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By Jo D.
Newark, DE
July 13, 2016
Fantastic Bargain!
My little Daisy does not have a pedigree but she acts like she does! She will ONLY eat duck breast strips as a treat. Nothing else will do! Unable to obtain them locally, we have resorted to ordering online. Pricing was about the same and we got free shipping at $15.99 per pound. I happened upon your website and could not believe the price for TWO pound bags! Fantastic! Prompt Shipping! Daisy and I could not be happier!
By Ellie
July 12, 2016
Great find!
My Beagle (Bandit) loves Duckles Duck Breast Fillets for Dogs! Thank you so much for having these. Miss Ellie & Bandit (I call him "the baby") :)
By bobby
Gatineau, Quebec, CANADA
July 5, 2016
Excellent and safe product
This is an excellent and safe product for my dog. He simply LOVES them. They smell very fresh and not too hard (dry). My dog keeps on wanting more so I have to limit the quantity otherwise that's all he would eat all day. I know there are bad reviews out there regarding similar products, but this ONE is good and safe, for my dog at least. He simply enjoys them.
By zim
July 3, 2016
Not 100% duck
The dog loves these, so in that respect they are good. However the fillets have a dark coating like hardened gravy while other similar but more expensive products do not have a coating. The ingredients include vegetable protein, glycerin and salt which are probably harmless but I believe are there to add bulk and weight, and ultimately to reduce price. In future I will pay a little more for 100% fillets.
By Miles
Las Vegas
July 2, 2016
Bad management
These products were purchased in the last two years ,is the first time my 2 Yorkshire terrier diarrhea after eating I check the expiration date 5 months passed I purchased this time 06/2016
By Rottiegirl
San Antonio, TX
June 25, 2016
Finicky Dog Loves These
I have a dog so finicky that I can hardly find treats that he doesn't turn his nose up at. But one sniff of these and it was a tail wagging experience. The whole bag was consumed in a week!
By balen
Ontario Canada
June 20, 2016
My dog loved these. I am now trying to feed him things with now sugar for he is no a diabetic and these chicken breasts fill my criteria. I will purchase again
New Orleans, la
June 6, 2016
Great. Chicken jerky!
This jerky, not like others, stays moist and easy for even small dogs to enjoy. My dogs love them.
New Orleans, la
June 6, 2016
It's the REAL thing!
Best I've found yet. I've purchased these in multiple quantities for almost a year now.
By KB M.
Tucson, Arizona
June 2, 2016
Best Chewy EVER
Mags LOVES these jerky chews! Great for cleaning teeth.
Phoenix, AZ
May 13, 2016
Chicken Breast Filets
Excellent product. We buy the same brand at Costco and these were fresher, more uniform in size, and a little less expensive per lb. Delivery was quick and ordering was easy. I have 6 dogs who love this chicken treat. I will be back for more.
By Buddie
Arcadia, Florida
May 10, 2016
Lucky Find
My dogs are very picky when it comes to treats. Yes, they are spoiled rotten. The only treats they seem to like are the duck jerky treats. I can find them made in China in any WalMart. But I prefer to get them prepared in the U.S. These treats are great.
By outdoor g.
New Albany, PA
April 22, 2016
Dogs went nuts over them!
Our dogs absolutely loved them. Even rattling the bag makes them do all their tricks before you ask them! The treats smelled good and definitely looked like real meat. I would certainly purchase them again.
By Kimbwils
Sharon, SC
April 6, 2016
Great product! Dogs and cat love them!
I have been looking for duck jerky treats with no fillers and all natural ingredients because of the scare with duck jerky treats made in China. My dogs and even the cat love them. They are the perfect size for small breeds so they don't choke on them. They are all natural and don't smell like chemicals. I will buy these again and again!
By Susan
Lubbock, Texas
April 5, 2016
My dogs favorite
My dog doesn't eat any other snack or treat. I order these pounds at a time.
By Kimmi
Egg Harbor Township, NJ
March 18, 2016
Quality Treats at a Fabulous Price
My local pet store doesn't even have Chicken Breast Fillet treats for my picky dog and the grocery store charges $16 for just 1lb bags. These pure Chickles Chicken Breast Fillet treats are a great deal and my dog really loves them!
By corgimama
Arvada, CO
March 9, 2016
Top of the line
Great product, our dogs love it and Entirely Pets delivers, on time, as promised. We are very satisfied. Thank you.
By joan
March 7, 2016
By Frenchton F.
Alexandria, VA
February 14, 2016
Who wants Chickles?
'Ruff ruff, bark,yappity yap yap!" For those of you who haven't mastered 'BostonTerrier'- that means "We do and now and no need to ask!' My guys love this jerky and so do I (I mean the quality of course: ) ) Fresh, moist, and large, like they are sliced right off a chicken breast. On top of all that, you can't beat the price!
By Hazel
January 24, 2016
Just Ducky
Both my dogs love this duck jerky so much, it's hard to keep it on hand. I always ordere the 1 lb bag.
By donnadee
Bear, DE
January 20, 2016
My dogs love them and Duckles too
Always order Duckles for my dogs so I decided to try the Chickles They love them too I used to buy small packages from Walmart but these are cheaper in the long run and it saves me from running out so often
By eugenet
Placerville, California
January 12, 2016
near expiration date- old- dried and stale
I received my order of 6 pounds of duck and 2 pounds of chicken on 12-17-15 I am sick that I bought all this from you. I felt that dealing with you I was going to get the best products for my best buds, my dogs. The product is old and is dated to be use by mid Jan. 2016. The product is old and stale. I have bought a lot of product from you over the last couple of years and this is the first time that this has happened. I am really disappointed in you.
By Margaret
Glenview, IL
December 10, 2015
Great Choice
Our dog Duncan LOVES these treats. If we're not careful, he can go through them in a hurry. The only thing you need to realize, because they are from real duck breast, the size of the treats can be inconsistent. If you have a larger dog, some of the pieces can be on the small side.
By Becky
Centerville, Ohio
December 1, 2015
Duck, Duck, Good!
One of my Yorkshire Terriers is allergic to chicken. How many dog treats have chicken as an ingredient? An acquaintance has four Yorkies and mentioned how much the Yorkies enjoy their treats of dry duck breast (totally duck). I immediately started web hunting for duck. Bang! Located right here at EntirelyPets. All I have to say to my Yorkies, "Quack, quack!" and they come running.
By Cali-jean
November 29, 2015
I have an extremely picky eater,snacks in particular! She loves this product!
By Dalebe
November 24, 2015
My Chocolate Labs love these!
It is their bedtime snack and they do a dance for them. I have tried many different treats over the years and these are there absolute favorite. Plus they are low cal. Dogs are now 11 and 12 years old and going strong.
By lenascruffy
November 24, 2015
Healthy treat
This was my first time purchasing this product. I like the fact that it is 100% natural duck and that it is wheat, corn & soy free. Both my dogs love them! Seems like a more healthier treat! Would buy again.
By Tammy
Grand Rapids, Michigan
November 11, 2015
My dog loves these!
My dogs loves the Duckles Duck treats. He begs at the cupboard for them. The best thing is they are made in the USA.
By Wonderful p.
Gatineau, Quebec, CANADA
November 11, 2015
Dog loves it
My small dog really loves these chicken strips. They smell very fresh and my dog can't do without them. High protein and a good treat.
By Chipper
NE Pennsylvania
November 9, 2015
good treat
just the right size for a treat and she really likes duck
By Jules
November 7, 2015
Great Product
Dogs love the chicken fillets! Great price, quality product and excellent delivery from Entirely Pets!
By Timeless
October 25, 2015
My Dog LOVES Them !
I have been buying Duckles Duck Breast Fillets for a long time because they are my dogs favorite treat. He also loves the chicken fillets, which I am waiting for that order now ! They are the best price I've found anywhere ! ! !
By Kimberly
Washington State
October 21, 2015
Good treat
Our German Shepherds really like these treats. They are a little hard to break up into smaller pieces for bite size treats, but the dogs love the bigger pieces anyway.
By dragonfly
October 14, 2015
Dogs' Favorites
My dogs are both "nuts" about Duckles! If you want them to behave or do a particular activity, all I have to do is say Duckles!!
By joan
September 26, 2015
By Hazel
September 25, 2015
My dogs just love Chickles Jerky. They won't eat any other. They smell so good, even I want one. Their always fresh. I received a free bag of Chickles from Entirely Pets as a courtesy bag. Thank you, I appreciated that.
By AO1979
September 2, 2015
Good product but..
My dog loved these but I was a little disappointed to read that these are produced in China but are safety inspected in the U.S..
By snooky
September 1, 2015
they look forward to a chickles every morning their very speacil treat
By Fried
Daytona Beach, Fl
August 28, 2015
Henry Likes Them???
Unbelievable. He likes these better than the ones I was using and a good thing because it was getting harder and more expensive to get them. I have tried at least a dozen different brands of "duck fillets jerky" and have only found 2 he will eat. These are less expensive and he likes them more. I gave him both and he went after these first and he's a picky eater. I worry just a little that they are made in China but if they really do what it says on the bag it seems a satisfactory effort to make sure they are safe. Love the fact they have these for a auto ship with an extra discount. Customer service has been very helpful. Good product, good service gets 5 stars.
By Betty
August 21, 2015
The Perfect Treat
My dogs love these, and I can give them knowing that they are safe and healthy treats.
By Mel
July 27, 2015
Excellent dog treat
My very picky dog loves these treats. Thanks for having a healthy treat that's for dogs with grain allergies.
By Mel
July 27, 2015
Excellent dog treat
My very picky dog loves these treats so much! Thank you for having such a wonderful and healthy treat that is for dogs with allergies.
By Lu
Springfield, Pa
July 22, 2015
Review for 3-PACK Chickles Chicken Breast Fillets for Dogs (6 lb)
My Katie goes crazy over them! She wakes up looking forward to her treat in the morning and awaits my arrival for her afternoon treat. It's her whole life!
By EliOscar
Huntersville, NC
July 1, 2015
High quality
I discovered the Duckles brand duck "jerky" through an internet search after learning that our old brand was discontinued. Our two dogs love these treats and prefer them over other stuff like Zuke's squares and what-not. These are genuine lean-meat items, not formed composites. Definitely not cheap, but the guys love 'em so it's all good! Great service from EntirelyPets, too!
By jbudd
June 11, 2015
Happy Dog
My dog just LOVES these treats. And I like the fact that it's chicken and nothing else. He thinks he's getting a goody and I think he's getting protein. It's a win/win all around!
By Drew
May 20, 2015
My pets go crazy for these and I feel good that I am giving them something good.
By chapspot
Redmond, Oregon
May 5, 2015
No Melamine
American processed chicken strips for dogs. Competitively priced; order promptly processed and efficiently shipped. Wagging tail confirms wisdom of purchase.
By tj
May 4, 2015
dog love them
My dogs just them. I have been ordering them for over a year now.
By Cate
Clearwater, Florida
April 28, 2015
By Sammy
Westerville, Ohio
April 17, 2015
A good product
A good product that my dogs love to eat.

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