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By Huili
new york
perfect product perfect price
June 16, 2021
perfect product perfect price
By dcabin01
Beaumont, Tx
Great supplement. Used over 10 years.
April 9, 2018
Denosyl was recommended by my vet over 10 years ago to treat liver problems for our little Chihuahua, Brandy. She had liver surgery when she was only about 5-6 months old and we have been using Denosyl ever since. Great Supplement! Helped to save Brandy's life and she is still going strong now at 11 years old. Great Product! David C.
By Dave
Beaumont Tx
Denosyl works
February 8, 2017
I have been using Denosyl for my Chihuahua ever since she was a puppy. As a puppy, she had a malfunctioning liver ailment and the vet recommended Denosyl for her. She is now 10 years old and doing very well with this product use. Thanks for this wonderful product.
By B W.
Liver Count Normal
February 1, 2017
My fourteen year old Shih Tzu Champ's liver count was back to normal on his last blood work. I feel strongly that it was due the the SAMe in the Denosyl product. I will continue to keep him on this product.
By Pam
Fast Shipping!
October 21, 2016
Our cat has liver issues and this product was recommended by her Vet. While this product will not cure her problem it has helped as her bloodwork has remained stable. I cannot say how happy I am with the lightening fast shipping! Thank you!
By David
Livingston, Texas
best product for liver
June 29, 2016
Have used this product for over 9 years. It helps the little dog's liver and kidney health and is a very good product for this
By Doxiemom
Protects the liver-vet. recommended
May 16, 2016
Denosyl was recommended by the internal medicine vet. that my dogs sees for various health issues. His liver values have decreased by half since he has been on this product. He takes it twice a day as recommended. It doesn't have a bad taste so my dog chews it with no problem. I highly recommend this product.
By flysunshine
Liver meds
April 7, 2016
My cat gets this each day and gets tested every 6 months. This helps to keep her liver test lower down to where it functions better. It's easier to give to her as anything added to her food, she won't eat. This will stay down unlike some of the other pills for liver.
By Anne's c.
Philadelphia, pa
February 16, 2016
This product is a big help to my cat, specially as I can buy it at a reasonable price. My cat will need this product for the rest of her life, so glad to find it on your website
By Angel2b50
Works well
February 10, 2016
It seems to help my dog's liver with all the prescription drugs he takes for his seizures.
By Jackie
January 19, 2016
At the advice of my vet, my diabetic 15 year old Schipperke has been taking this for 4 years. It seems to help and he has a little more pep and eats better when on it. I started to buy it from Entirely pets because it was cheaper. I didn't know I could buy without prescription until I saw it on their website. Entirely Pets is my first go to website for pet stuff I am looking for.
By Anne's c.
September 7, 2015
My cat had to start taint these tablets recently, and I was glad to find them on your website with a good price and very good shipping.
By CathiT
More affordable
May 21, 2015
I have been giving Denosyl to my dog for over 12 years. I have found it much more affordable to purchase it through than through my vet. My only complaint is that the boxes always arrive completely crumpled. The meds are fine, they come in a blister pack, but the box itself is always smashed up. I would still recommend the purchase.
By Snoopy
PItman, NJ
September 4, 2014
My Dog Schultz(Dachshund) has liver, gall bladder, Cushings, etc. This medicine was prescribed for him by his Dr. One box at the Vets office cost what 3 boxes your company charges. Schultz has been on this for 2 years and when blood work is done, 3x a yr, this supplement keeps his levels perfect.
By cheriberry
Grass Valley, CA
Angel feels great!
February 8, 2014
Purchased this product on the advice of my vet. My dog is peppy and very happy.
By betsyjo
Dayton, ohio
liver disease in miniature dachshund
January 4, 2014
Betsy is a miniature dachshund, she has been on phenobarbital for seizures most of her life. She is almost 15 years old. We discovered she had liver disease shortly after she turned 14, Vet attempted to remove her from Phenobarbital with out success. However denosyl did lower her liver enzymes a significant amount. We had to put her back on phenobarbital after a major seizure. and her enzyme level once again rose but denosyl is keeping numbers from getting higher. She is perky and eats foods for her liver health.We did not want to lose her yet. but mostly do not want her to suffer. denosyl has worked wonders for her.
By BichonLover
Dog Meds
September 23, 2013
I always get my Denosyl, which has been helping her liver for years, from Entirely Pets. They send fast and are usually correct. Once, when they sent the wrong dosage for one box, they promptly sent another one to me and told me I could donate the other box to my vet.
By pet l.
July 17, 2013
helps my dog able to live a normal life. Easy to administer.
By drjk
new jersey
June 28, 2013
so far very satisfied with both product and pricing...
By Poppi
Issaquah WA
Excellant Value
June 25, 2013
Denosyl which is Sam-E only is a great product, especially as 100 mg size is not possible to buy in human form. The fact that Entirely Pets sells a 3 pack makes it a great buy.
By cat o.
Denosyl for cats
March 15, 2013
My vet prescribed Denosyl for my 13 year old cat with chronic pancreatitis. As far as I can tell, it is helping maintain her pancreatitic enzyme level at a normal level. She is no longer experiencing pain from elevated numbers.
By Cocoa
Good value
March 13, 2013
This product provides additional protection to my pet because she takes phenobarbital for seizures.
By Jim K.
Commitment Kept
March 8, 2013
The order was correct and timely ... that's what counts!
By Hatlover
upstate, NY
Easy effortless purchase
February 26, 2013
So happy to find Denosyl at Entirely Pets. Saves me time and money instead of a trip to the vet. Love having it delivered right to my door.
By Flshirl
Port St. Lucie, FL
Great Purchase
February 22, 2013
Entirely Pets not only had the Denosyl for small dogs that I needed for my little Yorkie available, but the shipping was very fast as well. I am very pleased with this transaction and will order from this store again.
By Jennifer
Chehalis, WA
November 28, 2012
This product has been a life saver for my little dog. The customer service has been very helpful as well. I was having trouble with a Groupon and your staff was very good at making it work!!! Thanks
By syl
November 6, 2012
price wise you can't beat this. my dog is doing so good on this and he is looking great. the best part is i can afford it to keep rascal well.
By Terri
So Grateful for Entirely Pets!
October 25, 2012
I have been a customer of Entirely Pets for many years. In comparing prices, they always come out the winner. I receive orders promptly. Their customer service is excellent and they are always available to answer questions. I highly recommend Entirely Pets!
By danhart
Just like the one at the vet
October 25, 2012
I bought Denosyl from Entirely Pets and I paid less than half what I pay at the vet for the exact same thing!
By Gotadimple
Backordered Product
August 7, 2012
This is a good product at an excellant price. Unfortunately the manufacturer is behind on delivery of this as well as Denamarin. Entirelypets pricing is the best you can find. Too bad they don't have more influence with Nutramax.
By Buddy
Central New Jersey
Best Service You Could Ask For
May 30, 2012
The product was delivered in a short time, the packaging and product was the same as I get at the Vet for half the cost. I am extremely satisfied with Entirely Pets.
By Vicki
Great company to do buniness with
April 19, 2012
As always, great price for a great product! Will order again.
By Judy
March 7, 2012
This product has regulated my cat's liver function. He is almost 19 and has taken this product for 6 yrs and is doing well.
By Francyn
Best price
March 2, 2012
Even my veterenean have your adresse now
By gale
super quick service
December 15, 2011
I recently ran out of denosyl for my little min pin, China. I waited to long to reorder. The product really does a great job for her, since she has liver problems. I ordered on a Thursday and did not really expect to see the package till Monday. To my surprise and gratitude, it showed up Saturday. I have ordered from another company, previously, and did not receive the product no where near as quickly. The price was not as good either. I will be getting her pills from Entirely Pets from now on. Thank you so much for your quick service.
By Louise
Review for 3 Pack Denosyl for small dogs and cats (90 tablets) 90 mg
December 10, 2011
My dog is on this product for elevated liver enzymes and the enzymes are still elevated but have not increased. He is doing well.
October 31, 2011
This medicine was prescribed by my veternarian for my cat. Its works great. The vet was charging me $30.00 for a one month (30 Tabs) Supply. By ordering Denosyl from Entirely Pets I can get a 90 day supply (90 Tabs)for $51.99. which equals $17.33 per month instead of $30.00 the vet was charging. It is the exact same medicine that I was getting from the vet. I highly reccomend order from Entirely Pets. Items are delivered very quickly and are exactly what you ordered. I have been ordering for a while from them and I am highly satisfied.
By Leesee
Makes a Difference
October 30, 2011
My geriatric kitty has been on Denosyl for the past four years and it has continued to make a positive difference in her liver enzyme values. The pills are easy for her to swallow and never seem to cause any sort of stomach upset as long as she takes them with a little bit of wet food. I highly recommend this product.
By Misha
Beats waiting at the vets office!
October 19, 2011
Order received quickly and much less money than the vets (and I didn't have to wait around for them to find it). I'll get my pet's supplements here in the future.
By Charlie
Necessary for dogs with lliver disease
October 18, 2011
This product was recommended by my dogs veterinarian. She has liver disease and this is a great product to help reduce the changes of further liver damage.
By Stargazer455
Denosyl for cats
October 11, 2011
Our 10 year old cat has had a liver problem for over 5 years. I usually buy 3 to 6 months worth of Denosyl for her. The costs are HALF what the vet wanted to charge for the exact same thing. Sales are always used when buy the products. Shipping in within a reasonable time frame too. I recommend Entirely Pets to all of my friends who have pets with medical problems! Thanks Entirely Pets!
By Dee
Improved liver values
January 7, 2009
My dog Teddy has been on Denosyl for the last six years after being diagnosed by our Vet with poor liver values. His values improved to normal only after three months using the Denosyl. I started buying Denosyl from Entirelypets since it was almost half of what I paid the Vet for it. I kept him on one pill a day for maintenace and just recently increased him to two pills a day after a recent test showed his liver values were slightly elivated. After increasing to two pills a day his values are normal again. Teddy is now 16 going on 17 this year and I think the Denosyl has helped him live a longer, healthier life.
By Julie
improved liver function
February 29, 2008
My cat William had a poor prognosis when he was diagnosed with liver problems, cause unknown. He was immediately put on Denosyl and Marin, and after 6 months his liver values are almost normal!

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