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KC MO.....
June 13, 2019
Duck. Duck... Goose..........
Four agree.... They love the flavor, the chew. The pure protein...our Dad works hard for us, so we all may enjoy.
By riptid
south carolina
April 3, 2019
great treat
My dogs love them!!!!!! They are tested in USA so I don't worry!! I trust heartland to not offer anything that they would not stand buy or use on there own pet or live stock !!!! This company is the best!! I buy all my products from them I have a large Farm and there prices and customer service are the best of any I deal with!! Thank you heartland! Robin
Prosvalue ,quality,customer service
By Lynann
Dickinson TX
February 9, 2019
Dog loves them!
My picky eater loves these treats! Will be buying more.
ProsMy dog loves them.
ConsNot a one.
By Coco M.
February 9, 2019
My dogs love it!
I stocked up on this a few months ago, and my dogs still can't get enough of them! The duck flavor is definitely a different option for a dog to try.
ProsGood reward treat, duck flavor
By Susans b.
Lubbock, Texas
January 29, 2019
Dogs love'em!
I have four dogs. For a treat, they get the best!
ProsDogs love them
ConsCan't ever have enough on hand!
By EliOscar
North Carolina
December 18, 2018
Our boys love 'em!
Duckles duck jerky is the favorite treat of our two rescue mutts. Consistently great quality and a good value.
ProsFresh, high quality
By Kimbrian24
New York, NY
November 5, 2018
My dog loves it!
I bought this product for the first time a couple of weeks ago and so happy I did! My dog loves it, when he sees the package he goes bonkers! Lol.
ProsGreat product
By Kimbrian24
New York, NY
November 5, 2018
My dog loves it!
I buy duckles in bulk every couple of months, my dog Romeo is a standard poodle who can eat a few duckles each day so I buy a lot. They are safe, healthy and makes my baby happy.
ProsMy dog loves it and they are safe.
ConsA little expensive
By Roxanne
September 20, 2018
Review for 3-PACK Chickles Chicken Breast Fillets for Dogs (3 lb)
Well my dogs love them but it's not doing them any good now that they have been back ordered 4 about 5 weeks
By LuckyandMacy
Bergen county , NJ
September 12, 2018
Made in China
Deceptive wording that says "tested" in the USA but they are made in China which makes me uncomfortable. I have given a few to my dogs who like them but I will only use them occasionally.
ProsDogs seem to like them
ConsMade in china
By Mill
September 10, 2018
Don't Get!
These treats were suggested as a replacement for an organic treat that my dog loves (they have been discontinued by the manufacturer in TX). I assumed that since they were recommended they would be of the same quality. THEY ARE NOT. They are very abrasive and hard for the dog to eat, and my dog got very sick for a day after eating them. Maybe it was a coincidence, but that was the only new thing she consumed. Also, just fyi, they are made in China, and arrived just shortly before their expiration date.
By Misty
New York
August 10, 2018
Dog love them
As usual, the dogs cannot get enough of this treats
By onedar
Branford, CT
August 6, 2018
Great Healthy Treat
I have been buying Duckles for quite some time now. My furkids love these. I have one furkid tha is allergic to chicken and other poultry products, but the Duckles have not allergic reaction. He love them and they don't make him itch.
ProsHealthy treat
By Missy C.
Cabot Ark
June 4, 2018
Awesome Treats
My dogs love their special jerky treats Chrissy says her prayers befor she eats
By Rick 8.
May 22, 2018
Review for 3-PACK Duckles Duck Breast Fillets for Dogs (6 lb)
Have bought several times and will continue to do so
ProsGood size and the dogs really like
By Dawn29
May 15, 2018
Review for Chickles Chicken Breast Fillets for Dogs (2 lb)
I have 4 dogs, they all sniffed at it and walked away
By Missy C.
Cabot Ark
May 15, 2018
Review for Chickles Chicken Breast Fillets for Dogs (2 lb)
My baby girl loves this treat she will be three in July and she's eat duck and chicken since she was borne
By shortsew
Jacksonvile, Fl
April 9, 2018
Review for Duckles Duck Breast Fillets for Dogs (2 lb)
I carry these with me to give to dogs wherever I go. (Can you tell I'm a dog person?) I have never had a dog turn them down.
By Angel M.
February 6, 2018
Our little girl just loves them.
We buy these duckles because our little girl simply loves them. They make a great bed time treat and she expects to get one when we go to bed so we have to make sure we have a bag or she pouts.
By Mark
Boynton Beach Fl
September 17, 2017
Just Rattle The Bag
Just rattle the bag. That's all I have to do and my two boxers come running for their Duckles. More than a treat, I include Duckles and count it as part of their daily feeding regimen as it is high quality protein. Quite frankly it is now after using this product for the last three years, expected. I get a talking to if I am slow to give them their post meal treat.
By Craig
August 31, 2017
Review for Duckles Duck Breast Fillets for Dogs (2 lb)
Great product dogs love them great price
By dragonfly
Swoyersville, PA
August 12, 2017
Duckles,duckles, & more duckles!!
I have reviewed this product many times now because my dog can't live without her daily Duckles treat! We're sure your dog will be crazy about them too!!
By sandy
August 10, 2017
Review for Duckles Duck Breast Fillets for Dogs (2 lb)
Talulah takes a lot of pills and it helps when I hide a piece of the duck in her food. she laps it right up. she loves the duck treats.
By dragonfly
Swoyersville, PA
July 28, 2017
Wonderful Product & Service
I love the swift delivery of products from Entirely Pets--always receive it as promised or sooner!! My dog loves Duckles & it is important that I NEVER run out of her supply!! Keep up the good work, Entirely Pets!!
By Pudgierio2
July 20, 2017
Picky rescue dog
My dog Rio is extremely picky!! These duck breasts she loves!!
By Nativehawaiian
Maui, Hawai'i
July 14, 2017
Dogs love these
My dogs have been eating these treats for awhile now and I have to say that these treats are so moist and soft. I have a 16yr blind and almost toothless chihuahua and he can eats these, and a Jack Russell terrier and they both love their duck treats. Others I have bought other places I had to cut up for my Chihuahua cause it was dry and hard so I recommend this product.
By The O.
New Haven, Connecticut
June 29, 2017
Love at first sniff
My dogs absolutely love these. They never, ever refuse them. They would eat the whole bag if I let them. I have to keep them in snap lock bins because one of my furkids learned out to get into the cardboard box I kept the packages in.. My only regret is that Entirely Pets runs out of stock and with 5 dogs who love these I get protests when they don't have them. They even carry little picket signs (sigh, LOL!)
By Maggie
June 23, 2017
This is a good product but they did not give me th
Was disappointed that they did not give me the memorial day coupon nor the five dollar coupon. This is my first order I don't know if I'll be coming here again because I didn't get what you told me that I would get.
By kitty
April 17, 2017
Love them
I love these for my dogs as they are small enough that I can give them a treat that they love and are healthy. Have bought them more than once and will continue to buy. Best price around for quality, quantity and shipping.
By kitty
March 22, 2017
all of my dogs (I have 5) love these treats. They are the right size to give my dogs and they are good for them. Prices are the best.
By Linda
Parkton, MD
March 5, 2017
Duckles Duck Fillets
My dogs and my cat love these jerky treats. The Duckles is the best brand. The treats always seem to be the freshest from them.
By Cease
Northern Colorado
January 6, 2017
Dogs love this
I have 2 dogs and occasionally take care of 2 others, different med & large breeds, and they all absolutely love these.
By donnadee
Bear, DE
January 6, 2017
Always out of stock
I have been buying these items over 3 years and never have I had so much trouble receiving them Now the Chickles and Duckles are always out of stock My dogs love them but may have to purchase somewhere else
By Susan
Lubbock, Texas
January 5, 2017
I have a diabetic dog and I give her a treat every time she has to get her insulin shot. I tell her that it's time for her shot of "kisses" and follow it by these tasty treats. I don't think she would take the shot without them. This is why I order 3-2lb bags a month! Some times they are on back order and it scares me that we will run out. So far so good!
By Sunshine
Albright, WV
January 5, 2017
Special treat
My three fur babies love these fillets. I use them as a special treat for them. They average about 3" to 5" long and 1/2 to 1" wide. Just the right size for my doggies who are 18 pounds to 80 pounds.
By Clyde's M.
Sarasota, FL
December 31, 2016
Best find everrrr!!!!
Perfectly-sized, low-fat treat for my diabetic Yorkie, Clyde. Excellent value for the money and, best of all, he loves them!
By snooky
December 30, 2016
want chickle every orning after their walk
they both love the chuckle when they see the bag they wag
November 9, 2016
By dogs i.
British Columbia
October 30, 2016
Review for Duckles Duck Breast Fillets for Dogs (1 lb)
The cost is excellent and my dogs love the duck.. Also the doggies are great.
By cocker m.
October 28, 2016
Dogs love these
My dogs love these. They look great and I feed them as a snack.
By d1nonly
October 27, 2016
Absolute Fave of all our Dogs
these are nice size, like a slice of chicken breast that was dried. They are not made from chopped, formed then pressed mystery meat (those are usually soft) These are hard. My dogs absolutely love them and will almost do back-flips for them. we have a chihuahua mix, two lab-chow, and a pit bull. They are totally crazy and go into a tizzy the moment they see the bag. The first time I ordered, I only ordered 6 pounds...that was a mistake, because then they were out for several months. As soon as they became available, I bought 60 pounds. I also bought Duckles, but those strips are very narrow and the three larger dogs down them in a split second.
By Di
Denver, CO
October 23, 2016
Great product
My dogs love chicken jerky and this product is excellent!
By Sis
Victoria, BC Canada
October 21, 2016
One and Only
My dogs will not eat any other treat but Chickles and Duckles. I always buy the 3 bag x 2lbs, and freeze two until the first one is finished, which doesn't take long. This jerky seems to be very popular, as it's getting hard to find. Love this stuff. Thanks Entirely for keeping my dogs happy.
By Cease
Northern Colorado
October 21, 2016
Dogs love these
I have 2 dogs at home and 2 more that I dogsit, and they all salivate over these treats, I definitely recommend.
By J&DinOregon
Scio, OR
August 3, 2016
My dogs's favorite ever
We trust this USA tested brand. Our son too. And our granddaughter too since we showed them our Chickles Chicken Breast Fillets for dogs. Nice hard crunch for our dogs to chew but not too hard since they are doxies. We bought 3 bags of the 2 pounds on sale.
By Maria
Revere, MA
July 31, 2016
Best Purchase Ever
My fussy dog wont eat any other chews but these.
By sugar
Surrey, BC
July 29, 2016
Good value
Good value for this size bag. Our dogs love them.
By Poodle F.
Moline, IL
July 19, 2016
Love Them
My dogs love these chicken fillets. They are not soft like most fillets but are crunchy.
By Jersey
Southwest Missouri
July 19, 2016
soooo Yummy!
Hi! May name is Jersey, I am a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. I have to tell you I love these Duck treats. My Mom bought them for me. I come over and look at here till she gets me a few strips. The are kind of small but I guess that is OK so I can have a few of them. If you want your puppy to get hooked on duck candy. I would pick them up some. I am a very picky girl and I love these. This picture is of me smiling after getting a treat.
By Jo D.
Newark, DE
July 13, 2016
Exceptional Value
My Molly loves chicken - any way, shape or form! Especially chicken breast strips! Albeit we are able to purchase them locally, no local retail store can come anywhere near the exceptional pricing you offer! We love them!

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