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By Vicky
Jackson, MI
So good.
September 11, 2017
Have a cat who has decided spraying is fun, got him on medication...still spraying =( So I thought I'd try Feliway. I ordered 2, 2 day shipping as I wanted them ASAP, it came in 5. Complained and got 2 mail apologies and discount on next order. Hopefully this stuff works, takes a month to know, and I will reorder and use discount.
By Jane J.
Inappropriate Urination Stopped!!
February 1, 2017
My favorite cat began peeing on our new carpet daily. We were devastated and it looked like the kitty would have to go. The vet recommended Feliway. We were skeptical, but after about 10 days of using the diffusers in the places she went the most, the behavior stopped! Now I've run out of refills, and she has started it up again. That's a cause and effect if I've ever seen one. If you have this problem, until the Feliway starts working, use Nature's Miracle Just for Cats Urine Destroyer. The carpet cleaner says that's the only thing that gets rid of cat urine.
By murphym
Dubuque, IA
January 3, 2017
Just replaced all 3 of our Feliway diffusers, and along with new Feliway our house is in perfect harmony! We have 4 cats and we haven't had any squabbles yet!! Buy the diffuser and refills. You won't be disappointed!!!
By Ali
Central California
Cat stopped 'spraying'
October 26, 2016
After bringing my daughter's cat into my home for a temporary stay (daughter is on a military deployment), one of my own cats began spraying the throw pillows on "his" couch. After installing the Feliway diffuser, the spraying stopped immediately.
By Frannie
Macomb, Michigan
Feliway diffuser and Refil
August 12, 2016
This is my second purchase of both the Feliway Diffuser and the Refils. I have noticed that my cats are calmer and their anxiety levels are lower. I have placed the Diffuser in two areas of my condo, and they are far enough apart that when the kitties walk past the area or if they are sleeping, the diffuser will work it's magic. I am very pleased with this product and will continue to purchase from Entirely Pets.
By MaryJo
Parksville, BC, Canada
Sleepless on Vancouver Island
February 24, 2016
Milo was keeping me awake/or waking me up with his meowing at night. At first this product seemed to help by calming him. After having used it for four months, it seems not to affect him anymore and I'm once again 'sleepless on Vancouver Island'!! I'll have to look for something else to keep him quiet at night.
By nanakat
West Virginia
Better than ComfortZone Products
January 28, 2016
I tried ComfortZone for the 1st time in years of Feliway use & learned the hard way that Feliway is what WORKS! However, it evaporates much faster than the comfortzone. I've noticed the prices have skyrocketed, so it's become hard to afford it. It DOES keep my cat more calm.
By Carol
Scaly Mountain, NC
A lifesaver for my cat!
November 22, 2015
My dear cat has Rolling Back Syndrome (can't remember the "official" name), which causes her a lot of anxiety and painful episodes. Thanks to this diffuser, her uncomfortable moments are much less, which in turn lessens her stress and mine! The spray is also very helpful for use in her sleeping areas.
By Nae
Worth the money
November 4, 2015
Purchased on the advice of our vet. We have 3 indoor male cats that have been having turf wars for a few years. They have territory battles and ruined a sofa by marking with urine. We have been using the diffusers for not even a month and they do not fight any more and we have not had any urination outside the litter boxes.
By ALi
October 26, 2015
The item shipped/arrived on time. Product was exactly as described. Lasted just at one month.
By Nikko
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Starter Kit for Cats (Diffuser and 48 ml vial)
September 28, 2015
Very useful but I would like the top to fit better. If I screw the top as far as it will go the refill is on its side, so I will not have the benefit of a full refill Also I find the product very expensive. I own two year old cat. .
By analeut
San Tan Valley, AZ
seem to work well
August 10, 2015
I got these on the recommendation of my daughter, and they seem to calm to the cats down somewhat, although I still have had to deal with a couple cat fights.
By Kay L.
Atlanta, GA
July 19, 2015
We have been using this for years. We have five cats and I definitely believe feliway helps with their anxiety.
By spaceystacie
Not for me
July 6, 2015
I bought this to help soothe both of my cats. One is shy and a little skittish and the other has an overgrooming/anxiety issue. I thought it would be a gentle calming thing to help them both. But I had an asthma type reaction to it. After it was plugged in for about an hour I noticed I was having breathing issues. It doesn't have a smell really, but my throat was burning and breathing became difficult. I unplugged it and my breathing gradually got better, returning to normal after a couple of hours. So I have no idea if it would help my cats or not. But I can't be around it.
By Sportsy
Can't Live w/o It !
June 10, 2015
This causes such a big difference in cat behavior in a positive way.
By cat m.
Berea Ohio
ok purchase
April 23, 2015
bought this for my cat who lives in the basement because he is FIV positive, hoping he would'nt be to lonely by himself but he seems to be still somewhat needy but not as much with the Feliway
By lovemycat
Columbus, Ohio
This stuff is the best!!!
April 23, 2015
Our vet told us to purchase Feliway diffuser when our elderly cat started to have accidents and act anxious. The Feliway has worked wonders! I reccommend this product to everyone!
By Crazy4Sharks
Rockledge, FL
Works but not the miracle I was seeking
April 8, 2015
I have two cats that suddenly started fighting with each other after being together for several years without incident. Feliway has worked wonders on my neutered male cat. He's so much calmer and no longer aggressive. Unfortunately, it hasn't been as effective on the female (spayed). She's less agitated when I have to lock them in separate rooms, but she still chases and attacks the male cat whenever she sees him.
By Mary
take a chance
March 27, 2015
I hoped it would work , but not in our case, we have 2 female cats, one keeps bullying the new small one for 7 months now, I bought 2 diffusers, and a hand pump spray. I thought by now things would calm down. So thats about all I can say, it may work for some.
By Sleepless I.
Save Your Money
March 19, 2015
I bought this on the recommendation of my veterinarian because my cat Thomas is always crying at night and waking us up. It made no difference whatsoever. The best and cheapest cure? Kick the cat out of the bedroom and close the door. Reinforcement is a spray of water from an empty bottle that I washed out and filled with tap water. Doesn't get any cheaper. And his reason for crying? He wants attention. Well, he gets it if he cries long enough, but it's not the the kind he's looking for. Don't worry- he gets plenty of loving during the day.
By Dece
Memphis, TN
Made my life much easier
March 18, 2015
For cats that have behavioral problem, and they do, Feliway is an excellent way to help combat those problems. Especially important is the peeing outside the litter box. It does take a minute to get started, but once it does, this behavior goes away. The cat is happier, I am happier and we are all happier. It is an excellent product; not a cure all, mind you, because I have only one cat. But, I can tell you, the product works and there is less stress in our household.
By Char
February 2, 2015
My cat was under stress due to a new dog in the house. This works great, he is no longer under stress.
By jen
did what I had hoped
January 21, 2015
Have had 3 cats solo for years and introduced a puppy. Feliway definitely calmed down my 3 cats and put them more at ease excepting the new puppy
By Spanky
January 20, 2015
Have used Feliway for years in a 4 cat household. Makes a big difference in keeping everyone happy. If I forget to replace them I get reminded by my one cat that likes to start skirmishes
By lealea
November 7, 2014
we drove for ten hrs. to Johns Hopkins Hospital in balt. Md. with our two 19 pounds kitty brothers. house kitties, had never been on a car ride other than to the vets. I sprayed and wiped down the whole truck and the crate. followed directions. then we spent over two months in a Marriott Residence Inn again i sprayed and wipe down the whole room. It worked they smelled every inch of that room. I can tell you for us it worked to keep them calm. It was a long time to be in such a small area. Ive also have it plugged up in my home and I sprayed my furniture. It worked for me.
By suemagoo
not worth the money
September 12, 2014
I tried this near our litter box to help my cat who was having some issues. There was no change in any behavior or "calming" effect.
By Dan
So far, so good
August 28, 2014
It appears that it works as advertised. have not used it long enough to know if long term goals will be met.
By May
I wish my cat wasn't so crazy
August 21, 2014
Or I bet it would work on her. It's hard to tell whether it had a profound effect on my cat. She is a wild one, but perhaps in a smaller, well-ventilated room it would work best.
By Linda
Brooklyn, NY
Great product
August 21, 2014
My older cat was acting anxious and not getting along with my younger cat. I plugged in the diffuser and no more problems. He is relaxed and happy.
By Tammy
Arlington, VA
Saved My Household!!
August 18, 2014
My vet recommended this product. I actually bought the calming collar in conjunction with the diffusers. Both are made by various manufacturers and the Comfort Zone & Feliway were out of stock at the store, so I ordered them online, and bought the Sentry brand in the store right away. Everything is working!! Everyone is hugs every day. I have 2 cats from the shelter. One was being very aggressive with his playfulness and the other was becoming tense and stressed out by the 1st cat's behavior. The more aggressive kitty had come from being a community cat (feral), so he was a little rough around the edges. He wanted to chase and wrestle the gentler kitty for hours and hours a day. He'd even follow the little fellow to the cat box and not let up the whole time he was trying to *go*. I had to put the aggressive kitty in "time-out" isolation sometimes. The poor little gentle kitty was on guard at all times. Immediately the collar calmed down the aggressive cat. Now he's Mr. LoveBug, and the diffusers seem to have had an immediate calming effect on the other gentler kitty. Now the kitty formerly known as Mr. Aggressive Cat plays more gently and grooms the gentler kitty. I've had the product for about 2 weeks now, and the behavior is getting better each day. They are both super mellow, and so much less hyper and tense. I can now sleep through the night and my bed isn't the scene of a wrestle-fest. They've both been sleeping calmly through the night. Keep in mind that each diffuser only works in a limited amount of space, so my condo has 2500 square feet and I have 6 of them throughout my unit. I'm a believer for now. And my plan is to keep the collar and diffuser for a few months and then wean them off of the product.
By Frank
Albany, N.Y.
Works Every Time
August 14, 2014
We have one aggressive male cat and three female cats, all four neutered or spade. The feliway calms the aggressiveness of the male cat to hump the female cats. The is especially true with our one "scaredy cat" who fails to turn and whack him across the face when he attempts to hump her. Plus with the feliway he knocks over fewer lamps and fewer items off tables.
By Sophieaucube
Montreal, Quebec
Great for your stressed cat
July 16, 2014
I bought this in order to help my very anxious two 8 years old cats to go through the moving from one house to a much bigger one. It went very well! Better than expected! It's been two weeks now and they are 100% accustomed. I recommend this product to all cat owners!
By Rescue m.
Port Saint Lucie, Fl
It works!!!
May 31, 2014
When we brought our new rescue kitten home, our 7 month old kitten was not happy. We tried everything. We finally ordered the Feliway Diffuser. After about 2 weeks, they were best friends. They play, eat and sleep together. It really works!!! I would and have recommended Feliway to friends.
By Nikki
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Starter Kit for Cats (Diffuser and 48 ml vial)
April 29, 2014
Purchased to help calm my cat. Has had no noticeable effect.
By FrankJ
North Irwin, Pa.
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Starter Kit for Cats (Diffuser and 48 ml vial)
March 28, 2014
I believe that this Feliway Diffuser worked. It has been at least 3 weeks now, and my cat seems to be over her problem.
By Skylarmia
Leander, TX
Oily Residue on wall
February 28, 2014
This product may work, but it leaves an oily residue of spray on the wall. I just moved into a new house (that had been entirely repainted) and plugged this in to help our 2 cats adjust. A couple of weeks later you can see the oily cloud it left on the wall that's about 4x2 feet in size. Now the wall needs repainting and that isn't going to help my cat's anxiety any. :-((
By Pamela G.
Great Product
February 21, 2014
I've been using this for a while. It works great to calm situations that arise with a dominant kitty and a shy kitty. I also really like the spray to use in the cat carrier for vet trips. I would recommend this product.
By luv d.
super-fabulous :)
February 5, 2014
she used to pp, with the diffuser and LOTS of love, all is aok! thank you, again, dr. h! and love it when it can be delivered to me...all because I don't even WANT a car anymore...TY! entirely pets :)
By Txplume
Houston, TX
Calming My Nervy Cats
January 15, 2014
After running extensive tests to determine why my rescued cats were having erratic bouts of diarrehea and vomiting, and getting back all negative results, our vet suggested I try Feliway diffusers. She explained that although undetectable by humans, the scent the diffuser releases is that of the "feel good" feline pheromone. The vet thought that although the cats have a pretty great forever home, their very rough start in life might have made them extra nervy when unfamiliar people come to our home. As I had just completed 6 months of various repairs at the house, with many repair and service people in and out, it certainly was a possibility that the cats had experienced extended stress. So, I deployed Feliway diffusers in the 3 rooms the cats visit most in the house. After 2 weeks, I noticed the cats were not acting as startled by typical household noises such as the ring of my cell phone, the opening and closing of the door to the garage, etc. It's been several months, now, and I swear by those diffusers. My cats are compatively calm. Diffuser set can be expensive if not purchased online at EntirelyPets. Now I purchase the set of 3 or 6 diffuser refills at a time. Periodically, I also purchase Feliway spray, which I use on the cats' blankets and in their carrier 30 minutes before I put them in when we have to go to the vet. I consider these Feliway products effective, and buying them on the EntirelyPets website saves me money.
By Obaa
Carrollton, OH
waste of money
January 4, 2014
I have 8 cats, 3 of my neutered males have decided to start spraying in the house (and out), so since nothing has changed I thought this would solve my problem. Bought enough of these so they would permeate the entire inside of the house. No change, they still spray. So no, it didn't change things and I wasted money on a product that didn't work.
By catpheromones
diffuser dries out
December 30, 2013
The pheromones work great but the diffuser wick dries up after few days. I turn it upside down, with the bottle attached so the liquid can rewet the wick and it dries out again in a few days. Too bad the bottle doesn't fit any of the room deodorizer diffusers on the market.
By Booger's M.
Feliway Diffuser
December 27, 2013
This product is a MIRACLE WORKER if you have behavioral issues in your cat household. You will see instant results. I thank you, Entirely Pets, for allowing me to be able to afford them. I tell everyone to buy them from your website--they are way too expensive otherwise. This product has saved my cat who has Idiopathic Cystitis. Thank you!
By Pi
Works like a charm!
November 13, 2013
Bought this for my two anxious cats and they have learned to relax
By Gail
Rhode Island
Good product!
November 12, 2013
Takes awhile to start working, but used "calming chews" in between and now all cats seem calmer and happier. Had brought new male cat into home with 2 females and a dog. He kept attacking the youngest cat but left the dog and other cat (oldest) alone. Calming chews worked wonders to get us through until the Feliway started working, but now they seem fine without the chews. Put diffusers in 4 different rooms that the cats are in all the time - expensive, but worth it. May use them again when we travel for separation problems.
By Tessa's N.
Chiefland, Fl
Great Product
October 30, 2013
This is a great product, it seems to calm my cat down, I would definitely recommend it.
By Sean
Duncan, BC Canada
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Starter Kit for Cats (Diffuser and 48 ml vial)
October 4, 2013
Seems to be keeping my cat from marking. No more stress means happy me.
By Tom
Trenton, NJ
Worked two weeks
September 24, 2013
It only worked for two weeks. Then our cat sprayed almost next to it at least once a day.
By hot r.
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Starter Kit for Cats (Diffuser and 48 ml vial)
September 18, 2013
i tried feliway electric diffuser and liked it so much that i purchased 6 more diffusers. it helps to keep the furry children calm.
By Poot
an experiment
September 12, 2013
I have a cat who picks on another cat. Both males. All things were fine until the younger cat was no longer a kitten. Now he gets attacked for no particular reason. I bought the diffusers hoping it would help calm them. It seems to work when they're shut up in their room at night but not all the time in the rest of the house. I have two going at all times and am tempted to try a third upstairs. It's hard to gauge how well it works. Worth a try. I think the attacks are less frequent but still happen.
By cecil
durham nc
yes it works
September 7, 2013
not an instantaneous miracle cure but this is helping with inter cat aggression. Plug it in and forget about it for a month.

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