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By Jer
Des Moines IA
July 1, 2019
This really works!
I have been giving this to my 12 year old dog consistently for the past 2 years. It has made such a difference.
By Lucky L.
New York
May 31, 2019
My boys seemed to be helped by this product we have been using it for years
ProsOnly pros they take them happily
By Jesse
Fremont, CA
May 20, 2019
Tabs are my girl's favrotie
Been using these for a few months now. She is moving around with ease now. Worth every penny.
ProsEasy to give. Seems to like them
By tommyrocks
March 3, 2019
Keeps us moving!
Our nearly 10-year-old Rottweiler, Tommy, is a Reading Education Assistance Dog, who loves to visit with his children. Dasuquin has helped to keep him comfortable, despite his arthritis.
By handsinablender
February 23, 2019
Great price
I had to buy this brand for my saint bernard who recently had TPLO surgery. This was the cheapest place I could find this quantity of pills.
By No O.
September 28, 2018
Will Never Use Entirely Pets Again
I found Entirely Pets to be misleading and deceitful.
By DMDoyle
Cheektowaga, NY
September 6, 2018
I have 2 dogs who take 2 pills each per day so we go through the bottles quickly - I could not pass up the price of this 3pk deal!
ProsBetter mobility for my pets
By Dave
Pittsburgh PA
April 10, 2018
Dasuquin with MSM?
I needed more Dasuquin, so I bought it here. The tablets didn't look the same, and only then did I see that I had not ordered "Dasuquin with MSM" which I usually get, but just plain Dasuquin. Didn't notice those little letters were missing on the product when I ordered it. If you want it with MSM, you will have to look carefully to be sure that's what you get.
By Iva
Zagreb, Croatia
October 4, 2017
So far so good - hope it gets even better!
I have 7 years old Boxer with typical boxer issues. She was diagnosed with spondylosis and she had knee surgery when she was 3 years old. Recently I noticed that she moves a lot slower than before, she gets up slowly and she started to limp on her back leg for no apparent reason. I believe it's spondylosis related. We started with Cosequin only a week ago and it's too early for long term effects, but it seems she is a bit better. She is not limping so much anymore and overall looks more perky and better. I hope it will be even better after a bit more time.
By Kate
August 14, 2017
Review for Dasuquin for Large Dogs (150 Chewable Tabs)
Great product and a must for any dog doing dog sports!
By Danielle
May 9, 2017
Rejuvenating product
I would recommend this product, as it has restored my dog's comfort, and greatly improved her ability to travel around with noticeable ease. It is also gentle on her digestive track as she is on a renal diet and this product was recommended by her vet.
By Goodqualityservice
Honolulu, HI
April 16, 2017
Good Vendor
Thankyou for Dasuquin order. It arrived quickly, undamaged like all of our orders. We will continue to order everything that is non prescription from you folks. Keep up the good work and remember, good product/reasonable prices keeps you in business.. Hawaii folks need your expertise and expediency.j Thanks, Richard
By crazydoglady
Palmer, MA
April 10, 2017
Dasuquin joint supplement
I have just recently switched from Cosequin to Dasuquin, so I cannot say good or bad about it yet. I have heard great things about it, and it was recommended by my vet for my dog with early onset arthritis and elbow dysplasia. Initially it does seem as though it is significantly a more expensive choice than Cosequin, however, it is actually less expensive. The maintenance dose for my lab mix is 1 tab per day vs 2 tabs per day of Extra Strength Cosequin DS. So you get 150 days out of the 150ct bottle of Dasuquin, instead of 125 days out of the 250ct bottle of Cosequin DS.
By Tmrtailor
February 9, 2017
Works great
My dog has back leg issues and this helps him from limping. He has been taking these for over a year now. He chews them down with no problems.
By Duchess
Phoenix AZ
January 5, 2017
Dasuquin for Small to Medium Dogs (150 Chewable Ta
It works wonders. I am 10 years old and I feel like a puppy running and having a good time. My owners are the most pleased.
By gkk
Austin TX
January 3, 2017
Dasuquin chewables
Great product. noticed an improvement in my 13 year young dog within the first week.
By Shelly
St Charles, MN
January 2, 2017
Review for Dasuquin for Small to Medium Dogs (150 Chewable Tabs)
I started my 9 year old 50 lb Labrador mix on this product, and I did see results within 3-5 weeks. She was not jumping on the bed, nor was she moving very well after rising from sleep. I was definitely seeing a bit of stiffness in the above situations, and now at 11 years of age and 2 years of being on this product, she will still jump on the bed, and moves more easily after lying down. She is still running agility and entering obedience competitions, and has a lot of interest in doing things outside on the farm. She also makes regular visits as part of a registered therapy dog team! I began giving this supplement to my 9 year old Terrier mix about 6 months ago, and it helps to keep her limber as well.
By sandi
December 29, 2016
My dog loves it and I think he benefits from using it. He has problem hips and it helps him
By Moritz
Huntsville, AL
October 28, 2016
They seem to work
Our Aussie has painful arthritis in the shoulders, and these tablets, along with Adequin injections every 4 months, keep her walking without limping. The injections alone did not do the trick, nor did the tablets alone, but the combination is what is needed for our dog.
By Donna
Bealeton, Virginia
October 24, 2016
Helps with hip and joint stiffness
This product was recommended by our vet for one of our dogs when she started having trouble with stiffness and mobility in one rear leg. We now give it to both our 7 year old dogs to help with their mobility. They love the flavor and have no trouble taking it as they would take a treat.
By Jo
Anchorage, AK
August 11, 2016
My vet recommended I start my 7 year old pit/lab mix on a regimen of Dasuquin. She is obsessed with her toys/balls and goes after them with an explosive start, runs full speed and has a slide stop. Her joints were starting to show some strain. In just over 2 weeks I already see a positive difference after playtime! Not as much stiffness, or limping from sore joints.
By DogLover
August 1, 2016
Good Stuff!
Have been using for my pomeranian for a year. He has a bum knee and back. Dasuquin has helped my pup be his happy running self. Recommended by my vet. Pom is happy, we are happy.
By dogzmom
Western New York
July 3, 2016
excellent product
Ongoing supplement and works well. Disappointed that the larger container seems to be no longer available.
By top o.
west central Ohio
July 1, 2016
continue to use this product
Have used this product since January. Our 10yo German Shepard has responded very well to this product. She is back to being active and enjoys her time while out on the farm again. Originally recommended by our vet. Much more reasonable at EntirelyPets.
By Go G.
Oakland Ca
June 7, 2016
It works!
Dasuquin was recommended by a neighbor, for sore joints. I finally tried it and was surprised. I have been able to cut my dogs pain meds to once a day and she is running and playing more :) We are both happy
By laurena
May 31, 2016
Great service from EntirelyPets
My setters have been on Dasuquin with MSM for years, its an excellent preventative product for joint/mobility issues. I've purchased it from many different online providers and EntirelyPets was most excellent. They offered the best price, free shipping, and had it to me in just three days, all the way to Alaska. Commonly I have to pay more, and/or for shipping that takes 10+ days to arrive. Because of their offer, plus an additional discount coupon, I was able to purchase a full year supply. Win-win purchase, for sure.
By BearHarley
May 2, 2016
My German Shepherds needed this to help with their joint problems and it has performed as the Vet told us it would.
By Doggie M.
Granger, IN
April 15, 2016
Stella likes it!
Our mixed breed, Stella, has misaligned bones in her lower front legs, which causes her feet to splay outwards, and makes her limp after taking walks. Since taking Dasuquin for the past 2 years, she's more comfortable, and rarely limps. I think the supplement helps her be pain-free, so I will keep giving it to her. It must taste good, too, because she takes it willingly every single night. I'm so happy to have found something that helps her so much!
By dan
April 12, 2016
to soon to tell
I am trying this product to help my 10 yr choc lab. She just had her second tpo surgery and I am hoping that this will help keep her mobile
By Aluca
In the univers....
April 1, 2016
Excellent quality and results
I have been giving my older, large dog another glucosamine, chondroitin tablets for a number of years. As his arthritis progressed, my veterinarian recommended Dasuquin as being more bio-available. I have found that he has improved and also noticed that there is less gastric irritation. He enjoys taking them. I also must say that the value is excellent as he takes fewer and the prices at Entirely Pets are certainly affordable.
By Carol
March 29, 2016
Vet recommended
This is a product the vet first offered and talked about the many beneficial aspects of this product and claimed it was the best out there for my lil' guy. The price there was extremely expensive though. My Pom has many health issues including spine, knees and digestive issues.So happy to find this product at Entirely Pets! It is a fantastic product and helps keep my lil' pom going strong!
By Rosie
Mercer Island, WA
March 25, 2016
Appears to give both my aging boys relief from their joint issues. The tabs are easy to give and even my most picky connoisseur of treats gobbles his up in a heartbeat. Pretty darn sweet!
By jmetel747
elkhart , IN
March 9, 2016
perfect product
thanks.. very happy with product and fast delivery. This keeps our dog walking. vet said dog would not walk after 6 months. that was 6 years ago and she's still running. again thanks!
By jodawg
February 27, 2016
Senior still jumping
Our vet recommended for then 8 year old lab. Now in her eleventh year, she is spry as ever. EP offers best price we have found.
By peggy
So Cal coast
February 9, 2016
Dasuquin for Large Dogs
my red golden retriever weighs 80 lbs. He loves to chase the ball and hike. Recently he declined to jump into the back of my SUV.. After a few weeks of Dasuquin he can't wait to go in the car again to hike. We no longer have him jump in the back, he gets to ride in the back seat. We want several more healthy years together. He doesn't love the tablets but will eat them when I insist.
By bobojohn1
January 6, 2016
By mekesmom
new bedford, MA
November 25, 2015
Recommended by our vet. Suggesrted we look for a better price that she could offer.
By husky
November 24, 2015
Great product and excellent customer service
We have been using this product for a while and it has helped our husky with his joint pain. Item arrived in a timely fashion. Great customer service.
By babygirl
lake odessa mi
November 21, 2015
she back to her old self.
My dog has been having difficulty with getting around. Now she has no problems getting up, playing, or getting into the car. I am so thankful for the Dasuquin tabs.
By mary30028
November 13, 2015
my vet recommends this
My dog isn't showing signs of arthritis, but my vet recommends it to all older dogs. Can't hurt, and the price is a lot less than at the vet's office.
By ken
Rockledge Fl.
November 3, 2015
Dasuquin for Basset Hounds
My Basset Hound ,Delilah has arthritis in her back,She has been on Dasuquin for some time now,She gets one tab every morning and has had no back issues,She runs and plays like a Puppy. Ken Johnson,Rockledge Florida.
By Goldenmom
October 19, 2015
Review for 3-PACK Dasuquin for Large Dogs (450 Chewable Tabs)
Recommended by our vet. Best price around.
By Mima
Franklin, Pa.
September 26, 2015
Dasuquin with MSM
My little 14 year old Maltese is a new dog since I started giving her this medication. She was just laying around and not jumping onto my lap or couch ; now she is back to doing it and jumps with excitement.. She acts like a puppy again!
By Birdikins
Bellingham WA
September 22, 2015
My vet recommended this, as did my chiropractic vet. The dogs love it and gobble their morning pill down. They're ten- plus years old and have no joint problems. They are boyh performance dogs and get lots of exercise.
By veronica
dallas, texas
August 29, 2015
dasuquin works
my dog chichuahua, 16 years old...I faithfully order this product becuz I know it works...without it coco my dog would be draggin her bottom, becuz of the pain, so thank you for having a lower price ...
By Mel
Bel air, Maryland
July 28, 2015
Good product
SmokeyJo is my dogs name. He is almost 15 yrs.old now. The Dasuquin I ordered helps his legs be stronger. With his age his joints are not as strong as they used to be. He has some trouble with stair climbing, so this product seems to help with that. He loves the taste of the pill also.
By Sophie
June 29, 2015
Works great for aging dogs!
We have two aging small dogs. One of our dogs sustained a CCL injury and with the vets advice began a regime of Dasuquin for the past two years. At this time she appears to have adjusted very well. her legs function well and she does not seem to have any discomfort . We also take her for about a mile walk every day and she does very well. Shirley
By Sunny
June 16, 2015
Great value
Great way to save money and shipping was free!
By Patsy
Moncks Corner, SC
May 7, 2015
Best purchase ever
I have a 2 yr & 6mos old Australian Shepherd & I recently discovered that she has a mild hip problem & recently it has been hurting her. My vet recommended glucosamine w/(ASU) & I found it on your site. I originally purchase Glucosamine @ WalMart, but it did not have (ASU). My vet was real high on (ASU). I have been giving her a pill of Dasuquin & one of Cosequin DS plus MSM daily that I purchased from you & she has improved greatly. She is back to running & chasing the ball & doing her normal things.
By Chris
May 7, 2015
Review for Dasuquin for Large Dogs (150 Chewable Tabs)
I have 2 15 year old lab mixes. The only thing I have them on is the dasuquin. It works to help keep them moving. When they don't get their dasuquin for a day you can tell by them moving slow and having a hard time getting up. I highly recommend dasuquin.

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