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By David
Helps a bit
January 20, 2009
I bought feliway with the goal of stopping a cat from scratching up our carpet and curtains. My sister promised me miracles after her experience with her cats. I've found that it helps, but is no panacea- at least for this problem. I had similar results with our other cat who would mark where he wasn't supposed to- helpful, but not a fix-all. Both cats engage in the behaviors less often, and I still use the diffusers, but it hasn't been a miracle. I'm still having to work with a lot of other behavior modification techniques. If it were cheaper, I'd be completely satisfied with a little help, but if you're tight on money, I'd recommend more traditional behavior modification before going for something so expensive.
By anne
Amazing product
January 3, 2009
We have a 7 year old feral cat that we have had since she was a kitten.Our cat has had severe aggression problems that large doses of tranquilizers did not help. The vet finally suggested we try this product and within 3 days we had a calm, loving, happy cat. This product is incredible !
By Patt J.
Night Howling
November 3, 2008
My very old Siamese cat has become a night screamer, which means nobody in my house has slept for weeks. Her vet recommended Feliway Diffuser, which sort of made me roll my eyes. However, after a few weeks of using that AND Rescue Remedy drops, she's become quieter and calmer at night. Not sure why she's better, but I attribute it to both medications, and I am reordering today to keep peace in the house. Thanks!
By Chris
Feliway works great
July 30, 2008
Recently one of my cats developed severe behavioral issues when we brought a new cat into the home. The new cat was larger and intimidated him, leading to urination and defecation away from the litter box, and instead of being a friendly loving cat, he would just hide under the couch all day. When we took him to the vet, I assumed he would be prescribed a version of "kitty Prozac." instead the vet suggested a non-medical approach. He wasn't keen on medicating the cat so he suggested a calming hormone diffuser product called Feliway. The stuff worked like a charm. In less than a week, he began using the litter box again, and although still wary of the new cat, he began limited forays away from the couch. Three months on, he's a member of the family again. No litter box issues, he wanders the house freely and on occasion stands up to the new cat when threatened.
By Traci
June 18, 2008
I have a cat who marks every piece of carpet it can find! My vet told me about the product and I said of this doesn't work but it really does. I put one in the master bedroom and the living room and it was magic! My husnabd and I are soooo Thankful for this product!

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