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By Lillian K.
January 10, 2022
I rescued a cat (Felux) in our backyard as he felt at home here. He started looking bad as weight loss and fur was looking shabby. Took him to my vet and bloodwork showed bad kidneys. I thought he was a good ten years old, but vet figured about two. She was surprised how bad his kidneys were. She didn't have much hope for his living and said if he was still around that I should get him neutered which I did. I also had EPAKITIN on hand from previous cats so I got him on it that same day. It's been two plus years since diagnosis and he looks great!
ProsNo side effects Easy to use
By Karen
Excellent Bloodwork
October 20, 2020
Since using Epakitin and changing my dog’s diet to canned and raw her blood work is perfect. The combination is perfect for her.
ProsEasy to use.
By hildesigner
Barrington, Illinois
Dog Won't Eat Food with Epakitin
May 25, 2017
A veterinary nephrologist prescribed Epakitin as a supplement to help my dog, who has cysts on his kidneys as well as kidney disease. However, after a willingness to ingest his food with this supplement the first few meals, he suddenly stopped. Now he will not eat anything sprinkled with Epakitin. Not sure what to do.
By Blue
Glen Ellyn, IL
Its working well
January 17, 2017
My rescue dog "Blue" turns out to be born with small kidneys. The renal specialist suggested Epakitin to help his kidneys function. His blood work has improved to normal phosphorus levels and he is now able to hold his urine. He's a sweet boy and I believe he was over looked at the shelter because of his potty problems. Although this is an expense I didn't plan on, I'm glad Epakitin is a supplement and not a prescription medication. He eats it without a problem and is a very happy boy!
By dmr
This product works excellent
January 5, 2017
Ive been giving this to my cat and she has been doing great. It has helped her medical condition and i will continue to give it to her!
By Karina
This Product Saved My Cat's Life!
July 7, 2016
Thank you so much to the manufacturer's of Epakitin! My cat was diagnosed with kidney disease and was fading fast. She was vomiting a lot, and meowing all night. Now, after this medication, she's back to her old self. She's gained weight, she runs around and she plays outside. I am so grateful for how this product has given her life.
By Judy
May 11, 2016
Recommended by my Vet .... helping my dog with kidney issues ... Seems to be working!
By Candace
April 12, 2016
Epakitin seems to really help deal with our dogs digestive and renal issues. Entirely pets has the best price for this food additive. Easy to order and ships promptly.
By The H.
Beverly Hills, FL
Good Supplement for Kidney Issues
March 7, 2016
Epakitin is a good supplement for kidney issues. It is easy to use with included scoop. Pay attention if you purchase a different size jar, the dosages are different. We medicate lots of dogs every day and this is a convenient product as it can be sprinkled on food, squirted in with water or hidden in a treat.
By whynotpugs
Surprisingly effective!
September 29, 2015
I'm actually using this product in conjunction with Azodyl. My vet recommended these products along with a kidney diet food to treat my aged Pug who's beginning to show early stages of kidney disease. In 10 days, his numbers were nearly back to normal. We're all impressed with the results!
By Aspen
It Works!
July 15, 2015
I wish I had the exact #'s from my dog's blood work, but this used in combination with Azodyl did reduce the elevated #'s in my 14 year old husky's blood. She had been diagnosed with kidney disease and her levels were very high. Vet said probably 85% kidney failure. He was skeptical of this product but said it couldn't hurt to try. 2 months or so after we started Epakitin and Azodyl, sure enough her levels had decreased by a fair margin. It also greatly improved her life. She ended up passing from non related heart failure. I can't thank you all enough for the extra year we were given with out beloved Husky. Bottom line, these products do actually work!
By pcdoc
Allamuchy, NJ
Excellent Product
June 12, 2015
My pooch lived until she was 16 with failing kidney function. Epakitin was part of a wellness regimen that helped my dog live a long life. It helped maintain her kidney function after it was found to have declined. Be sure to dose properly, it makes a difference.
By Big D.
Chicago, IL
It works
April 15, 2015
Since my dog has been using Epakitin, her protien levels dropped from 8 to 4.7. This stuff works. The only downside is that my dog does not like the flavor of this stuff. If they could make it in a flavor/texture that dogs like, it would be perfect.
By Sagan14
Saint Joseph, MI
April 3, 2015
Within 14 days I have seen my cat's energy & appetite improve. Will have a blood test in 10 days to see if #'s are lower.
By Dolly
Works great!
March 24, 2015
Last summer my kitty, 12 years old, was not wanting to eat, drank lots of water and was very lethargic for him. A trip to the vets office diagnosed kidney problems and not a very good prognosis. He prescribed Epakitin to mix in with the prescription cat food. Well, the cat wouldn't eat the expensive food, but he started eating his preferred "junk" food, Friskies with the Epakitin mixed in. 9 months later he is active, seemingly has no issues, runs and plays and enjoys his life. Epakitin made a huge difference. Much cheaper here than at the vet's office
By Dolly
BEST STUFF!!!!!!!!!
March 23, 2015
I use Epakitin on my domestic cat, 17 years old, and my Serval, 12 years old. Both have shown MUCH improvement with their kidney function. Just mix it with their food and they eat it right away. Will not stop using it. Great price and fast shipping.
By Madguitar
Review for Epakitin for Dogs and Cats (300 gm)
March 15, 2015
We have been using this product because our dog is in kidney failure. He is 7.5 years old and we have been using the product for at least 3 or more years. It appears to be helping and we do blood work at least twice a year to monitor him.
By Sandysays
gladstone NJ
this stuff was amazing
February 16, 2015
my vet recommended using Epakitin when my cats kidney functioning began to go down hill and her pancreatitis flared. Her condition made her very nauseous and she would throw up repeatedly and not eat. She ate the first dose of Epakitin powder mixed into her canned food with vigor and continued to enjoy her food thereafter. She was a very fussy eater and I doubted she would get enough of a dose to make a difference. I was wrong. Epakitin helped prevent her from feeling sick and she actually ate more and gained weight. It helped to improve her quality of life and comfort level. Speak to your vet about dosage levels.
By dogman
Good product
September 18, 2014
I have used this product for three years now for my Shiloh Shepherd who was diagnosed with renal failure 5 years ago. It has kept his numbers consistent and he is doing well. It is expensive and prices vary quite a bit.
By Dreamcatcher
Virginia Beach, VA
July 31, 2014
Very good product. Does what it says it will. I would consider this a medicine and only give under vet's advice ofr after consulting with the pros at the manufacturer.
By Dorae
July 26, 2014
I have been using this product for over a year. I believe that it has help extend the life of my sweet dog who is suffering with kidney issues. I treasure anytime she has left.
By Thapu1
Great purchase
July 8, 2014
My small dog was diagnosed with renal failure in 12/2012. Mid-last year we started him on Epakitin & Azodyl (small caps) twice a day with food. His phosphorous count reduced dramatically & his appetite improved. I believe that these two products contributed in the improved phosphorous count which is a big problem in renal failure.
By dog m.
winston, GA
Great kidney support highly recommended for dog
June 27, 2014
We use this for our 100 pound sherpherd and he has bone cancer, but is doing very well. He is 10 yrs old. This actually improved his creatine and his kidney function levels after using for 8-12 weeks a great deal!!! I love this product!!
June 2, 2014
My cat of 20 years took this for 3 years and it prolonger her life. She did not like needles so this was the best treatment for her instead of subcutous fluids daily.
By freedom
Review for Epakitin for Dogs and Cats (300 gm)
March 18, 2014
This product is recommended for my dog with kidney failure. This size makes it easier to order!!
By Seong
Great value!
March 9, 2014
This item is awesome~ I buy this regularly for my poodle and she has chronic kidney failure. It's a great supplement that keeps her phosphorus level stable. She needed to increase the dosage recently therefore I had to order more than I normally do. Great value~
By Sheila
Chicago, IL
November 30, 2013
We have a samoyed that was diagnosed with renal dysplasia as a puppy. Her kidneys are the same size a cat's should be as well as mishapen. She was not expected to live past 2 years of age. We found a nephrologist that prescibed a combination of an ace inhibitor, baby aspirin, omega 3 fish oil, Epakitin, & Azodyl. She turned 5 this past October. Needless to say, we are thrilled these products exist. She would not be alive without them.
By cb
lowers triglycerides too
November 19, 2013
My schnauzer was diagnosed with hypertriglyceredemia which was causing her to be ill and have pain. The specialist recommended this product even though it is made for renal care because they found it helps to bind the fats and lower triglycerides. I am happy to say that my girl's triglycerides dropped almost 250 points in one month. We are on the right track! She has been spunkier and loving life once again.
By slamina
Cedar Rapids, IA
Honestly a life saver
November 17, 2013
Our 14 yr. old male cat was found to be in late stage kidney failure during a vet. visit in April 2012. His BUN read very high at 102 and CREATININE at 2.8. Those are 2 tests that show the progression. My vet. rx'd him Epakitin. His next visit in May showed a 1 lb. weight gain, BUN at 42 and CREATININE at 2.7. Today, 19 months later he is doing fine. Amazing how this powder changed his blood levels. And it has no smell or taste, easy to give to your pet. I paid my vet. $105 for a 150 gm. jar. Here I pay under $70. for a 300 gm size.
By Mommat
New Jersey
Great product at a great price,
November 13, 2013
This item was recommended by my vet for my elderly dog that is in the beginning of renal failure. It was quite expensive from my vet but is much more reasonably priced here. And I received my order quickly!
September 23, 2013
This was recommended last year by our vet for our 12 year old dog with kidney problems. The dog has no problem with it and her health is much improved. We will keep ordering it. Shipping is fast and reliable.
By Say
Edmonton, AB
Epakitin: It's uses
August 5, 2013
I can't really say I notice a change in my Pet, this was something that was prescribed to him by his vet for his kidney disease years ago. I order from this site to cut down on costs. The way you'll know it's working is vet check ups on the levels of protein in their urine; but for the most part Kidney disease is progressive (ie eventually my cat will succumb to this disease) this is a medicine that slows the progression and keeps him alive significantly longer. I am please with Entirely pets though, and will re-order when the time comes. (it's cheaper than the vet's, so long as you order in bulk)
By BraidsL
Great product for cats with kidney issues
July 12, 2013
My 15 year old cat has had reduced kidney function for the past three years. She is not the type of cat who can be easily medicated and it was impossible for me to administer sub-q fluids. She has been doing well on the ERpakitin supplement and has actually gained a bit of the weight back that she had lost. Entirely Pets ships very quickly and if you order from them again, you will get a certain amount off your next order. My 9 month old kitten ocassionally gets into the older one's food, but the vet said the Epakitin will not hurt him. Great product and great company.
By Nic
Great (When prescribed by vet)
July 1, 2013
My dog has been on Epakitin for almost 6 years for his chronic kidney disease. This in combination with Azodyl along with a few other medications prescribed by the vet have kept him going. To meet him you would have no idea that he has a chronic medical condition.
By Dobiemom
Rochester, NY
Great product!
June 25, 2013
My Doberman was diagnosed with Kidney Disease at age 6 mos. She has been on Epakitin ever since that time. She is now 7 years old, has obedience titles, and is doing great!
By gr
Eastern Shore of MD
The best
June 11, 2013
I have been using this product over a year, and it has been the deciding factor in stabilizing Kobe's Type 2 Kidney disease (he is 13 years young). Great value for the money.
By Ayden'sNonnie
Prolonging life!
May 29, 2013
My grand dog was born with one VERY small kidney, the vet wanted to put him down. My daughter and I looked everywhere and tried all kind of natural remedies and tried several different vets, finally we were told about Epakatin from a local vet and jumped on it! That was five years ago and he is doing very well. He is on a very strict diet, but I truly believe that this product as indeed help to keep him active, healthy, and happy!
By PeggyC
Chicago, IL
It really works
May 23, 2013
Vet suggested. Helps a lot. Easy to use.
By drakmar
April 19, 2013
We took our cat to the vet hospital and she was in there for 3 days. The vet said she was not coming around very quickly but was improving. He said it was a sign of chronic kidney disease which is incurable. He told us to use this product and she improved within days. That was about 8 months ago and she is still looking healthy. Highly recommend epakitin.
By Kathi
Just what I was looking for
April 16, 2013
Great price on this powder. It arrived quickly and was just what we were looking for!
By Cindy
Atlanta, GA
Great Product
April 2, 2013
My dog has been on this for about 1 yr. Has helped her kidneys a lot. Thanks to the vet that recomended it.
By Amelia
San Diego, CA
Absolutely excellent
March 16, 2013
Epakitin has made such a difference in my dog who was diagnosed with chronic renal failure in October 2012. His appetite has completely returned from not eating anything at all for days in the beginning. I can highly recommend this product to anyone, I 100% believe in it. Thanks to Epakitin, his quality of life has so much improved.
By katy
Good Value
February 24, 2013
This was recommended by my vet for my dog who developed chronic renal disease after successfully beating lymphoma. So far it is helping her kidney disease & keeping her from being hospitalized. Since the vet charges almost double for a small amount I searched for the best price & found it here at Entirely Pets. Besides being a good value, the site is easy to navigate & the product arrives promptly.
By Robert
Great Savings
February 20, 2013
Have been using this product for several years, but just found it on "Entirely Pets" web sight. I am now saving over 30% over what I was paying at the vets. This medicine has aided in controlling my chocolate lab's health issues greatly. Great product at a great price. Would highly recommend this product and web site.
By zappa
pittsburgh pa
February 6, 2013
great product and great service from this company and great pricing.make sure to mix with food and lots of water.
By Northern A.
Northern AZ
Essential Part of Regimen
January 26, 2013
Our 15 y.o. cat is doing great. 18 months into kidney failure, we have a very exact regimen. Epakitin is an important part of each meal, along with Azodyl force feeding, and subQ hydration. She romps like a 10 y.o. The commitment Entirely Pets makes to customers is great. I've tried other suppliers before landing on entirelypets [doorstep] website. Cold shipping is extremely important for the Azodyl. I also refrigerate the Epakitin. Great service and prices!
By Janet
Marion, IA
December 4, 2012
My cat was found to have late stage kidney disease and the vet. was going to do immediate 24 hr. fluid treatments until I consulted another vet. who suggested we try this first. After the 1st month of our kitty being on this, both his BUN and Creatine levels decreased and he gained 1 lb.. It's now 6 months later and he's doing great. I found this product on Entirely Pets at 1/2 the cost I was paying my vet. office. It came to me by mail in 5 days. The product was a lifesaver for our kitty and the cost of the product a significant savings. I highly rate Entirely Pets...
By addie
New York
Help for both dog and cats
November 16, 2012
Has helped to bring protein level down in my dog and may even be able to phase out of using this. Although costly, it does the job it is suppose to do when used properly.
Very useful
November 6, 2012
It's definitely helping to slow down (almost halt) the progression of kidney disease in my two cats.
By cindy
Alpharetta, GA
Great Product
October 24, 2012
I have been using this product for my 12 yr old dog that has kidney problems. She is doing very well. I have been using it for a year now. Great product, would highly recomend it.

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