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By Rose
So Cal
October 5, 2020
Works well to keep my kitty calm.
ProsEasy to plug in and use.
ConsA bit expensive.
By Thikacat
New England
A must for a multicat household
September 13, 2018
I bought my first Unit of this when I was introducing a new kitten, and I have never been without one since then. They help.
ProsThey calm the waters
ConsDon't last long
By Lynn5642
Maricopa, AZ
Changed my cat's attitude
July 3, 2018
I've used Feliway for years to help my two cats, who hated each other, get along. I'm down to one cat now, and have moved him to a new home far far away from the old one. Recently he's been depressed, hanging out in a dark room, seldom coming out to hang out with us. I put the Feliway in the room he was hanging out in and one in the kitchen. After about 5 days he was back to his social self, full of love and craving attention. This stuff is great!
Surprisingly great
October 6, 2017
The change in my cats behavior was extremely noticeable within two days My scaredy-cat is not scared anymore , Both cats are calmer . Great product - Does the job it's meant to do
By Hello
This does calm the cats...
May 28, 2017
There is a difference from when the bottle is empty and I don't realize it...Our cats are not "cured" but, we do see the nervous behaviors much less. They are nervous that our son's sweet but, cat chasing dog is going to unexpectedly show up.... Sadly, thhe sweet dog doesn't get to come any more.
By JSue
Problem solver
April 29, 2017
I have used the Feliway/diffuser to deal with cats not using the litter box and with problems that cats can have getting along in a multicast house hold. I have found it helpful in both of those areas..
By Kit C.
Suburban Chicago
Great product
January 5, 2017
I have used this for years and it works. My 2 cats were born to a feral cat on my patio. I had some problems with non litter box use by one. This problem was 99% eliminated by using this product.
By Thika
New England
A must for a multi cat household.
December 30, 2016
This just helps keep the peace and makes everyone a bit calmer. Great for introducing a new cat as well.
By Jan
Jackson, Michigan
Review for 3 PACK FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill for Cats (144 mL)
October 28, 2016
I've used this with my stressed out Siamese kitty and it does help him. He is also on an oral medication prescribed for him by the veterinarian. Together these things do work. I'm very pleased.
Keystone HeightsFL
Best thing I did for my 14 year old cat
October 21, 2016
My 14 year old cat was very anxious. After taking her to the vet and having tests done and nothing was out of kilter, I was so sad to see her like this. A coworker told me about the Feliway diffuser. So I purchased one and in a couple days she had calmed down. I have one plugged in all the time now and I can tell when I run out without even looking because of her actions. It is amazing! I would recommend it to anyone!
By Finnian
Central California
Stopped Male Spraying
September 25, 2016
After introducing a 3rd neutered male cat into my home one of the other neutered males began spraying his favorite throw pillows in the living room. I ordered one unit of Feliway Diffuser and plugged it into a socket near the couch. The spraying stopped immediately. I forgot about the issue until 10 weeks later, when a spraying incident occurred. I am here today to reorder!
By Jo
East Syracuse, NY
August 11, 2016
Great value and fast shipping on a product that has worked so positively for a very shy, reclusive rescue kitty.
By cee
feliway diffuser great product
July 22, 2016
The feliway diffuser is the only product that truly calms my cat. This is one nervous cat, doorbells, water from hoses and all loud noises send my boy hiding. My cat is much calmer and doesn't need to hide anymore. That makes me happy! The price of Feliway at Entirely Pets is a good deal. It arrives on time with no problems. Excellent product and good price. Highly recommend to anyone with nervous cat(s).
By krussell
Belleville, IL
A calmer kitty
July 18, 2016
This is the 1st time I've used the Diffuser, always used the spray in the past. I really like this product & it helped my female cat stay calm while we were gone on vacation. My vet also recommends this & uses it. Now I keep 1 plugged in on a regular basis. The bottle last about 6 weeks so the 3 refill deal really saved me some money.
July 5, 2016
By debbie
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill for Cats (48 mL)
February 9, 2016
Good product. Have been using this for awhile now for my 3 cats.
By Cat L.
great product
January 18, 2016
I have 3 cats one of which was displaying behavioral problems. Since I've used the Feliway Diffuser she has returned to using the litter box and appears calm and content.
By animal l.
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill for Cats (48 mL)
January 13, 2016
the product worked as advertised we have used before but our vet wasent able to get so ordered from entirely pets will order again when needed our male cat started spraying this product did the job thank you if not we would have been forced to make a decision I didn't want to have to make
By ???
January 3, 2016
Seems to work well in helping to calm down anxious cat behaviour.
By manycats
Review for FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill for Cats (48 mL)
December 23, 2015
Feliway seems to work. It's by no means a cure-all or miracle, but over past few years when stress was high among my cats, it seemed to help a couple of them. I do believe it is worth a try to reduce stress in cats.
By Grandma L.
Tucson, Arizona
Peace for Gabbie
December 21, 2015
Feliway helps my cat Gabbie live a much calmer life than she would otherwise have. Without Feliway, when she is anxious she darts here and there and yelps out in pain. Feliway restores her peace.
By crazy x.
Feliway Diffuser
December 10, 2015
We love the Feliway diffuser/plug-ins! Our vet recommended for our multi-cat household during the process of moving. We have one 'sensitive' kitty, and the pheromones help the stress levels. It benefits all 3 cats. Our vet recommended a second diffuser for our new home, and get it going there while keeping one in the old home until the move is complete. So far this has helped their anxiety levels and I hope it helps them adjust to new home easier.
By meme
trial and error-I think it helps!
October 31, 2015
AM not sure the Felway is as effective for each cat--but it definitely has helped some of my menagerie to behave better-I had scratching post being made out of a doorway by one cat (we moved here in Aug 2015)--that seems to have stopped though it took several applications of spray--another guy was spraying on counter-I put a diffuser there and that seems to have ceased completely. I am convinced it is at least effective for some of my 5 cats !! so will continue to use.
By darecka
Sun City, AZ
Best Purchase for my pet
October 25, 2015
I used to get this all the time. It's getting so hard to obtain at a reasonable price now. It's the only thing that calms my cat and it's so hard to afford or find. So sad...
By ridgetop
dallas, tx
seems to work
October 8, 2015
the cats seem happier with the product in the air
By none
feliway refills
September 27, 2015
Good stuff--what else do you want me to say???
By Grace
best buy for our cat
August 16, 2015
We have a very intelligent but high strung cat. We purchased the Feliway diffuser and refills and what a difference this has made in her behavior. The price at Entirely Pets is much less than the local pet store even with shipping added to the price!
By Gorgie
Super Helpful Feliway Diffuser
July 27, 2015
The Feliway Diffusers help with new and stressed kitties. Daily use helps keep a calm household for new and established cats.
By cshrd
June 22, 2015
While preparing for a major house remodel, my vet recommended Feliway. I have two cats (a 6 year old and an 18 year old) that lived in separate rooms and I had to combine them in one room. My senior cat is a sweetheart; the 6 year old a bit agressive a times so I was worried. Three weeks into the project they are now peacefully co-existing and the 6 year old has become much more friendly to me. We still have a month to go and I will keep using the product after the remodel until everyone is used to the changes. I definitely believe Feliway has helped us all get through this.
By Aunt S.
Feliway is great
June 16, 2015
I have used this for years and have always been glad to know about it. My neighbor and I have been working with a feral cat colony on our property and have had to relocate them to a farm. As we trap them, my neighbor keeps them in several pens in her living room for a week or so until the new caretaker picks them up. We use a diffuser with the Feliway refill and the cats are very calm and mellow by the time they leave. My neighbor is a Feliway believer now!
By ridgeTop
Dallas, TX
great product
May 25, 2015
It really does seem to work. My cats seems to be calmer and are getting along much better
By Cindie
Newark, DE
Feliway Diffuser Refills
May 7, 2015
I absolutely would recommend this product to EVERYONE !!!
By eel
baltimore, mD
Review for 3 PACK FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill for Cats (144 mL)
April 29, 2015
easy to use. i only use these with the calming collar- i have 2 cats & my roommate has 1 cat & they all dont get along. i got these to help . no smell which is nice.
By Mishka
Tampa, Fl
Good product
April 20, 2015
I first purchased this through my vet and it is quite expensive but worked great! The second one I got through them as well didn't seem to have same affect so I bought from entirely pets. Not only did I save money, but it seems to be working for my kitties again! Helps with unruly behavior, scratching on things they shouldn't be, etc. Definitely worth the purchase, give it a try!
By Areenie
Colorado Springs, CO
Excellent product!
April 20, 2015
This diffuser does indeed help! We have two cats and one is just a nervous type cat. This does help!
By 2 M.
Waukesha, WI
Love Feliway - for my skittish cat
April 14, 2015
Having 2 cats is such a joy except when one is a bit skittish. Feliway is great to alleviate his jumpiness and keeps him more calm and social. When the Feliway begins to get low, I can always tell by how my one cat reacts to noises, the other cat or even the dog. Replacing it = a calm and happy house!
By theslope
Martinez, CA
Great for multiple cat homes
April 14, 2015
I found this product and now the three cats in the house seem calmer and less aggressive even if there are altercations over space and food. It helps quite a bit.
By Cassie
Smith River, CA
A must buy!
March 30, 2015
This helps both my babies while my husband and I take trips out of town. It seems to mellow them out so they are not stressed out. I highly suggest this for others!
By katlady
Review for 3 PACK FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill for Cats (144 mL)
March 27, 2015
Have been using this product successfully for several years with six cats
By Pet L.
3 Pack Feliway Diffuser
January 17, 2015
It seem to keep my cat calmer... I would definitely recommend this product.
By Happy c.
Life saver
October 5, 2014
I was totally skeptical about this product, but we took in a young female cat who was peeing on the furniture and we were about at our wit's end, so willing to try anything. This did not stop the behavior immediately as some have experienced, it took 7 days. But since then not one incident! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a cat that is marking or spraying.
By Darcy
Feliway works!
September 12, 2014
I am currently using Feliway for my cats....I introduced a new cat to our home and they aren't getting along. I have been using the diffusers and my cat who runs from the new guy seems more confident. I am hopeful that they will eventually get along. Feliway has always worked in our house for stressful situations.
By Terri
Richmond, IN
Would not be without it
September 6, 2014
I have 4 cats, and this really works. This product helps to reassure my timid cat, but it also helps my over aggressive cat to calm down. I also use the spray in my kitty carrier before trips to the vet.
By Bunny
Columbus, OH
Feliway Diffusers
September 4, 2014
We have a male cat who constantly picks on the other older cat. The diffuser helps to calm him down.
By Kauaigirl
Lihue, HI
Feliway plug ins
August 29, 2014
My cat started spraying while I was away. Apparently she doesn't like it when I travel anymore. Bad thing is.....she continued to do so once I got home! I tried the Feliway plug ins and they worked like a charm! She very quickly settled down and I have had no further spraying. I have since unplugged it as I have balance in the home again.....but you better believe that it will be plugged in a few days before I travel again to get her settled before I leave!
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Really soothing!
August 14, 2014
Several of my cats had surgery several weeks ago and I purchased Feliway hoping to sooth them. I have to admit that I was not convinced that this would help but using the diffuser and also spraying their carriers and bedding really did seem to calm them! Thank you.
By Gertrude
Western North Carolina
Most pleased
July 1, 2014
Prompt delivery. We are very happy with the product. Will definitely buy from you again.
By popie
May 22, 2014
May 16, 2014
By Bazinga
Oahu, Hawaii
Can not do without!
May 2, 2014
Multiple kitties? Must have this in your house! It works! Lasts for 30-45 days then need to replace with refill. There is no odor. I have found that air fresheners set too close to the unit interrupt the process so place far apart from the plug ins. Entirely Pets has the best price on the refills too.

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