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By Vicki
July 9, 2017
My dogs fight over this. I added it to an order to meet the free shipping total. The head has been entirely chewed off but it took some time. Not sure it's good to be ingesting it but they do love to chew on it. 3 stars because it is loved by my dogs, but can be eaten.
By Jolie M.
Detroit area, Michigan
January 6, 2017
Knobby for chewing
My 50-lb terrier mix loves his Nylabones. I offered him this as a new shape. He seems to like it.
By Laurie
Taunton, MA
April 22, 2016
My Frenchie LOVES this shape Nylabone!
My Frenchie never gets tired of her Nylabones but this dinosaur seems to be her most favorite! I only give my dogs Nylabones for chewing toys and they are always reliable and safe chews! Thank you!
By Bev
New Bern, NC
January 5, 2016
Kong Football
My Mollie LOVES this toy. Unfortunately I need to replace it every other month - she destroys them. She just got a new one for Christmas and it needed to be replace by Jan 1st - it was the only toy she placed with for 10 days - now there is nothing left but carpet dust. Thank goodness you had them on sale this week - I just bought 2 more ! thank you!
By Shell
Oxnard, Ca
December 14, 2015
Great for strong chewers
This is a toy that will stand the test of time. I have an extremely strong chewer. Most toys don't last but he seems to love this and spends hours chewing on it. Good purchase.
By shortfatfanny
Kalamazoo, MI
December 10, 2015
Dino chews
This batch is for Christmas, but I have purchased them before. My dogs love them and they really help keep teeth clean. In fact, one of my dogs went in for a dental cleaning and didn't need one!
By Sevencard
Roanoke, VA
July 26, 2015
Exactly as expected.
Bought two for friends after being so satisfied with the one we bought for Lucy, our very aggressive chewer. They are nearly indestructible. Lucy has managed to reduce hers to 3/4 size after 3 or 4 months of daily effort/enjoyment.
July 7, 2015
best chew thing ever
Finally found something my 90 pound Lab cannot destroy in an hour. Loves to chew on it, and it is still intact, hope it really works on keeping his teeth clean.
By jlranch
Dale, Tx
March 16, 2015
Best chew bone made
Great for hard chewers. My big dog hasn't had to have his teeth cleaned at the vet since I started buying these Nylabone dinosaurs!
By Amarthaler
March 16, 2015
Chew Toy
I have bought many chew toys for my dog and he has them shredded instantly, he's had this one for weeks and it's still in great shape.
By Jase
Strasburg CO
September 14, 2014
Nylabone Dental Dinosaur
Our dogs devour anything we give them. I like this product because they can just gnaw on it, not eat it. I would highly recommend this product for any dog!
By busteroden
Valencia, California
September 12, 2014
The best chew toy for any age or size of dog!
I am a certified Pet Dog trainer and also have dogs in my home for board and train. The Nylabone Dinosaur is by far the best ever chew toy for any age, any size and any breed dog that I have ever met. Puppies love it because it massages their sore gums and the older dogs love it because it help with their natural instinct to chew. The way it is made is perfect for all sizes of dog mouths, thick and thin. I have been training for over 10 years and I recommend this to all of my clients. I love this product. Good for you Nylabone!
By april
April 23, 2014
very good buy
my dogs love to chew their dino's, my puppy carries it around the house with her.
By clear
Monroe Ohio
April 23, 2014
Love the different shape
My boy loves the different shape of this "bone". He attacked it on day one like it was awesome. He has a toy basket and when he pulls this out it is like day one over again!
By LuAnn
Cincinnati, OH
April 15, 2014
My Dogs Love The Dental Dinosaur
These last a really long time. My young dogs love them!
By Liz
Fort Lauderdale, FL
January 14, 2014
My Dogs Love these!!!
My dogs love these nylabones, they spend hours and hours of fun on these.
By Dorothy
Atlanta GA
December 29, 2013
Big hit
Whenever I place a toy order, it always includes the nylabone dental dinasaur. It is a favorite among all of my dogs and it really lasts through some very heavy duty chewing! It's also very afordable on this site - it costs double (even more) at the large chain pet product stores.
By AngelPup
Coventry, RI
December 15, 2013
Quality Chew Toy that is Safe
I ordered this chew toy because it was very inexpensive for a Durachew and I want to be sure I'm providing safe chew toys to my dogs. Durachews come highly recommended by our vet. Our dog seems to like it. The only thing I would change is the site didn't give a size and it's smaller than I thought it would be.
By bs
November 30, 2013
dental dinosaur
The dogs love these. Buy a couple every year
By kimmi
October 17, 2013
love it
this is a great chew toy- indestructible- she loves it!
By Dory
dahlonega ga
June 2, 2013
nylabone dinasaur
Bigger than I expected but my dogs like a challenge
By gottaride17
Marshall, VA
February 27, 2013
Love the Dinosaurs
This is the 2nd one of these I've bought since my boy loved the 1st one so much. He kept chewing on both ends till there was nothing left but part of the body. There was still more chewing to do, but I decided to just call it enough on that one and let my boy start fresh. Another great Nylabone for a great price.
By Michele
February 26, 2013
Great chew!
I bought one of these as a supplement to other Nylabones we have around the house (I have basenjis and even as seniors are vigorous chewers). This chew was an instant favorite and has not lost favor either. Do be advised that while it works for my geriatric dogs, I can't say the same for everyone.
By Pam
February 23, 2013
Great Nylabone
Our Boston Terrier loves Nylabones. This dinosaur shaped one is the perfect size for him.
By Bclin
Buffalo, NY
February 12, 2013
Love these!
My Border Collies love these bones! I buy a couple every year and they never get tired of them. Even the old ones get chewed on until they are little nubs and have to be thrown away.
By Kay
January 1, 2013
My Goldens love these
I bought three of the Nylabone Dental Dinosaurs for my Goldens. Since they like to chew on the hard bones, I thought I would also try these. My dogs love these and there is always one of them chewing on one of these. They love them. Well worth the money.
By JustHarry
Brooklyn, CT
December 21, 2012
My dogs get a lot of pleasure from chewing on their dinosaurs. Two things I have to do are: rotate them out of sight for awhile and make sure the poodle doesn't take them outside.
By R S.
November 10, 2012
Well made, and encourages healthy chewing.
By Bulldog m.
May 31, 2012
T-Rex Bone Is the Best
Our bully loves this dinosaur bone; she has all three types but prefers the T-Rex! This bone is intended for powerful chewers and lasts a long time.
By kimbo
February 23, 2012
time consuming
Love it! Keeps her busy and her teeth clean.
By caldog
January 28, 2012
durable chew
Our two medium size dogs love this nylabone dental dinosaur chew toy. They are long-lasting, help keep teeth clean, and a chew that keeps them occupied.
By Jan
December 13, 2011
Great chew toy!
My dogs both love these. My Whippet is still very much a puppy and the Dental Dinosaurs get quite a work out. They are hard, do not stain carpet, and they do not chip when my guys chew on them for extended periods. A winner.
By GracieE
November 8, 2011
Loves this toy.
I bought this for my career changed guide dog who now lives with a wonderful family. This was always her "favorite" toy while she was with me. She gets one for her birthday and another for Christmas.
By Karen
October 18, 2011
My Labs Love "Dino"!
My 2 labs are nearly two years old and this is their second "dino". Just the right size for 45-lb chewing. They will walk around with this and then settle in for chewing. Very sturdy and the nubs all over the body help keep teeth clean.
By NanH
December 2, 2010
Love the dental dinosaur
Both of my German Shepherd puppies chewed on this dental dinosaur for hours on end. It's hard and prickly to hold in your hand so I was surprised that they liked it so much but they did!
By strcrosd
April 16, 2010
Caused Shear Fracture
This chew caused a fracture of one of my dogs carnassial teeth (there largest teeth) I read an article by a veterinarian stating these types of treats can cause shear fractures. Ultimately the tooth would have been removed which would have been very painful because the root is very large so I opted for a root canal! Anyway beware of these kinds of chews for your dog.
April 16, 2010
Not strong enough for powerful chewers
The durable Nylabones are great for my two labs. These dinosaurs are cute, but the heads were chewed off immediately in big hunks. They are in the trash can.
By Brian
August 7, 2009
very good
Both of my dogs love this toy. german shepherd and golden. I was supprised that it works very well.
By Michelle
July 29, 2009
The best Nylabone
This is the only Nylabone my dog with chew on. She refuses the regular, chocolate, chicken durable chews, but when I give her this, she's thrilled. I agree that the head and tail get destroyed quickly, but the rest of it (she has a stegasaurus) is meaty enough to keep her occupied for a good long time. Great product!
July 22, 2009
All dogs love it!
I agree with the other reviewers. My 2 dogs, wheaten and mixed terrier, love it. When my son brings his beagle and beagle/whippet mix, they love it too! I'm ordering another one!
By Lauren
June 30, 2008
Always favorite
Our dogs have had several of these toys over a seven or eight year period and they are still the favorite of all three.
By Rhonda
April 13, 2008
My dog loves this toy, she chews on it over all the other toys.... the head did not last long but we still have the body..
By Karen
February 27, 2008
Pretty Good Chew Toy
Both of my dogs loved these things. The head and tail don't last long, but the center area is still laying around and being chewed on.

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