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By Pam
Hidden Valley lake, 95467
Blend Freeze Dried Raw Food
July 8, 2023
I have a black lab that loves Dr. Marty's dried dog food. He looks forward to his meals and he gets so many compliments on what a beautiful coat of hair he has. He loves the salmon. ❤️
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By Yvonne
Hendersonville NC
Healthy Ingredients
May 31, 2023
Balanced diet, no fillers. I use as addition to homemade meal for my dog. Only complaint is that pellets don’t dissolve well. I have to grind them between my fingers, but they still don’t absorb water well.
By Hope
Fort Mill, SC
Dr. MARTY'S small dog food
May 22, 2023
Disappointed I had to wait almost a month to receive my order. My dog ran out of food. Luckily I found a local pet store that carries it. Will not order from this company again.
  • They Carry
  • DR. MARTY'S small dog food.
  • Poor customer service.
  • Shipment takes too long..
By Jennifer
Great Product
May 13, 2023
I give Dr. Marty's food total credit for keeping my little minischnauzer alive and happy. She is 18 years old and going strong, despite the fact that she is deaf, blind, and toothless. She had been a very picky eater until about 3 years ago when I found Dr. Marty' she eats with gusto, three meals a day. Thank you, Marty! As for the company that sold this food, I probably won't buy from them again. They apparently had a supply problem, and it made the food about a month late. I have since decided that I will buy the food directly, thus eliminating the issues of a "middle man."

Merchant Response:18 year odl little minischnauzer! How fantastic. We love that breed. You both take care. ??
By Mark W.
Fabulous Product
April 28, 2023
Our Golden Doodle Doodle is 70 pounds, larger than either of his parents. One and a half years old, he has enjoyed a hand full of Dr. Marty's along with his chicken and brown rice food since he was 8 weeks old. He eats Dr. Marty's first, then goes back and eats his regular food. He knows what is yummy. Premium food!!

Merchant Response:Hello Mark, Your pet sounds like he knows what he wants, we appreciate feedback and hope your pet continues to enjoy using Dr. Marty's as an additional to his meals. Sincerely, EntirelyPets
By Will
Best dog food
February 21, 2023
My dog is crazy for this food he hears the bag and me putting the water on it and he just sits and waits for it to be ready. Everytime...
  • Fresh freeze dried food whenever you want it.
  • None
By Linda D.
Chickamauga GA
Puppy food
October 27, 2022
Our new puppy loves her Dr Marty food.

Merchant Response:Hello Linda, Glad to hear your pets enjoys Dr.Marty's
By shay l.
my boxer loves it
August 11, 2022
doesnt poop as often. usually eats the whole recommended portion in one setting
  • its healthy
  • dont sell in big enough bags
By Di M.
Battle Creek, Michigand
Dr Marty Freeze-Dried Raw Dog food
July 31, 2022
Almost gone - Calypso Rose loves
  • Approved by her vet.
  • Shiny coat.
  • Energy.
  • None.
By Lola
Peekskill, NY
Best dog food!!!!!!!
July 3, 2022
My little picky dog loves this food. I have tried everything in dry, wet and freeze dried food. She is very picky and only eats other foods if she is very hungry or the cat shows interest. With Dr. Marty’s she always eats it with gusto. Only negative is the price. If she was more than 10 lbs I couldn’t afford to only feed her that.
  • Healthy food
  • Pricey but worth it. The price reflects the quality.
By Gijoux
Calimesa, CA
Dr. Marty's Natures Blend Healthy Growth Puppy Freeze Dried Food
June 12, 2022
So happy to have found this food. It is so nice to find a freeze dried food with a nice smooth texture. My puppy loves it.
By Gijoux
Calimesa, CA
Marty's Biologically Balanced Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food for Small Dogs
June 12, 2022
This is wonderful food for my dogs. The small size is perfect for my small dog.
By Jen L.
New York
Great Dog Food!
March 18, 2022
My dog Is very picky with her food but she loves DR Marty’s.
By Patti D.
Nature’s Blend saved Rags’ life
March 11, 2022
Ragamuffy is a 10 pound JackRussell/poodle. A couple of years ago his health started declining and he became more picky than ever about what he would eat. I happened across Dr Marty’s ad for Nature’s Blend and decided to try it. Best decision I made. While he has lost some of his vision and his joints let him down quite often, this 18 year old has the bounce and trounce of a puppy. His vets are always so amazed and have advised people to give Nature’s Blend a try.
  • Everything about it is pro.
  • The only con is IT?S NOT FREE. LOL
By JoAnn C.
Amery WI
Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food for Small Dogs, 16 oz
March 6, 2022
My Cavapoo Molly goes crazy for this nutritional food and can't wait to devour it.
  • I am sure it's healthy and good for her.
  • It isn't too heavy to handle.
  • I have to scrape to meet the expense so it is a luxury for Molly I worry in regard to affording.
By Leah
Aspen, CO
Dog Food
February 8, 2022
My dog loves this food for both his daily intake as well as training treats.
By Cyndi
Marty likes it!
January 23, 2022
I use this as a topper to my dogs regular, also very expensive, dog food.
  • He eats it without hesitation.
  • Costly
By Bruce L.
Great for older dogs!
December 15, 2021
By Betti
San Diego
Great product!
December 9, 2021
My furry baby is very particular about what he will eat so I was not certain if Dr. Marty's freeze dried dog food would appeal to him. I was happy to see that it did! The fact that it provides a biological balanced nutritional alternative to other dried or wet dog food is a plus!
By Linda S.
Bonaire ga
Great Find
July 7, 2021
My yorkie is a spoiled and picky eater. After several unsuccessful attempts, I ordered this and was totally surprised that he really liked it. The cat likes it too. My grad dog spent a weekend with me and now she’s hooked too.
  • Dog loves it. Lightweight. No mess.
  • Needs to come in a bigger bag
By Regina
Baton Rouge, LA
So Glad you Made for Small Breeds
June 27, 2021
I bought this product before you started selling small breed. Even though my Yorkies liked it, I had to break it up for them to eat. Was worried they would not be able to swallow without incident. I noticed it now came in small breed size and tried it again. My Yorkies might try other food, but rarely continue to eat. With Nature’s Blend for Small Breed they have eaten the whole bag and have ordered more. Thanks again for the wonderful product and especially the small breed size.
  • Dogs love it
  • No stomach issues
  • Small kibble for small breed
  • None
By Cathy J.
Our little blue heeler, Bella loves this food!
June 24, 2021
Bella Blue can barely wait to me to fix her a bowl. I had to get her a puzzle bowl, she would eat it so fast.
  • Great for a growing puppy.
  • Price is a bit high.
By JoAnne G.
Freeze dried dog food
June 2, 2021
My dogs love this dog food. There is a special feeling to see you pets enjoy their food!
  • Easy feeding
  • No Cons
By Susan N.
12734 Dulcinea Place, Woodbridge Virginia 22192
My dog loves this
May 11, 2021
I started to appreciate the simplicity of this dog food and my dog loves it too. No worries with the product spoiling, easy to prepare. Thank you.
By JoAnne G.
Galveston, TX
Freeze dried dog food
May 3, 2021
My dogs liked it and then they didn't like it. I mixed it with their regular food and now they eat it up! This is great!!!
  • They like it!!!
  • Gotta get the one for Small dogs!
By Cyndi
Portland, Or
Great Topper
April 12, 2021
I use this food as a topper to my dogs regular allergy food 'Ultimino". He seems to tolerate it very well without any skin flares.

Merchant Response:Cyndi, Dr. Marty's food is expensive but it's also super quality. You save with shipping costs as well vs kibble or raw. We do our best to keep the pricing as low as possible. We are happy to carry Dr. Marty's, we don't carry very many other brands. You and your dogs take care!
  • Entirely Pets has promotions that makes this food less expensive than anywhere else.
  • Too expensive for the value but buying from 'entirely Pets' using a discount code makes it less expensive than anywhere else.
By Ellen
Myrtle Beach, SC
April 2, 2021
The dogs go nuts whenever I give them this food.
By James
Great food.
March 26, 2021
Dog loves it!
By Shelly
Miracle Food
March 23, 2021
This food saved my dog’s life! My 5 year old Welsh Springer Spaniel has battled IBD for over a year, the holistic and traditional treatments did not work for him and he was on a rapid decline. I came across an infomercial for Dr. Marty’s food and decided to give it a try as a last ditch effort to save his life. Boy am I glad I did! Within a few weeks I could see dramatic improvements in his energy level, weight and coat quality. He has been on this food as a topper for 6 months and he is the healthiest he’s been in over a year. The combo of steroids 2xs a week and this food have given him a new lease on life! Thanks Dr. Marty! Your food is truly amazing!!!!
  • My dog loves this food.
  • Easily digested.
  • Easy to prepare.
  • Only comes in 16oz bags.
  • Pricey
By Dot
Sandusky, OH
He loves it!
March 18, 2021
My 18 yo Chihuahua was difficult to feed. He now loves this food and if I mix it with any other, he will sort through it and pick out Dr. Marty's food to eat first. He has become healthier also. I would like it to cost less, however.
By Patricia
Oklahoma City, OK
Easy Digest
March 13, 2021
I know this is well digested because smaller and more solid feces
  • Easy to feed
  • Easily digested
  • None
By Patricia O.
Oklahoma City, OK
Dogs Love It and Easy to Feed
March 13, 2021
My dogs really like this and not as messy as canned with more beneficial nutrients than Kibble.
  • Clean and easy.
  • Doesn’t spoil if not eaten quickly. My Havanese like to nibble!
  • None that I know of yet
By Dan W.
Dog enjoys the taste when warmed up with water
February 23, 2021
Our dog is very finicky with all food and treats. Just adding a little warm water to the pellets, mixing it up and our dog chows down. No more finicky dog and the natural blend seems to agree with her stomach. Even her coat is staying smooth and soft. We will see how she does with her allergies. Just wish we could get the same product in a larger bag, like a 5 pound bag.

Merchant Response:Dan, we hear you loud and clear. Check back soon for larger quantities.
  • Good tasting when warmed with water
  • Offer larger quantities, like a 5lb. or 10lb. bag
By Anonymous
Dogs were nott having it!
February 23, 2021
I feed my dogs homemade meals...however, I do not always have time. Therefore, I wanted to try something that would be just as healthy, quality ingredients, and give them all the benefits. Unfortunately, I bought 2 of these bags and my three little chihuahuas were completely grossed out by it. All they did was sniff it and walk away. I tried 3 different times. Back to cooking in the kitchen for me! This was a super expensive purchase and a complete waste of money!
By John
Great product
February 16, 2021
IF you ever want to spoil your dog or need a tool to help train your dog this food is awesome. From the time I open the bag to the time it get to my dog its like the excitement is like I just got home again. My dog absolutely love this.

Merchant Response:John, those are some good pro tips there. Great looking dog you go there!
By Avril
Natures Blend
February 12, 2021
Great food. Much to expensive. Who can afford it. My dog need 2 1/2 cups a day.
  • Dog likes it
  • Way to expensive
By GA G.
February 12, 2021
My dogs get home cooked meals but I have 3 dogs -they love this food but it's too pricey for everyday meals for 3. I mainly use this as a topper. Once i awhile they get a full meal of this as a treat but I like to keep it on hand in case of an emergency -just grab and go.
  • Good quality- great ingredients and quick and easy to prepare.
  • Bags are small- 16oz -so quantity of each is small. Too pricey for more than 1 dog even if you have a small one
By Sharon R.
Deerfield Beach, Florida
Rescue Chihuahua likes this food
February 10, 2021
I adopted a Chihuahua from a shelter in December. She is one of the pickiest eaters on the planet. I tried several brands of kibble and canned food which she would not touch. I was aware of Dr. Marty's brand and decided to give it a try. She does actually eat this food. Her coat is very shiny and she has lots of energy so I am assuming that this food is beneficial for her.
  • My dog actually eats this food!
  • Appears to be beneficial to her overall health and appearance
  • Price is rather expensive
  • Can only order online. Not available in retail pet stores
By Cindy
Blown Away
February 9, 2021
My two Poms have never in the 13 years I have them eaten so ferociously! They simply love this food so much, they sit at their bowls waiting to eat. Thank you for creating a food that not only my dogs love but food that is truly nutritious.
By Dona H.
Great product
February 8, 2021
My babies love this food and it keeps them full
By Trish
New Orleans
"It's just what the doctor ordered!"
February 2, 2021
My dog "Sam" is 13 years old, and had stopped eating his dog food. He had also stopped playing and was very lethargic. We heard about Dr. Marty's Freeze-Dried Raw dog food, which has meats such as, turkey, beef, salmon, and duck which are the first four ingredients. It also has turkey liver, sweet potato, apples, blueberries, cranberries, pumpkin, and so much more! I also heard that it was better for my dog, because it did not have preservatives or fillers. It also, has a great meaty taste, that most dogs don't get from their regular dog food. Because, most dog food, is cooked at high temperatures-which strips away most of the nutrients &(meaty flavor). We decided to mix some of the Dr. Marty's food, in with "Sam" old dog food. When we went to feed "Sam", we had to wait 3 minutes to rehydrate the Dr. Marty's food, before we could mix it in with the old food. You should have seen "Sam"! He sat eagerly by the kitchen counter, and watched every move we made .When we placed his bowl in front of him, he "gobbled" it up like I've never seen before! He then, licked the bowel clean and went and "sniffed, the bag of Dr. Marty's, which was sitting on the floor in the pantry. Since he has been on this dog food, he has been much more alert, He has started to bring his ball to us, to play! We are so delighted and extremely lucky, that we found Dr. Marty's dog food. We now have a happy dog, who looks foreword to his meals, and is active, healthy, and playfully!
  • Healthier, no fillers, no preservatives, great taste! Not cooked at high temperatures, like most other dog foods, which strips nutrients & meaty taste, that dogs love! Dogs will thrive as nature intended!
  • None
By Wendy
Port Alice, BC
Great for picky eaters
January 27, 2021
Our Yorkie is the pickiest of eaters and didn't really get excited about meal times until now!! He absolutely loves Dr. Marty Nature Blend and devours his dish at breakfast and dinner😊
By PeppersMom
It was a disaster!
January 24, 2021
I bought Dr Marty's Nature's Blend on his website online. I followed the instructions that were enclosed with it. My dogs loved it BUT after a few days, they both developed runny diarrhea. My Dr Pepper never ever has accidents in the house but poor baby he couldn't help it. I had to shampoo my carpets because it was such a mess. Now I'm stuck with all this dog food that I can't use. I tried contacting them about sending it back but they wanted to be such a huge hassle that I gave up.
  • PRICE!
By Nancy
Salisbury, NC
Wonderful food
January 22, 2021
My chihuahuas love this food! There has been a noticeable difference in their energy level and coat.
By joe
grate product
December 14, 2020
Not cheap but, my dog love it

Merchant Response:Hi joe, we are working to get you the best price. Remember this food is 5 to 1 by weight of regular pet food. -Best
  • Quality
  • Price
By Faye S.
Healdsburg, CA 95448
December 12, 2020
Our dogs love the dried protein. It is to easy to prepare, by just adding warm water and let it sit for three minutes. We add other goodies to it as well. It is also grain free which is big in our household.
By Carol
Good product
November 16, 2020
Great food for dogs raw needs but WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!
By Grace
November 5, 2020
My dog loves your food. She doesn't get sick.
By Jurea
San Leandro, Ca
My dog loves it
November 3, 2020
I mix the soft bite size morsels with a little crunchy kibble and he loves it.
  • A healthy, more natural dog food.
  • It?s a little expensive.
By Deborah D.
Council Bluffs, Iowa
My Yorkie loves this dog food.
November 3, 2020
Not only does my dog love this food, it is easy to dispense and clean up.
  • Love that it is freeze-dried.
  • expensive.
By BetsyRuth
Carlisle PA
November 3, 2020
My little guy actually picks the Dr Marty pieces out of his bowl, which are mixed in with his regular kibble. Only when he knows there is no more Dr Marty coming will he finish the kibble. Amazing!
  • Dog loves Dr Marty dry dog food. Easy to mix in with his kibble.
  • Ordering is simple.
  • Price is so high. I'd like to feed him only Dr Marty, but being retired and a recent widow, that's not possible.
  • The delivery time is too long.
By Faye S.
Healdsburg, CA
A Hit
September 17, 2020
I have three small dogs and all of them love the small breed dog food. As their teeth age with them, they have no problem chewing the dehydrated food. I am so glad you now have the small breed food.
By Nadine N.
San Jose
My puppy loves this food!
September 10, 2020
I ordered a couple bags of Dr. Marty’s dog food from Entirely Pets. It was a great experience. It arrived very quickly and they are easy to work with. I love their reward system.
  • Fast, easy & convenient!
  • None
By Jim T.
San Antonio TX
Our 7lb Pom loves this food.
July 15, 2020
We switched her from Tru Dog to this, the ingredients are superior in my opinion. 70% meat and the difference in veggies etc, and formulated by a world class Vet. Freeze dried raw of course..
By Mary
Dublin GA
Great food
July 8, 2020
Our dog loves it. When added to his harder food bits, he now eats it all at one time.
  • Dog likes it
  • A bit expensive
By Faye
Healdsburg, California
Hapiness is
July 2, 2020
We have thee small breeds and they are so much happier with the small breed dog food. Our one fussy eater now eats the small bites and is very happy. They other two ate the larger size but they too are happier with the small bites.
By Mitzi
Cibolo, TX
Nature blend
February 24, 2020
My dog has allergies so we are trying Dr Marty's Nature blend and his hair is a tiny of pink. Not sure why. Waiting for his itchy skin and scabs to disappear hopefully soon. About through with one bag.
  • My dog is a picky eater and he likes it
  • Turned my Maltese's hair a light pink.
By Elaine
Colville, WA
Happy Dogs!
February 21, 2020
My dogs love Dr. Marty's Nature Blend Raw Dog Food!! They can't wait to have breakfast! My dogs love the food. I feed them Dr. Marty's Nature Blend every morning.
  • The dogs seem to be healthier, happier, and less stomach issues on the raw dog food.
  • It is expensive to feed my dogs only raw food, so I feed them the raw food in the morning and a good brand of dry dog food in the afternoon.

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