tablets (he thinks that they are a treat too!).
By Amazing
Portage, MI
Best Purchase Ever
April 9, 2016
My dog has had both back knee ACL repair surgeries done and this has significantly helped improve his joint function. Will be a purchaser of this product for life.
By Shelby
Marion, IA
I'm going to try it
March 28, 2016
Have been giving my dog Dasequin for many months now, and at her last checkup the vet was very pleased with her joints. I accidentally ordered the Dasequin with MSM this time, so am going to try it and see if it makes a difference or if I need to go back to the plain Dasequin. Not sure what the difference between them will mean to her.
By Debbie
Dasuquin Large dog
March 20, 2016
Since starting Dasuquin about a month ago, I see an improvement in my 8 year old Golden who has a problem with her elbows.
By jud
Review for Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (84 Chewable Tabs)
March 15, 2016
My dog is 16 this is a great product for her. Helps with her hip pain . She cannot take other pain meds because of a liver problem, also helps with her liver disease
By CIndyH
Houston, TX
Review for Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (150 Chewable Tabs)
March 9, 2016
I switched my 9 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to a cheaper brand and after a few months he would not jump up on things. After switching back it took several months but he is back to normal.
By Libby
I live in southern Al. Where the weather is warm.
very good product
February 29, 2016
My dog "Dixie" probably wouldn't be walking now if not for Dasuquin with MSM. It has helped her hips as far as her walking, where before she was mostly down all the time- She even runs on occasion. I have ordered this number of times!I don't let her run out!
By Sage
Colorado Springs, CO
Been using for years with great results.
February 23, 2016
We started using the Dasuquin many years ago and it really has helped with any mobility issues our dogs have had in the past. We take in rescues who need the extra support and our vet says this is the one she uses on her dogs as well. They also seem happier and more playful, probably because they feel better.
By Nana C.
Tampa, FL
Dasaquin is a great product.
February 10, 2016
I upgraded my 15 year old Aussie from Cosequin to Dasaquin about 4 years ago and she is still going strong! I'm sure the MSM and the extra strength has helped keep her active. I highly recommend it.
By Windber P.
Windber, Pa
Excellent Supplement
February 8, 2016
Our pet broke her pelvis in an unfortunate accident. I was looking for a supplement to give her to help her joints and fracture to feel as normal as possible. This supplement is worth the money. It has helped Cinder tremendously.
By mary30028
February 3, 2016
This is a larger tablet than the Dasuquin without MSM. Dog doesn't like the taste quite as much, but studies show it's good for arthritis in the knees.
By rappguy
good product, good price, well delivered
January 18, 2016
We've always given this product daily to our basset, because the surgeon said to do so. This particular item is convenient because it combines dasuquin and the MSM, and is in a large quantity so we don't have to re-order often. This company is a little cheaper than most, and offers great service.
By molly
great product
January 9, 2016
Recommended by my vet and much, much cheaper here. The delivery time was amazing!!!!
By sallyspiritz
Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (
January 9, 2016
This product was recommended by my vet. It has worked wonders with my senior Goldens, particularly a male with two ACLsugeries.
By theljd
a good find
January 3, 2016
I have a 15 year old yellow lab. She has had just about every joint issue imaginable. Dasuquin was recommended to me as an alternative to another chondroitin/glucosamine product. There was definitely a difference not to mention a decent activity level for a 15 year old dog. It is a little pricey but Hannah is worth it. Plus she likes it. I just hand her the tablet.
By Maggi
Dasuquin for small/medium dogs
December 29, 2015
I have been using this product for many, many years. Maggi, my Beagle, gets one tab each day with her dinner.....she thinks it is a treat!!!
By Birdikins
Bellingham WA
Save major bucks
December 25, 2015
My vet recommended Dasuquin for our aging dogs, but she charges significantly more than Entirely Pets. I like my vet a lot, but I also like to save money. The product is great. The price is also great!
By Darnell
Boulder City, Nevada
joint issue getting better
December 21, 2015
I do notice he is not biting and licking the leg joints as much. I'm sure as more time goes on it will get even better. So it's working!!
By Chaco
Northern California
Great product, easy to use
December 20, 2015
We've used Dasaquin with MSM for our golden retreivers and mixed breed husky/shephard. It is effortless to use (chewable). My girl's are now 101/2 and 12 1/2 years old and going strong! I'm sure the Dasaquin has helped.
By Stella
Top Notch Product
December 18, 2015
Dasuquin is the best product for my senior Plott Hound's joints. It helps her get up & walk around much easier & there's no limping. Entirely Pets has the BEST price for the 3 pack that I've found online ... and believe me I've done my research!! Please purchase Dasuquin for your dog(s) as it makes their life more comfortable!
By Luvmypets2
West Chester, PA
A Great Product
December 16, 2015
I am using Dasuquin with MSM with my 2nd dog. Really works on the joints of larger breed dogs. They like the taste too which is a bonus. Vets recommend it but the prices are great @ Entirely Pets.
By Chris1618
Great product
November 11, 2015
I give this product to two of my dogs: one is a 15-year old Rat Terrier; the other is a 13-year old Parson Russell Terrier. It has helped their joints and arthritis symptoms a lot. They both run around more on it.
By 3Dognight
Charlotte, NC
Great for joints
October 19, 2015
I've been using this product for several years and for several different dogs. It helps them immensely! I started using it on my 1.5 year old Chocolate Lab to help prevent any joint pain as he gets older.
September 20, 2015
I just started using this product so its effectiveness has yet to be verified. However, the flavor does not appeal to a single one of our 10 German Shepherds.
By Oreo's m.
New Hampshire
Dasuquin with MSM for Large Dogs
August 30, 2015
I bought Dauquin with MSM for my Golden Retriever, Lily, who recently had CCL surgery on her knee. Our vet had recommended this product to help build her joint strength. She has been taking it for about 3 weeks and she loves it. I was surprised that she would take the tablets so easily, since she dislikes taking any medicines. Since beginning this medicine, her rehab seems to be going much more quickly. She is already walking on leash for 20 min. I am so happy with it, I have begun giving it to my other dog to hopefully avoid the same problems in his future. Thanks Entirely Pet. Your price was much better than others'.
By little l.
long island, new york
best product ever
August 4, 2015
great product for any dog that has joint trouble. my little dachshund was having trouble getting up stairs and with dasuquin she has no trouble at all, better than other products of this type
By Mary
McComb OH
Nadia lives healthier
May 14, 2015
We purchased Dasuquin with MSM almost 2 years ago and continue to use it. Nadia was diagnosed with arthritis and just wasn't happy. She walked slower, played less with her siblings and just didn't have a good attitude. Once we started her on the Dasuquin, we noticed an improvement in less than a month. She is still doing great and her and her sister both take this pill. Thank you for helping our Nadia live healthier and be happier !! She is the large brown dog in the picture.
By Toni
Placerville, CA
Review for 3-PACK Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (450 Chewable Tabs)
May 9, 2015
I purchased the Dasuquin at the urging of my dogs' nutritionist. They had been on straight MSN & Condroitin. One of them will eat the tablets with no problem, just like the other ones. The other dog is much more finicky and will only eat them if they have some cheese wrapped around them. It has been less than a month, so I don't know yet how much good the tabs are doing, but we'll see.
By Tom
Portland, ME
Excellent Service and Prices
May 8, 2015
This is my second time ordering products from this company and I will continue to do business with them. No issues with the shipping and no damaged products. Highly recommend this company.
By doxie l.
Excellent Product
April 29, 2015
I have been giving my 2 dachshunds these tablets at my vets recommendation ever since we rescued them in 2007 & 2009, and recently added the MSM to our last two bottles and have noticed improved energy and movement. They both underwent expensive disc surgery several years ago and are doing GREAT! I believe the added MSM is making a difference. This product is rather expensive but I cut the tablets in half for each dog daily and will continue.
By Carol
9100' Summit County, Colorado
Good stuff
April 7, 2015
I started giving this to my 33" tall, 80 pound mutt at the age of 4 as a "preventative." Come to find out recently that it is now recommended by some experts to do just that. He is now 7, gets walked 3-6 miles a day, and shows no signs of joint degeneration. Hopefully this holds true for many more years. Wish I could take the same supplement! :)
By Old O.
Review for Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (150 Chewable Tabs)
April 2, 2015
As well as getting this product for my older dog, we ordered a bottle of this for our puppy. She was born without a hip socket, and Dasuquin helps her get around better. She still has a ton of energy and prefers to run and this product has certainly decreased the amount of limping she does after a hard day of playing. I highly recommend this product.
By Old O.
Review for Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (150 Chewable Tabs)
April 2, 2015
This product has been a life-saver for my old dog. He was rescued from the humane society by us at the age of 10 (now, he's 11). They had him on Glycoflex and he was still so stiff and sore. We wondered how much time we would end up getting with him. Our vet recommended Dasuquin to us. After just a couple of days, the old man was running around the yard and playing with our puppy. He has been doing fantastic on it, with absolutely no side effects. I highly recommend this product.
By Joy
New York, NY
Good Products
March 10, 2015
This product really helped my pet about DJD, and so did my friend's pets.
By Ben
Relief in a few days
February 28, 2015
Our golden Retriever Annie thanks you for this product. She can now walk without pain and is very happy
By GSD h.
South Carolina
Best for joint supplement and I've tried them all
February 24, 2015
I noticed another GSD owner mentioned these were not the soft chew. Yes, that's true and that's why I buy the hard tablet. My grey at the muzzle 10 year old GSD catches it in mid-air and chomps right thru it. They do have a soft chew available also but read the ingredients first please. There are things in the soft chew that would require I brush my dogs teeth and that is something neither me nor my dog wants to go thru again.
By Hitime
Joint supplements
February 14, 2015
I have found Dasuquin to be very effective in relieving joint discomfort in my dogs. The first dog I put on it had been taking a different product that was not helping at all. On Dasuquin she was like a youngster again. Now all my senior dogs get it prophylactically..
By Bethany
Gallatin, TN
Awesome Product
February 9, 2015
This product is amazing, and has made a difference in my 10 year old dog
By june
January 28, 2015
My beagle mix will be fifteen in two months and has been taking Dasuquin for two years.....very spry and active !
By mikey
Reston, VA
Good product
January 21, 2015
My dog has hip dysplasia, and my vet recommended Dasuquin which really seems to help her get around. The results of using Dasuquin are noticeable.
By Codyjack
Birmingham, Al
Recommended by vet
September 14, 2014
Vet recommended Dasuquin with MSM. Seems to be helping but found that I could get it at a more affordable price from Entirely Pets. Would recommend it if pet is having joint issues.
By Karo
Morgantown, WV
Review for Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (150 Chewable Tabs)
August 24, 2014
This is a great product that I have used for years, and it was very expensive at the vet. Using your website I am able to get the same wonderful product at about one half the cost.
By Tom
August 3, 2014
This is a great product for dog with bad knees. Great service from Entirely Pets.
By Mike
Entirely Pets
August 3, 2014
Entirely Pets ran the product I bought on sale (spending over $150) on a better sale just 10-14 days after I bought Dasuquin. When I called the company and complained that I could have saved another $17+, I was told "too bad" in so many words! I will NOT use Entirely Pets again.
By Pineconegirl
Angel fFure nm
Fountain of youth
August 2, 2014
Best product and price anywhere. 12 year old hound can keep up with the best on this supplement.
By little l.
long island, new york
really helps
July 30, 2014
My 5 year old dachshund was having trouble jumping up and she is now able to do everything just like before. I would recommend Dasuquin and so does my vet.
By Chris
Boston, MA
Dasuquin Chewable Tablet not really chewable
July 10, 2014
The name "Chewable tablets" is slightly misleading. The Dasuquin chewable tablets need to be crushed. I know a dog's jaws are capable of crushing bone, but I would prefer not giving my dog anything as hard as these "chewable tablets". Afterwards I reread all of the descriptions of Dasuquin glucosamine products and found there is a "Soft" chew. The word tablet should have clued me in that it was hard, but the word chewable made me think it was soft.
By Mark
Great for Older Dogs
July 7, 2014
Great product for older dogs getting hip and leg arthritis. We have a Corgi mix about 11 or 12 years old. The last year or two he has complained a lot (via yelping) when he would make a sudden turn or jumping down from a chair. The vet recommended this product. I asked about the Cosequin that is advertised a lot on TV. The vet said that the Dasuquin with MSM is a better product. It has certainly worked well for our dog! A yelp of pain is exceedingly rare now. I would highly recommend this product to anyone whose dog is experiencing these symptoms. Buy it from this website. Your vet will charge more. No prescription required.
By Nick J.
Upstate NY
My dog can walk again!
June 30, 2014
We started this product at the recommendation of our vet when Buddy [dalmatian, coon dog, Shepard mix, about 90#] was 11. He could barely get up and his back end would give out and he fell a lot. Tile and linoleum floors were dangerous After a few weeks on this product, twice a day, Buddy got his strength back and he is now over 14 years old and going strong. Rarely falls and needs only a little help getting his old bones up if he's been lying down for a long time. Good price on Entirely Pets!
By vicki
Denver, CO
Piper the Golden Ret.
June 27, 2014
My 3 year old Golden - Piper tore her ACL while racing and chasing with her buddies (in and out of the doggie door) Surgeon recommended this to help try to avoid the other leg from having the same thing! She loves the taste.
By GeorgieTank
After major joint surgery
June 27, 2014
My girl had surgery on both her knees about a year ago, I've been using these ever since and I believe they help. My dogs will eat the chew without a problem, they spit out others.
By Cindy
Milwaukee, WI
Dasuquin w/ MSM
June 19, 2014
I am so happy I was told about this product. I have an 11 year old black lab/golden. We walk every day in all kinds of weather. She started to slow down and would drag her back leg slightly. She started taking this and within a week or so, she was back to good. I will buy this again for her.
By images m.
Steamboat Springs Colorado
Dasuquin for Dogs 'great' results
June 14, 2014
This product was recommended by my vet. It is essential for my 10 year dog who had ACL surgery to function as if he were a 3 year old puppy!!!! tastes good, easy to chew as per my dog.
By Christine
Sterling, Ma
Great Product
June 9, 2014
Dasuquin has kept my 5 year old female pit bull comfortable and free from limping from her arthitis since I began using this product. Very happy with the results.
By Alle
May 1, 2014
This has helped my beautiful, wonderful Golden Retriever immensely! He will now jump into the car to go to the park again...he hadn't been getting into the car for a long while. He acts like he's young again and he's 11 1/2 yrs old! I'm keeping him on Dasuquin for the rest of his precious life!
By Mickey
Review for Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (150 Chewable Tabs)
April 30, 2014
I have noticed a difference in his back legs and he is walking better!
By jklon
Great Product
April 23, 2014
Great Product Great Price. My dog is definitely more agile and limber. It works
By James
Fair Price
April 9, 2014
Glad to have found this recommended product. Counting on the reputation to live up to the need. A bit soon to tell but others and drs recommend it for my aging pups
By CA M.
Woodland, CA
Poor Broke Dog
March 26, 2014
We have a Dachshund mix that we adopted and came to us broke in many ways. He has bad front legs and had to have knee surgery 2 yrs ago. Thanks to our vets recommendation to use Dasuquin and putting him on it, it keeps him moving a 100 miles a minute and he is going strong. He might slow down when he gets older as he is already developing arthritis but for now, Dasuquin keeps him moving as fast as he can go! Thanks Dasuquin.
By kelly
March 10, 2014
Excellent product! Works well for her joint issues, and she loves the taste! whenever she hears the pills shaking in the jar as I get one ready for her, she comes running for her "special treat!" She LOVES them!! Never have had a problem getting her to take this!!
By Brookque
Las Vegas, NV
Great arthritis supplement
March 4, 2014
My 4 year old labrador has arthritis in her knees and elbows. Since I started her on a regimen that includes Dasuquin, I have definitely seen an improvement in her mobility. I would certainly recommend this supplement to others.
By Shrek
Great product
February 27, 2014
I own a Great Pyrenees that is pushing 11. My horse vet recommended this to me and it has been a godsend. Shrek's quality of life has really improved. He walks almost without any problems. This prouct is worth every bit of its cost.
By Xolo L.
February 22, 2014
My vet recommended Dasuquin for my Shar Pei Border Collie mix. He's 13 years old and has arthritis in all his leg joints. He limped a lot and had trouble getting up, but seems much more comfortable now, even jumping when I pick up his leash. Glad to have my boy back.
By Anna
Review for 3-PACK Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (450 Chewable Tabs)
February 13, 2014
Dasuquin for Large Dogs with MSM is the best product for arthritis that I've ever found
By The W.
Been giving them for years
February 7, 2014
I have always had large dogs so worry about their joints, arthritis, etc. I have been giving them the Dasuquin with MSM for years on the advice of my vets, and they seem to ward off any aches and pains or joint issues, even in our cold and damp climate in Northern Michigan. I also like them because, unlike other brands, once you get them into their system you can cut them down to every other day for maintenance, which helps the costs.
By Sadie
Dasuquin with MSM
February 4, 2014
My sweet girl, Grace, loves it, and she is always excited when she takes it as the other children don't get one! It has really helped her hips a great deal as that area has proven to be problematic at times.
By Tooniedog
St. Louis, MO
Best joint support ever!!
January 24, 2014
This product has helped my Jack immensely! Jack is my 12-year-old Shetland Sheepdog who has had severe arthritis in his front legs since I got him 10 years ago at 2 years old. He used to be on PhyCox and then a friend recommended Dasuquin with MSM and I've seen a huge difference in him. He now runs and plays more than ever and never has a flare-up! The key is the MSM which has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, so make sure you get the Dasuquin WITH MSM. Love this product!!
By antiquescollector
Grass Valley, CA
Dasuquin with MSM for large dogs
January 22, 2014
This product seems to have helped my elderly Labrador/Chesapeak Bay retriever mix with the arthritis in her knees. She seems to be walking better after taking the Dasuquin for about six weeks.
By Leslie
Great Product
January 14, 2014
I love dasuquin! I have an 11 year old dog who take it daily and it makes a big difference. We were out for a week and I noticed that he seemed slower than usual. As soon as he was back on the dasuquin, he was jumping around with no pain! Absolutely wonderful product! It works better as a preventative though, I've had him on it since he was 8 years old!
By scorpio19th
Austin, Texas
Great Product !
January 7, 2014
I have seven elderly dogs who are experiencing arthritis to differing degrees. I've used several non-prescription supplements for them over the years. I recently did more research, and determined that Dasuquin has by far the best combination of ingredients, dosages, and cost. And EntirelyPets gives me the best prices on-line.
By KimM
Great Joint Supplement!
December 27, 2013
My male rottie has had sub-luxated hip dysplasia in his left hip since he was young. I tried all sorts of supplements and nothing helped until I found Dasuquin with MSM. He will be 7 yrs. old in January and only slightly limps if he plays too hard with his rottie sister. I posted a youtube vid showing him playing. I highly recommend this product!!!
By CPatty
Bremerton, WA
Excellent Value
December 26, 2013
I've had a dog or two on Dasuquen for the past four years or so. I can get it at my Vet's office (she's the one who recommends it) but it's a much better value to order the three-pack from Entirely Pets. It's the same quality product with a good savings.
By 5 L.
Berkshires, Massachusetts
Wouldn't go without
December 18, 2013
I have 4 Labradors on this product. All have different issues,either arthritis or have had a previous injury. One chewable a day has made a big difference in their daily activities. When they don't get one in the morning,I can tell that they have discomfort, either by limping or whining. Giving them this product has kept them hiking the trails everyday and happy dogs!
By fideliolola
Good product & price
November 18, 2013
I give it to my spanish mastin since he was 4th months old, now he is 1 year old and more tan 70 kg: he's very active and has grown with no problems.
By Jerry
Great Product
November 16, 2013
Vet recommended this product for Shelby, my 11 year old Golden. Incredible results. She runs and plays like she did six years ago. She does not run as long, but her exuberance and speed are every bit as good as the earlier years. She weighs 56 lbs., so I only give her 1/2 tablet each morning with breakfast. Have recommended to four other dog owners, and they are also amazed by similar results.
By sandie
las vegas, nv
November 15, 2013
Max has used this for a couple of years. It has helped with his arthritis. Many Vets recommend this product.
By sheltie m.
West Palm Beach, FL
Really good product
November 12, 2013
Always buy the big dog size and break the's much cheaper that way. Use every day for performance dogs from 3 years old. Very good results as dogs get older and are not arthritic and able to perform agility to a ripe old age.
By lala
puy, wa
dasuquinn for large dogs
November 10, 2013
the product works really well. I have a great dane who is getting older and taking this she can jump in the car again which leaves me and my husband going wow. now on the down side I bought a larger bottle this time and there was alot of damaged chews in the bottle. Broken and turned into dust. will I buy it again? of course it works.
By rags963
Syracuse NY
November 3, 2013
Seems to be a good product. Highly recommended by our veterinarian, actually 2 different vets. Our guy responded well with it and he seems to be more comfortable while using it. I'm not sure there is a source of good definitive proof that "it works" but it seems to help him be less stiff and happy.
By Dog M.
San Jose
He's like a puppy again!
October 28, 2013
I'd give this a 5, because my little guy apparently doesn't like the taste - but will eat it if it's buried in his wet food. That being said, these tablets have helped him recover from a very hairy bilateral shoulder surgery like a champ. He runs, jumps, plays, and chases his little sister like never before. He's working on 8 years old but acts like a puppy again! Best move we've made in years.
By lab r.
Review for Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (84 Chewable Tabs)
October 25, 2013
great product with great results...we have a 15yr rott mix with 2 hip replacements and acl surgery on both knees..
By charlie
smooth and painless
October 23, 2013
just what I wanted, at a fair price and speedily delivered
By path
Boone, NC
helps with no side effects
October 23, 2013
Rascal - large pointer mix - has been taking this for almost 5 years because of an injury and arthritis. Helps him immensely.. Did the initial dosing and now he is on maintenance. If I know he is going to have a long hike or a lot of activity, I will give him 2 pills. Always give with a little food with the tablet. Please try this regimen before just giving pain pills that have so many long-term side effects.
By dragnldy
Austin, TX
Awesome product!
October 23, 2013
When our dogs started getting older, we noticed they had some joint issues and getting up from laying down would take a bit longer. Once we got them on Dasuquin, it was like they were puppies again.
By Bob
Dasuquin for Large Dogs
October 10, 2013
Been using this product for a little over 2 years on our two labs. The gal is thirteen, and as of today has shown no signs of any joint discomfort. Our Vet recommended this product, and as long as it appears to be helping, I will give it a A+ and keep using it !!!
By iws j.
Bellingham, WA
fine product
October 2, 2013
After about 2weeks we noticed a very positive change in our 13 and 1/2 year old Irish Water Spaniel. She loves the taste and she moves better and has more pep.
By dpack310
Pittsburgh, PA.
joint health
September 27, 2013
My 8 yr. old Lab has some arthritic hips, but 1 month into the regiment, he was his old playful self. All 100 Lbs.
By Lois
Loveland, CO
September 20, 2013
By George's M.
Wonderful Product
September 13, 2013
I have a street dog with very bad hip. These once a day and she has very little issues. These are absolutely worth the money. I also give the chews to my larger senior boy. He was having trouble getting up and down off the sofa, not any more.
sunrise, fl
September 4, 2013
It;s one extra treat in the morning that they don;t have to work for. They seem to be a lot more spry also.
By PGKyle
Dasuquin helps
September 2, 2013
As long as our sister's and friends' dogs get this med on a regular basis, and not too much or too little, it really helps with their pets' arthritis pain. Good value.
By Lucas N.
Dasuquin for giant dogs
August 30, 2013
Began giving this to my giant Newfy a couple years ago when x-rays showed giant arthritis. He is a picky eater but eats this up in his giant dinner. Giant dogs get giant doses so the giant quantity 3 pack is giant savings over the vet. Giant pain is eased and giant bill avoided. The price here is not giant. I got exactly what I ordered. Great price, great savings, great service. So thank you.
It's worth the money
August 19, 2013
Every time I give our two dogs their daily Dasuquin (with MSM) I just see them swallowing dollar signs. The pills are expensive but they are worth the money. Our five year old Lab/Dane mix has been on Dasuquin with MSM for three years. Over the last 1.5 years, she's had two TPLO surgeries and no one can believe how well she heals. Plus she only has minor signs of arthritis and no other join issues which is very good for a 100+ lb five year old pooch. There's no question that we'll always give any dog in our household Dasuquin with MSM.
By lindyk
OC California
Great product Great price!
August 18, 2013
Been using this supplement for years and has helped all of our senior danes. My vet sells it, but I get a MUCH better price from this website. And VERY fast shipping!!!!
By vikki-o
Works for Us
August 15, 2013
We had tried other glucosamine products in the past, but our vet recommended this one--he said it is more bio-available. We tried it, and found that it works better than what we used before. Since then, we've had a 70 lb greyhound, a 140 lb Anatolian Shepherd Dog, and a 180 lb Irish Wolfhound use this product--all with good results. Currently, the best prices we've found are with Entirely Pets.
By Collie M.
Bonsall, CA
Helping with her arthritis
August 10, 2013
I bought this supplement at the recommendation of my vet. Mollie was continually limping due to arthritis problems in her front ankle area. Prior to giving her this item, she would typically stand with the sore leg held up. Now, I'm grateful to report, she rarely limps anymore. An extra bonus, she likes the flavor. Along with this product, I'm also giving her the Dermaquin Plus for Dogs, also purhased from Entirely Pets. They offered the best rate. I will be reordering soon. I have been recommending this combination to my friends whose pets are also having arthritis/joint issues.
Southern California
This product seems to work
August 9, 2013
My 12 1/2 year old Lab appears to walk better after 2 weeks on Dasuquin w/ MSM
By sammy_04
good supplement
August 6, 2013
This seems to be helping my basset with his arthritus. It is a bit pricey which is why it is not ranked higher.
By testtek
resaca, ga
great deal
August 1, 2013
this product is great and the price and service was super too!!! will def buy again
By serenity
Review for Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (150 Chewable Tabs)
July 24, 2013
Great product at a great price...definitely works and my dogs love them.
By serenity
Review for Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (150 Chewable Tabs)
July 24, 2013
Great product at a great price...definitely works and my dogs love them.
By GSD_Mom
Great Product
July 23, 2013
Our GSD has degenerative disc disease and these have helped him so much
By Dogmom
Great product!
July 22, 2013
My rescue Wriggles was born with inverted front feet, a deformity that effects his mobility. He has been taking Dasuquin with MSM for almost a year. He also swims 2-3 times a week. We believe he is stronger now then he was when he came into our lives last September!
By FutureDVM
College Station, TX
Review for Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (84 Chewable Tabs)
July 13, 2013
Seems to really help with my older dog's activity levels and joints. Recommended by a veterinary surgeon friend of mine. Will continue using this product!
By Sunny's M.
Dasuquin with MSM
July 2, 2013
I have two little dachshunds, one of whom has had disk problems. I tried less expensive forms of chondroitin, and glucosamine with MSM, and little Sunny didn't seem as perky. We're back to Dasuquin with MSM and she's feeling better. I won't try switching for a lesser brand again.
By Doggie M.
Granger, IN
Keeping Stella comfy
June 26, 2013
Stella, our terrier mix, has misalignment of the bones in her "wrists", and began limping as she outgrew puppyhood. After starting daily Dasuquin supplements, she rarely limps and seems to hurt less when walking. We're so happy we've discovered this joint supplement, and credit it with helping our little girl be more comfortable and walk without being gimpy.
By Barb
June 26, 2013
This product is very helpful with keeping my dog "comfortable". In conjuction with fish oil, 10 minute walk daily I have been able to maintain musche mass in my dogs leg that has a cruciate injury.
By Sharita
winter springs, fl
joint support
June 24, 2013
ive been giving Dasuguin to my Rascal who had knee surgery on both legs and Gracie. theyre both chihuahuas who had luxating patellas. he had surgery but Gracie, thankfully, has been ok without it. i did start her on this a few years ago. i would not risk going without it since theyre doing well. i give her half a tablet and him once daily. i grind it into powder form and mix it into their food. no problems there. i would recommend this product to anyone who pet has joint issues or is aging.
By MarkUSMA77
Helps Hips and Joints
June 24, 2013
We are very pleased with the impact Dasuquin has had on our Golden Retriever. Excellent Product!
By Huffy
Galt, California
Best Product for Joints
June 22, 2013
Dasuquin works wonderfully for my Labrador retriever mix. She is also on Previcox, but taking this alone wasn't helping. Once I started to give her Dasuquin along with her Previcox, I noticed immediate improvement with her legs. She's practically back to her old self.
Seems to work
June 21, 2013
I think it's working. My boxer seems more active and playful, and is bounding around the yard and house more.
By tigger2368
June 20, 2013
My dog has issues with her joints and this is the best stuff I have found. I know when she doesn't get it because she limps and moves really slow.
By Marbydog
Joint care for large lab
June 19, 2013
We have a 128lb yellow lab who is not overweight and we give him dasuquin daily to ensure his joints are lubricated. When we have stopped for a period of time we notice he limps.
By Jean
For Comfort's sake...
June 17, 2013
My big girl has had pretty severe hip dysplasia since she was a little one... I have been giving her Dasuquin (2 daily) for the past almost 2 years and she plays like a feind with her sister, both instigating and in response to her sister's playful attacks. The yard is fenced in and she runs back and forth as if she has no discomfort at all, when her gait reveals her hips increasingly deteriorating. As long as she remains so active, I believe she is remaining comfortable. I credit Dasuquin for that. Thank you.
By Deb
Delavan, WI
Not a good taste.
June 17, 2013
Unfortunately, my dog hates the taste. As I have in the past, if she doesn't like a Joint medicine I take it myself (as I'm not made of money and I don't like to send something back once I opened it). However I tried this stuff and it taste so bad that I'm not taking anymore. I have since ordered the chew version (in hopes that she likes that). I'm hoping I didn't waste my money. Other than that, I like the science behind some of the ingredients in it.
By frampton
Neenah, WI
works great
June 5, 2013
My dog Nala has hip dysplasia and with Dasuquin with msm, she shows no signs of it. She also takes Duralactin for pain.
By Eileen
May 29, 2013
Great medicine! My 12 year old lab is like a young pup after taking this in the morning. What a difference.
By Samantha's M.
Lexington, MA
Pep In Her Step!
May 24, 2013
Our 7 year old Bichon Frise still feels like a puppy, but both her back knees don't. Our Vet recommended Dasuquin and within 2 weeks there is definitely a difference! She is back to chasing rabbits off her lawn. Even the rabbits look at her like "when did you get faster?!"
By jerry
Wichita, Kansas
Amazing Product
May 22, 2013
My lab at 9 years old has dysplasia and she is overweight. She got to where she couldn't get up to go outside to relieve herself. We started her on Dasuquin with MSM, and Velvet Antler. She is now 12 years old and doing fine. If she could talk,she would say thanks for a great product. I thank you for helping me keep my dog, my friend, my companion for as long as I can.
By Marie
Miami, Fl
Best price on the internet!
May 17, 2013
My doxie needs Dasuquin for her arthritis....which is a godsend for her. Entirely pets offers the best price and great fast shipping!
El Paso, TX
Best Joint Supplement Available
April 29, 2013
I bought this after reading many positive reviews online from other dog owners as well as vets and I have to say I'm really impressed. My dog loves them and within a couple weeks had an extra spring in her step!
By Dog l.
Excellent for joints
April 16, 2013
Our dog has been on this product for 2 yrs. She had ACL surgery and it was suggested this would help with stiffness and arthritis. She loved the taste and it seems to help.
By PGKyle
Dasequin a big help
April 10, 2013
We have successfully used Dasequin for our cats in years past and now like its effects for the dog. One-half tablet coupled with special diet and special treats works wonders. Be aware that giving too much can cause digestive and intestinal discomfort.
By doggie m.
Sheboygan, Wi
Great Product
April 9, 2013
Dasuquin was recommend to me by a vet friend for my 2 dogs. I run agility with them and want to do the best to keep them healthy. The Dasuquin with MSN should do the job for my best friends. It will keep them running for a long time and keep their joints in great shape.
By csmarsh188
Vero Beach, FL
Continued Flexibility and Comfort
April 8, 2013
About 2 1/2 years ago, we noticed our aging Shepard/Collie mix was getting weak in the hind end, and getting more stiff in the legs. We thought that this was just something she had to go through as part of becoming an eldery dog, especially with all the talk of hip dysplaysia in Shepards. Several Vets recommended Dasuquin MSM to support and prolong healthy joint mobility. After 1 full year on the supplement, my dog (who is 12 years old now), has not continued to decline in her movement or ability to get up and down, or friskily running about! Her hearing and eyesight are still declining, but not her ability to be active.
By Laura
New Jersey
March 21, 2013
I run my 4 black labs in dog agility, so my vet recommended giving them Dasuquin. My hope is that using this supplement will keep them running longer. The Entirely Pet price is great and delivery was quick.
By kssnart
Phoenixville, PA
Great product
March 21, 2013
8 months ago I purchased this when my vet recommended it after my 6 month old pup jumped out of my arms hitting the hard floor, injuring her knee and breaking a small bone. As part of her therapy he recommended Dasuquin with MSM to help prevent arthritis in that joint. They must be very tasty since my dog can't wait to get her 'treat' each day. My girl is running around and bouncing about as though nothing ever happened to her. Thanks for selling a great product!
By June
Best Joint supplement!
March 3, 2013
Well dummy me, I decided to try another product that was recommended in order to save money. Within a month my GSD was dragging her rear legs. My veterinarian asked me if I had made any changes to her medication. I told her I had switched joint supplements. She told me to switch back to see if that was the problem. And within 2 weeks my baby girl was walking much better. Thank you Dasuquin and Entirely Pets for a top of the line product!!
By Pumpkin
Good for maintaining~
February 25, 2013
I've used this product on my 15 years old sharpei to control his Arthritis.
By John D.
Dasuquin with MSM
February 23, 2013
Great product, been using it for years for my dogs. No side effects and the dog loves to chew them every morning. This was Vet recommended. My Dog,Jenny had two torn ACLS which were repaired and I have been using Dasuquin with MSM after the surgeries and have her on a maintenance program with it. John D
By la
February 20, 2013
I like that Dasuquin has been scientificaly proven to help with joint issues.I do wish that it weren't so expensive.
By Jon
Enola Pa
Review for Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (84 Chewable Tabs)
January 23, 2013
I have used this for years and it has done very well
By Louise
January 12, 2013
My sweet Grace had shown some problems with her hips, and she began taking Dasuquin daily. She is much better, much more agile. I believe that this product is perfect for her. She is a Beauceron mix...rescued, and truly the love of my life.
By 4DogMom
McKinney, TX
Great Results
January 9, 2013
Two of my dogs take this supplement, both with great results. My 10-year old 20 lb schipperke takes half a tablet daily and no longer limps after exercise or playtime. My one-year old 37 lb mix takes a whole tablet daily and after a month of use was finally able to sit normally. He has some joint problems that kept him from being able to sit but now he seems happy and healthy. Even though one is a finicky eater, they both seem to love the taste of the tablet. It is a treat for them.
By colliegirl
Newmanstown, PA
Very helpful
December 17, 2012
My collie was beginning the "dreaded' limping that I've become familiar with over the years as a collie owner....Lincoln is not limping nearly as bad after being on the Dasuquin for about 10 days now...he is overweight also (totally my fault). He is my fourth collie & all succumbed to arthritis in the hind quarters. I am pleased with the results of this product.
By SaraSun
Awesome product
November 22, 2012
Our thirteen year old lab is acting like he is eight years old now! He feels so much better and is eating more now that he doesn't hurt!
By Pumpkin
Worth the Price
November 19, 2012
I always use this product to maintain my 15-years-old sharpei. and it is doing well.
By Barb
Review for Dasuquin for Large Dogs 60 lbs. & over with MSM (150 Chewable Tabs)
November 6, 2012
Have used in 2 dogs with joint problems - you can definitely see the difference
By Lisa
Toms River, NJ
good joint protective
October 29, 2012
Dasaquin is what I recommend to my pets owners to care for their pet's joints. I give it to my 16 y.o. chocholate lab!
By Marial
Recommended by a rehab vet
October 23, 2012
This is a joint supplement we use to keep our athletes moving well. The MSN is a very helpful addition. We use this product when the dogs are competing.
By agilitysheltie
New York and Florida
Long term benefits
October 2, 2012
Dasuquin with MSM is a staple in agility dog families, given from about 3 years old every day to prevent joint problems in very active performance dogs. I have been extremely pleased that my almost 9 year old MACH 7 sheltie is able to jump and climb A frames and dog walks without any arthritis or joint issues for so many years. We wouldn't go a day without it.
By judyjean
Review for Dasuquin for Small/Medium Dogs under 60 lbs. with MSM (150 Chewable Tabs)
August 7, 2012
I use this product on the advice of our Vet for our Irish Setter. It's really a help to keep his joints in shape. He likes the taste and thinks they are treats. Entirely Pets is easy to use and service is great. Keep up the good work

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