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By Brook B.
Seward, AK
Vet recommended
March 14, 2024
Dog doesn’t eat the chewable & I have to grind it up in his food. But I do everything the vet recommends & hope it works for my old man.
By Huili Q.
New York
September 14, 2022
good products
  • I like this products
By BobRob
Gilbert Arizona
Keeping My Ginny Alive
May 4, 2022
My 14 1/2-year-old miniature schnauzer has been on this medication for the last 10 years. I attribute her long life to this medication. It's been tough to find lately, but EntirelyPets has had it and at a competitive price. Thanks!
  • Sometimes can be difficult to find. Prices are increasing!
By Pam
Has helped ours dogs
March 2, 2022
We have used it with a Pomeranian and now a Brussels griffon. It has helped with mobility and even hair growth. Both dogs were elderly and had cushings disease. Definitely a great product
By Diana A.
Keeps my pup in the pink with a blue pill
October 11, 2021
This medical regime keeps my pup's liver enzymes in the normal range. IT WORKS.
  • Works
  • Too large for pup to swallow so cut it in half ... which she does not like the taste of.
By Eric
Las Vegas, NV
Great Product, Great Price
April 29, 2021
Great liver supplement. It was recommended by my vet for my pug. Found a much better price through entirelypets. Would definitely purchase again
  • Great price, quick shipping, solid liver supplement
  • Nothing I can think of
By chuck v.
good product
November 17, 2020
good product
  • good product
  • none
By Linda
Great for dogs with liver issues
September 15, 2020
My vet swears by this product and it has kept my dog’s liver issues in check for six years.
  • It works
  • None
By Ilse
Wstern, Maine
Vet recommended
April 23, 2020
My vet recommended Denamarin for our dog as her liver enzymes were elevated. After just one month, her levels had dropped to almost normal levels. I will keep her on this for sure!
By Regina M.
Helps my dogs liver
February 11, 2020
Blood work came back better after being on this.
  • Dog likes it.
By Cynthia
Omaha, NE
Great Product at a Great Price
December 29, 2019
Recommended by our Vet for our dachshund. She has been on this for several years and helps her liver condition. Great price!
Great Product!
August 17, 2019
My dog has been taking these for a few years now. Great product!
By Chris
Quick an easy
June 27, 2019
Easy to order and at a great price. Product arrived quickly. Very satisfied.
By Sharon
Cool, CA
Is improving my dogs liver enzyme levels
June 24, 2019
Have been giving this product for a few months now, and seems to be helping improve many of his liver enzyme levels.
  • Easy to give - he is a 60lb border collie, and he gobbles them up like treats.
  • none
By Jeannette
Anahuac, Texas
Denamarin chewable
June 23, 2019
I really like how my dog will readily take this medication.
  • Easy to give to my dog
  • None
By Darryl G.
Great product for High liver Enzymes ☆
June 14, 2019
Been using this product for my 12 year old Schnoodle with liver issues and it has done an Excellent job; Price is Very reasonable on Entirely Pets!
  • Good Price & Product
  • None as of yet!
By Donna
Scranton, Pa.
liver problems
June 4, 2019
This product helps my dog live a better life.
By Claudia
Iowa City, IA
Works great
June 3, 2019
Great price for a great product.
By Lufer
Maryville, TN
March 28, 2019
My terrier mixed breed dog refuses to ingest the product no matter how it is prepared (e.g., as a "chewable" tablet or crushed and mixed with virtually anything). Wish I had purchased pills vs tablet.
By Bonn
Review for Denamarin 225 mg for Dogs (75 Tabs)
December 10, 2018
2 vets & a vet internist have recommended Denamarin for my dog with kidney disease. We had difficulty with the caplets bc they were too large for my 6 lb. dog. When cut in 1/2, both halves must be given at once--company says they cannot be saved, and still be effective, for later. The chewables solved the problem, as portions of them can be saved. Neither of our dogs will eat them, but the co. said dosing with no more than 1 tsp. of wet food or similar is okay. This is working out well. d I do wish they were scored into 1/4s.
By Rappo
So Cal
Really Helps
September 18, 2018
Our little Kiwi is doing so much better now that we've gotten him on his meds! Thanks Entirely Pets
  • Keeps my Older Pup healthy
  • It can be expensive
By Goldice
Anchorage, Alaska
Wish I didn't have to...
May 17, 2018
I'm hoping that the choice I signed up for (repeat purchase automatically every month) is complete. Getting it from Entirely Pets is considerably less costly than getting it from my vet.
  • All
  • None
By Pam
Great value
October 6, 2017
With our dog having to take Denamarin for an extended time, Veterinarian recommended to purchase online. Economically, the 75 count is perfect for our current needs.
By Missy
Lake Wylie, SC
Be wary of FREE additional bottle
August 11, 2017
Although the expiration date on the purchased Denamarin wasn't until 2019, I now know why they're offering the FREE bottles of Denosyl with each order..... they expire NEXT month, 09/2017!!!
By Mahi
Good price and quick shipping
July 1, 2017
That is all that needs to be said. Glad I found this site.
By Mw62
Oak hills, CA
Great liver support
June 4, 2017
My dog Ringo has atypical Cushing disease . Denamarin helped reduce the level of his liver enzymes and dramatically improved his health. Denamarin is a great product!
By Marge
Good Sale Price, Poor Expiration Date
June 3, 2017
Good price when on sale. Very disappointed that expiration date was 2 months from purchase date.
By Skeet
liver med
May 9, 2017
My girl has a slightly smaller liver so the vet recommended this product. She hadn't had any problems, so this is more a preventative. She's had no ill effects from it so I'm happy.
By Glen
Great for my senior dog
May 5, 2017
Improved his liver functions. He's 14 years old.
By Bootsie
saved her life
May 4, 2017
Bootsie got her on very sick and had a enlarged liver. The vet put on this and 6 months she was back to herself
By Corgilover
Grand Lake, OK
Great Price
March 30, 2017
Already being a costly medication Entirely Pets saved me over 35% on an earlier order from another company. The standard free shipping had it at my home in 4 days.
By Sandrab
Arlington, Tx
Great turn around service
February 19, 2017
Our Vet prescribes this medication for our dog who has been on it for months. I find that ordering from Entirely Pets is fast service and good prices. We are very happy and very satisfied with this company.
Review for Denamarin for Medium Dogs 13 to 34 lbs. (30 Tabs)
February 5, 2017
My dog has been on Denamarin for about 2 years now and it is keeping my dog's liver function from deteriorating. It is working quite well and the vet is pleased with how she is doing.
By Deb
Expiration Date
January 30, 2017
Denamarin is a wonderful supplement. My two senior pups have been on it for over two years and their liver values returned to normal. I was DISAPPOINTED with ENTIRELY PETS that they would ship a product that was expiring in 60 days. I will think twice before purchasing a supplement from them again.
By Mary
Review for Denamarin 225 mg for Dogs (75 Tabs)
January 17, 2017
This product was prescribed by our veterinarian for our large dog with gall bladder and liver issues of unknown origin. He is doing fine with it. In the beginning when he was sick, he would eat them plain, but now that he is feeling better, we have to use Pill Pockets for acceptability. He gets 2.5 tabs every morning. This is the easiest time for application since you have to wait an hour before feeding. Only concern is that I have to use 2 pairs of pliers to get the pill broken in half. Not strong enough to do it by hand. Pill cutter does not work.
By madeva
atlanta, ga
denamarin review
January 12, 2017
My senior dog has had several refills of denamarin and her tests show some improvement but not enough to stop the medication. She does not like the hard tablets so I've had to crush 4 at a time and mix with a little food and then poke teaspoon-sized "balls" down her throat.. The softer version is easier to give her. Because the medication needs to be given when her tummy is empty, I get up an hour earlier and then wait to give breakfast. Rather a nuisance for me but I'm glad it seems to be helping her. I wish the price was less!
By YankeeFan
Northeast USA
Good Product, Bad Expiration Date
January 6, 2017
This is a supplement that my dog has been on for some time. Based on ultrasound results, it works. But my most recent purchase was returned due to the very short expiration date on it. The bottle it was replacing had a better date! Took more than it should have to return for a full credit, but I did eventually receive one.
By BullyOwner
Way Too Expensive
December 30, 2016
My bulldog needs to take this to prevent liver damage. The ad said that the bottle contained 30 tablets but it did not state that I would need to give my 55 lbs. bulldog 2 at a time. This was much too expensive for only 15 days worth.
By Rumor
Anchorage, Alaska
Prompt & Efficient
December 29, 2016
My order for this product was prompt & efficient, and arrived much earlier than was noted on the order --- and during a holiday season too! I will continue to order this medication for my pet rather than purchase from the vet.
By Coco
Littleton, Colorado
Denamarin 225 mg for Dogs (75 Tabs)
October 21, 2016
This supplement is helping to treat liver disease in a 9 year old Chocolate lab. Entirely Pets has provided great response time. Would you them in the future.
Montgomery, Al
October 21, 2016
Great price especially compared to my vet price. I loved the idea of a chewable tab, so I did not have to use a pill pocket. Unfortunately, my picky little dog would not chew the tab, so I am still putting it in a pill pocket. But still, I would purchase again, because of the savings. Be sure and note if you need a half or a whole tab for you size dog. I realized even more savings, since I only had to use half of a tablet per dose.
By LuAnn
Cincinnati, OH
Great Product
July 22, 2016
My vet recommended and I have been using for 6 months with good results.
By Gwennie
Antioch, Ca
July 12, 2016
I returned it last week as my dog would no longer take it. I then ordered Denestra and all is going well with that tablet. I haven't checked my Visa to see if I have been credited the cost of the Denamarin. If not, please do so. Thank you.
By Cairnwalker
Gave our mvd-affected dog another year
June 15, 2016
Great boost for our liver-impaired dog. Highly recommended. Glad it is OTC and not prescription, although the initial recommendation came from a skilled DVM.
By Idic0101
Nashville, TN
My dog is not impressed
June 10, 2016
My Australian Shepherd does not like this product. This is a dog that will eat just about anything but she does not like this. She literally turns her head when I try to give it to her. I end up putting it in her food bowl after she has eaten. SOMETIMES she'll eat it later but more often than not, it just sits there till the next day. So I cannot say this product helped my dog because I cannot get her to take it. I gave it 1 star not because it didn't work but because I can't get my dog to take it. So the flavoring needs to be changed apparently.
By babnaw
Ontario, Canada
Beneficial for liver issues
April 23, 2016
I'm giving my dog these because he had elevated liver enzymes during a routine blood test. His levels are still high, but they have dropped after taking Denamarin. I prefer S-Adenosyl SNAP Tablets as they have extra ingredients that are beneficial to the liver and immune system, and they are also smaller and easier to break than Denamarin tablets, but both seem to work well for helping with liver issues. Denamarin includes milk thistle, so that is a plus, as with the SNAP tabs you have to give Marin separately, but I still prefer those tabs to Denamarin. Both are suitable for liver issues though.
By June B.
Good for dog with liver problems
March 13, 2016
The product seemed to help my dog, and my only problem was with price. I have a dog that weighs 122 pounds which requires 4 tablets per day. That means I would have to order 4 bottles to last a month which would get a little pricey. If you have a smaller dog, then yes I would recommend this product. Also, entirely pets is a great company to do business with. Very prompt in shipping.
By Buddy
March 9, 2016
This product has been the most effective in getting positive results in my dog whom has liver problems.
By Dixie L.
Berwyn, Illinois
Great product and price
January 11, 2016
I paid almost twice the price at my local vet for exactly the same item. My dog is 9 1/2 years old with liver issues and this plus other medications are helping her tremendously! Thank you!
By ricky l.
Asheville, NC
The BEST place to purchase!!
January 1, 2016
I been using another online store for my pets products & came across this store. What a huge difference. They have the same product, BEST PRICE, no hassle, speedy order processing, and quick delivery!!

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